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Most Recent Articles: August 2006

August 31, 2006

 Super Bowl Poll: No Clear Favorite

 California Governor: Schwarzenegger Holding On to Six-Point Lead

 California Senate: Feinstein by 22

 Arizona Governor: Napolitano Still Leads the Pack

 Arizona Senate: No Concern for Kyl

August 30, 2006

 Hudson Index: Industry Sector Summary

 Hudson Index: State & Local Summary

 Worker Confidence Up Despite Dip in Expected Hiring

 Subway Series On Deck for October

August 29, 2006

 eBay Tops with Online Shoppers

 26% of Baseball Fans Think Yankees will Win 2006 World Series

 A Year After Katrina: Recovery Too Slow, Most Say

August 28, 2006

 Voters Everywhere Agree Political System “Badly Broken”

 Small Business Owners Rate Economy Strong but See Worsening Business Conditions Ahead

 Discover ® Card Survey Finds 67% of Small Business Owners Happy to Remain Small

 Emmy Update: TV Fans' Picks Grey's Anatomy & House Squashed at Emmys

August 26, 2006

 And the Emmy Award Goes to…

 Pennsylvania Senate: Casey (D) 48%, Santorum (R) 40%

 Pennsylvania Governor: Rendell by 12

 Ohio Senate: Brown (D) 45% DeWine (R) 42%

 Ohio Governor: Strickland Lead Widens to 25 Points

 75% in Arkansas, Alabama Believe Bible Literally True

August 25, 2006

 Pennsylvania Senate: Casey (D) 48% Santorum (R) 40%

 The Emmy Awards: Fans Choose Grey’s Anatomy and House

 O'Brien To Host 2006 Emmy Awards

August 24, 2006

 Washington Senate: Cantwell By Six

August 23, 2006

 Economy, National Security Are Top Issues

Connecticut Senate: Lieberman, Lamont Still in a Toss-Up

Connecticut Governor: Rell Lead Widens

Hillary Meter: Left of Center, Keeping it in the Family

Day of Thunder between Cruise and Paramount

August 22, 2006

 Missouri Senate: Still Close

 Maine Governor: Baldacci Campaign Still Running in Place

 Oregon Governor: Kulongoski’s Climb Continues

August 21, 2006

  Arkansas Governor: Hutchinson Hot on Beebe’s Trail

 Maine Senate: Snowe Holding On to Massive Lead

August 20, 2006

 Wisconsin Governor: Doyle Leads Green By Eight

 Wisconsin Senate: Kohl Still in Control

August 19, 2006

 Maryland Governor: O'Malley Holding on to Lead

 Maryland Senate: Close Race

August 18, 2006

 Foiled London Air Bomb Scheme: Another Round in the War on Terror

 Nebraska Senate: Nelson Lead Remains Comfortable

 Nebraska Governor: Heineman Still Coasting to Election

 Al Gore’s Ideology: Liberal by a Long Shot

 Bill Clinton: Leaning to the Left

August 17, 2006

Tennessee Senate: Corker (R) 48% Ford (D) 42%

 War on Terror Update: Thwarted Attack Has Little Impact on Public Confidence

August 16, 2006

 Senate Balance of Power

 Michigan Governor: Granholm, DeVos Again in Toss-Up

 Michigan Senate Race: Senator Stabenow on Same Hot Seat as the Governor?

August 15, 2006

 Rudy Giuliani: America's Mayor Seen as Middle of Road by Most

 President George W. Bush: Majority (57%) Call Him Conservative

August 14, 2006  

 Colorado Governor: Ritter Now With 9-point Lead

 McCain in the Middle

 School Days are Here Again

 Despite Hype, Number of People Closely Following Race is Small

August 13, 2006

 Connecticut Senate: Two Days After Primary, Lieberman Ahead by 5

August 12, 2006

 Massachusetts Governor: Democrats Lead

August 11, 2006

 Montana Senate: Burns & Tester Tied at 47%

 Hawaii Senate: September's Primary Shaping Up to be a Showdown

August 9, 2006

 Hillary Meter: 40% Say They Would Definitely Vote Against Her in 2008

 Texas Governor: Perry (R) Dips to 35%

 Texas Senate: Hutchison Cruising

 Rhode Island Governor: Carcieri and Fogarty Dead Even

 Rhode Island Senate: Chafee Lagging by 6

August 8, 2006

 Alaska Governor: Incumbent Murkowski (R), Trailing Badly, May Also Lose Primary

Alabama Governor: Incumbent's Advantage Increases

Vermont Governor & Senate: Douglas and Sanders Sailing Away with Comfortable Leads

August 7, 2006

 War on Terror Update: As War in the Middle East Escalates, Pessimism Returns

 Minnesota Governor: Pawlenty on the Rebound

 Minnesota Senate: Klobuchar's Numbers Continue to Climb

 Nevada: Carter (D) Catching Ensign (R) in Senate Race?

 Mel Gibson: 52% Say His Apologies Sincere

August 5, 2006

 New York Senate: Hillary Clinton Maintaining Big Lead

 New York Governor: Spitzer by 41

 West Virginia Senate: Byrd Still Gliding to Ninth Term

August 4, 2006

 Partisan Trends: Republicans Near Two-Year Low

 New Jersey Senate: Menendez Maintains Lead

 South Carolina Governor: Sanford 47%, Moore 38%

 Georgia Governor: Perdue With 14-Point Lead Over Taylor

August 3, 2006

 Pennsylvania Senate: Santorum Still Below 40%

 Pennsylvania Governor: Rendell (D) Sustains Double-Digit Lead

 Iowa Governor: Culver, Nussle in Toss-Up

 Oregon Governor: Kulongoski Widens Lead Over Challenger Saxton

August 2, 2006

 Arizona Senate: Kyl Still In Command

 Arizona Governor: Napolitano Still Way Ahead

 Maine Governor: At 43%, Baldacci Is Six Points Ahead

 Michigan Governor: Will Slow & Steady Win the Race?

 Most Americans Supportive of Minimum Wage Increase & Estate Tax Proposal

 U.S. Worker Confidence Unaffected by Mideast Turmoil, Stock Performance and Gas Prices

 "World Trade Center" Coming to Big Screens

August 1, 2006

 California Governor: Schwarzenegger Leads by Six

 Ohio Senate: Again, DeWine (R) Behind

 Ohio Governor: Strickland (D) Lead Holding

 Florida Governor: Crist (R) Lead Narrows

 Florida Senate: Katherine Harris (R) Still Flailing


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