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Most Recent Articles: June 2010

June 30, 2010

28% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

60% Support Offshore Drilling, Still Critical Of Obama And Oil Companies

Kentucky Senate: Paul (R) 49% Conway (D) 42%

Just 23% Say Deficit May Be Cut In Half by 2013

Missouri Senate: Blunt (R) 48%, Carnahan (D) 43%

Hawaii Governor: Democrats Remain Far Ahead

Stay Out of the Mainstream By Tony Blankley   

The Supreme Charade By Susan Estrich   

June 29, 2010

Hawaii Senate: Inouye 68%, Roco 20% 

74% in Louisiana Like Job Governor Jindal Is Doing

49% Favor Deepwater Oil Drilling

Rasmussen Employment Index Dips Slightly in June

Administration Apparently In No Hurry, but 54% Still Oppose Closing of Guantanamo

In Washington, 'Disclose' Means Stifle: A Commentary by Debra J. Saunders

Election 2010: New York Governor: New York Governor: Cuomo Still Far Outpaces GOP Rivals

Heaven Must Wait for a Money-Savvy Public: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

Louisiana Senate: Vitter (R) 53%, Melancon (D) 35%

June 28, 2010

Utah Governor: Herbert (R) 58%, Corroon (D) 31%   

Just 25% Share Favorable Opinion of BP

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 44%, Democrats 38%

Louisiana Voters Strongly Support Offshore Drilling, Deepwater Drilling

25% Favor Immediate Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan, 28% Say Send More Troops

52% Favor Repeal of Health Care Bill

South Carolina Governor: Haley (R) 52% Sheheen (D) 40%

June 27, 2010

Primary Voters Had a Right To Know About Settlement: A Commentary by Debra J. Saunders

26% Say Smoking Cigarettes Should Be Outlawed

Just 32% View Holder, Napolitano Favorably

June 26, 2010

The Doctor Is Not In: A Commentary by Susan Estrich

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

Wyoming Governor: GOP Contenders Hold Commanding Leads

June 25, 2010

28% Say Civilian Control of Military Bad for U.S.

Nevada Governor: Sandoval (R) 55%, Reid (D) 33%

Utah Senate: Lee (R) 58% Granato (D) 28%

47% Support Obama’s Decision To Fire McChrystal, 36% Oppose

Midterm Morsels: House: A Commentary by Isaac T. Wood

41% Say U.S. World Cup Win Likely

Washington Senate: Murray (D) 47%, Rossi (R) 47%

Government Pensions Face the Music: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

Mid-Term Morsels: A Commentary by Larry J. Sabato

June 24, 2010

42% Still Don’t Like Rahm Emanuel, But 32% Do

Voters Unsure About Key Cabinet Players

Vermont Senate: Leahy (D) 64%, Britton (R) 29%

North Carolina Senate: Burr (R) 44% Marshall (D) 43%

Nevada Senate: Angle 48%, Reid 41%

69% in Texas Support Using U.S. Troops on Border 

Only 28% Say Shifting Workers to Government Health Insurance Plan is Good

48% See Government Today As A Threat to Individual Rights

Is the Welfare State a Ponzi Scheme? By Howard Rich   

For House Democrats: More Favorable Terrain Than '94 By Rhodes Cook  

June 23, 2010

Vermont Governor: Dubie (R) 47%, Markowitz (D) 40%  

28% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

46% Say U.S. Health Care System Good or Excellent

44% Give Obama Good Marks on National Security

Wisconsin Governor: Republican Candidates Still Hold Slight Edge 

42% Oppose Kagan's Confirmation, 35% Favor

Massachusetts Governor: Patrick 41%, Baker 34%, Cahill 16%   

Undecideds Dominate Arizona’s Democratic Primary for Senate

The Opportunity in Afghanistan by Susan Estrich

Obama the Isolationist? by Tony Blankley

From New Jersey to Beijing and Back Again By Lawrence Kudlow

June 22, 2010

Oregon Senate: Wyden (D) 47%, Huffman (R) 37%   

32% Say Canada Has Better Health System Than U.S.

