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Most Recent Articles: July 2008

July 31, 2008

Texas: McCain Leads by Nine for Second Straight Month

Kentucky: McCain Leads 49% to 39%, but Gap is Narrowing

McCain Pulls Even in Montana

Montana Governor: Governor Schweitzer Cruising to Re-Election

Alaska Senate: Stevens Trails By Double Digits

Kentucky Senate: McConnell Now Holds 12-point Lead

McCain's Oil Drilling Hoax: A Commentary By Joe Conason

Could a VP Romney Be Health-Care Tsar?: A Commentary by Froma Harrop

30% of Conservative Democrats Say They’ll Vote for McCain

Alaska Senate Update: A Commentary By Larry Sabato

July 30, 2008

Nebraska Senate: Johanns Holds on to Solid Lead

Mississippi Senate: Wicker Opens Up Six Point Lead Over Musgrove

McCain Jumps Out to 11-point Lead in Mississippi

Nebraska: McCain Maintains Double-Digit Lead

Obama trip: No Gain for the Democrat, No Pain for McCain  

More Voters than Ever Say They Would Vote for Black Candidate, Still Not Sure About Friends

In White House Race, Twice As Many Voters Uncommitted Compared to Four Years Ago

July 29, 2008

Half of Voters Still Say U.S. is Winning the War on Terror

50% Oppose Tax Increases, Favor Pro-Growth Policy Over One That Guarantees Tax Fairness

Democrats Have Thirteen Point Advantage on Generic Ballot

Rasmussen Markets Update: Kaine Now Favorite to Become Obama’s Running Mate  

Americans Split on Which is More Important – Offshore Drilling or Crackdown on Speculators

Vice President Tim Kaine?: A Commentary by Larry Sabato

Rasmussen Employment Index Shows Worker Confidence Down Again to Another Record Low

July 28, 2008

Edwards, Clinton are Top Favorites – and top unfavorites – for Obama Veep Slot  

36% of Voters Say Racism Bigger Problem in U.S. than Sexism

Huckabee, Lieberman Have Highest Favorables among Possible McCain Veep Choices

Most Adults Plan on Tuning in to Olympic Games, Think U.S. Needs to Win Most Medals  

Small Business Economic Confidence Rebounds after Record-Low

Can McCain Back in Again? By Robert Novak  

July 26, 2008

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

California: Obama Leads by Twelve

July 25, 2008

New Mexico: Getting Closer, but Obama Still Leads by Five

52% say Bringing Troops Home More Important than Winning the War

55% Rate Obama’s Berlin Speech Good or Excellent; 46% Think Europe Should Be More Like U.S.

The Myth of a Toss-Up Election: A Commentary By Alan Abramowitz, Thomas E. Mann, and Larry J. Sabato

