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Most Recent Articles: September 2010

September 30, 2010

Most Americans Don’t Believe Hard Work Can Get You Rich

Taxes Jumps In Importance, But Economy Still The Main Issue on Voters’ Minds

Wisconsin Senate: Johnson (R) Jumps to Largest Lead Yet Over Feingold (D)

Kentucky Senate: Paul (R) Still Out Front by Over 10 Points

Nevada Governor: Sandoval (R) Still Tops 50% Against Reid (D)

Campaign Stunt: A Bunch of Garbage: A Commentary by Debra J. Saunders

Voters Think Special Interest Money Is Key To Political Victory

Yes, the Swedish Model: A Commentary by Froma Harrop

Washington Senate: Rossi (R), Murray (D) Are Tied Again

Dems Retreat to Coast as GOP Rules Vast Interior: A Commentary By Michael Barone

Massachusetts Governor: Patrick (D) Still Slightly Ahead of Baker (R)

September 29, 2010

31% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Rasmussen Reports Offers Free Trial of Platinum Service Now through Friday

Many Americans Fear U.S. Is No Longer World's Top Economy

Nevada Senate: Reid (D), Angle (R) Still Deadlocked

Florida Senate: Rubio (R) Holds Steady Lead Over Crist (I)

32% in Illinois Say Current Government Policies Have U.S. Economy on Right Course

Republicans Much More Likely Than Democrats To Consider Voting for An Independent This Year

TARP Again? by Lawrence Kudlow

Tea Party Has Elites on the Run by Tony Blankley

The Likely Voter Impact: 4- to 5-Point Swing for GOP

Colorado Senate: Buck (R) Clears 50% Mark Against Bennet (D)

Ohio Governor: Kasich (R) Keeps Lead Over Strickland (D)

What About Meg? By Susan Estrich

September 28, 2010

Iowa Senate:  Grassley (R) Remains Nearly 20 Points Ahead of Conlin (D)

A Quarter of Adults Less Likely to Watch “American Idol” Next Season

Voters Still Give Stimulus Mixed Marks

Are Americans Overtaxed?

Ohio Senate: Portman (R) Pushes Past 50%

Americans Divided Over Whether U.S.-China Interests Outweigh Differences

Voters See Republicans Pledge As Campaign Gimmick, But Half Say They Might Do What They’ve Promised

West Virginia Senate: Raese (R) Eases Ahead of Manchin (D)

Poor Immigrants: Asset or Burden? By Froma Harrop

GOP Pledge Beats Democrats' Delays by Debra J Saunders

“Superman” and Silver Bullets by Howard Rich

Connecticut Governor: Malloy (D) Reaches 50% Support

September 27, 2010

Oklahoma Senate: Coburn (R) Continues To Far Outdistance Rogers (D)

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 46%, Democrats 40%

Iowa Governor: Branstad (R) Remains Well Ahead of Culver (D)  

Most Voters Say Government Encourages Illegal Immigration

Most Voters Continue to Favor Repeal of Health Care Law, Expect Costs To Rise

Delaware Senate: Possible Castle Write-In Drops Coons (D) Below 50% Against O’Donnell (R)

Connecticut Senate: Gap Between Blumenthal (D), McMahon (R) Narrowest Since May  

Most Think Younger Workers Will Have To Work Past 65  

GOP Battle Cry: Repeal Obamacare, Cut Spending by Michael Barone

September 26, 2010

53% In Colorado Favor Repeal of the Health Care Bill

South Carolina Senate:  DeMint (R) Faces Little Competition in Reelection Bid

Georgia Senate: GOP’s Isakson Still Running Strong in Reelection Bid

Baseball Fans Pick Yankees, Phillies to Win League Pennants

Race Pits Dream Prosecutor Against S.F.'s Nightmare DA By Debra J. Saunders

September 25, 2010

31% in California Approve of Governor’s Job Performance

Shelby (R) Is Clear Frontrunner in Alabama Senate Race

North Dakota Senate: Hoeven (R) Remains Far Ahead of Potter (D)

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

Destroying King Dollar Is Not the Solution -- Pro-Growth Fiscal Action Is By Lawrence Kudlow

September 24, 2010

Only 20% Blame Home Foreclosures on Unfair Lending Practices

22% in Illinois Consider Themselves Part of Tea Party

Oklahoma Governor: Fallin (R) Earns Highest Support Yet

Haley (R) Still Runs Strong in South Carolina Governor’s Race

Call Me Reagan, Don’t Call Me Carter or George W.

