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Most Recent Articles: October 2007

October 31, 2007

Maryland: Clinton 46% Giuliani 41%  

57% Want Troops Home From Iraq Within Year

Mukasey Confirmation Battle Not Yet Catching Public Attention

64% Believe California Arsonist Should Serve Life in Prison  

Americans Doubt Sanctions Against Iran Will Work  

Hudson Employment Index Rises in October  

Where The Republican Primary Stands Now: A Commentary By Douglas Schoen

October 30, 2007

Virginia Senate: Warner 53% Gilmore 37%

Virginia: Giuliani 46% Clinton 43%

47% Say Congress Doing a Poor Job

Stephen Colbert Tops Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich in Presidential Poll

October 29, 2007

The Unifying Theme of Election 2008: Hillary Clinton

Why is Giuliani Seen as the Most Electable Candidate?

Small Business Economic Confidence Continues to Fall  

October 28, 2007

Giuliani Tops Edwards by One Percentage Point; Thompson Lags by Nine

Poll Matching Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul Tells A Lot About Clinton, Little About Paul

Both Giuliani, Thompson Now In Toss-ups with Clinton

Clinton Wins Republican Women But Loses Democratic Men

Senate Heeded Public Opinion By Rejecting Dream Act

October 27, 2007

New Hampshire: Clinton 38% Obama 22%

October 26, 2007

New Hampshire: Romney 28% Giuliani 19% McCain 16%

Boo! Only 18% Dressing Up for Halloween This Year

October 25, 2007

43% Say U.S. Winning the War on Terror, 30% Say Terrorists Are Winning

In Dealing With Iran, Americans Expect Little Support from European Allies  

62% Say Develop Alternative Sources of Energy, 12% Favor Conservation

October 24, 2007

71% Say Middle Schools Shouldn't Hand Out Birth Control Pills

Comedian Colbert Reaches Double Digits As Third-Party Candidate

Democrats Have Edge on Two-of-Three Top Issues

North Carolina: Easley 50% Dole 42%

October 23, 2007

Ohio: Giuliani 45% Clinton 43%  

Michigan: Clinton Soars, Granholm Struggles  

North Carolina: Clinton Even with Giuliani, Thompson, McCain

Illinois: Obama Dominates GOP Hopefuls, Clinton Not as Strong  

October 22, 2007

GOP Race Remains Wide Open  

The Only Bad Numbers for Clinton Are on the Calendar  

Discover Polls Reveal True Character of the American Entrepreneur

Bill O'Reilly Will Probably Owe Dick Morris Dinner - A Commentary by Douglas Schoen

October 21, 2007

McCain and Obama Still Neck-and-Neck; Obama Leads Romney by Nine

October 20, 2007

Paul Trails Clinton by Ten, Obama by 17

October 19, 2007

Is Giuliani Most Electable Republican? GOP Voters Not as Certain  

81% of Democrats Think Clinton Can Win if Nominated  

Obama Enjoys Moderate Leads Over Giuliani, Thompson  

Torture As An Election Issue: A Commentary by Douglas Schoen

October 18, 2007

Public Does Not Share Bush Optimism On Middle East  

Mixed Reviews For Free Trade: 41% Say It’s Good for USA  

Huckabee is the Right Wing's Last Survivor: A Commentary by Dick Morris

October 17, 2007

Iowa Caucus Screening  

Iowa: Romney 25% Thompson 19% Huckabee 18%  

Iowa Caucus: Clinton 33% Edwards 22% Obama 21%  

Companies Getting Lucky? Workers Happy but Few Employers Have Retention Strategies

October 16, 2007

64% Want Troops Home From Iraq  

Missouri’s Electoral College Votes Up for Grabs  

New Jersey: Clinton 51% Giuliani 40%  

Americans Feel More Financially Secure Despite Cloudy Economic Picture  

Missouri Governor: Blunt (R) 44% Nixon (D) 43%

October 15, 2007

McCain and Clinton Are Neck-and-Neck  

41% Say Ohio School Shooting Could Have Been Prevented

The Mood of the Country Revisited: A Commentary By Douglas Schoen  

13% Say Gore Very Likely to Make White House Run  

Fans Say A-Rod, Beckett Deserve MVP, Cy Young

October 14, 2007

As Voters Tune In, Democrats See Obama as Their Most Liberal Candidate

October 13, 2007

Voters Paying Attention: Core Opposition Grows For All Top Candidates  

53% Say Internet Has Been Good for Journalism

October 12, 2007

41% of Baseball Fans Expect Red Sox to Win World Series  

Clinton Increases Lead Over Giuliani, Pummels Thompson  

What Voters Are Focusing On: A Commentary By Douglas Schoen

October 11, 2007

51% of Republicans See Thompson as Conservative, 36% See Romney That Way  

Free Health Care? Not If It Means Switching Insurance Coverage!  

13% Say Democrats Very Likely to Nominate White Male Candidate  

Arizona: Can McCain Win Re-election to Senate?

October 10, 2007

Where Things Stand (Good News for Democrats): A Commentary by Douglas Schoen  

42% Believe U.S. Tortures Prisoners, 27% Say It Should

October 9, 2007

36% Consider Columbus Day Nation's Least Important Holiday

Support Growing for Iraq Troop Withdrawal

Wisconsin: Toss-Up for Clinton and Leading Republicans

October 8, 2007

Why Bush Has To Compromise on Children's Health - A Commentary by Douglas Schoen  

October 7, 2007

McCain Trails, Romney Flails in Latest Match-Ups with Edwards  

48% Say Candidate Spouses Should Be Visible and Outspoken  

28% Say Economy Top Issue for 2008 Presidential Election

October 6, 2007

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 48% Republicans 36%  

Party Affiliation: Dem 37.2% GOP 32.6%  

How to Read the Polls: A Commentary by Dick Morris

October 5, 2007

57% Oppose Bush Veto of Children’s Health Insurance Legislation  

Americans Want Hawkish Attitude Towards Iran: A Commentary by Douglas Schoen  

Obama Still Strong Against GOP frontrunners Giuliani, Thompson  

66% Say Anyone Willing to Sweat a Little Can Make a Decent Living in U.S.

October 4, 2007

27% of Republicans Would Vote for Pro-Life Third Party Instead of Giuliani  

44% Say Constitution Should Be Supreme Court’s Guiding Light  

Consumers Maintaining Steady Spending with More Confidence  

Behind the Horse Race Numbers: Edwards Strongest Democrat in General Election Match-ups; A Commentary by Douglas Schoen

October 3, 2007

Fans Pick Red Sox to Win World Series  

American People in a Sour Mood: A Commentary by Douglas Schoen  

Huckabee Trails Clinton by Eight, Obama by Nine  

Worker Sentiment Sinks Further in September

October 2, 2007

Connecticut: Clinton 46% Giuliani 40%  

An In Depth Look at Who Votes & Decides the GOP Primaries: A Commentary by Douglas Schoen

October 1, 2007

Voters Reject Clinton Baby Bond Proposal By 2-to-1 Margin

South Carolina Democrats: Clinton 43% Obama 30%  

South Carolina GOP: Thompson 24% Giuliani 20%  


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