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July 2006

July 31, 2006

 Aniston, Pitt & Vaughn Have All the Right Moves

 The Immigration Factor

 Missouri Senate: McCaskill Moves Ahead

 Washington Senate: Cantwell 48%, McGavick 37%

July 27, 2006

Virginia Senate
 July 26, 2006

 Hillary Meter

 Arkansas Governor: Beebe (D) Still Leading, in Tighter Race

 Tennessee Senate: Corker (R) Strongest Against Ford (D)

 General Motors Still a Giant?

July 25, 2006

 Polling Methodology: Job Approval Ratings

 Stem Cell Divide

 Connecticut Senate Primar y

 Connecticut Senate

 Connecticut Governor

July 24, 2006

 Texas Governor: Perry Back to 40%

 Hutchison Holds Lead Over Radnofsky

July 20, 2006

 Middle East: Hezbollah to Blame for Current Strife, 56% Say

 Wyoming: No Party Swap Seen

July 19, 2006  

Home and Office - Workers Want It All

 53% of Churchgoers Say Attendance is Growing

 Traditional Views of Marriage Tops in Voters' Minds

 Vanishing Vacations
 July 18, 2006

Rhode Island Governor: Carcieri, Fogarty Still in Dead Heat

Rhode Island Senate: Chafee Now Trailing by 5
 July 17, 2006

 Space Shuttle Discovery's Safe Landing Marks Successful Return to Flight

 Nebraska Senate and Governor Races: Advantage Incumbents

 Maryland Governor: Ehrlich Still Trailing

 Maryland Senate: Steele Catching Up
 July 14, 2006

 Colorado Governor: Ritter Lead Holding

July 13, 2006

 California Governor: Angelides (D) 46%, Schwarzenegger (R) 44%

 Illinois Governor: Blagojevich Now Up by 11

Ms. Jolie Viewed Favorably By 46% of Americans
 July 12, 2006

 Private Business Owners Split on State of Economy

 Hillary Meter
 July 11, 2006

A Turning Tide in War on Terror?

 Massachusetts Governor: Dems Edging Forward

 Missouri Senate: A Slight Turn of the Tide Yields a Tie

 Montana Trending To Tester

 Majority of Americans Still Unfazed about North Korea
 July 10, 2006

 Massachusetts 2008
 July 5, 2006

Chicagoland Residents Less Confident About Economy Than National Average

 Party Affiliation Trends

 Workers Confidence Holds Steady in June
 July 4, 2006

 39% Say George Washington Greatest Founding Father


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