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Most Recent Articles: July 2007

July 31, 2007

41% Say Gonzales Should Resign

GOP Voters See Thompson as Most Conservative Option, Giuliani Still Very Popular

53% Say Clinton Politically Liberal, Tops Among All Candidates

Kucinich Trails Giuliani by 14 Points, Thompson by Nine

July 30, 2007

Discover(R) Small Business Watch(SM): Small Business Economic Confidence Rebounds

Hillary Clinton is the Default Candidate for Democrats

Two Candidates Dismissed by Insiders Continue to Lead GOP Race

July 29, 2007

Just 54% Consider American Society Generally Fair and Decent

July 28, 2007

Election 2008: Edwards Leads Giuliani by Seven, Thompson by Eleven

July 27, 2007

Public Divided as to Whether New President Should Meet with Heads of Iran, Syria, North Korea

Who’s Best on National Security: 28% Say Clinton, 20% Giuliani

Obama Gains Ground Over Giuliani, Thompson

Barry Bonds: 25% Favorable

July 26, 2007

Labels Matter: Progressive Better than Liberal, Reagan-Like Better than Conservative

58% Say Presidential Debates Are Boring; 50% Say They’re Useless

16% Say Congress Doing Good or Excellent Job

July 25, 2007

41% Want Congress to Censure President Bush

Opinions of Feingold Shaped by Censure Resolution

Democrats Now Trusted More than GOP on Ten Out of Ten Key Issues

July 24, 2007

Congressman Ron Paul Attracts Less Than 35% Against Top Democrats  

Only 27% Believe Israel and Palestinians Can Peacefully Co-exist

Michael Vick - 57% Unfavorable  

Florida: Giuliani 22% Thompson 21%  

Florida: Clinton 46% Obama 15% Edwards 13%  

July 23, 2007

53% Say It’s Too Easy to Get on Welfare  

Obama, Clinton, Thompson Enjoy Top Levels of Core Support

Republican Presidential Race Wide Open Despite Surface Stability  

As Dems Gather in SC, Debates Have Little Impact

July 22, 2007

Associated Press, MSNBC and CNBC Seen as Having Liberal Bias

July 21, 2007

War on Terror Pessimism Increasing as 36% Say Terrorists Are Winning

July 20, 2007

Edwards Struggles In Democratic Nomination Race, but Does Well in General Election Match-ups  

Reid 27% Favorable Pelosi 40%

July 19, 2007

56% Say Government Doing Too Little to Combat Poverty

Election 2008: Obama 47% Romney 38%

Senate Vote on Iraq in Line With Public Opinion

July 18, 2007

Congressional Ballot: Democrats 46% Republicans 37%

National Poll: Obama 47% McCain 38%

Discover(R) Spending Confidence Monitor(SM): Consumers Less Likely to Increase Spending in July

Harry Potter Doesn’t Cast Much of a Spell on Most Americans

July 17, 2007

38% Say U.S. Will Be Less Safe Following Iraq Troop Withdrawal

Though GOP Gains Ground, Democrats Still Trusted More on Most Issues

Election 2008: Biden Trails Giuliani by Nine, Thompson by Two  

Retirement or College? America has Split Priorities  

July 16, 2007

51% Say Wait Till September for Iraq Policy Change  

Presidential Tracking Poll

Thompson, Giuliani on Top in GOP poll: Can Thompson Last?  

National Poll: Clinton, Obama Still in a League of Their Own

July 15, 2007

New York Times, Washington Post, and Local Newspapers Seen as Having Liberal Bias  

Clinton Favorables Up, McCain and Romney Down  

July 14, 2007

Public Divided on Fairness Doctrine

July 13, 2007

Americans See Liberal Media Bias on TV News

National Poll: Thompson 25% Giuliani 24%

National Poll: Clinton 38% Obama 26%

46% Still Expect Democrats to Nominate White Male for President

July 12, 2007

Pessimism Growing: Just One Third Say America's Best Days Lie Ahead

Public Skeptical of White House in Executive Privilege Claims

McCain Falls Further Behind Clinton

Clinton 44% Giuliani 43%

July 11, 2007

Cindy Sheehan: 22% Favorable 50% Unfavorable

45% Expect Violence in Iraq to Increase When U.S. Troops Leave

Poll: 19% Consider Troop Surge a Success

86% Oppose Hiking Gas Tax

July 10, 2007

Clinton, Obama Have Top-Tier to Themselves

Are Thompson, Romney for Real?

July 9, 2007

Iraq, Economy Top Issues

34% Believe Global Warming Can Be Stopped

July 8, 2007

Skeptical of Performers’ Motives, Public Tunes Out Live Earth Event

July 7, 2007

21% Support Bush Decision to Commute Libby’s Sentence

39% Favor Impeaching Bush

July 6, 2007

63% Say U.S. Constitution Good or Excellent

40% Give Supreme Court Good or Excellent Ratings

Will Public Dominate Senate Debate On Iraq?

July 5, 2007

Election 2008: Clinton, Thompson Tied  

58% Agree With Supreme Court Ruling on McCain-Feingold  

Post-War Presidents: JFK, Ike, Reagan Most Popular

July 4, 2007

Poll: 76% Likely to Watch Fireworks This Fourth of July  

Washington, Lincoln Most Popular Presidents: Nixon, Bush Least Popular

July 3, 2007

46% Say Congress Doing Poor Job, 16% Say Good or Excellent

Romney Holds Nine-Point Lead in New Hampshire

Thompson 27% Giuliani 24% in Race for GOP Nomination

Worker Confidence Plunges to Lowest Level since September

July 2, 2007

National Poll: Clinton 39% Obama 26% Edwards 13%  

NH Primary: Clinton 38% Obama 21%  

53% Want Dem Congress to Push Bush Harder on Iraq

July 1, 2007

Following Immigration Debate, Number of Republicans in USA Increases  

GOP Gains Parity on National Security Issue, Dems Trusted More on Nine Other Issues


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