Wisconsin Senate: Feingold (D) 46%, Johnson (R) 45%

North Dakota Senate: Hoeven (R) 73%, Potter (D) 19%

Voters Say Hillary More Qualified To Be President Than Obama, Romney, Gingrich, Palin

If You Can't Budget, You Can't Govern by Debra J. Saunders

Electrify the Roads By Froma Harrop

Arizona GOP Primary for Senate: McCain 47% Hayworth 36% Deakin 7%

12% See Secession Attempt as Very Likely in Next 25 Years Or So

Obama's Thuggery Is Useless in Fighting Spill By Michael Barone  

June 21, 2010

Oregon Governor: Dudley (R) 47%, Kitzhaber (D) 45%

Congress Still Receives Poor Ratings From Voters

Generic Congressional Ballot:  Republicans 44%, Democrats 36% 

44% Say Health Care Bill Likely To Make Them Change Insurance Coverage

North Dakota House: Berg (R) 51%, Pomeroy (D) 44%

Investor Confidence Drops Six Points on Monday

62% Say Politicians Want Government to Have More Power and Money

BP, the White House and Congress Are All Dirty by Lawrence Kudlow

Arizona GOP Primary for Governor: Brewer Now Draws 61% Support

June 20, 2010

71% Still Say Being a Father Most Important Role for A Man

June 19, 2010

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

47% Blame Bush for Nation's Economic Problems, 45% Blame Obama

The Politics of Disaster By Susan Estrich

June 18, 2010

56% Oppose Justice Department Challenge of Arizona Immigration Law

52% Not Willing To Pay More For Clean Energy

Barack Obama’s Bogus Budget Cuts By Howard Rich

A Green New Deal Now by Joe Conason

Texas Governor: Perry 48%, White 40%

Obama's Inaction in the Name of Action By Debra J. Saunders

Arkansas Governor: Beebe 57%, Keet 33%

June 17, 2010

Tennessee Governor: McWherter (D) Trails GOP Hopefuls   

GM Edges Ford Among Potential Car Buyers   

Iowa Senate: Grassley (R) 54%, Conlin (D) 37%

71% Say Government Response To Oil Leak Important To Their Vote

46% Rate Obama's Response To Gulf Leak As Poor  

Arkansas Senate: Boozman (R) 61%, Lincoln (D) 32%

39% in New Jersey Favor Recall of Menendez, 39% Oppose   

Make Louisiana a U.S. Protectorate By Froma Harrop   

Weak Speech from an Indecisive Obama By Lawrence Kudlow  

June 16, 2010

51% in New Jersey Approve of Governor’s Performance  

30% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

72% of GOP Voters Say Republicans In Congress Out of Touch With Their Base

67% Say Better Government Inspections of Oil Rigs Might Have Prevented Leak

Americans Not Inclined To Pay More To Fight Global Warming

69% Agree With Obama That BP Should Pay For More Than Cleanup

Afghan War Becoming a Bloody Farce: A Commentary By Tony Blankley

The Second Time Around: A Commentary by Susan Estrich

Iowa Governor: Branstad (R) 57%, Culver (D) 31%

80% Rate A Two-Parent Home Very Important for Children

June 15, 2010

Colorado Governor: McInnis (R) 46%, Hickenlooper (D) 41%

58% in Michigan Say MLB Commissioner Should Overturn Umpire's Call

19% in Pennsylvania Say They're Part of Tea Party

South Dakota Governor: Daugaard (R) 52%, Heidepriem (D) 36%

53% Still Think Auto Bailout Was A Bad Idea

Americans' Financial Security Sentiments Remain Stable at Midyear  

Voters More Critical of Obama, BP For Oil Leak Response

66% of Voters Are Angry At The Media

Is Being Half There OK? By Froma Harrop

South Carolina Senate: DeMint 58%, Greene 21%

June 14, 2010

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 46%, Democrats 36%

South Dakota House: Primary Victory Bounces Noem (R) Into Lead Over Herseth-Sandlin (D)

