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Most Recent Articles: October 2009

October 31, 2009

Only 8% Say They Would Bet on Series This Year  

84% Know Which Way The Clock Goes Tonight To End DST  

October 30, 2009

55% Want More Instant Replay in Baseball  

69% of Adults Say They Rarely or Never Download Music  

New Jersey Governor’s Race Still Shows Christie with Slight Edge  

68% Oppose Cities That Give ‘Sanctuary’ To Illegal Immigrants  

23% Believe in Ghosts, Do You?  

Four Races Will Test the Strength of Obama's Majority By Michael Barone  

Hold the Sneakers By Susan Estrich  

No Fireworks with Harmer, Garamendi By Debra J. Saunders  

October 29, 2009

Americans 50-50 on Tumor Risk from Cell Phones

Most New Jersey Voters Want Yankees to Win World Series

53% Say Congress Not Likely To Address Most Important Issues  

62% Say Congress More Responsive To Media Than To Voters  

What Does the FHA Think It Is Doing? By Froma Harrop  

Economic Freedom Fighters, Unite By Lawrence Kudlow  

65% Eat Dinner With Family Members At Least Twice A Week  

October 28, 2009

Only 28% Say Some Banks Are Too Big To Fail  

33% Say U.S. Is Heading In The Right Direction  

56% Expect Flu Season To Be Worse Than Last Year  

Virginia Governor: McDonnell Stretches Lead To 13  

47% Pick Yankees to Win World Series, But More Want A Phillies Repeat  

GOP Must Not Vote 'Present' on Our Future By Tony Blankley  

Vaccine Supply and the Public Option By Susan Estrich

October 27, 2009

GOP Holds Lead for Another Week on Generic Ballot  

Just 4% Trust Reporters More Than Themselves on What’s Good for America

Americans In No Rush for Flu Shots Despite Swine Flu Outbreak

43% Say Supreme Court is Doing A Good or Excellent Job

New Jersey Governor: Christie 46%, Corzine 43%  

66% See No Need to Change “Halloween”  

License To Drive While Unlicensed By Debra J. Saunders  

The Phantom of the Option By Froma Harrop  

October 26, 2009

Michigan Voters Rate Two Parties Even Looking Ahead to 2010 Governor’s Race

49% in Massachusetts Say Patrick Should Not Seek Reelection, But Independent Candidate Gives Him A Boost

42% See No Victory in Afghanistan If Pakistan Remains Unstable

57% Say Health Care Plan Will Increase Costs, 53% Say It Will Reduce Quality of Care, 45% Favor Passage

33% Say Stimulus Helped Economy, 31% Say It Hurt  

Obama at Odds With His Own Vision for the World: A Commentary By Michael Barone  

October 25, 2009

The Long and the Short of Steve Poizner: A Commentary by Debra J. Saunders  

17% Pick Vikings to Win Super Bowl

October 24, 2009

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls  

October 23, 2009

Voters Trust Republicans More On 10 Top Issues

Americans Favor Limits on Executive Pay For Bailed Out Firms

49% Say No Health Care Reform Better Than Current Plan  

38% Say Deficit Reduction Top Priority, 23% Say Health Care Reform  

Most Americans Favor Limits on Bank Overdraft Fees But Say Frequent Offenders Should Pay More  

2010 Georgia Democratic Primary: Barnes Still Distant Front-Runner for Governor  

Obama Hits Opponents With Chicago Brass Knuckles By Michael Barone  

The Real Flaw: Fox Is a No-Fawn Zone By Debra J. Saunders  

October 22, 2009

2010 Georgia GOP Primary: Oxendine Still Way Ahead, 35% Undecided  

Illinois Governor Race 2010 Generic Ballot: Democrat 43% Republican 37%  

73% of GOP Voters Say Congressional Republicans Have Lost Touch With Their Base  

Competition Wanted: 65% Favor Removing Anti-Trust Exemption for Health Insurance Companies  