Who Is Carl Paladino? by Susan Estrich

Florida Governor: Scott (R) Pulls Slightly Ahead of Sink (D)

Texas Governor: Perry (R) Continues To Hold Small Lead

Obama's Policies Drag Down Democratic Governors By Michael Barone

Will the Republicans Win Back the House in November? By Alfred G. Cuzan

Minnesota Governor: Emmer (R), Dayton (D) Now In Near Tie

September 23, 2010

Pelosi Remains Least Liked Congressional Leader

Bentley (R) Continues to Hold Solid Lead in Alabama Governor’s Race

Most Americans Doubt President Obama’s Economic Advisers

North Dakota House: Pomeroy (D) Still Trails Berg (R)

Where Good Men (and Women) Die Old by Froma Harrop

Missouri Senate: Blunt (R) Remains Ahead of Carnahan (D)

Harry Reid's Winning Strategy -- It's Losing by Debra J. Saunders

43% Say Free Market Is Best Anti-Poverty Program

Georgia Governor: Deal (R) Holds Narrower Lead Over Barnes (D)

Midterm Morsels: Senate and Governor Ratings Changes and Observations By Larry J. Sabato

September 22, 2010

Most Say Competition Protects Borrowers More Than Regulation

29% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction   

Schumer (D) Holds More Than 20-Point Lead in New York Senate Race

Illinois Senate: Kirk (R), Giannoulias (D) Still Run Close

Maine Governor: LePage (R) Pulls Further Ahead of Mitchell (D), Cutler (I)

Social Security – Ponzi Scheme or Not? Voters Not Sure 

Most Colorado Voters Favor Extension of Bush Tax Cuts  

California Governor Race Still a Toss-Up

Parnell (R) Jumps To 20-Point Lead in Alaska Governor’s Race

A Mere Pimple on the Trunk of the Elephant by Tony Blankley

The Un-recession by Susan Estrich

September 21, 2010

70% Concerned Americans Have Become Too Dependent on Computers, Electronic Devices

Married Americans Agree How to Spend Nest Egg Even Though They're Unsure How Much They'll Have

55% Say Most in Congress Reelected Because the Rules Are Rigged

Michigan Governor: Snyder (R) 51%, Bernero (D) 38%

Most Voters See College, Military As Ways for Children of Illegals To Become U.S. Citizens

Why Corvettes Cost Less Than College: A Commentary by Froma Harrop

What I Would Do If I Were Governor: A Commentary by Debra J. Saunders

New York Senate: Gillibrand (D) 49%, DioGuardi (R) 39%

Alaska Senate: Miller (R) Holds Double-Digit Lead Over McAdams (D), Murkowski

September 20, 2010

Rhode Island Governor: Chafee (I) 33%, Caprio (D) 30%, Robitaille (R) 23%, Block (M) 5%