South Carolina Governor: Haley 55% Sheheen 34%

Clinton Outpolls Bush As Voters Look Back  

58% Favor Repeal of the Health Care Bill

Michigan Governor: GOP Hopefuls Still Hold Slight Edge

Big Labor Is Humbled by Blanche Lincoln's Win by Michael Barone  

June 13, 2010

48% in California Favor Offshore Oil Drilling

57% in Illinois Say Blagojevich Should Go To Jail

Jerry Brown, California's Prince of Self-Transformation By Debra J. Saunders

Consumer Confidence Hits Two Month Low

June 12, 2010

71% in Pennsylvania Favor Troops on Border To Stop Illegal Immigration

Politicians Cause Downsizing By Howard Rich

52% Feel Tax Increases Will Hurt the Economy

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

June 11, 2010

Maine Governor: LePage 43%, Mitchell 36%, Cutler 7%

California Senate: Boxer (D) 48% Fiorina (R) 43%

65% Say Country Better Off If Most in Congress Defeated This November

Nevada Governor: Sandoval 54%, Reid 31%

31% Say It’s Too Hard To Get A Student Loan

June 10, 2010

Maryland Governor: Ehrlich (R) 45%, O’Malley (D) 45% 

58% of Adults Have Read for Pleasure Over the Past Month

85% Say Freedom of the Press More Important Than Helping Newspaper Industry

46% Say Government Workers Are Paid More Than Comparable Private Sector Workers

Nevada Senate: Angle 50%, Reid 39%

Governor and Senate Primary Updates By Larry J. Sabato  

Carly Fiorina, Woman for the Future by Lawrence Kudlow

California Governor: Brown (D) 45% Whitman (R) 44%

Illinois Governor: Brady (R) 47%, Quinn (D) 36%

Old White Guy vs. GOP Woman By Debra J. Saunders  

June 9, 2010

Alabama Governor: Sparks Trails Top Republicans

28% Say U.S Heading in Right Direction

California GOP Primary Voters Just Liked Carly Better

41% Oppose Kagan's Confirmation To Supreme Court

Obama 44%, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer 39%

Nevada Election Night Polling: Angle Wins Big Among Tea Party Activists

Illinois Senate: Kirk 42%, Giannoulias 39%

Florida Senate: Crist 37%, Rubio 37%, Meek 15%

SC Election Night Polling: 39% of GOP Voters Affiliated With Tea Party

June 8, 2010

Colorado Senate: Republican Candidates Still Hold Small Edge

74% Oppose Taxing Internet News Sites To Help Newspapers   

86% Concerned About Oil Leak's Economic Impact

Just 19% See White House Job Offers As Anything Unusual

North Carolina Senate: Burr Still Leads Both Democratic Challengers

62% Favor Death Penalty

Hotel California's $36,000 Price Tag by Debra J. Saunders   

Blaming Obama for Not Being a God By Froma Harrop   

June 7, 2010

Alabama Senate: Shelby Still Leads Barnes 58% to 31%  

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 44%, Democrats 35%

Ohio Governor: Kasich 47%, Strickland 42%

Ohio Senate: Portman 43%, Fisher 43%

49% Say Pro-Palestinian Activists To Blame in Gaza Ship Incident

58% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law

Gulf Oil Spill Not Dragging Down Obama’s Approval Ratings

Oil Slick, Joblessness May Stymie Dems' Rebound By Michael Barone

June 6, 2010

Super Bowl's The Winner In Terms of Sports Viewership

61% Predict More Partisanship in Washington

All Cog, No Machine; All Check, No Balance By Debra J. Saunders  

June 5, 2010

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

Pennsylvania Governor:  Corbett 49%,  Onorato 33% 

June 4, 2010

Only 23% Favor Government Mortgage Help

New Mexico Governor: Martinez 44%, Denish 42%

Indiana Senate: Coats 47%, Ellsworth 33%

Flotilla's Goal Was Not Humanitarian: A Commentary by Debra J. Saunders

33% Say Legal System Worries Too Much About Individual Rights

Statehouse Picture Slowly Emerging: A Commentary By Larry J. Sabato

70% Support Crackdown On Those Who Hire Illegal Immigrants

The Business of Politics: A Commentary By Susan Estrich

Pennsylvania Senate: Toomey 45%, Sestak 38%

June 3, 2010

Connecticut Governor:  Malloy 44%, Foley 35%

Outlook on Home Values Holds Steady in May

Missouri Senate: Blunt 45%, Carnahan 44%

58% Say No to Citizenship for Children of Illegal Immigrants

Time to Call the Tea Party's Bluff: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

World Cup? What's That?

Connecticut Senate: Blumenthal 56%, McMahon 33%

Obama's 'Chicago Way' Plunders the Private Sector By Michael Barone

June 2, 2010

30% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Americans See Local Newspaper Reporting As More Reliable Than Online News

Most Americans Say FDA Not Capable of Protecting U.S. Drug Supply

37% Say Oil Leak Will Have Devastating Long-Term Impact

46% Say Tea Party Good for America, 31% Disagree

Before You Beat Up on Israel By Susan Estrich  

June 1, 2010

63% Prefer Print Over Online Versions of Newspapers

Partisan Trends: Democrats Fall Back to Record Low 

Obama Approval Index Month-by-Month

Support for Offshore Oil Drilling Down To 58%

Rasmussen Employment Index Reaches Recent High

South Dakota House: Republicans Narrow The Gap   

Rhode Island Governor: Chafee, Caprio Battle for Top Honors

Four Very Beautiful Ugly Americans By Debra J. Saunders 


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