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Most Recent Articles: May 2008

May 31, 2008

McClellan Book: Most Have Heard About It, Plurality Not Sure If He’s Telling the Truth

The Economy: A Reality Check: A Commentary by Michael Barone

McClellan's Revenge: A Commentary by Robert D. Novak

May 30, 2008

McCain Trusted More Than Obama on Economy, Iraq, National Security

May 29, 2008

50% of New York Democrats Say Clinton Should Drop Out of White House Race

Rasmussen Reports Service Offered to 14 Million DISH Network Subscribers

Mississippi: McCain 50% Obama 44%

Mississippi Senate: Cochran (R) 58% Fleming (D) 35%

Mississippi Senate: Musgrove (D) 47% Wicker (R) 46%

Alabama: McCain 60% Obama 32%

Alabama Senate: Sessions (R) 62% Figures (D) 29%

The Controversial Caucuses: An Outsized Influence in 2008 By Rhodes Cook

Can McCain Overcome the Triple Whammy? By Alan I. Abramowitz

Hillary Agonistes By Robert Novak

Blame to Share in Primary Farce By Joe Conason

May 28, 2008

McCain Seen as Candidate Most Likely to Reach Across Party Lines

Just Say Yes: A Commentary By Susan Estrich

71% of Adults Believe Gas Prices Will Hit $5/Gallon Before End of Summer

May 27, 2008

Kentucky Senate: Lunsford (D) 49% McConnell (R) 44%

Minnesota Senate: Coleman (R) 47% Franken (D) 45%

Bad News for GOP Can Be Good News for McCain By Froma Harrop

Most Say Stimulus Had No Impact & Best Economic Policy is Getting Government Out of the Way  

May 26, 2008

Memorial Day: 48% Will Take Time to Honor Those Who Have Given Their Life

Kentucky: McCain 57% Obama 32%

A Vice President for Abortion By Robert Novak

May 25, 2008

Minnesota: Obama 53% McCain 38%

May 24, 2008

Generic Congressional Ballot: 47% Democrat 39% Republican

The Rev. Wright Connection Still Haunts Obama By Michael Barone

Warner for VP? By Robert Novak

May 23, 2008

New Hampshire Senate: Shaheen 50% Sununu 43%

Pennsylvania: Obama 45% McCain 43%

New Hampshire: Obama 48% McCain 43%

Fewer Democrats Want Hillary to Drop Out

May 22, 2008

California: Obama 52% McCain 38%

Nevada: McCain 46% Obama 40%

Democrats Should Be More Democratic By Froma Harrop

McCain's Shocking Discovery By Joe Conason

McCain, Not Disarmed By Robert Novak

May 21, 2008

For Republicans, Judicial Appointments Matter More Than Iraq

Thomas Most Familiar Supreme Court Justice to Voters

Colorado: Obama 48% McCain 42%

Colorado Senate: Udall (D) 47% Schaffer (R) 41%

The Kennedy Family: A Commentary By Susan Estrich

May 20, 2008

American Idol Fans Split on Who They Think Will Win This Year's Competition  

Americans' College Choices Limited Despite Early Saving

62% of Voters Prefer Fewer Government Services with Lower Taxes

Congressional Ratings: 13% Good or Excellent, 47% Poor

New Jersey Senate: Lautenberg Heavily Favored in Primary

The Marriage Debate We Ought to Have By Froma Harrop

May 19, 2008

49% Say Victory in Iraq Likely if McCain Elected

GOP Drinking Its Bath Water: An Inside Report by Robert D. Novak

Support for Clinton as Independent Candidate Not Surprising By Douglas Schoen  

Ohio: McCain 45% Obama 44%

May 18, 2008

Nebraska: McCain 50% Obama 39%

Nebraska Senate: Johanns (R) 55% Kleeb (D) 40%

Will Third Party Candidates Tip the Presidential Race?

Obama: Wrong on Iran By Dick Morris

May 17, 2008

Alaska: McCain 50% Obama 41%

Alaska Senate: Begich (D) 47% Stevens (R) 45%

New Mexico Senate: Udall Continues to Enjoy Big Lead Over GOP Challengers

New Mexico: Obama 50% McCain 41%

Striking Out on Energy By Lawrence Kudlow

An Unconventional 2008 Election Season By Michael Barone

Hillary's Spending By Robert D. Novak

May 16, 2008

Kansas Senate: Roberts 52% Slattery 40%

Maine: Obama 51% McCain 38%

Maine Senate: Collins (R) 52% Allen (D) 42%

Washington: Obama 51% McCain 40%

Washington Governor: Gregoire (D) 52% Rossi (R) 41%

NARAL's Choice: A Commentary By Susan Estrich

Despite Recent Tragedy, Most Adults Oppose Banning Horse Racing

May 15, 2008

Arkansas: McCain 57% Obama 33%

Iowa: Obama 44% McCain 42%

Obama's Next Challenge: Turning Primary Losses Into Electoral Votes: A Commentary by Rhodes Cook

