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Most Recent Articles: December 2009

December 31, 2009

 22% Give 2009 Positive Ratings, 38% See A Bright 2010

New Year’s Day Ranks Low on Holiday List

58% Favor Waterboarding of Plane Terrorist To Get Information

It's a Wonderful Life Working for the Government: A Commentary By Michael Barone

 52% Fear They Could Be Forced to Change Insurance If Health Plan Passes

Let House Prices Do What They Must: A Commentary by Froma Harrop

Market-Based Variables Point to a Mini Boom in 2010: A Commentary By Lawrence Kudlow

As 2009 Becomes 2010, 21% Will be Asleep

 December 30, 2009

Just 29% Still Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Confidence in War in Afghanistan Down Again

Plane Attack Spooks Public Confidence in War on Terror 

 Voter Attitudes Towards Health Care Plan Harden - 58% Opposed

 78% Believe Health Care Plan Will Cost More Than Projected

 “Plato O Plomo” – Washington’s Gangster Way By Howard Rich

Fear of Flying By Susan Estrich

Afghan War Policy Fractured By Tony Blankley

December 29, 2009

GOP Lead Slips to Five on Generic Ballot

Economy, Government Ethics Tops on Voters’ Minds

Health Care Vote Puts Nelson 30 Points Down in Reelection Bid

74% Say Congress’ Current Work Will Have ‘Significant’ Impact

Warning, Satire Alert: Liberal Take on Terror!: A Commentary By Debra J. Saunders

We'd Be Happy to Do This 'Strip Tease': A Commentary By Froma Harrop

December 28, 2009

 Small Business Confidence Steady in December

 79% Say Another Terror Attack Likely Within Year  

 46% Say Airport Security Procedures Not Strict Enough  

 Two Economies: Government Workers Optimistic, Private Sector Not

 Expectations Soar for Passage of Health Care Plan, But Most Still Oppose It  

 Texas Shows Its Swagger in New Population Estimates By Michael Barone

December 27, 2009

Americans More Wary of Using Credit Cards Online

52% Worry Government Will Do Too Much

December 26, 2009

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

For First Time, Plurality Believes Stimulus Plan Hurt the Economy

December 25, 2009

 Christmas Comes But Once A Year  

 The Future of Paper By Froma Harrop  

 The Year of Living in Everybody's Face By Debra J. Saunders

December 24, 2009

 Voters Frown on Health Plan Details - Abortion, Proof of Citizenship, Public Option  

