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Most Recent Articles: December 2007

December 31, 2007

 A New Year’s Message From Ralph Nader

 Democrats: Clinton Still the Frontrunner, Iowa Still a Must-Win for Obama and Edwards

Iowa GOP: Huckabee and Romney

What the Republican Candidates Need From Iowa and New Hampshire

Bush in Pakistan: Inside Report by Robert D. Novak

December 29, 2007

The 'Two-Fer' Problem: A Commentary By Dick Morris

Public Divided on Whether Bill Clinton Hurts or Helps Hillary

54% Say 2007 Was a Good Year Personally, Just 35% Say It a Good Year for USA

 Lessons From The Surge: A Commentary by Michael Barone

 Is Huckabee Slipping?--Obama vs. McCain--Earmark Non-Reform: An Inside Report by Robert D. Novak

December 28, 2007

 Rasmussen Reports Launches RasmussenMarkets.com

 50% Say Debates Good Way to Learn About Candidates, 64% Say Reporters Offer Biased Analysis  

 Will Arizona's Immigration Law Work?: A Commentary by Froma Harrop  

Benazir Bhutto. May She Rest in Peace: A Commentary by Susan Estrich

December 27, 2007

Clinton Competitive in North Carolina  

GOP's Last Man Standing: John McCain: Inside Report by Robert D. Novak

Bush's Very Good Year: A Commentary by Lawrence Kudlow

December 26, 2007

Clinton Competitive in North Carolina

Only Suckers Pay Bills: A Commentary by Froma Harrop  

As Clinton, Obama Maintain Leads Over Republicans in Michigan, 33% Say Peace on Earth Is Possible  

In Illinois, Obama Still Bests Republicans More Easily than Clinton

   December 25, 2007

  90% To Celebrate Christmas

   December 24, 2007

 A Rogue CIA: Inside Report by Robert Novak

 McCain 49% Clinton 43%; Clinton Leads Huckabee by Four

 December 23, 2007

Republicans Tend to See Most of Their Leading Presidential Candidates as Politically Moderate or Liberal

Democrats See Little Ideological Diffence Between Clinton, Edwards, Obama

 December 22, 2007

Clinton and Romney Have Highest Level of Core Opposition Among Leading Candidates

One Point Apart: Clinton and Giuliani, Clinton and Romney

64% Say Holiday Season Should Focus More on Birth of Jesus

Looking for Mr. Right: A Commentary By Michael Barone

Clinton Discord, McCain’s Choice, and Romney’s Conservative: Inside Report by Robert D. Novak

 December 21, 2007

Person of the Year: Democrats Would Have Picked Gore, Republicans Rice or Petraeus

 December 20, 2007

 A Good Time to Be John McCain

 Congressional Combat: A Commentary by Larry J. Sabato

 December 19, 2007

 Iowa: Clinton 31% Obama 27% Edwards 22%

 New Hampshire: Clinton 31% Obama 28%

New Hampshire: Romney 31% McCain 27%

Iowa: Huckabee 28% Romney 27%

CompTIA Survey Reveals Concerns of IT Workers for the 2008 Elections   

 With Less Than a Week Until Christmas, Just 29% Have Finished Their Holiday Shopping

 December 18, 2007

 South Carolina: Clinton 33% Obama 33%  

 Missouri: Huckabee 45% Clinton 43%

 Public Remains Divided on Gun Control  

 Lautenberg, Clinton Easily Lead GOP in New Jersey; but Obama and Giuliani Are Neck and Neck  -

 As GOP Frontrunners Lead Dems in Ohio, Huckabee Does a Tad Better than Giuliani

 December 17, 2007

South Carolina: Huckabee 23% Romney 23%

Huckabee Has Thrown Republican Race in Disarray

Iowa Looming Large for Clinton

Edwards Leads McCain by 7, Huckabee by 12

 December 15, 2007

 Florida: Clinton 45% Obama 17% Edwards 14%

 The Two Races for President and the Race within the Race: A Commentary By Douglas Schoen

 Hill's Big Goof - In Dem Primaries, Experience Loses: A Commentary by Dick Morris

