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Most Recent Articles: October 2008

October 31, 2008

63% Say Obama More Likely to Restrict Gun Rights

Georgia Senate: Chambliss 48% Martin 43%

Merkley Leads Smith By Three in Oregon Senate Race

Shaheen Leads Sununu by Eight in New Hampshire

45% Missed All of Obama’s 30-Minute Ad

October 30, 2008

North Carolina Senate: Hagan Leads by Six

39% See Gas Below $2 per Gallon By Year’s End  

Just 34% Like One-Party Rule in Washington  

Newspaper Endorsements Still Count By Froma Harrop

Questions about Obama By Debra J. Saunders  

Sarah the Scapegoat By Joe Conason

The Last Word--Almost By Larry Sabato

October 29, 2008

New Mexico: Obama 54%, McCain 44%

Obama Ahead by 12 in Minnesota

McCain Maintains Big Lead in Alaska

Obama 53%, McCain 43% in Michigan

Coleman Tops Franken 43% to 39% in Minnesota

McCain Trusted More on Taxes and Economy

87% Say Elections Important for Stock Market

Following Conviction, Stevens Falls Behind in Alaska Senate Race

Is Obama Secretly Sensible? Don't Bet on It: A Commentary By Tony Blankley

40% Say Hollywood Endorsements Turn Them Off

The Back Room: A Commentary By Susan Estrich

October 28, 2008

McCain Still Ahead by Eight in Mississippi

Wicker Jumps to 11-Point Lead in Mississippi

78% View OPEC Unfavorably

65% Say Natural Gas-Run Cars Likely in 10 Years

Greenspan Should Have Stuck With the Clarinet By Froma Harrop

Not Moderates but GOP Wimps By Debra J. Saunders

October 27, 2008

McCain Hangs On by One in North Carolina

Obama Ahead By Four in Colorado

Obama Takes 49% to 45% Lead in Ohio

Presidential Race Tightens in Missouri

Obama Leads Again in Florida

Obama Still Leading in Virginia

Obama Up By 27 in California

McCain 51%, Obama 46% in Arizona

47% Say Congress Has More Power Over Economy Than President and Fed Chairman

Two in Three Small Business Owners Rate Economy as Poor

October 26, 2008

Wisconsin: Obama By Seven

October 25, 2008

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls  

Senator Harkin Maintains Solid Lead in Iowa

New Rasmussen Reports Partisan Weighting Targets: 40.0% Democrat 32.8% Republican  

