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Most Recent Articles: August 2008

August 30, 2008

Great Speeches: A Commentary by Susan Estrich

Palin Makes Good First Impression: Is Viewed More Favorably than Biden

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

Outrageous Vulnerabilities: A Commentary By Michael Barone

August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin: Unknown Nationally, Popular in Alaska  

47% Now Say Biden Was Good Veep Choice for Democrats  

Obama's Convention Bounce  

Michelle Obama Favorable Rating Reaches Highest Level Ever

Romney Still The Favorite of GOP Veep Choices

A Strategic Opening For McCain By Dick Morris  

August 28, 2008

Tonight’s Other Big Speaker is Popular – and Polarizing  

More Voters Say America’s Best Days are in the Future

74% of Democrats Say Convention Has Unified Them  

Democrats Talkin' Like the GOP By Debra J. Saunders  

Hillary Can't Fix What Her Party Broke By Froma Harrop

Only Obama Can Make the Sale By Lawrence Kudlow

August 27, 2008

Stellar Speech Won't Boost Barack By Dick Morris

Congressional Approval Ratings Tie Record Low

Voters Trust McCain Over Obama On National Security 52% to 41%  

The Middle Convention and the Under Convention: A Commentary by Debra J. Saunders

The Senator: A Commentary By Susan Estrich

Just Over Half of Democrats Say Bill Clinton Likes Obama and Wants Him to Win

Confidence in War on Terror and Iraq at Highest Level Ever

August 26, 2008

52% Say Legal Drinking Age Should Remain 21

Democrats Focus on Economy, but Voters Look to Both Parties for Answers  

47% of Democratic Women say Hillary Should be on the Ticket

Parties Afraid to Face Population Explosion By Froma Harrop

Obama, Clinton, Biden and McCain By Debra J. Saunders

August 25, 2008

Texas: McCain Leads by Nine for Third Straight Month  

Powell Far More Likely than Obama to Beat McCain

Texas Senate: Cornyn Still Well Ahead But Has Less Than 50% Support

Democrats Rank Carter and Gore as Favorites

39% See Michelle Obama as Very Liberal

Small Businesses Owners Feel Better About Overall Economic Conditions

August 24, 2008

Renewing America's Promise Means Lots of Goodies By Debra Saunders

August 23, 2008

39% Say Biden the Right Choice, Women Less Enthusiastic  

Biden Viewed Favorably by 43%, Seen as Politically Liberal by 41%  

The Chosen Obama Narrative: A Commentary By Michael Barone

Mississippi Senate: Wicker Holds Five-Point Advantage Over Musgrove  

Mississippi Still Favors McCain by Double Digits  

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

August 22, 2008

Indiana: McCain Holds Modest Advantage over Obama

California: Obama Holds onto Solid Lead in Big Blue State  

In Tennessee McCain Leads by 24  

Electoral College Update: Obama Lead Narrows to 10 Votes

Courage: A Commentary By Susan Estrich

August 21, 2008

New Mexico: Senate Race Tightens, But Udall Still Up By 10

Little Change in New Mexico: Obama By Six

69% Now Say Controlling the Border More Important than Legalizing Aliens

Patriots are Top Pick to Win Super Bowl, but Peyton Tops Quarterbacks

Obama Clings to Modest Lead in Pennsylvania

August 20, 2008

New Hampshire: Obama's Big Lead Now Down To A Virtual Tie

Maryland: Obama Outpaces McCain 53% to 41%  

New Hampshire: Shaheen Doubles Lead over Incumbent Sununu

45% Are Very Concerned about Safety of Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons

Ohio Still Swinging McCain’s Way

How the Convention Ball Bounces By Larry Sabato  

August 19, 2008

Florida: McCain Back Out Front 46% to 43%

Louisiana: McCain Enjoys Big Lead in Bayou State

Illinois Senate: Incumbent Durbin Still Way Ahead

Landrieu Opens 16-Point Lead in Louisiana

Democrats Lead by Ten on Generic Ballot

It's No Longer Just About Hillary: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

Consumer Confidence Reaches Five Month High

August 18, 2008

Georgia: McCain Up by Seven

Illinois: Obama Still Holds Double-Digit Lead at Home

Georgia Senate: Chambliss Leads Martin by Six

50% say UN Peacekeepers Should be Sent to Georgia, Only 22% Want U.S. Troops Involved