 It’s the Day Before Christmas: 23% Not Finished Holiday Shopping Yet

 66% Rate Christmas as Nation's Most Important Holiday  

 The Yield Curve Is Signaling Bigger Growth By Lawrence Kudlow

 When Legerdemain Is Used to Pass an Unpopular Bill By Michael Barone

December 23, 2009

 43% Are Having Difficulty Getting Into Holiday Spirit

Just 29% Say U.S. Heading In Right Direction

45% Say Cyberattack Greater Economic Threat Than Another 9/11

Voters Still Put Health Care Second to Deficit Cutting As Top Obama Priority

 'Yet, Freedom!': A Commentary by Tony Blankley

55% View Michelle Obama Favorably

Merry Christmas: A Commentary By Susan Estrich

December 22, 2009

Republicans Post Eight-Point Lead On Generic Ballot

81% Say Decorating Their Christmas Tree Is Fun

28% Using Postal Service Less This Holiday Season

67% Say UN Not Tough Enough on Iran

A Cool Wind Braces the Hot-Air Crowd By Debra J. Saunders

 51% Say Bad Economy Bush’s Fault, 41% Blame Obama

About the So-Called Republican Moderates By Froma Harrop

December 21, 2009

 52% Have Not Finished Their Holiday Shopping

 2010 Illinois Governor: Ryan Leads Quinn, Close to Hynes

 Voters Hopeful About Black-White Relations, Less So About Hispanics

 Health Care Legislation Advancing In Senate, Stalled in Public Opinion  

 2010 North Dakota Senate: Hoeven 58%, Dorgan 36%  

 When Liberal Dreams Collide With Public Opinion By Michael Barone

December 20, 2009

29% Expect Colts to Win Super Bowl

Stop Me Before I Call Again By Debra J. Saunders

December 19, 2009

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

December 18, 2009

2010 Georgia Governor: Barnes Still Holds Big Lead Among Democrats

39% Giving Less To Charity This Year, 12% Donating More

Just 34% Say Passing Health Care Bill is Better Than Passing Nothing

Tiger's True Test By Susan Estrich

2010 Michigan Governor: Cherry Trails Three GOP Hopefuls

DINOs and the Next Endangered Species By Debra J. Saunders

Joe Lieberman's Big Picture By Froma Harrop

December 17, 2009

43% Believe Tiger Woods’ Apologies Are Sincere

2010 Illinois Governor: Quinn, Hynes Both Beat GOP Hopefuls

66% Favor Smaller Government With Fewer Services, Lower Taxes

50% Now Say Global Warming Caused by Long-Term Planetary Trends, Political Class Strongly Disagrees

Missouri Senate: Carnahan 46% Blunt 44%

The Democrats Blinked: A Commentary By Joe Conason

In The Doghouse: The Crystal Ball Primer on Blue Dog Democrats: A Commentary by Isaac T. Wood

Amid Rumbling Discontent, Dems Head for the Exits: A Commentary By Michael Barone

December 16, 2009

 66% Celebrate Christmas As A Religious Holiday

 30% Still Say U.S. Moving In Right Direction

 24% Favor National Sales Tax, 65% Oppose  

 2010 Florida Governor: McCollum 44%, Sink 39%  

 68% Favor Offshore Oil Drilling

 Insanity, Defined By Howard Rich  

 Three Undemocratic Temptations By Tony Blankley  

 What Will Democrats Do? By Susan Estrich  

 December 15, 2009

 2010 Florida GOP Senate Primary: Crist 43%, Rubio 43%

 Generic Ballot: Republicans 44% Democrats 37%

59% Say Average Government Worker Earns More Than Average Taxpayer

52% Oppose Further Regulation of U.S. Financial System

Sin Taxes Are a Shame By Froma Harrop

48% Concerned About Toy Safety This Holiday Season

Electoral Dysfunction from Barbara Boxer By Debra J. Saunders

 December 14, 2009

 2010 Colorado Governor: McInnis 48%, Ritter 40%  

 50% Agree Afghanistan Is A 'Just' War

 62% Think Afghanistan Will Be A Harder Fight Than Iraq  

 40% Support Health Care Plan, 56% Oppose It  

 60% Have Started Holiday Shopping, 21% Are Done  

 2010 Pennsylvania Governor: GOP Has Early Edge But Race Wide-Open  

 Could Obama's Speeches Reflect a Foreign Policy Shift? By Michael Barone

December 13, 2009

 Pelosi Negatives Go Up When She’s Identified As House Speaker  

December 12, 2009

 What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls  

 51% in Illinois Oppose Prison for Guantanamo Terrorists In Their State  

 First, the Good News on the Economic Recovery...By Lawrence Kudlow

 December 11, 2009

 52% Consider Holiday Season Joyous

 2010 Nevada Senate: Reid Trails Amidst Strong Opposition to Health Plan  

 62% Less Likely to Travel This Holiday Season  

 2010 Colorado Senate: Norton Runs Best Against Democrats  

2010 Illinois Senate: Giannoulias 42%, Kirk 39%

Happy Hanukkah By Susan Estrich

December 10, 2009

 2010 Ohio Senate: Portman 40%, Brunner 33%; Portman, Fisher Neck-and-Neck

 Americans Strongly Favor Religious Displays on Public Lands, Celebrating Religious Holidays in Schools