50% of Voters Believe Ayers Issue Has Hurt McCain Campaign

New Hampshire Senate: Shaheen 50%, Sununu 45%

A Reality Check on Obama's Wish List By Michael Barone  

Reagan + Friedman + Keynes: We Need All the Help We Can Get By Lawrence Kudlow

October 24, 2008

GOP's McCrory Still Up by Four in North Carolina

McCain Up 50% to 48% in North Carolina

Keep Worrying By Susan Estrich

House Race Update By Larry J. Sabato, Isaac Wood, and Paul Wiley

October 23, 2008

McCain’s Lead Down to Five Points in Georgia

McCain Posts 57% to 41% Lead in Louisiana

Obama Opens 15-Point Lead in Minnesota

Obama 54%, McCain 43% in Washington

Washington Governor: Gregoire by Two

Chambliss Ahead By Just Two in Georgia

Landrieu Leads Kennedy by 10 in Louisiana Senate Race

Minnesota: Franken Still Narrowly Ahead in Senate Race

Democrats’ Lead Slips in Generic Congressional Ballot

26% Angry About Immigration, The Issue Candidates Ignore

38% Fear Crisis Early in Obama’s Presidency

McCain's Socialist Delusion: A Commentary by Joe Conason

The Populism Divide: A Commentary By Dick Morris

Democratic Wave Continues to Build: A Commentary By Larry Sabato

Incumbent Cornyn Opens Big Lead in Texas

McCain 54%, Obama 44% in Texas

October 22, 2008

Kentucky: McCain 52%, Obama 44%  

McConnell Leads by Seven in Kentucky  

Only 15% Say Madonna Good Role Model for Women

McCain Up by Twelve in Tennessee  

58% Favor Tax Cuts Over Another Stimulus Plan  

The Final Days By Susan Estrich  

October 21, 2008

South Carolina: McCain 54%, Obama 43%

McCain Up by Nine in West Virginia

Landslide Win Likely for Democrat Governor in West Virginia

Alexander Stretches Lead to 28 Points in Tennessee

53% Say Candidates Should Name Cabinet Before Election

Americans' Financial Security Sentiments Drop in October

McCain Sticks to His Guns: A Commentary by Debra J. Saunders

October 20, 2008

Obama Holds onto Five Point Lead in Missouri

Obama 51%, McCain 46% in Colorado

North Carolina: Obama 51% McCain 48%

McCain Back on Top in Ohio

McCain 49%, Obama 48% in Florida

Warner Leads by 25 Points in Virginia  

Obama’s Lead Jumps to Ten in Virginia

45% Say ACORN Trying to Register Illegal Voters

October 19, 2008

Democrats Favor Spreading Wealth Around, GOP Disagrees

October 18, 2008

New Rasmussen Reports Partisan Weighting Targets: 39.7% Democrat 33.0% Republican

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

Is Palin Presidential Timber? By Debra J. Saunders

Can Joe the Plumber Turn it Around? By Michael Barone

October 17, 2008

Nixon Leads by 19 in Missouri Governor Race

Colorado Senate: Democrat Udall Up By Seven

47% Say Obama Won Final Debate, 33% Pick McCain as Winner

The Growing Price of Economic Rescue: A Commentary by Debra J. Saunders

Missouri: Obama 52% McCain 46%

October 16, 2008

Obama Opens 17-Point Lead in Connecticut  

McCain-Obama Tied in Ohio

Obama Ahead by 20 in New York  

Oregon Senate Race Tied At 47% Apiece

Obama Trusted More than McCain on Seven of 10 Electoral Issues

Only 37% Leaning More Toward A Hybrid Car

Katrina for the Rest of Us By Froma Harrop

A Bush-Style Whitewash By Joe Conason

Electoral College Update: October 16 By Larry J. Sabato

Democrats Roll in U.S. House Races By Larry J. Sabato

55% Say Media More Biased This Year in Campaign Coverage

Democrats Still Ahead by Eight in Generic Congressional Ballot

October 15, 2008

Obama Still Owns Illinois

McCain Leads Obama 54% to 41% in Kansas

Obama Takes Double-Digit Lead in New Mexico

Obama Posts 28-Point Lead in Massachusetts

Kerry Still Dominant in Massachusetts Senate Race

Roberts Still Safe in Kansas Senate Race

Durbin Ahead 62% to 31% in Illinois

New Mexico Senate: Udall Opens 20-Point Lead

Most Say Debates Were Boring But Are Still Watching

62% Say Stock Market Will Be Higher in Five Years

Say Goodnight, Jesse: A Commentary by Susan Estrich

McCain's Next Duty Call: A Commentary By Tony Blankley

October 14, 2008

40% Say Politics At Play in Nobel Prizes  

32% Say Election More Negative Than Most, 74% Say Media Focuses on the Negative  

Muck, Inc. By Debra J. Saunders

Stock Markets Like What They’re Seeing By Lawrence Kudlow

54% Pay Attention to Political Ads, 64% Rate Most Ads Negative

October 13, 2008

Virginia: Obama 50% McCain 47%

Obama Now Leads McCain in Ohio

Obama, McCain Tied in Tar Heel State

Obama Still Ahead by Three in Missouri

Florida: Obama 51%, McCain 46%

Voters Think More of Biden Than Palin

47% Say Taxing Top Income Americans is Good for U.S. Economy

October 12, 2008

California: Obama 56% McCain 40%

McCain Needs to Catch A Break - Or Else: Analysis by Scott Rasmussen

October 11, 2008

55% Expect Obama Victory, Only 15% Believe McCain Will Win

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

The Coming Obama Thugocracy: A Commentary by Michael Barone

October 10, 2008

52% Favor McCain’s Mortgage Bailout Plan

Hagan Still Leads Dole in North Carolina Senate Showdown

Thirty Days and Counting By Alan Abramowitz  

Statehouse '08 Update By Larry J. Sabato

October 9, 2008

McCain Jumps to Seven-Point Lead in Indiana

Florida: Obama Ahead by Three

North Carolina: Longtime GOP State Remains Toss-Up

Lautenberg 51%, Zimmer 37% in New Jersey Senate Race

No Surprise in New Jersey: Obama Leads McCain

36% of Baseball Fans Say Boston Red Sox Will Win World Series

Franken Leads Coleman in Minnesota Senate Race

McCain Economics Still Bush League: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

