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October 2006

October 31, 2006

 Virginia Senate: Webb (D) Now Leading Allen (R)

 Oregon Governor: Kulongoski by Seven

 Pennsylvania Governor: Rendell With 18-Point Edge

 California Governor: Schwarzenegger (R) 53%; Angelides (D) 40%

Connecticut Races: Lieberman Lead Declines

Pennsylvania Senate: Casey (D) 55% Santorum (R) 42%

October 30, 2006

 Discover Small Business Watch: Small Businesses' Optimism on Economy Up Sharply

 56% Rate Situation in Iraq as “Poor”

 Florida Governor: Crist (R) 52%; Davis (D) 41%

 Senate Balance of Power: WA Shifts from "Leans Dem" to "Dem"

 Washington Senate: Cantwell Now Up by 11

 Arkansas Governor: Beebe by 8

 Maryland Senate: Steele Still Down 7

 Maryland Governor: O'Malley Up by Five

October 29, 2006

 Montana Senate: Tester Holds Slim Lead Over Burns

 Wisconsin: Doyle by 4; Kohl by 39

 Colorado Governor: Ritter by 12

 Massachusetts Governor: Patrick by 24

October 28, 2006

 War on Terror Update: An Upswing in Confidence

 New Jersey Senate: Kean (R) and Menendez (D) Tied

 South Carolina Governor: Sanford Lead Climbs to 23

 Kansas Governor: Sebelius by 19

October 27, 2006

 Missouri Senate: Talent by Two

 Texas Governor: With Perry at 36%, Bell Now Second

 Iowa Governor: Culver (D) 47%; Nussle (R) 44%

 Virginia Senate: Allen (R) and Webb (D) in Toss-Up

 Texas Senate: Hutchison Keeps Big Lead

 Tennessee Senate: Corker (R) 47% Ford (D) 46%

October 26, 2006

 Halloween: Only 24% Plan on Celebrating The "Spook"-tacular Holiday

 Same-Sex Marriage: Garden State’s Highest Court Approves Rights for Gay Couples

October 25, 2006

 Michigan Governor: Granholm's Lead Now Double-Digits

 Michigan Senate: Stabenow’s Lead a Stable 16

 Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 61% Know Someone with Breast Cancer

October 24, 2006

 Rhode Island Senate: Chafee Now Lagging by 8

 Rhode Island Governor: Carcieri Finds 8-Point Lead

October 23, 2006

 National Poll: 69% of Americans Say They Exercise Regularly

October 20, 2006

 Senate Balance of Power: GOP 48, Dem 47, Toss-Up 5

 Montana Senate: Burns v. Tester Again a Toss-Up

The Foley Factor: 47% Say Congressional Member-Staff Relationships Common

Nebraska: Nelson, Heineman Hold Solid Leads

Nevada Governor: Gibbons' Lead Down to Eight

Nevada Senate: Ensign by Eight

October 19, 2006

 Illinois Governor: Blagojevich's Lead Holds by Eight

 Hillary Meter: 40% Would Vote Against Clinton in 2008

 Maine: Baldacci (D) 44%; Woodcock (R) 34%

 Pennsylvania Governor: Rendell Leads by 17

 Arizona: Incumbents Napolitano, Kyl Maintain Leads

October 18, 2006

 Younger Workers Want More, Connection That Is

 Pennsylvania Senate: Santorum Trailing by 13

October 17, 2006

 Fighting the Flu

Health Care at a Premium

 California Governor: Schwarzenegger (R) 49%; Angelides (D) 40%

 Georgia Governor: Perdue by 25

 Maryland Governor: O'Malley (D) 50% Ehrlich (R) 44%

 Alaska Governor: Palin (R) 47%; Knowles (D) 40%

October 16, 2006

 Maryland Senate: Cardin Maintains 7-Point Lead

 Ohio Senate: Brown Holds On to 5-Point Edge

 Senate Balance of Power: VA Now a Toss-Up

 Missouri Senate: McCaskill, Talent Neck-and-Neck

 Virginia Senate: Allen Lead Down to 3 Points

October 14, 2006

 New Jersey Senate: Menendez (D) 42%; Kean (R) 39%

October 13, 2006

 North Korea: Nuclear Test Has Little Impact on Public Opinion

 Tennessee Senate: Ford (D) 48%; Corker (R) 46%

 Montana Senate: Burns Still Down by 7

October 12, 2006

 Foley Debacle Has No Impact on Partisan Affiliation

October 11, 2006

 War on Terror Update: Optimism Fading Fast

October 10, 2006

 Rhode Island Senate: Chafee Down 10

 Rhode Island Governor: Carcieri Up Three

 Pennsylvania Senate: Casey (D) 50% Santorum (R) 37%

October 9, 2006

 Minnesota Governor: Pawlenty Falls Behind

 Michigan Senate: Stabenow Jumps to 17-Point Lead

 Minnesota Senate: Klobuchar Tops 50% Mark

 Michigan Governor: Granholm Regains Lead, by 7

October 7, 2006

 36% Feel House Speaker Hastert Should Resign

 Missouri Senate: Talent, McCaskill One Point Apart

October 6, 2006

 Connecticut Governor: Rell by 25 Now

 Ohio Governor: Strickland Lead Narrows to 12

October 5, 2006

 Connecticut Senate: Lieberman Lead Reaches Double Digits

 Ohio Senate: Brown by 8

 61% Believe Republican Leaders Have Been Protecting Foley

October 4, 2006

 U.S. Workers Forecast Less Hiring on the Horizon

 Massachusetts Governor: Patrick Leads the Pack

 Florida Governor: Crist by 16

 Florida Senate: Nelson by 17

October 3, 2006

 Fans Pick Jeter, Pujols for MVP

 38% Expect Yankees to Win World Series

 71% Say Finding New Energy Sources More Important than Conservation

 A Virtual Roll of the Dice

 Tennessee Governor: Bredesen by 35

 Party Affiliation Trends Show Democratic Momentum

October 2, 2006

 Economic Confidence Rises in Chicago

 Senate Balance of Power: TN Shifts from Toss-Up to Lean Dem

 Tennessee Senate: Ford by 5 as Corker Falters

 Virginia Senate: Allen Now Leading by 6

 Oregon Governor: Saxton Within 5

 Polls: Senate Immigration Vote May Impact Election 2006

October 1, 2006

 Wal-Mart Flexes Its Muscle Again

 State-by-State Perspectives on the War on Terror

 State by State Ratings of the Economy: Oklahoma and Texas Most Optimistic


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