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Most Recent Articles: March 2008

March 31, 2008

Michigan: McCain 43% Obama 42%; McCain 45% Clinton 42%  

New Jersey: McCain in Toss-Up with Both Clinton and Obama

Washington: Obama 48% McCain 43%  

Small Business Owners Say Economy Poor, Getting Worse

March 30, 2008

Wisconsin: McCain and Obama Still Close

March 29, 2008

Missing a Generation By Michael Barone

Portman for VP By Robert D. Novak

Virginia: McCain Widens Lead Over Both Democrats

March 28, 2008

Gore Not Answer to Dem Divide

Team We Can't Trust By Dick Morris

Political Suicide By Susan Estrich

March 27, 2008

Oregon: Obama Leads McCain by Six, McCain Leads Clinton by Six

Missouri Governor: Nixon Leads Both Republican Challengers

47% Say U.S. and Allies Winning War on Terror  

Slap Down 'Free Market' Pirates By Joe Conason  

Most Americans Oppose Federal Bailout for Homeowners  

The Lash of Unfair Criticism By Larry Sabato

McCain's Payroll Prize: An Inside Report By Robert Novak  

Ben Bernanke Is My Kind of Guy By Larry Kudlow  

Social Security Remains Star in the Gloom By Froma Harrop

March 26, 2008

22% of Democrats Want Clinton to Drop Out; 22% Say Obama Should Withdraw

Missouri: McCain Opens Lead Over Both Democrats

The Clintons' Truth Deficit Disorder By Michelle Malkin

Why Not Optimism? By Lawrence Kudlow

The Robot Rule By Susan Estrich

March 25, 2008

Pennsylvania Democratic Primary: Clinton 49% Obama 39%

Bailouts -- Be Very Particular By Froma Harrop

The Presidential Race Has Everyone’s Attention

Democrats Trusted More on Top Issue of Economy

March 24, 2008

North Carolina Governor: McCrory Still Close Behind Democrats

Deepening Democratic Dilemma: A Commentary By Robert D. Novak

Hillary's Irish Feast Fantasy: A Commentary By Dick Morris

Nevada: Obama 45% McCain 41%

North Carolina: McCain Leads Both Democrats

March 23, 2008

Electoral College: Dem 200 GOP 189 Leaners 87 Toss-Up 62

March 22, 2008

Arkansas: McCain Leads Clinton, Overwhelms Obama

As Christians Prepare to Celebrate Easter, 76% Believe Jesus Rose from the Dead

Heavy Hitter? Not Hillary by Dick Morris  

Will Wright Damage Obama's Millennial Support? by Michael Barone  

March 21, 2008

Georgia Senate: Incumbent Chambliss Holds Double-Digit Leads Over Democrats

Georgia: McCain Enjoys Solid Leads Over Democrats

Minnesota Senate: Coleman 48% Franken 46%

The Declining Economy and Election 2008

Minnesota: McCain in Close Race with Both Obama and Clinton

Obama Speech Grades: 51% Good or Excellent, 26% Fair, 21% Poor

78% Say Other Investment Firms Likely to Suffer Bear Sterns Fate

New Hampshire: Shaheen 49% Sununu 41%

TMI: A Commentary by Susan Estrich

March 20, 2008

West Virginia: Clinton 55% Obama 27%  

Was Bear Stearns the Sacrificial Lamb? By Larry Kudlow  

Massachusetts: Clinton Leads McCain by 19, Obama Leads by 7  

The Crapshoot of Presidential Politics By Larry Sabato  

Divides Obama Doesn't Bridge By Froma Harrop

Finance's "New Day" By Robert Novak  

March 19, 2008

New Hampshire: McCain 46% Obama 43%

Colorado: McCain, Obama Tied

Pastor Wright: This Too Shall Pass: by Dick Morris

The Speech: by Susan Estrich

Say Goodbye to the Glowbama Mystique: by Michelle Malkin

March 18, 2008

Colorado Senate: Udall 46% Schaffer 43%

59% Want Troops Home from Iraq Within a Year

Recession? 38% Say DEPRESSION Somewhat Likely  

Gender Gap Widens on Retirement Outlook

The Hooker Next Door: by Froma Harrop

March 17, 2008

Just 8% Have Favorable Opinion of Pastor Jeremiah Wright

Democratic Racial Divide: by Robert D. Novak

March 16, 2008

Florida: McCain Leads Obama by Four, Clinton by Five

Generic Ballot: Democrats 44% Republicans 40%  

New York: Both Democrats Lead McCain By Double Digits

March 15, 2008

Connecticut: Obama Leads McCain By 12

The Importance of Fallon's Fall: By Michael Barone

Hillary Sends Ferraro After the Race Card: By Dick Morris

Governor Bloomberg? By Robert D. Novak

March 14, 2008

California: Obama Leads McCain by 15, Clinton Leads By 7

37% Have Favorable Opinion of Ferraro

Super Delegates Lining Up for Barack Obama: By Dick Morris  

20% Will Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a Drink  

The Democratic Dogfight: By Larry Sabato  

McCain Addendum: Are Stay-at-Home Conservatives a Threat to John McCain? By Alan I. Abramowitz  

