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September 2006

September 29, 2006

Oklahoma Governor: Henry’s Lead Now 25

Governor Job Approvals: Neighboring Govs Bookend Scores

Bush Job Approvals: Disapprovals Rule

September 27, 2006

Chavez and His UN Remarks Rejected by Most Americans

Just 31% Have Favorable Opinion of U.N.

Madonna World Tour: 41% Say Staged Crucifixion “Offensive”

Florida Governor: Crist by 5

Florida Senate: Nelson Still Jogging to Reelection

September 26, 2006

Colorado Governor: Ritter's Biggest Lead Yet

Arizona Senate: Kyl’s Lead Cut to 11

Small Businesses Upbeat on Economy

Arizona Governor: Napolitano by 18

Nebraska Governor & Senate: Incumbents in Charge

September 25, 2006

Oregon Governor: Kulongoski Still Leading

Montana Senate: Burns Still Trailing

Washington Senate: Bounce for Cantwell Fading, She Now Leads by 6

54% Have Favorable Opinion of Pope Benedict XVI

Wisconsin Governor & Senate: Doyle (D) 47% Green (R) 44% for Governor

September 23, 2006

Maine Governor: Baldacci (D) by 5

September 22, 2006

Pennsylvania Senate: Santorum Lags by 10

Pennsylvania Governor: Rendell by 20

Nevada Senate and Governor: Ensign Reaches 50%; Gibbons Leading Titus by 14

September 21, 2006

Hillary Meter: Fewer See Hillary Being Nominated in 2008

September 20, 2006

Ohio Governor: Strickland by 19

Maryland Senate: Cardin by 7

Maryland Governor: O’Malley Maintains 7-Point Edge

Just After 9/11 Anniversary, Pluralities Still Say We're Winning War on Terror, Losing War In Iraq

Managers Give Themselves Rave Reviews; Workers Beg to Differ

Georgia Judge Says No to Photo ID for Voting

Rhode Island Governor: Carcieri Now Ahead by 2

September 19, 2006

Connecticut Governor: Rell Continues Romp to Reelection

Connecticut Senate: Lieberman (I) 45%; Lamont (D) 43%

New Mexico Governor and Senate: Incumbents in Control

September 18, 2006

Rhode Island Senate: Chafee Trailing By 8

Ohio Senate: Brown (D) 47% DeWine (R) 41%

Montana Senate: Tester By Nine

September 17, 2006

Immigration Matters

September 15, 2006

Iran's Nuclear Threat

Missouri Senate: In Persistently Close Race, It's Now McCaskill By 3

Virginia Senate: Allen's Lead Erosion Halts

September 13, 2006

Illinois Governor: Blagojevich by 12

Texas Governor: In Crowded Campaign, Perry at 33%

Texas Senate: Hutchison by 26

September 12, 2006

California: Schwarzenegger by 8

Americans Comfortable with Current Balance Between National Security & Individual Liberties

Americans Split on Iraq as Part of War on Terror

Washington Senator: Cantwell’s Lead Takes 11-Point Leap

Arkansas Governor: Beebe by 11

September 11, 2006

On Fifth Aniversary of 9/11, Just 21% say U.S. Has Change for the Better

War on Terror Update: 41% Believe U.S. and Allies Winning

South Carolina Governor: Sanford's Lead Holding

West Virginia Senate: Byrd Flying to Reelection with 33 Point Lead

September 8, 2006

Alaska Governor: Palin by 14

Tennessee Senate: Ford Within 1

Tennessee Governor: Bredesen by 27

September 7, 2006

Michigan Senate: Stabenow by 8

Michigan Governor: In Competitive Race, It's Now DeVos by 2

Hillary Meter: 41% Label Former First Lady as Politically Liberal

September 6, 2006

New Jersey Senate: Kean Retakes Lead

Oklahoma Governor: Henry by 21

September 5, 2006  

Katie Couric: 46% Have Favorable Opinion Of New CBS Anchor

Just 38% Celebrate Workers on Labor Day

Poll: Labor Unions Viewed Favorably by 58%

Kansas Governor: Sebelius Lead Narrows

Iowa Governor: Culver, Nussle in Dead Heat

Rhode Island Governor: Fogerty by 5

Rhode Island Senate: Whitehouse (D) 44% Chafee 42%

Florida Governor: Crist (R) 45%, Davis (D) 41%

Florida Senate: Nelson Still Stomping Harris

September 1, 2006  

Minnesota Senate: In Competitive Race, Klobuchar Still Leads

38% Visited Beach This Summer

Cookouts Top Summer Activity

57% Had Good or Great Summer


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