This is Not Your Father's (Or Mother's) Democratic Party: A Commentary By Alan Abramowitz

Hillary Clinton as Independent Candidate for President? A Commentary By Douglas Schoen

In Rehab: Sweet Things About Slowdown : A Commentary by Froma Harrop

Cindy McCain Flaunts Her Privilege: A Commentary By Joe Conason

45 Years of Columns: A Commentary By Robert D. Novak

May 14, 2008

38% of Democrats Want Clinton to Drop Out

29% Want Clinton to Run for White House as Independent

Is Hitler Funny? By Susan Estrich  

40% Believe Cook Should Be Crowned the Next American Idol

May 13, 2008

Democrats Trusted More on All Ten Electoral Issues Tracked by Rasmussen Reports

Obamites Pile on Clinton at Own Peril By Froma Harrop

Confidence in War on Terror Falls Sharply

60% Say Tax Hikes Hurt Economy

May 12, 2008

North Carolina: McCain 48% Obama 45%

Virginia: McCain 47% Obama 44%

McCain, Huckabee and the Evangelicals By Robert D. Novak  

Virginia: Warner 55% Gilmore 37%

May 11, 2008

Michigan: McCain 45% Obama 44%

Michigan Senate: Levin 54% Hoogendyk 37%

North Carolina Senate: Hagan (D) 48% Dole (R) 47%

64% Say Being Mom is Most Important Role for a Woman to Fill

May 10, 2008

Oregon: Obama Builds Double Digit Lead Over McCain

Oregon Senate: Smith Still Below 50% in Re-election Bid

Rethinking the Iraq Critics: A Commentary by Michael Barone

Michelle Vetoes Hillary: An Inside Report by Robert D. Novak

May 9, 2008

For Superdelegates, Electability Isn’t Enough  

Cindy McCain--Playing Nice By Susan Estrich  

May 8, 2008

Nixon (D) Lead Growing in Missouri Governor’s Race

Georgia Senate: Chambliss with Solid Leads Over All Challengers

Georgia: McCain 53% Obama 39%

A Perfect Calm for John McCain: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

McCain's Vice President? Mitt Romney As Running Mate: A Commentary by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Hillary Plays the Crazy Card: A Commentary By Joe Conason

Obama: Flawed or Fantastic? An Inside Report by Robert Novak

Rockstar? A Commentary by Susan Estrich

May 7, 2008

Wisconsin: McCain Leads Both Democrats 47% to 43%

Voters Split on Gas Tax Holiday, but Concerned About Tax Hikes

Many Consumers Continue to Cut Back on Discretionary Spending

64% Say Being a Teacher is One of America’s Most Important Jobs

May 6, 2008

Kentucky: Clinton 56% Obama 31%

62% Want Troops Home Within Year

66% Say Jeremiah Wright Comments Hurt Obama’s Campaign

When Compared to McCain, Voters Trust Clinton More than Obama on Five Key Issues

Bush Job Approval at 34%

Cosby Is the Real Prophet, Not Wright: A Commentary by Froma Harrop

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 46% Republicans 41%

May 5, 2008

West Virginia: Clinton 56% Obama 27%

Czar Nancy's Rule By Robert Novak

Texas Senate: Cornyn 47% Noriega 43%

Texas: McCain Holds Modest Lead Over Both Democrats

May 4, 2008

54% Say Push for Alternative Energy Sources Driving Up Food Prices  

May 3, 2008

Election 2008 Creating Record Number of Democrats

Oregon: Obama 51% Clinton 39%

Bush's "R" Is for "Right" By Lawrence Kudlow

GOP Loves Earmarks By Robert Novak

Wright Controversy Affects the Polls By Michael Barone

May 2, 2008

North Carolina: Obama 49% Clinton 40%

How John McCain Will Lose This Election: A Commentary by Susan Estrich

New Hampshire Senate: Shaheen 51% Sununu 43%

Bush Job Approval Sinks to New Low

New York: Democrats Poised to Win Big  

The Incredible Shrinking Republican Base: A Commentary by Alan Abramowitz

May 1, 2008

Indiana: Clinton 46% Obama 41%

Clinton Gains on McCain in New Hampshire, Obama Heads in Opposite Direction

Solving the Pastor Problem? By Robert Novak  

Old Math, New Math, and the Dispute Over the "Popular Vote" By Larry Sabato  

The Change That Can't Be Changed By Froma Harrop

Why Celebrate Rev. Wrong? By Joe Conason


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