43% Say Government Programs Increase Poverty in America

Maryland Governor: O’Malley (D) 50%, Ehrlich (R) 47%

West Virginia Senate: Manchin (D) 50%, Raese (R) 43%

56% in Illinois Favor Repeal of Health Care Law

52% of Voters Say Their Views Are More Like Palin’s Than Obama’s

Can the GOP Blow It? A Blog Post by Scott Rasmussen

Dems at War: Public Unions vs. Gentry Liberals by Michael Barone

End Prohibition; Yes on Proposition 19 By Debra J. Saunders

61% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law

New York Governor: Cuomo (D) 54%, Paladino (R) 38%

September 19, 2010

Wisconsin Governor: Walker (R) 51%, Barrett (D) 43%

67% Say They Are Better Informed Than 10 Years Ago

Maryland Senate: Mikulski (D) 54%, Wargotz (R) 38%

End Prohibition; Yes on Proposition 19 By Debra J. Saunders  

September 18, 2010

Vermont House of Representatives: Welch (D) 64%, Beaudry (R) 30% 

61% in Florida Favor Arizona Immigration Law in Their State   

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

New Hampshire Governor: Lynch (D) 48%, Stephen (R) 46%

A Bullish Tea-Party Revolt By Lawrence Kudlow  

September 17, 2010

Top 5 NFL Team Coverage

Indiana Senate: Coats (R) 50%, Ellsworth (D) 34%

54% of Indiana Voters Say They’d Support Mitch Daniels for President

62% Say Congress Is Doing A Poor Job

Calling Someone a Tea Party Candidate Has Bigger Impact than Traditional Labels 

51% Say Government Should Stay Out of Housing Market  

Wisconsin Senate: Johnson (R) 51% Feingold (D) 44%

Massachusetts Governor: Patrick (D) 45%, Baker (R) 42%, Cahill (I) 5%

September 16, 2010

71% Favor Jailing Sex Offenders Indefinitely If Necessary 

Americans Send Mixed Signals Over Best Way to Control Health Care Costs, Quality

Washington Senate: Murray (D) 51%, Rossi (D) 46%

Nevada Governor: Sandoval (R) 52%, Reid (D) 39%

Only 25% Say Current Government Policies Have Country On Right Course

New Hampshire Senate: Ayotte (R) 51%, Hodes (D) 44%

Democrats Need to Turn Off Fox News by Froma Harrop

Delaware Senate: Coons (D) 53%, O’Donnell (R) 42%

MIDTERM MORSELS by Larry J. Sabato  

Pennsylvania Governor: Corbett (R) 49%, Onorato (D) 39%

Will Big Tobacco's Former Bag-Man Really Be the Next Speaker? By Joe Conason

September 15, 2010

Colorado Senate: Buck (R) 49%, Bennet (D) 45%

30% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Florida Senate: Rubio (R) 41%, Crist (I) 30%, Meek (D) 23%

56% Concerned About Safety of Natural Gas Delivery

Ohio Governor: Kasich (R) 50%, Strickland (D) 43%

Vermont Governor: Shumlin (D) 49%, Dubie (R) 46%

Ohio Governor: Kasich (R) 50%, Strickland (D) 43%

The Difference Between Girls and Boys: A Commentary by Susan Estrich

America's New Terrorist Networks: A Commentary by Tony Blankley

40% Say Cost Kept Them From Filling a Prescription

Pennsylvania Senate: Toomey (R) 49%, Sestak (D) 41%

September 14, 2010

Vermont Senate: Leahy (D) 62%, Britton (R) 32%

Most Voters Still Support Offshore, Deepwater Drilling

Nevada Senate: Reid (D) 48%, Angle (R) 48%

Ohio Senate: Portman (R) 49% Fisher (D) 41%

27% Want Immediate Withdrawal of U.S. Troops From Afghanistan

The Harsh Bigotry of Their Expectations by Debra Saunders  

45% Expect To Pay More for Health Care A Year From Now

'Art' Fights Nature in Colorado By Froma Harrop  

Colorado Governor: Hickenlooper (D) 46%, Tancredo (ACP) 25%, Maes (R) 21%

September 13, 2010

50% Blame Bush for Bad Economy, 42% Blame Obama

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 47%, Democrats 38%   

Only 15% Expect Home's Value to Increase Over Next Year; 23% Expect the Opposite

51% Favor Extending Bush Tax Cuts For The Wealthy

Illinois Governor: Brady (R) 50%, Quinn (D) 37%, Whitney (G) 4%

53% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law

Connecticut Governor: Malloy (D) 46%, Foley (R) 39%

Gangster Government Stifles Criticism of Obamacare by Michael Barone  

September 12, 2010

42% of Homeowners in Illinois Say Mortgage Worth More than Home   

39% Say U.S. Relationship With Muslims Worldwide Will Be Worse In A Year's Time

South Dakota Governor: Daugaard (R) 57%, Heidepriem (D) 28%   

48% Give Obama Poor Marks on The Economy

Zen and Art of Political Machine Maintenance By Debra J. Saunders

September 11, 2010

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

71% Say Another 9/11 is Likely To Happen In Next 10 Years

68% in California Think Congress Should Cut Its Own Pay Until Federal Budget is Balanced  - 

Oregon Senate: Wyden (D) 53%, Huffman (R) 35%   

Bashing Bush and Boehner Won’t Work By Lawrence Kudlow 

September 10, 2010

South Dakota House: Herseth-Sandlin (D) 47%, Noem (R) 45%

47% Say U.S. is Safer Today Than Before 9/11

Connecticut Senate: Blumenthal (D) 53%, McMahon (R) 44%

61% Say Cutting Spending Will Create More Jobs Than Obama's New $50 Billion Program