Response: Anybody's Ball Game: A Commentary by James E. Campbell

Military Veterans Favor McCain 56% to 37%

July 24, 2008

Pennsylvania: Obama Inches Further Ahead

New Hampshire Senate: Shaheen Up by Five

Romney: A Mistake for McCain By Dick Morris  

New Hampshire: Obama Holds Modest Lead  

Most Adults Aware of Weak Dollar’s Impact on Travel  

Washington's Overrated "Old Hands" By Joe Conason

Memories of the McCain That Was By Froma Harrop  

54% Back Military Tribunals for Terrorists over U.S. Courts  

The Soldier Voting Scandal By Robert Novak

July 23, 2008

Minnesota: Obama Leads by Twelve

Minnesota Senate Race Still a Toss-Up

63% Say Trip Does Not Make Obama More Fit to be President

Florida: Obama Ahead by One

Romney Tops List of Possible McCain Running Mates

Illegal RX? Barack Objects & Dick Answers: A Commentary By Dick Morris

Majority Sees U.S. Winning War on Terror for First Time Since 2004

July 22, 2008

Colorado: Obama Holds Seven-Point Lead  

Colorado Senate: Udall 47% Schaffer 43%

84% Worry About High Inflation in the Year Ahead  

63% of Americans Want Troops Home from Iraq within Year  

McCain Opens Modest Lead in Ohio

Democrats Lead by Nine on Generic Ballot  

Tomatoes and Their Bad Rap By Froma Harrop

An Inconvenient Perception: Voters Say Gore Plan Unrealistic, Costly

July 21, 2008

Alaska: McCain Leads Obama 45% to 40%

Alaska Senate: Begich Opens Nine-Point Lead Over Stevens

Georgia Senate: Senator Chambliss Holds onto Strong Leads Over Democrats

McCain Still Holds Solid Lead In Georgia

Most Americans Confident About U.S. Banking System

50% say Media Makes Economy Look Worse Than it Really Is

Belief Growing That Reporters are Trying to Help Obama Win

Obama's Iraq Spotlight: A Commentary By Robert Novak

July 20, 2008

If Israel Attacks Iran, 42% Say U.S. Should Help  

July 19, 2008

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

Obama's CEOs By Robert Novak

Ghosts of 1976 in Today's Campaign By Michael Barone

July 18, 2008

Does Obama Have a Problem with White Voters? by Alan I. Abramowitz

Maine: McCain Pulls within Ten

Maine Senate: Race Remains Steady Over Past Month

A New Electorate In The Making?: By Rhodes Cook

What to Say: A Commentary by Susan Estrich

Virginia Senate: Warner Still Way Ahead

Virginia: Obama, McCain Tied at 44% Each, But Nearly Half Have Unfavorable View of Democrat

