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Most Recent Articles: April 2008

April 30, 2008

52% Say Candidate Policies Matter More Than Character, 36% Disagree

It Takes a Village By Susan Estrich

April 29, 2008

Workplace Confidence Tumbles to Another New Low

American Idol Fans Say Castro Should Be the Next to Go

North Carolina: Obama 51% Clinton 37%

Nearly Half of Voters Say America’s Best Days Are in the Past

Codependent Addicts: States and Casinos By Froma Harrop

April 28, 2008

34% of Democrats Want Clinton to Drop Out

Republicans Grow More Confident In Running Against Obama

Disobeying the Pope: An Inside Report by Robert D. Novak

Small Business Economic Confidence Continues to Slide

April 26, 2008

Voters Trust McCain More than Either Democratic Candidate on Key Issues

McCain's Money Mess By Robert Novak

Popular Vote Gives Clinton an Edge By Michael Barone

April 25, 2008

Pennsylvania: McCain 44% Obama 43%

Massachusetts: Democrats Way Ahead of McCain

Massachusetts Senate: Kerry Ahead of GOPs by Double-Digits

65% Oppose Increase in Capital Gains Tax

April 24, 2008

Osama Crashes the Democratic Party: A Commentary by Froma Harrop

The Ritual Flaying of Jimmy Carter: A Commentary by Joe Conason

Why Not Blame Obama? A Commentary By Larry Kudlow

Deepening Democratic Dilemma : An Inside Report by Robert Novak

Minnesota Senate: Coleman 50% Franken 43%

Minnesota: Obama 52% McCain 38%

Obama and Small Town America A Commentary by Rhodes Cook

Most Adults Say Libraries and Books Still Relevant in the Digital Era

April 23, 2008

Nevada: McCain 48% Obama 43%

Plurality Seen Little Impact from Yahoo Merger

Clinton Wins Pennsylvania: What’s Next?

April 22, 2008

McCain Begins to Get it Right By Dick Morris & Eileen McGann  

77% Believe the Nation is Heading Down Wrong Track

Long Hot Summer in Minnesota: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

April 21, 2008

Colorado: Obama Has Small Lead Over McCain

24% To Celebrate Earth Day

Pennsylvania: Clinton 49% Obama 44%

Democrats Trusted More on Eight of Ten Electoral Issues

Arizona: No Surprises as McCain Enjoys Huge Home State Lead

61% Concerned About Airline Safety

What's the Matter With Obama? By Robert D. Novak

April 20, 2008

Confidence in War on Terror Falls Slightly in April

April 19, 2008

The Rules Are Changing for Obama By Michael Barone

Whither Hagel By Robert D. Novak

April 18, 2008

Colorado Senate: Udall 45% Schaffer 42%

Pennsylvania: Clinton 47% Obama 44%

April 17, 2008

California: Obama 50% McCain 43%

Whose Elitism is Worse? By Joe Conason  

What Price Freedom? By Lawrence Kudlow

McCain's Economics: Pass the Dramamine By Froma Harrop  

Bush: Don't Shield Journalists By Robert D. Novak

April 16, 2008

Those Who Feel Good About Their Finances More Likely to Attend Church

April 15, 2008

60% Favor Suspending Gas Tax

Pennsylvania: Clinton 50% Obama 41%

Americans' Financial Security Sentiments Drop to Record Low

April 14, 2008

Florida: McCain Trounces Obama, Even with Clinton  

North Carolina Senate: Incumbent Dole Leads Dems By Double-Digits  

56% Disagree with Obama’s Comments on Small Town America  

Hillary's Strategist By Robert D. Novak  

April 12, 2008

North Carolina: McCain 47% Obama 47%

Uncle Sam Pays? Sure, Whatever By Michael Barone

Making Joe Go By Robert D. Novak

April 11, 2008

Pennsylvania: While Campaigning for Primary, both Democrats Gain Ground on McCain

62% Expect Obama to Win Democratic Nomination

Trying to be Safe By Susan Estrich

April 10, 2008

Ohio: McCain 47% Obama 40%

New Mexico: Obama 45% McCain 42%

Alaska: McCain 48% Obama 43%

Montana: McCain 48% Obama 43%

31% Say Bush Should Boycott Olympic Ceremonies

Wall Street in D.C. By Robert D. Novak  

Alaska: Stevens 46% Begich 45%

Score One for Consumers By Froma Harrop

New Mexico Senate: Udall Widens Lead Over GOP’s  

Are We Closer to "Victory"? By Joe Conason  

The Cleansing Power of Recessions By Lawrence Kudlow  

April 9, 2008

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 43% Republicans 37%

37% Say African-Americans Face More Discrimination than Women

47% Give Congress Poor Rating, 13% Say Good or Excellent

29% Favor National Health Insurance Overseen by Federal Government

Alabama Senate: Sessions 57% Figures 36%

Obama's Weakness is Weakness By Dick Morris

April 8, 2008

Pennsylvania: Clinton 48% Obama 43%  

Maine Senate: Collins Enjoys Double-Digit Lead Over Allen

Tennessee Senate: Incumbent Alexander Enjoys Dominant Leads Over Democratics

How Green Was NAFTA? By Froma Harrop

Number of Adults Who Want Troops Home from Iraq Within a Year Reaches High

A pril 7, 2008

Alabama: McCain Leads Obama and Clinton by Wide Margin

64% Say American Society Fair and Decent

Obama's Gun Dance By Robert Novak

63% Say Federal Government Not Doing Enough for Troubled Economy

April 6, 2008

Iowa: Obama 46% McCain 42%  

47% Say Global Warming Very Serious Problem

48% Say Best Thing Government Can Do for Economy is Get Out of the Way  

Tennessee: McCain Leads Both Democrats by Double Digits

April 5, 2008

North Carolina: Obama 56% Clinton 33%

GOP vs. Paulson: A Commentary By Robert Novak

The Democratic Tribes at War: A Commentary By Michael Barone

April 4, 2008

Obama and Clinton both Lead McCain in Maine  

April 3, 2008

Obama and the Skeptic-Free Campaign By Froma Harrop

Heeding Labor's Demand?: A Commentary By Robert Novak  

He's 'McSame' on Social Security, Too By Joe Conason

Most Voters See Clinton, Obama as Politically Liberal  

Democrats Retain Huge Advantage in Party ID  

What If Democrats Used Winner Take All? - A Commentary by Wesley Little

Superdelegate Math - A Commentary By Alan I. Abramowitz

April 2, 2008

New Jersey Senate: Lautenberg Still Way Ahead in Garden State

Increasing Concern Over the Economy, Personal Finances Contributes To New Discover(R) Monitor Low

51% Say High Gas Prices Have Big Lifestyle Impact

Washington Governor: Gregoire 47% Rossi 46%  

43% Say Election 2008 Efforts Will Hurt Bill Clinton’s Reputation  

April 1, 2008

Virginia Senate: Warner 55% Gilmore 39%  

Dems Can Go the Nine Innings By Froma Harrop

Pessimism Grows Among US Workers, But 70% Don’t Think They’ll Lose Their Job

Pennsylvania: Clinton 47% Obama 42%


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