Most Voters Lack Confidence in NATO To Do Its Part In Afghanistan

 43% Favor Urgent Action Against Global Warming, 43% Say Not So Fast  

 2010 Ohio Senate: Portman 40%, Brunner 33%; Portman, Fisher Neck-and-Neck  

 2010 Pennsylvania Senate: Toomey With Narrow Lead Over Both Specter and Sestak  

 2010 Pennsylvania Senate Primary: Specter 48%, Sestak 35%  

 Fair and Balanced (and Phony) Science By Joe Conason  

 Misusing Knowledge to Expand Government Power By Michael Barone  

 "Socialized Medicine"? Whatever By Froma Harrop  

December 9, 2009

30% Say U.S. Heading In Right Direction

In 2010 Ohio Governor Match-up, Strickland Trails Kasich

53% Say EPA Should Not Regulate Greenhouse Gases Without Congress' OK

Tiger Woods' Favorables Fall to 38%

Tiger's Feet of Clay By Susan Estrich

54% in Virginia Oppose Health Care Plan

Too Few Troops, Too Much Spin By Tony Blankley

December 8, 2009

2010 Connecticut Senate: Dodd Struggles Against All Republican Challengers

 GOP's Lead in Generic Ballot Down to Four Points This Week

 34% Expect Situation in Afghanistan to Get Better  

 76% Prefer Free Market Economy  

 Most Americans Oppose Second Stimulus and Using Bailout Funds for States  

 51% of SC Republicans Say Party Should Be More Like DeMint Than Graham  

 Santa, Take Note: 9% Naughty, 77% Nice  

 America's Clean-Energy Defeatists By Froma Harrop  

December 7, 2009

 17% Have Finished Their Holiday Shopping  

 Just 15% Favor Higher Gas Tax To Fund More Transportation Projects

 67% Expect Unemployment Will Be The Same or Higher A Year From Now

 41% Favor Health Care Plan, 51% Oppose

 Tea Party Tops GOP on Three-Way Generic Ballot  

 Professor Obama as Dutiful Commander in Chief By Michael Barone

December 6, 2009

 What's In A Name? Favorables for Krugman, Fund, Alice Cooper and Springsteen  

 Declaring War on Another "War President" By Debra J. Saunders

December 5, 2009

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

 42% Want Federal Government to Address Health Care Reform, 23% Prefer Leaving It to States  

 2010 South Carolina Governor: Democrat Rex Runs Close Against Top GOP Hopefuls

 What I Don't Know About Afghanistan By Susan Estrich

December 4, 2009

 Voters Divided on Afghanistan Goals, Believe Obama Favors Immediate End To War  

 79% Now Favor Auditing the Fed

 37% Support President’s Plan for Afghanistan, 38% Oppose

 49% in South Carolina Oppose Impeachment of Sanford  

 The Crushing Legacy of Bush and Cheney By Joe Conason  

 Big Government Can't Put Young Americans to Work By Michael Barone

December 3, 2009

No Solid Gold Performance from Bernanke: A Commentary By Lawrence Kudlow

70% in Huckabee’s State Oppose Letting Elected Officials Reduce Felons’ Sentences

Huckabee Handed Out Pardons Like Candy: A Commentary By Debra J. Saunders

80% Say Media Is Focusing Too Much On Tiger Woods

Americans Skeptical of Science Behind Global Warming

Letter to Tiger: Fess Up, Clear the Air, And Seek Redemption: A Commentary by Lawrence Kudlow

62% Oppose Single-Payer Health Care System

After the Thanksgiving Disaster, Will Christmas Be an Encore?: A Commentary By Cherie Bennett

Arkansas Senate: Lincoln Trails Four Republicans

December 2, 2009

 67% Say White House Party Crashers Should Be Punished

30% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction, Lowest Level Since February

Voters More Skeptical of Town Hall Protestors' Motives

Just 21% Favor Bernanke’s Reappointment As Fed Chairman

Voters Favor Tort Reform by Two-to-One Margin

Afghanistan and Obama - By The Numbers

Obama Is Following Bush’s Playbook By Lawrence Kudlow

 Nothing Is Inevitable, but Anything Is Possible By Tony Blankley

59% Think A Home Is A Family’s Best Investment

Holiday Remnants By Susan Estrich

December 1, 2009

Discover(R) Small Business Watch(SM): Small Business Confidence Plunges

 Republicans Still Lead By Seven on Generic Ballot  

 Number of Democrats Falls to Four-Year Low  

 Rasmussen Employment Index Down As Hiring Expectations Decline

 42% Say Their Own Congressman Deserves Reelection, 42% Disagree  

 Those Finished With Holiday Shopping Doubles After Black Friday  

 Obama Approval Index Month-by-Month  

 60% Say Passage of Health Care Reform Will Increase Deficit  

 Working on Apps Not Abs By Froma Harrop  

 The Inquisition of Global Warming By Debra J. Saunders

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