48% Say Guantanamo Prison Not Likely to Close in January  

Playing Monopoly With America's Health By Joe Conason

'America's Best Idea' Meets One of the Worst By Froma Harrop  

October 21, 2009

Florida Senate 2010: Republicans Lead by Double Digits

34% Say U.S. Is Heading In Right Direction  

2010 Florida GOP Senate Primary: Crist 49%, Rubio 35%  

63% Say Doctor-Prescribed Pot Is Okay  

Parents Behaving Badly By Susan Estrich  

68% Say 'Balloon Boy' Parents Should Face Criminal Charges  

The World Won't Wait On Washington Indecision By Tony Blankley

41% Say Yankees Will Win World Series  

October 20, 2009

New Jersey Governor: Daggett, Undecideds Up; Christie, Corzine Down

Most Voters Say They Know Health Care Bill Much Better Than Congress  

81% Still Concerned About Inflation

GOP Up By Five Points In Generic Ballot

39% of GOP Voters Have Favorable View of Party Chairman Steele  

Americans Say Casino Gambling Good for Economy, Bad for Society  

Social Security: Every Politician's Toy? By Froma Harrop  

Buying the Votes of Senior Citizens By Debra J. Saunders  

October 19, 2009

50% Still Lack Confidence In U.S. Banks

Illinois 2010 Senate Race Still Neck-and-Neck

President Gets Mixed Reviews for Plan on Sending $250 to All Seniors  

Palin Is Distant Second in GOP Match-Ups with Huckabee, Romney  

Following Senate Finance Committee Passage, 42% Support Health Care Reform  

Unlike Obama, Americans reject European model By Michael Barone  

Head-to-Head: Huckabee 44%, Romney 39%  

October 18, 2009

25% Favor Tax Deduction for Pet Expenses

Bipartisan Facade Can't Hide Health Plan's Flaws By Debra J. Saunders  

October 17, 2009

Head-to-Head: Huckabee 44%, Romney 39%  

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

October 16, 2009

58% View Pelosi Unfavorably  

GOP 2012: Huckabee 29% Romney 24% Palin 18%

Only 18% Expect Final Health Care Plan To Be Bipartisan  

The Bay Area Bridge That Time Forgot By Debra J. Saunders

A Big Difference for Science and Medicine By Susan Estrich

Not Sure Leads in 2010 Pennsylvania Democrat Primary for Governor

Storm Clouds Gather as Dow Hits 10,000 By Lawrence Kudlow  

56% Favor State Lotteries as Revenue Source

October 15, 2009

2010 PA GOP Gubernatorial Primary: Corbett 54%, Gerlach 10%

46% View Biden Favorably  

New Jersey Governor: Christie 45%, Corzine 41%, Daggett 9%  

2010 Pennsylvania Democratic Primary: Specter 46%, Sestak 42%  

56% Favor State Lotteries as Revenue Source  

Science and the Female Brain By Froma Harrop  

A Nobel for Defeating Cheneyism By Joe Conason  

October 14, 2009

2010 Pennsylvania Senate: Toomey Leads Specter, Runs Even With Sestak  

34% Say U.S. is Heading in Right Direction  

39% Say Health Costs Will Go Down Only When Americans Change Their Lifestyle  

Most Want Government To Sell Amtrak, GM and Chrysler

Obama's Middle Class Betrayal By Howard Rich  

Washington Is Nuts By Tony Blankley  

The Promise of Peace By Susan Estrich  

30% Say Overweight Workers Should Pay More for Health Insurance  

Pessimism: Obama's Political Ally By Dick Morris  

October 13, 2009

GOP Advantage Slips to Two Points on Generic Ballot  

Virginia Governor: McDonnell 50%, Deeds 43%  

Confidence in Housing Values Jumps

56% Say U.S. Government Policies Encourage Illegal Immigration  

64% Say Ticket Prices Have Kept Them From Attending Sporting Events  

Pessimism: Obama's Political Ally By Dick Morris  

Weary of Culinary Spectacle, Spending and Sport By Froma Harrop  

What Happened to Global Warming? By Debra J. Saunders  

October 12, 2009

Are Economic Growth and Environmental Protection Compatible? Voters Evenly Divided  