Sinking With Obama, Democrats Plan Political Triage by Michael Barone

Oregon Governor: Dudley (R) 49%, Kitzhaber (D) 44%

House Ratings Changes By Isaac Wood

North Carolina Senate: Burr (R) 54%, Marshall (D) 38%

September 9, 2010

72% Believe Bin Laden is Still Alive

55% Oppose Going to Iraq’s Defense Militarily

Arizona Senate: McCain (R) 51%, Glassman (D) 37%

Missouri Senate: Blunt (R) 53%, Carnahan (D) 43%

West Virginia Senate: Manchin (D) 50%, Raese (R) 45%

Spare the Quran and Save the Woman: A Commentary by Debra J. Saunders

62% Say No Matter How Bad Things Are, Congress Can Make Them Worse

Illinois Senate: Kirk (R) 41%, Giannoulias (D) 37%, Jones (G) 9%

The Rich Are Not Here to Give Us Jobs: A Commentary by Froma Harrop

A Troubling Indicator for Both Parties?: A Commentary By Rhodes Cook

Illinois Senate: Kirk (R) 41%, Giannoulias (D) 37%, Jones (G) 9%

September 8, 2010

Most Americans Name Just Five Countries That U.S. Should Defend Militarily

29% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction  

Kentucky Senate:  Paul (R) 54%,  Conway (D) 39%

63% Oppose Lame Duck Legislation From Congress

Arizona Governor: Brewer (R) 60%, Goddard (D) 38%   

85% in New York Know Someone Out of Work and Looking For A Job 

60% Expect Washington Politics To Grow More Partisan Over Next Year

California Governor: Whitman (R) 48%, Brown (D) 45%

Book Burning by Susan Estrich

"Dissension in the Ranks?" by Tony Blankley

September 7, 2010

57% in New Jersey Approve of Governor’s Job Performance 

68% Favor Smaller Government, Lower Taxes

77% Say Mideast Peace Treaty Must Include Recognition of Israel's Right to Exist

California Senate: Fiorina (R) 48%, Boxer (D) 47%

51% Plan On Getting Flu Shot This Year

Obama Gets Write-Offs Right by Lawrence Kudlow

Delaware Senate: Castle (R) 48%, Coons (D) 37%

55% Oppose Second Economic Stimulus Plan

Parties Mean Little in Governors' Races by Froma Harrop

85% in Ohio Know Someone Out of Work; 54% Say Job Market is Worse than One Year Ago 


September 6, 2010

Nebraska Governor: Heineman (R) 61%, Meister (D) 28%

Just 15% Declare Labor Day One of Nation’s Most Important Holidays

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 48%, Democrats 36%

56% Favor Repeal of Health Care Bill; 39% Say Repeal Is Likely

The Higher Education Bubble: Ready to Burst? By Michael Barone  

September 5, 2010

Reading, Board Games Still Most Popular Summer Activities

Idaho Senate: Crapo (R) 63%, Sullivan (D) 24%  

67% in Pennsylvania Say Members of Congress Don’t Care What Their Constituents Think

Boxer, Fiorina and the Endless Recovery By Debra J. Saunders

September 4, 2010

52% Celebrate Labor Day as Unofficial End of Summer

Nevada Governor: Sandoval (R) 58% Rory Reid (D) 33%

What they Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

September 3, 2010

New York Senate: Gillibrand Still Running Strong Against GOP Opponents

76% of Adult Egg Consumers Are Not Cutting Down Because of Recall  

Voters Say Congress Should Ask Permission Before Changing Social Security, Raising Taxes

Idaho Governor: Otter (R) 52%, Allred (D) 36%

40% Say They’re Paying More For Gas Compared to Six Months Ago

69% in Ohio Are Angry At Current Policies of Government

Nevada Senate: Angle (R) 45% Reid (D) 45%

Massachusetts Governor: Patrick (D) 39% Baker (R) 34% Cahill (I) 18%

"Ladies Slug It Out" by Susan Estrich

Government Protects the Little Guy by Froma Harrop

The Business of America Is Business by Lawrence Kudlow

September 2, 2010

20% Say News of Bedbugs Has Caused Them to Change Their Plans

Alaska Governor: Parnell (R) 53% Berkowitz (D) 43%

61% Support Offshore Oil Drilling, 53% Favor Deepwater Drilling

Most Voters Believe that Democrats in Congress Want to Raise Taxes, Increase Government Spending

49% in New Jersey Blame Education Commissioner For ‘Race to the Top’ Loss, 33% Blame Governor

Down With Big Government, Big Business, Big Labor: A Commentary by Michael Barone

Obama Delivers on His Iraq Promises: A Commentary by Debra Saunders

Florida Governor: Scott (R) 45% Sink (D) 44%

Washington Senate: Rossi (R) 48% Murray (D) 46%

Sixty Days To Go: The Crystal Ball's Labor Day Predictions: A Commentary By Larry J. Sabato

September 1, 2010

Alaska Senate: Miller (R) 50% McAdams (D) 44%

29% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Obama Approval Index Month-by-Month

57% in Colorado Say Most Members of Congress Don’t Care What Voters Think

Partisan Trend: Democrats 35.0% Republicans 33.8% Gap Smallest in Five Years

Louisiana Senate: Vitter (R) 54% Melancon (D) 33%

Ohio Governor: Kasich (R) 47% Strickland (D) 39%


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