August 17, 2008

Senator who Births Babies gets Boost from Voters

August 16, 2008

Echoes of Berlin By Michael Barone

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

August 15, 2008

Maine Senate: Collins Doubles Lead over Allen

Half of Democrats Say Putting Hillary's Name in Nomination Will Help Unify Party

North Carolina Governor: Perdue Surges Ahead

North Carolina Leaning Towards McCain

August 14, 2008

Minnesota: Obama’s Lead Down to Four Points

Colorado’s a Toss-Up: McCain Edges Ahead for First Time

Minnesota Senate: Still A Toss-up Between Coleman and Franken  

47% Favor Government Mandated Political Balance on Radio, TV  

Colorado Senate: Udall Leads by Seven  

A Cut-and-Paste Foreign Policy By Joe Conason  

Warner Still Way Ahead in Virginia’s Senate Race  

Mark Penn and Hillary: Monkey See, Monkey Do By Dick Morris

Dry Eyes Follow Edwards' Downfall By Froma Harrop  

The Democratic Ground Game: Can New Voters Make the Difference? By Justin M. Sizemore  

Going for the Bronze By Rhodes Cook

August 13, 2008

Virginia Still a Toss-up Between Obama and McCain

McCain Takes Slight Lead Again in Nevada

Kansas: McCain Holds 15-point Lead Over Obama 52% to 37%

Kansas Senate: GOP Incumbent Roberts Up by 19%

61% say Congress Should Vote on Offshore Drilling Right Now

Howard's End: A Commentary By Susan Estrich

August 12, 2008

62% Support Social Security Taxes on All or Most of Income

Democrats Lead by Eight on Generic Ballot

59% see Russian Invasion of Georgia as Threat

41% Say Bush Worst President Ever; 50% Disagree

Sex, etc. and the City: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

August 11, 2008

Race tightens in Iowa, but Obama Still Ahead 46% to 41%

Oregon Not a Swing State, Obama Up By 10

64% Now Support Offshore Drilling; 42% See it as Best Way to Reduce Oil Prices

Most Adults Say Starbucks is Overpriced

55% Say Media Bias Bigger Problem Than Campaign Cash

August 10, 2008

Michigan Senate: Landslide Levin

72% Say Books Best for School Children  

The Ghosts of Political Leanings: A Commentary by Michael Barone

August 9, 2008

Missouri Governor: Nixon Leads Hulshof by Twelve

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

August 8, 2008

Michigan: Obama still ahead 47% to 40%  

Missouri: McCain Now Leads By Seven in Classic Swing State

Washington: Obama Extends Lead Over McCain  

49% Say Bring Home the Troops, 42% Say Win the War First

August 7, 2008

Wisconsin Getting Closer, Obama By Four

Massachusetts: Obama leads McCain 51% to 36%

Kerry Still Dominating Massachusetts Senate Race

A Nation of Whiners? Perhaps: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

81% Say Finding New Energy Sources is Urgent National Need

Fans Predict a Showdown Between Angels and Cubs in 2008 World Series  

His Drilling Plan Full of Holes: A Commentary By Joe Conason

Drill, Drill, Drill Is Working: A Commentary By Lawrence Kudlow

Discover(R) U.S. Spending Monitor(SM) Flat in July

August 6, 2008

Obama Leads McCain By Eight in Garden State

New York: Obama Holds onto Dominant Lead

Most Democrats Give Hillary Good Marks So Far, but Only 43% Want Her to Be Obama’s Running Mate

News You Watch Says a Lot About How You’ll Vote

New Jersey Senate: Lautenberg’s Lead Grows in the Garden State, Support Climbs Over 50%

Numbers in McCain-Obama Race Steady -- But Getting Tighter  

Is Anyone Ready? By Susan Estrich

August 5, 2008

Fear Factor: McCain's Best Bet By Dick Morris

Local Television, Cable News Are Primary Sources of Campaign Coverage for Most Americans

Voters’ Trust for McCain on Key Issues Growing

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats Lead by Ten

58% of Adults Want Troops Home from Iraq Within Year

Offshore Drilling: Candidates Concur on Bad Idea: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

August 4, 2008

Alabama: McCain Up by Eighteen

Connecticut: Obama keeps double-digit lead over McCain 51% to 36%

Arizona: McCain Takes 16-point Lead over Obama; 46% Support Anti-Affirmative Action Initiative

Voters Like Obama’s Energy Credit for Working Families, But Give Mixed Reviews to Windfall Profits Tax

Alabama Senate: Sessions’ Lead Still Strong  

Affirmative Action Important to 54% of Voters; 58% Reject Programs that Give Special Treatment

August 3, 2008

Hey, Britney, You Make Too Much Money  

Only 22% Say McCain Ad Racist, But Over Half (53%) See Obama Dollar-bill Comment That Way

August 2, 2008

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

Democrats Retain Huge Party ID Advantage

August Is the Time to Take Obama Down By Dick Morris

August 1, 2008

McCain Pulls Even in Montana

Alaska: McCain Lead Holds Steady at 44% to 39% Despite Stevens' Woes

Attack, He Said: A Commentary By Susan Estrich

Texas Senate: Incumbent Cornyn’s Lead Slips to Ten Points

Little Day of Week Bias in Presidential Tracking Poll


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