45% Say U.S. Can Win War in Afghanistan, 29% Disagree  

44% Favor Health Care Reform, 50% Oppose  

24% Say America Should No Longer Honor Columbus With A Holiday  

'Conceptual Language' Hides Health Care's Costs By Michael Barone  

October 11, 2009

58% Say Politics Behind Nobel Awards, Up From 40% Last Year  

Lose at the Ballot, Push! for Payback at the Bench By Debra J. Saunders

October 10, 2009

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

Weak Himself, Obama Draws Strength From Bush By Michael Barone  

Dems Change Stance on Military and Afghanistan By Debra J. Saunders

October 9, 2009

43% Give Obama Positive Marks on National Security  

49% Say U.S. Kids Need More Time in School

30% Say Obama Is A Bipartisan President  

The President's Choice: A Commentary By Susan Estrich  

Crystal Ball Ratings Changes: A Commentary By Larry J. Sabato & Isaac Wood  

The Mundell-Laffer Solution: A Commentary By Lawrence Kudlow  

October 8, 2009

60% View American Society As Fair and Decent  

67% Frown On National Sales Tax  

62% Oppose Second Stimulus Package This Year

Statehouse Rock: 2010 Governor Races By Larry Sabato  

Why Obama Must Spend More By Joe Conason  

Health Care Reform Helps Every Generation By Froma Harrop  

23% Will Donate Money To Breast Cancer Research This Month

October 7, 2009

Just 31% Believe U.S. Heading in Right Direction  

11% Favor Government Regulation of Blogsites  

Louisiana Senate: GOP Candidates Lead by Double Digits  

55% Oppose Penalty for Not Buying Health Insurance  

91% Favor Ban of Text Messaging While Driving  

Cherry-picking Intelligence ... Again By Tony Blankley  

October 6, 2009

New Jersey Governor’s Race A Toss-Up: Christie 47%, Corzine 44%

Generic Ballot: Republicans 43%, Democrats 39%  

To Pay for Health Care Plan, 59% Say No New Taxes on Those Earning Under $250,000  

35% Expect Worse Relations With Muslim World  

29% Now More Likely To Turn Off Letterman  

48% Say American Muslims Should Speak Out Against Terrorist Attacks  

October 5, 2009

55% Still Blame Bush for Economic Problems  

2010 Kentucky Senate: Early Match-ups Suggest Tight Race for GOP Vacancy  

50% Oppose Stricter Gun Control Laws  

Support for Health Care Reform Plan Up to 46%  

78% of Those Following Polanski Story Say He Should Go To Prison

October 4, 2009

Fear of Losing Private Health Insurance Trumps 'Public Option'  

October 3, 2009

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week's Key Polls

62% Say Today’s Children Will Not Be Better Off Than Their Parents

October 2, 2009

32% Say Iran Is Top Threat to U.S.

43% Say U.S. And Allies Winning War on Terror  

Partisan Trends: Democrats Recover from July Low  

54% Say Major Changes Needed in Health Care System, 45% Disagree  

Obama Approval Index Month-by-Month

Does Voting Matter? By Susan Estrich  

Senators Have Wires Crossed on Security By Debra J. Saunders

October 1, 2009

Government Ethics Edges Economy As Top Voter Issue  

Americans Less Sure About Long-Term Strength of Economy

2010 Delaware Senate: Castle 47%, Biden 42%

43% View Obama’s Olympic Trip As Bad Idea, 36% Disagree

Democrats Win Lobbyists but Lose Basic Reforms By Michael Barone  

"Socialism" and Sham in the Senate By Joe Conason  

Fix Health Care Now, Remove Warts Later By Froma Harrop

60% Favor Less International Economic Oversight, Not More  


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