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Most Recent Articles: August 2007

August 31, 2007

Giuliani 47% Clinton 44%; Clinton 48% Thompson 44%

59% Say American Society Is Generally Fair and Decent  

August 30, 2007

54% Say Dems Likely to Nominate White Male

August 29, 2007

Just 2% See Congressional Performance As "Excellent," 45% Call It Poor

Tancredo Trails Top Dems by Double Digits

August 28, 2007

Missouri: Clinton Leads Four GOP Hopefuls

Pennsylvania: Clinton 45% Giuliani 44%

New York: Clinton Dominates Giuliani  

Illinois: Clinton Leads GOP Hopefuls By Ten, Obama Leads By 20

Missouri Governor: Nixon (D) 46% Blunt (R) 43%

47% Say Iraq Like Vietnam, 44% Disagree

August 27, 2007

20% Say Country Heading in Right Direction

Edwards Now Leads Giuliani by Eight, Thompson by 14  

To Voters, It’s About the Issues

August 24, 2007

School Has Come Again!

Obama Holds On to Slim Leads Over Giuliani, Thompson

59% Give Thumbs Up to Summer of 2007

August 23, 2007

War on Terror Confidence Inches Up in August

August 22, 2007

Romney Encounters More Core Opposition Than Clinton  

South Carolina: Clinton 38% Obama 30%  

South Carolina: Thompson 23% Giuliani 21%

August 21, 2007

Huckabee Still Trails Clinton, Obama  

Change In California Electoral Votes Not Likely  

Government Ethics and Corruption Top Voting Issue

August 19, 2007

Wisconsin: Clinton 45% Giuliani 44%

August 18, 2007

71% Favor Requiring Foreign Visitors to Carry Universal ID Card

Clinton and McCain Still in Toss-Up, Clinton Leads Romney by 11  

August 17, 2007

62% Say Political Parties Need Better Way to Nominate Presidential Candidates

Clinton Enjoys Big Lead in Arkansas  

Michigan: Clinton Leads GOP Hopefuls by 9-13 points

August 16, 2007

Oregon: Clinton Struggles in Blue State Against Republican Hopefuls

Biden Trails Giuliani but Ties Thompson

In Surge, Giuliani Now Tops Clinton by Seven Points    

Americans Over 50 Say TV is Best Source of News, Those Under 40 Cite Internet  

August 15, 2007

Romney Leads in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Primary: Clinton Holds Solid Lead  

45% Identify Romney as Straw Poll Winner  

Employees Value Corporate Social Responsibility, Just Not for Making Job Decisions

August 14, 2007

Clinton Leads GOP Hopefuls in Florida

With Clinton in 2008 Race, Ohio is Still a Toss-Up

Edwards Now in Toss-up with Giuliani; Lead Over Thompson Shrinks

Giuliani Leads Clinton in Colorado

Clinton Leads Top Republicans in New Hampshire

August 13, 2007

Karl Rove: 29% Favorable

August 12, 2007

Public Support Strong for New Immigration Enforcement

August 11, 2007

49% Say Federal Government Has Become Special Interest Group

August 10, 2007

59% Say Intercepting Phone Calls from Foreign Suspects Makes USA Safer

August 9, 2007

Election 2008: Obama 44% Giuliani 43%, Obama 46% Thompson 39%

August 8, 2007

24% Say Clinton Would Not Be Influenced By Lobbyist

Richardson Still Trails Giuliani, But Catches Up with Thompson

August 7, 2007

Democratic Presidential Candidates Have No Advantage Over GOP Hopefuls on Iraq, the Economy, or Restoring the Nation’s Optimism

Consumer Spending Confidence Rebounds in July  

August 5, 2007

63% Confident That Bridges They Drive Are Safe  

McCain Regains Some Lost Ground, Still Trails Clinton and Obama

August 4, 2007

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 47% Republicans 37%  

58% Have Unfavorable Opinion of Cheney, 54% Say the Same About Gingrich

August 3, 2007

Iraq: Frustration Continues, But Surge Gains Slightly in Court of Public Opinion

Sale of Wall Street Journal Not Newsworthy for Most Americans

August 2, 2007

Democrats and Republicans Have Different Understanding of Fair Tax System

Election 2008: Clinton Virtually Tied with GOP Frontrunners Giuliani, Thompson

August 1, 2007

Number of Democrats Falls to New Low, Republicans Decline Too

57% Better Off Than Four Years Ago, Just 26% Say Nation is Better Off  

Worker Confidence Recovers in July  

By 21% Margin, Voters Trust Democrats More on Health Care


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