 57% Say: Trouble Making Your Mortgage Payments? Sell and Get a Cheaper House

 December 14, 2007

 Florida: Huckabee 27% Romney 23% Giuliani 19%

 47% Say White House Knew About CIA's Torching of Torture Tapes

 Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 46% Republicans 36%  

 Obama Ties Giuliani 43% to 43%, Leads Romney by Four

 December 13, 2007

New Hampshire: Romney 33% McCain 18% Giuliani 15%

Senate Sensibilities: A Second Democratic Year in '08? : An Overview by Larry J. Sabato

The Oprah Factor: A Big Boost for Obama : A Commentary by Dick Morris

 December 12, 2007

New Hampshire: Obama 31% Clinton 28%

Democratic Iowa Caucus: Clinton 29% Obama 26% Edwards 22%

Paul Still Lags Top Dems by Double Digits

December 11, 2007

Changes in the Democratic Race: A Commentary By Douglas E. Schoen

Americans Troubled About Finances Now But Optimistic About 2008

Who Seems the Most Presidential?

25% Will Avoid Politics Like the Plague This Holiday Season

57% Want Troops Home From Iraq Within a Year  

In Utah, Romney and Other GOP Contenders Rout Democrats  

In Massachusetts, Clinton Leads GOP Candidates—Even Former Governor Mitt Romney

 Clinton and Obama Have Slim Edge Over GOP in Wisconsin

December 10, 2007

54% Say Individual Borrowers to Blame for Mortgage Crisis, 25% Fault Wall Street Investors

 Among Democrats, Some Things Remain the Same but the Race is Entirely Different  

 Five Paths to the Republican Presidential Nomination  

 40% of Voters Don’t Know Which Republican Gave Speech on Faith and Religion

December 9, 2007

 60% Say American Society Fair and Decent, 28% Disagree

Do Obama and Huckabee Create Bigger Opening for Bloomberg?

December 8, 2007

Edwards Ties Giuliani, Leads Huckabee by Four

Michigan: Huckabee 21% Romney 20% Giuliani 19%

December 7, 2007

Just 18% Believe Iran has Stopped Nuclear Weapons Development Program

85% Say Parents Should Have Right to Spank Children, 30% Say Teachers Should Be Able to Spank Students

December 6, 2007

 Clinton Leads Giuliani, Romney by Three Percentage Points

South Carolina: Clinton 36% Obama 34%

 South Carolina: Huckabee 25% Romney 18% Thompson 18%

The Democratic Race Appears Static: A Commentary By Douglas Schoen

Despite Growing Optimism, 53% Still Want All American Troops Out of Iraq by End of 2008

Presidential Politics: Not Always Easier the Second Time: A Commentary by Rhodes Cook

Hillary, Rudy Know Life After Death: A Commentary by Dick Morris

47% Consider This Holiday Season Joyous; 44% Find the Season Stressful

December 5, 2007

Huckabee Leads Clinton in Arkansas, Clinton Leads Other GOP Hopefuls

Bleak Hiring Expectations and Financial Outlook Contribute to Drop in Worker Sentiment

Holiday Spending Steady Despite Increased Number of Consumers Expecting to Spend More on Household Expenses

83% to Celebrate Christmas this Year, 61% Will Attend Religious Services

December 4, 2007

 59% Want Troops Home From Iraq Within Year  

 24% Consider Iowa and New Hampshire Voters Lucky, 45% Say Unlucky

December 3, 2007

 McCain Comeback in Home State of Arizona

 Colorado: Schaffer, Udall Tie for Senate

 Kansas Voters Prefer GOP Contenders, Especially McCain, to Clinton

 73% of Democrats See Clinton as Electable, 66% Say the Same of Obama

 Giuliani Still Seen as Most Electable Republican; Romney, McCain, Huckabee Close Behind

Clinton 46% Huckabee 45%; Obama 45% Huckabee 41%

Among Democrats: Race for the Nomination Growing Closer

A Debate, an Endorsement, and Huck-a-Mania Create Challenges for GOP Frontrunners

December 2, 2007

Partisan Identification: 37.4% Democrat 32.5% Republican

23% Say United States Heading in Right Direction

 Obama, McCain Tied at 44%; Obama Leads Romney by Nine

 Giuliani and Obama in Toss-up; Obama Leads Thompson by Seven

December 1, 2007

New Hampshire: Clinton Falls to Single Digits

Trouble on Mitt Romney's Campaign Trail: A Commentary by Dick Morris


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