The White Elephant in the Room: By Susan Estrich

March 13, 2008

Michigan Moves to Toss-Up Status in Electoral College  

Pennsylvania Dem Primary: Clinton 51% Obama 38%

Pennsylvania: McCain 44% Obama 43%, McCain 46% Clinton 44%  

A Virtual Tie: Clinton, Obama Divide the Democratic Primary Vote: By Rhodes Cook

W.'s Gun Battle: by Robert Novak  

At Least Admire Spitzer for His Foes: by Froma Harrop  

The Shame of Eliot Spitzer: by Joe Conason

March 12, 2008

Michigan and Florida Deserve Do-Overs: By Dick Morris  

Michigan: McCain Leads Both Obama and Clinton by Three

Getting Stupid: by Susan Estrich  

The Left's Escalating War on Military Recruiters: by Michelle Malkin

March 11, 2008

Obama Wins Mississippi, Both Campaigns Look to Pennsylvania

68% of New York Voters Say Spitzer Should Resign

The Specter of McCain Democrats: by Froma Harrop  

Congress: 13% Good/ Excellent, 43% Poor

March 10, 2008

Half of Voters Say America’s Best Days Are in the Past

It's Time to Call in Hatchet Men Against the Clintons: By Dick Morris

McCain Trusted More Than Clinton on National Security, Clinton Has Edge on Economy

McCain vs. the Addicts: By Robert D. Novak

March 9, 2008

North Carolina: Obama 47% Clinton 40%

Rasmussen Markets See Clinton Winning Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky

March 8, 2008

Clinton Has Only One Plausible Path to the Nomination: A Commentary by Michael Barone

57% Say Candidate With Most Votes Should Get Nomination

Mississippi: Obama 53% Clinton 39%

Mark Penn’s Boast and Florida Follies: An Inside Report by Robert D. Novak

March 7, 2008

19% Think the Nation is Better Off Today Than Four Years Ago

Confidence in War on Terror Still High

South Dakota: McCain Enjoys Strong Leads in Mount Rushmore State

42% Want McCain to Answer 3:00 a.m. Phone Call

Florida Adults Split on Do-Over Primary: Dems Favor, GOP Opposed

What Next?: A Commentary by Susan Estrich

South Dakota: Incumbent Johnson Way Ahead in Senate Race

March 6, 2008

Pennsylvania: Clinton 52% Obama 37%

The Real Threat to McCain?: A Commentary by Alan I. Abramowitz  

McCain's Very Own Farrakhan: A Commentary by Joe Conason

Why She Isn't Dead: An Inside Report by Robert D. Novak

Close Down the Caucuses: A Commentary by Froma Harrop

Obama Better Battle Back Before It's Too Late: A Commentary by Dick Morris

March 5, 2008

The Death Cry of Gloria Steinem: A Commentary by Michelle Malkin

Race for Democratic Presidential Nomination Set to Continue for a Long Time  

Washington: McCain 45% Obama 44%

Consumer Confidence Sinks to Lowest Level in Seven Years

Discover(R) U.S. Spending Monitor(SM) Flat in February

National Poll: 19% of Adults Concerned of Being Audited

Blame the Supreme Court: A Commentary by Susan Estrich

Washington Governor: Rossi 47% Gregoire 46%

March 4, 2008

Will Clinton Continue After Ohio and Texas?

Few Cheers for Mortgage Bailout: A Commentary by Froma Harrop  

March 3, 2008

American Idol Fans Sing Praises to Judges

Obama's Former Friend: An Inside Report by Robert D. Novak

New Jersey Senate: Lautenberg Leads GOP Candidates

Texas: Obama 48% Clinton 47%

Ohio: Clinton 50% Obama 44%

March 2, 2008

Party ID: Dem 41.5% GOP 31.8%  

Electoral College Projections: New Rankings for Five States

New Jersey: Obama-McCain a Toss-Up

Obama Trusted on Health Care and Education, McCain on Trade Agreements

March 1, 2008

Expectations for Obama to Win Nomination Nearing 90%

Hillary Unmasked: A Commentary by Dick Morris

Bailing Out Barack: Inside Report by Robert D. Novak

Throw Out the Old Electoral Maps in 2008: A Commentary by Michael Barone


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