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Most Recent Articles: June 2008

June 30, 2008

Florida: McCain Leads By Seven

Alabama: McCain’s Lead Cut in Half, But GOP Still Ahead by 15

Alabama Senate: Sessions Holds onto Solid Lead

McCain, Obama Talk Immigration, Media Misses the Point

Concerns About the U.S. Economy and Economic Conditions for Small Businesses Hit Record Levels

Georgia: McCain Still Enjoys Double Digit Lead

Scalia Saving Obama By Robert Novak

June 29, 2008

Supreme Court Viewed More Favorably Following Gun Control Ruling

Arizona: McCain Leads By Nine in Home State

Georgia Senate: Chambliss Has Big Lead Over Five Democrats Seeking His Job

Support for Offshore Drilling Dips Slightly to 59%

June 28, 2008

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls  

Empty Fed Chairs By Robert Novak  

Why Veeps Now Matter By Michael Barone  

Why is Bush Entertaining Abu Dhabi Crown Prince? By Dick Morris

June 27, 2008

Where's Bernanke's Inner Volcker?

Texas: McCain Leads by Nine

Texas Senate: Cornyn Leads By 13, But Support Falls Below 50%

Kentucky Senate: McConnell Gains, But Still Below 50%

Kentucky: McCain Still Has Solid Advantage

Voters Agrees With Court Gun Ruling and Think McCain Does Too

June 26, 2008

Mississippi: McCain Still Leads Obama By Six

Mississippi Senate: Wicker and Musgrove Still Neck-and-Neck

Mississippi Senate: Incumbent Cochran Expands Lead

35% See Gas Reaching $6 a Gallon, Most Say $5 Gas Likely

Inventing a Country-Club Muslim Marxist: A Commentary by Joe Conason

Tennessee: McCain Ahead By Fifteen

Why Polls Sometimes Show Different Results

Time Is On My Side: The Nomination Gap By Michael Baudinet

Supreme Court Ratings Fall as Session Nears End

Who Is Cutting Women's Lives Short?: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

Two Big Obamacons?: An Inside Report By Robert Novak

June 25, 2008

Nebraska: McCain Expands Lead in Historically Red State  

Utah Governor: Huntsman in the Clear

Just 37% Believe Clinton Wants Obama to Win

California: McCain Slammed in Golden State Following Call for Offshore Drilling  

The Great Tolerant Majority By Susan Estrich  

Bush Job Approval One Point Above All-Time Low  

June 24, 2008

Nebraska Senate: Johanns is Dominant in One of Few States Where Republicans Can Breathe Easy

58% Favor Financial Incentives for Private Companies to Reduce Oil Costs, but McCain Incentive Plans Get Lukewarm Reviews

79% Say Buying Home Still a Good Investment

The Real Beef in Korean Trade Talks: A Commentary by Froma Harrop

A Chance for McCain: A Commentary By Robert Novak

June 23, 2008

Pennsylvania: Obama widens lead on McCain Obama 46%, McCain 42%

Asking The Bombers To Try Again: A Commentary By Dick Morris

New Mexico Senate: Democrat Udall's Lead Jumps After GOP Primary

New Mexico: Obama Holds onto Lead in Land of Enchantment

Utah: McCain Has Solid Lead in Historically Red State

Most Still See United States as Land of Opportunity

June 22, 2008

Voters Split on Need for Stricter Gun Control Laws, but Oppose City Handgun Ban

63% Say McCain Sees U.S. as Fair and Decent Society, 45% Say Obama Holds That View

