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  • Illegal Immigrant Caravans and Criminal Catholics By Michelle Malkin

    The latest, lawless migrant caravan hurtling from Honduras to our southern border is as organic as AstroTurf.

  • Everything on Demand By John Stossel

    Reporters complain about business. We overlook the constant improvements in our lives made possible by greedy businesses competing for your money. Think about how our access to entertainment has improved.

  • Working Hard Versus Hardly Working By Stephen Moore

    Almost all of us know (because President Trump boasts of it in nearly every speech) that our 3.5% unemployment rate has reached a 50-year low. But this official decline in joblessness doesn't tell the entire story of the improvement in the job market in the United States. And it doesn't fully capture the change in direction between what happened under President Barack Obama and Trump.

  • Is Mass Civil Disobedience Our Future? By Patrick J. Buchanan

    On the holiday set aside in 2020 to honor Martin Luther King, the premier advocate of nonviolent Gandhian civil disobedience, thousands of gun owners gathered in Richmond to petition peacefully for their rights.

  • America's Long History of Meddling in Russia By Ted Rall

    Russia -- OK, not the actual Russian government but a private troll farm company located in Russia -- bought $100,000 worth of political ads on Facebook designed to change the outcome of the 2016 election. Except that only a small fraction of those ads were political. Also except that the small fraction was divvied up between pro-Hillary Clinton and pro-Donald Trump ads. And especially except that $100,000 in Facebook ads can't affect the outcome of a $6.8 billion election.

  • A Malicious Indictment Mitch Should Toss Out By Patrick J. Buchanan

    About the impeachment of President Donald Trump she engineered with her Democratic majority, Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday: "It's not personal. It's not political. It's not partisan. It's patriotic."

    Seriously, Madam Speaker? Not political? Not partisan?

  • What We've Learned From the Democratic Race -- So Far By Michael Barone

    Elections are a form of communication. Voting tells politicians, and the press if they're capable of getting the message, what citizens will tolerate and what they won't. The Democrats haven't voted yet, but they've been campaigning for more than a year and have just had their last debate before the Iowa caucuses two weeks from Monday.

  • Ratings Changes: Senate, House, and Governor By Kyle Kondik and J. Miles Coleman

    — The Kansas Senate race is getting a lot of national buzz, but we still see the GOP as clearly favored to hold the seat.

    — The chances of Republicans springing Senate upsets in New Hampshire and Virginia appear to be growing dimmer.

    — Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D-CA) decision not to hold a special election for CA-50 makes it likelier for Republicans to hold the seat.

    — Vermont is a sleeper Democratic gubernatorial target.

  • Cancel Culture Strikes Again: Banned in Maine By Michelle Malkin

    In November, I was banned in Boston after speech-squelchers on the left and right forced the cancellation of my lecture at Bentley University, a small private institution. The grassroots activists who had invited me were rejected by every major event venue in the nation's purported Cradle of Liberty. The tail-tuckers cited security concerns or jacked up their rental fees to make it prohibitively expensive to gather peacefully to discuss -- gasp! -- ideas.

  • Licensed to Fail By John Stossel

    People who want to work should be allowed to work. That includes people who once went to jail.