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Most Recent Articles: September 2007

September 30, 2007

36% Say More Runways Needed to Reduce Air Traffic Congestion  

September 29, 2007

Edwards Handily Leads Giuliani, Thompson

September 28, 2007

1% View Holocaust as Myth, 1% See Iran & US as Allies  

24% Favor Military Draft, 66% Opposed  

21% Say Nation Heading In Right Direction  

Congressional Ratings: 2% Excellent 13% Good

September 27, 2007

Surging Clinton Outpaces Giuliani and Thompson

September 26, 2007

Richardson Gains On Giuliani, Still In Toss-Up With Thompson  

Hillary’s Great Week by Douglas Schoen  

44% Favor Free Health Care for All Americans

September 25, 2007

Supreme Court to Hear Case Requiring Photo ID to Vote, 77% of Voters Favor Requirement  

Florida Primary: Clinton 47% Obama 22%

Florida Primary: Giuliani 29% Thompson 23%  

Tennessee: Thompson Leads Clinton But Clinton Leads Giuliani, Romney  

Alabama: A Bright Spot for the GOP  

Pessimism About War on Terror Declines  

59% Want U.S. Troops Home From Iraq

September 24, 2007

Small Business Economic Confidence at Lowest Point in Past Year  

Poll Highlights Opportunity and Challenges For Health Care Reform

Corruption, Economy, Security Are Top Issues to Most Voters; And They Still Trust Democrats More

Romney Leaps Closer to Obama; McCain Trails Obama by Five

23% Approve of MoveOn.org Petraeus Ad, 58% Disapprove  

September 23, 2007

Georgia Senate: Chambliss Leads Cardwell and Jones  

September 22, 2007

41% Know Greenspan Criticized Bush on Fiscal Policy

September 21, 2007

Favorable Ratings of Leading Candidates Highlights Polarized Electorate  

New Hampshire: Clinton Even With Giuliani, McCain, Romney  

Obama Recovers Modest Advantage Over Giuliani; Leads Thompson by Six

September 20, 2007

Fans See Red Sox, Yankees as Most Likely World Series Champions

Clinton Holds Double Digit Leads Over GOP Hopefuls in California  

Plan to Change California’s Electoral Vote Distribution Going Nowhere  

50% Favor Government Guaranteed Health Care Coverage

September 19, 2007

Most Voters Say Election 2008 is Annoying and a Waste of Time  

The Contest For the Democratic Nomination  

The Contest For the Republican Presidential Nomination

September 18, 2007

New Hampshire Senate: Shaheen (D) 48% Sununu 43%  

New Hampshire Primary: Clinton 40% Obama 17% Edwards 14%  

New Hampshire Primary: Romney 25% Giuliani 22%

S eptember 17, 2007

Emmy Update: TV Fans’ on Target with Top Actress Nods  

The Political Impact of General Petraeus's Testimony

Following President’s Speech, Public Remains Divided on Iraq

September 16, 2007

President’s Report Card  

Google Challenge: 75% Expect Private Company Will Land Vehicle on Moon Within Five Years  

September 15, 2007

Clinton Neck-and-Neck with McCain; Trumps Romney by Nine

September 14, 2007

Favorability Ratings Improve for Thompson and McCain

Clinton, Giuliani Remain Close As Thompson Trails Clinton By Five

Democrats See Clinton, Obama, Edwards as Politically Moderate

Republicans See Thompson as Most Conservative Option, Romney Second

September 13, 2007

Kucinich Trails Giuliani, Thompson  

Dispirited Republicans?  

43% Support Petraeus Recommendation, 38% Oppose

September 12, 2007

45% Say Getting Bin Laden Will Have No Impact on Terror Attacks  

64% Agree with Court Ruling on Patriot Act

September 11, 2007

59% Say US Has Changed for the Worse Since 9/11  

Giuliani Seen as Most Electable Republican Candidate  

Virginia Senate: Democrat Warner Holds Large Lead Over Davis and Gilmore  

No Home Field Advantage for Romney in Massachusetts  

Minnesota Voters Say State Responded Well to Bridge Collapse and Flooding  

Virginia: Clinton Has Slight Edge Over GOP Hopefuls  

Minnesota Senate: Coleman at 46% Democrats Close Behind  

Minnesota: Clinton Leads GOP By Double Digits

September 10, 2007

The Challenge of Dethroning Clinton as Frontrunner

The Thompson Bounce

Head-to-Head Presidential Match-Ups Remain Close

September 9, 2007

Most Say Petraeus Report Will Not Change Their Mind On Iraq  

Electability and Hillary Clinton

September 7, 2007

Democrats Have Highest Confidence in Clinton’s Electability  

September 6, 2007

Fans Want Ugly Betty to Attract Emmy Award  

Emmy Awards: Sheen & Fererra TV Fans' Pick to Win Top Comedy Nods

Giuliani 45% Obama 44%, Obama Leads Thompson By Four  

Edwards Leads Romney By 11   Consumer Confidence in Personal Finances Remains Steady  

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats By 18

September 5, 2007

Worker Confidence Plunges to Lowest Reading in Nearly Two Years

Just 39% Believe Iraq Report Will Honestly Present Petraeus Views; 35% Say It Will Not  

Patriots, Colts Seen as NFL Top Teams for 2007

September 4, 2007

Edwards Leads McCain by Four Thompson Outperforms McCain in Arizona

September 3, 2007

55% Celebrate Labor Day as Unofficial End of Summer  

September 2, 2007

If Clinton Nominated, Voters Don’t Expect Obama or Edwards on the Ticket  

Voters Say Clinton Less Likely to Be Elected President Than Other Democrats  

September 1, 2007

Party Affiliation: Dem 37.4% GOP 32.5%


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