71% Know Pelosi is a Democrat, but Most Don’t Know Other Congressional Leaders

June 21, 2008

49% Say Government Should Regulate Internet

The Facts in Iraq Are Changing: A Commentary by Michael Barone

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

Democrats Trusted More on All Ten Electoral Issues

The Wives: A Commentary by Susan Estrich  

How to Hit Obama: An Inside Report by Robert D. Novak

June 20, 2008

Nevada: Obama Getting Closer

New Hampshire: Boost from Women Strengthens Obama Lead in the Granite State

New Hampshire Senate: Incumbent Sununu (R) in Deeper Trouble

Opting Out of Public Funding Unlikely to Hurt Obama

Voters Okay with Status Quo on Wiretapping

My Friend and My Source: A Commentary by Robert D. Novak

June 19, 2008

McCain Scores with Offshore Drilling Proposal: A Commentary by Dick Morris

Colorado Senate: Democrat Udall’s Lead Widens for Third Straight Month

McCain Has Given Enough: A Commentary by Froma Harrop

62% Agree with McCain on Need for Offshore Drilling

TidalTV(SM) Launches the New Look of TV on the Internet

Florida: Call For Offshore Drilling May Help McCain in Sunshine State

McCain: The Taxpayer-Friendly Candidate By Lawrence Kudlow  

June 18, 2008

Ohio: McCain, Obama Neck-and-Neck

The Sense of Loss: A Commentary by Susan Estrich

Maine: Obama Leads McCain by 22%

Alaska: Obama Still Competitive

Congressional Ratings Hit All-Time Lows, 30% Say Most in Congress Corrupt

56% Want NAFTA Renegotiated, Americans Divided on Free Trade

June 17, 2008

Alaska Senate Poll Shows Stevens Still Vulnerable

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats Hold on to Solid Lead

Vacation Shortage in Land of Plenty By Froma Harrop  

Voters See Big Differences Between Obama and McCain, Expect Close Election

COUNTRY Index: Americans' Financial Security Sentiments Rebound  

67% Support Offshore Drilling, 64% Expect it Will Lower Prices

Maine Senate: Incumbent Collins’(R) Support Falls Below 50%  

June 16, 2008

Virginia: Obama Keeps Gaining Ground in State that Has Voted GOP for Forty Years

Virginia Senate: Warner Widens Lead in the Old Dominion

60% Believe Supreme Court Justices Have Their Own Political Agendas

Just 47% Oppose Nationalizing Oil Industry

Kansas: McCain Leads Obama By Ten

Kansas Senate: Incumbent Roberts’ Support Slipping

88% Say Free Speech is Good, But Only 53% Oppose Ban on Hate Speech

The Fed Doesn't Raise: A Commentary By Robert Novak

June 15, 2008

Arkansas: Clinton Supporters Help Pull Obama Within Single Digits

71% Believe Being a Father is the Most Important Role a Man Can Fill

Bush Approval Ratings Remain at Record Low Level

June 14, 2008

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

In Defense of Lobbyists By Michael Barone

Biden for VP? By Robert D. Novak

June 13, 2008

Oregon: Obama By Eight

Oregon Senate: Incumbent Smith Still Below 50% Support

Michigan Senate: Levin Holds on to Solid Lead

Rasmussen Reports to Partner with FiveThirtyEight.com

32% Angry About Immigration, but Not Mad at Immigrants

How To Pick A Vice-President By Dick Morris

Minnesota Senate: Coleman 48% Franken 45%, Ventura a Wild Card

Minnesota: Obama Continues to Dominate

June 12, 2008

North Carolina Senate: Dole Takes 14-Point Lead Over Hagan

North Carolina Governor: Perdue 47% McCrory 46%

Confidence in War Stabilizes

Most Voters Say Lobbyists Part of Any White House Campaign

North Carolina: McCain Holds Just Two Point Advantage in Traditionally Republican State

A Challenge Obama Should Accept By Joe Conason

On Issues, Obama Poetry Won't Rhyme By Froma Harrop

Iowa: Obama Expands Lead in Hawkeye State

Congressional Combat, Continued By Larry J. Sabato

Decline of the Senate By Robert Novak

June 11, 2008

Obama Jumps to 18-Point Lead in Washington  

Washington Governor: Gregoire Leads Rossi by Seven

Michigan: Now It’s Obama By Three

The Other Forty Percent: A Commentary By Susan Estrich

June 10, 2008

Georgia: McCain 51%, Obama 41%

Georgia Senate: Chambliss Maintains Big Leads Over All Democrats  

61% Say Obama, McCain Wives Influence Vote

How Obama Can Win By Dick Morris

Support for Republican Congressional Candidates Falls Sharply

Pro-Choice Democrats and John McCain

June 9, 2008

Texas: McCain Holds Modest Lead Over Both Democrats

Wisconsin: Obama 45% McCain 43%

Election 2008: New Jersey: Obama 48%, McCain 39%

New Jersey Senate Race a Dead Heat

Texas Senate: Cornyn Opens Double Digit Lead

Nixon (D) Lead Continues to Grow

Public Perceptions of Obama and McCain Shifting Rapidly  

77% Like McCain Proposal for Ten Town Hall Debates  

McCain's Evangelical Problem By Robert Novak  

65% Worried Over Rising Food Costs; Half Cutting Back to Afford Food

June 8, 2008

South Carolina: McCain 48% Obama 39%

Voters Give Media Failing Grades in Objectivity for Election 2008

30% of Voters Could Change Their Mind Between Now and Election Day—56% Are Women

June 7, 2008

Only 18% Say McCain Should Pick Lieberman for VP  

English-First Still Favored by Most Americans  

General Election Campaign Begins With New Playing Field By Michael Barone  

A McCain Mistake By Robert Novak

June 6, 2008

Gay Marriage -- and Divorce: A Commentary by Susan Estrich

41% Say Obama Too Inexperienced, 30% Say McCain Too Old

West Virginia: McCain 45% Obama 38%

77% Say Adopting U.S. Culture Best Choice for Newcomers

June 5, 2008

Obama Surges Back in Missouri

Health Care: the Democrats' Lost Opportunity By Froma Harrop

Obama's VP Search Mistake By Dick Morris

Bernanke Backs King Dollar By Lawrence Kudlow

51% of Democrats Back Obama-Clinton Ticket

78% Willing to Vote For African-American President

The Running Mate Dilemma: A Commentary by Joe Conason

Hillary's Latest Provocation: A Commentary by Robert D. Novak

Economy Tops National Security As New Voter Concern

June 4, 2008

Nearly 60% Say No Talks with Iran until Nuclear Program Is Halted

Confidence in War on Terror Rebounds in May

Obama's Iraq Achilles Heel: A Commentary by Dick Morris

One Great Dame: A Commentary by Susan Estrich

Discover(R) U.S. Spending Monitor(SM) Rises 1.4 Points in May

June 3, 2008

Just 17% Say Federal Government Represents Will of the People

59% of Adults Want Troops Home from Iraq Within the Year

Where Have All the Republicans Gone?

Rasmussen Employment Index Shows Increased Confidence in Labor Markets During May

Unaffiliated Voters Trust Democrats More on Eight out of Ten Electoral Issues

White Women Take the Gloves Off : A Commentary by Froma Harrop

June 2, 2008

Connecticut: Obama 47% McCain 44%

69% Say Price of Gas Impacting Vacation Plans  

McClellan on Plame By Robert Novak  

June 1, 2008

Louisiana Senate: Landrieu (D) 47% Kennedy (R) 44%

Louisiana: McCain 50% Obama 41%

Massachusetts Senate: Kerry Holds Dominant Lead

Massachusetts: Obama 51% McCain 38%


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