July 17, 2008

Nevada: Now It’s Obama By Two in Very Close Race

Arkansas: McCain Up by Ten

North Carolina Senate: Dole Holds onto Solid Lead

North Carolina: McCain Still Struggling in Historically Red State

The Saga of Fannie and Freddie by Lawrence Kudlow  

They Must Be Joking By Joe Conason

Cost of Cronyism By Robert Novak

48% Agree With Obama That Iraq is Not “Central Front” in War on Terror

July 16, 2008

Democrats Trusted More Than GOP on Seven of Ten Key Issues  

McCain Reclaims 20-point Lead in Kansas

Kansas Senate: Roberts Regains Double-digit Lead over Slattery

Oregon: Obama Lead Steady, 46% to 37%

Goodbye, Tony Snow: Writer, Father, Friend: A Commentary By Laura Mazer

Oregon Senate: Merkley tops Smith for first time 43% to 41%

South Dakota Senate: Senator Johnson in the Clear

Bush Job Approval Hovers Near All-Time Low

Growing Number of Americans See U.S. Winning War on Terror

July 15, 2008

Democrats Lead by Ten in Generic Congressional Ballot

78% Say Iran Will Develop Nukes Soon

Obama Leads Bush by Twenty, But Clinton Does Better Against McCain

Iowa Senate: Harkin Still Ahead by Sixteen

72% Say Gas Prices Biggest Threat to Economy  

Michigan Senate: Incumbent Levin Holds onto Big Lead  

Tough Economy Pushes Americans to Make Cuts  

Mortgage Scandal a Bipartisan Affair By Froma Harrop  

Landrieu Leads in Louisiana Senate Bid

July 14, 2008

South Dakota: McCain Leads Obama by Just Four Points

Minnesota Senate: Franken 44% Coleman 42%

Iowa: Obama takes 10% lead over McCain  

Minnesota: Obama’s Lead Over McCain Climbs to 18%  

Louisiana: McCain Enjoys Big Lead in Bayou State  

Michigan: Obama’s Lead Grows to 8%  

Only 7% of Americans Rate Their Workplace as Hostile

40% Say Victory Possible in Iraq, Up Eight Points From Year Ago

July 12, 2008

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

Goodbye, Joe?: A Commentary By Robert Novak

We're Not Leaving: A Commentary By Michael Barone

July 11, 2008

Time to Change the Unit Rule: A Commentary By Larry Sabato

Rasmussen Markets Show No Clear Favorites in Veepstakes

Is Time on John McCain's Side?: A Commentary By Allan I. Abramowitz

Washington Governor: Gregoire Ahead by Six

Washington: Obama Leads By Nine in Evergreen State

July 10, 2008

Americans Favor Cutting Government Spending Over Balancing the Budget

Obama Opens Double Digit Lead in Wisconsin

Illinois Senate: Durbin Safe in Re-Election Bid  

North Dakota Governor: Hoeven in the Clear

46% Support Military Response If Iran Attacks Israel

North Dakota: McCain and Obama Tied

Illinois: Obama Leads in Home State  

The Map By Larry Sabato

Obama's Liberal Shiver By Froma Harrop

Only 21% Support Federal Help for Those Facing Foreclosure  

An "Underwhelming" Nominee By Robert D. Novak

July 9, 2008

Obama's New Strategy By Dick Morris

Obama’s Lead over McCain Slips a Bit in New Jersey

Voters Reject Obama's call for Bilingualism

Missouri Governor: Nixon’s Support Slips Below 50%, but Still Tops GOP Challengers

New Jersey Senate: Lautenberg Widens Lead

Missouri: McCain Leads By Five in Classic Swing State  

Minnesota Senate: Coleman 39% Franken 32% Ventura 24%

Voters See Iraq as Biggest Difference Between Obama, McCain  

July 8, 2008

Most Americans Say Balanced Budget Good for Economy but Question if McCain Can Achieve it by 2013

Democrats Hold onto Solid Lead in Generic Congressional Ballot  

Voters Divided on Whether Tax Policy Should Support Growth or Fairness

Voters Perceive Obama Moving to the Middle

Congressional Approval Falls to Single Digits for First Time Ever

NRA has Support of 56% of Americans, but its Endorsement Means Little for McCain So Far

What Americans Want in Immigration: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

July 7, 2008

Rhode Island Senate: Reed Safe in Re-Election Bid

Americans Give Low Marks to U.S. Health Care, but 69% Rate Their Health Insurance Good or Excellent  

Voters Divided As to Whether Women or African-Americans Face More Discrimination

55 mph is So 70s: Voters Oppose Lowering National Speed Limit

No Permanent GOP Minority By Robert Novak

July 6, 2008

The Value of Party Weighting for a Tracking Poll

July 5, 2008

Libertarians Favor Obama and Other Looks at Election 2008

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

Gen. Clark's Attack by Robert Novak

Voter Perceptions on War on Terror Remain Steady Over Past Month

Rhode Island: Obama Enjoys Big Lead in Blue State

Obama's Candidacy is a Test By Michael Barone

Montana Governor: Schweitzer Safe in Bid for Re-Election

July 4, 2008

On America’s Birthday, Half of Voters Believe its Best Days Are in the Past

Supreme Court Boosts Obama By Dick Morris

July 3, 2008

Most Americans Still Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident  

72% Plan on Watching Fireworks this Fourth of July  

82% Say U.S. is Best Place to Live; 41% Say U.S. Lacks Liberty and Justice For All  

The Politics of Foreclosure By Froma Harrop  

Montana: Obama Leads McCain By Five  

Only 17% See Working For Government As A Higher Calling  

Obama Leads By Five in Very Red State of Montana  

Fake Outrage Over Clark Comments By Joe Conason

Visitor From Pakistan By Robert Novak  

59% of voters say Constitution is Just Fine; 39% Say it Doesn’t Restrict Government Enough  

An America-First Energy Plan By Lawrence Kudlow

July 2, 2008

Plugging the Patriotism Gap By Dick Morris

Democrats Maintain Double Digit Edge on Generic Congressional Ballot

Connecticut: Obama Surges After Losing Ground Over Controversy

New Yorkers Want Hillary to Stay in Senate; 23% Say She Should Just Go Away

Most Voters Disagree With Harry Reid’s Fossil Fuel Comments

Democrats Retain Huge Party ID Advantage

The Politics of Patriotism: A Commentary by Susan Estrich

Another Month, Another Record Low Approval for President Bush

Most Americans Proud of U.S. History, Say Other Nations Should Follow America’s Lead  

July 1, 2008

Massachusetts: Obama Expands Lead in Bay State

Massachusetts Senate: Kerry Still Cruising to Re-Election

48% Say Lower Gas Prices Key to Economic Recovery

Voters Want Right to Approve All Tax Increases

42% Think Obama’s Public Funding Decision Was Smart, 40% Find it Hypocritical

Rasmussen Employment Index Shows Worker Confidence Down to Another Record Low


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