Obama, the Good Soldier: A Commentary by Debra J. Saunders

Will McCain Make the Investor Connection?: A Commentary by Lawrence Kudlow

Is The Electoral Dam Breaking for Obama: A Commentary By Larry J. Sabato

October 8, 2008

Minnesota: Obama Maintains Steady Lead

McCain 54%, Obama 45% in Georgia

Georgia’s Senate Race Holds Steady in October

In Wisconsin, Obama 54% McCain 44%

A Great Line By Susan Estrich  

Bafflement By Tony Blankley  

52% Plan To Get Flu Shots This Year Discover (R) U.S. Spending Monitor (SM) Down 2.2 Points to 86.5  

October 7, 2008

Obama Takes Double-Digit Lead in Pennsylvania

McCain Jumps to Huge Lead in Alaska

Alaska Senate: Stevens 49%, Begich 48%

Most Voters Expect Brokaw to Be Neutral at Debate

Voters See Conflict Between Growth and the Environment

Why Independents Care So Much About Health Care: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

The Supersize Bailout: A Commentary by Debra J. Saunders

October 6, 2008

Obama Holds On to Modest Lead in Virginia

Obama Pulls to a Six-Point Lead in Colorado

McCain 48%, Obama 47% Again in Ohio

Missouri: Obama Moves Ahead of McCain

Obama Leads McCain by Seven in Florida

FOX/Rasmussen Swing State Polling - October 5, 2008

Collins Leads 53% to 43% in Maine Senate Race  

Voters Now Trust Democrats More on All Ten Key Electoral Issues

Most Americans Still Say U.S. Is Best Country in the World  

October 5, 2008

59% Would Vote to Replace Entire Congress

Return to Redistricting Sanity By Debra J. Saunders

October 4, 2008

New Rasmussen Reports Party Weighting Targets: 39.3% Democrat 33.3% Republican

45% Say Biden Won Debate, 37% Say Palin

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

Little Change in Maine, Obama by Five  

The Year of Campaign Chaos By Michael Barone

October 3, 2008

The Palin-Biden Verdict By Debra J. Saunders  

A Heartbeat Away By Susan Estrich  

Washington: Obama Pulls Ahead by 10  

Obama Takes Lead in Nevada

Gregoire and Rossi Tied in Washington’s Gubernatorial Race

New Hampshire Senate: Shaheen 50%, Sununu 45%

63% Say Wall Street, Not Taxpayers, Will Benefit From Bailout Plan

59% Agree With Ronald Reagan—Government Is The Problem  

New Hampshire: Obama Opens Ten Point Lead  

Democrats Winning the Registration Wars By Rhodes Cook  

There’s More Here than Just the Bailout Package By Lawrence Kudlow

October 2, 2008

Montana: McCain Leads Obama By 8

McCain Takes Longer Lead in Nebraska

Kentucky: McCain Still Ahead by Ten

New Mexico: Obama 49% McCain 44%

Generic Ballot: Democrats Take Nine-Point Advantage

Nebraska Senate: Johanns Ahead by 14

McConnell 51%, Lunsford 42% in Kentucky Senate Race

GOP's McCrory Takes Lead in North Carolina Governor’s Race

34% Say Veep Debate Key To Their Vote

North Carolina: Obama Leads McCain For Second Straight Week

Electoral College: North Carolina Now a Toss-Up

Our Bair Necessity By Lawrence Kudlow

Partisan Trends In September: 38.4% Democrats 34.4% Republicans

Bonanza. Bailout. Bonanza. By Debra J. Saunders

Senate Sensibilities The October 2008 Update By Larry J. Sabato

The Importance of Branding: A Commentary

Making the Bailout Less Toxic By Joe Conason

Law for Poor Didn't Cause Meltdown By Froma Harrop

October 1, 2008

Texas: McCain Still Ahead by Nine

Mississippi: McCain’s Lead Narrows to Eight

McCain Tops Obama 58% to 39% in Tennessee

Texas Senate: Cornyn’s Lead Slips to Seven

Wicker-Musgrove Senate Race Tightens in Mississippi

Alexander Leads 56% to 32% in Tennessee Senate Race

There's Still Time, John McCain: A Commentary By Dick Morris

Most Voters Say Children Motivate Mothers in Political Office

23% Say Their Firms Are Hiring, Up Two Points from Previous Month

Yet Freedom: A Commentary by Tony Blankley


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