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Most Recent Articles: February 2010

February 28, 2010

44% Rate U.S. Health Care System Good or Excellent  

40% Rate Obama Good/Excellent for Leadership, 41% Say Poor  

Oscar Watchers Pull For Bullock and "The Blind Side"

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Fantasyland By Debra J. Saunders

February 27, 2010

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

Maryland Senate: Mikulski 54%, Generic Republican 36%

February 26, 2010

67% Say Concert Tickets are Too Expensive

Many Americans Are Suspicious of Their Fellow Taxpayers  

25% Expect Their Home To Lose Value Over Next Year  

Maryland Governor: O’Malley 49%, Ehrlich 43%  

34% Favor More Regulation of Financial System, 47% Opposed

North Carolina Senate: GOP's Burr Takes Bigger Lead

South Dakota Governor: No Clear Front-runner So Far

Zazi Case Vindicates Justice By Joe Conason

Playing Nice By Susan Estrich

February 25, 2010

“American Idol” Viewers Pass Positive Verdict On Show's Judges

50% See China As Long-Term Threat To U.S.

South Dakota House: Herseth Sandlin 45%, GOP's Nelson 38%

47% Oppose Public Option Health Plan; 58% Oppose If Workers Forced To Change Coverage

Americans Can Speak for Themselves on Health Care: A Commentary by Froma Harrop

Jerry Brown Flies Below the Radar: A Commentary By Debra J. Saunders

Delaware Senate: Castle 53%, Coons 32%

February 24, 2010

29% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Only 30% Have Filed Income Taxes So Far  

51% Fear Government More Than Private Health Insurers

50% Now Say U.S. Is Winning War on Terror

For the Love of Hersh By Susan Estrich

Governing Ourselves: The American Passion By Dick Morris

Texas GOP Primary: Perry 48%, Hutchison 27%, Medina 16%

71% Give Congress Poor Rating

Is Our Government Really Broken? By Tony Blankley

February 23, 2010

Generic Ballot: Republicans 44%, Democrats 35%

Texas Governor: Perry, Hutchison Still Lead White

Wisconsin Governor: GOP Still Holds The Edge

41% Favor Obama’s Health Care Plan, 56% Oppose  

Florida Governor: McCollum 48%, Sink 35%  

Florida Senate: Meek Still A Distant Second to Crist, Rubio  

Yoo Case About Politics, not Ethics By Debra J. Saunders

Why Evan Bayh Should Not Jump Ship By Froma Harrop  

February 22, 2010

Iowa Senate: Grassley Still Outdistances Democratic Challengers

Georgia Governor: Top GOP Contenders Slightly Ahead of Democrats’ Barnes

Iowa Governor: Culver Trails in Re-election Bid

74% Say Tiger Woods Likely To Play Again This Year

76% Say Fed Is Likely To Raise Other Interest Rates This Year

Florida GOP Senate: Rubio 54%, Crist 36%

Obama Lacks One Crucial Ingredient -- Intuition: A Commentary By Michael Barone

February 21, 2010

47% Believe U.S. Can Win in Afghanistan

February 20, 2010

Tea Party Power to Solve the Debt Problem By Lawrence Kudlow

51% Think Business Leaders Make Better Economic Decisions Than Government Officials

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

February 19, 2010

Oregon Governor: Democrats Have It For Now

73% Agree That Washington Is “Broken”  

43% Expect Change If GOP Takes Over Congress, 32% Don’t  

49% Favor Building New Nuclear Plants

60% in California Say Better If Most Incumbents in State Legislature Are Defeated  

What Went Wrong? By Susan Estrich  

“Missing Bush?” Why Republican Revisionism Won’t Sell By Howard Rich  

GOP Will Gain Significantly, But Probably Remain in House Minority By Isaac T. Wood

February 18, 2010

Wisconsin Senate: Feingold Leads Two Announced GOP Challengers

65% of Virginia Voters Approve of McDonnell So Far

61% Say Government Should Keep Out of Housing Market

Gridlock Leading to Debt Crisis?: A Commentary by Lawrence Kudlow

Indiana Senate: Hill, Ellsworth Trail Three Main GOP Hopefuls

The Winter of Global Warming: A Commentary by Debra J. Saunders

Republican Talk of the 'Sensible Middle' Makes No Sense: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

Only 21% Say U.S. Government Has Consent of the Governed

February 17, 2010

34% Favor Raising Taxes On Those Making More Than $100,000

28% Say U.S. Heading In Right Direction

35% Say Stimulus Has Helped Economy, 33% Say It Has Hurt

Oregon Senate: Wyden 49%, Huffman 35%

Tea Party Optimism vs. the Gold Rally: A Commentary By Lawrence Kudlow

Voters Think Democrats More Likely To Have A Plan for the Future

Most Think Half-A-Loaf In Taxes Is Enough

February 16, 2010

Republicans Lead Democrats by Nine in Generic Ballot

58% Say New Tax Money More Likely To Go To New Programs Than To Deficit Reduction

29% Say U.S. Should Go It Alone Against Iran  

California Governor: Brown 43%, Whitman 43%  

43% Say Local Government Better Than Feds, States  

The Coolness of Old Florida By Froma Harrop

February 15, 2010

47% Blame Global Warming on Planetary Trends

California Senate: Boxer Still Holds Narrow Leads Over GOP Hopefuls

59% Favor Letting States Opt Out of Federal Programs

Washington Senate: Murray Leads All Republican Challengers But Rossi

Under Obama, Crony Capitalism Again Rules the Day: A Commentary By Michael Barone

Lincoln, Washington Rank High, But Presidents' Day Ranks Low As A Holiday

February 14, 2010

36% Look Forward to Valentine’s Day, 20% Dread It

A Sure-Fire Legal Recipe for Airport Insecurity: A Commentary by Debra J. Saunders

February 13, 2010

What Did You Do Last Week?

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

The Washington, D.C., Disconnect: A Commentary by Lawrence Kudlow

February 12, 2010

67% Want to Dine with Someone Special on Valentine's Day

23% Say Government Criticizing Toyota To Help GM

Louisiana Senate: Vitter 57%, Melancon 33%

North Dakota House: Pomeroy (D) At Risk?  

North Dakota Senate: Hoeven By A Mile At This Point

Valentine's Blues By Susan Estrich

February 11, 2010

Pennsylvania Governor: GOP’s Corbett Well Head of Three Potential Opponents

Michigan Voters View Ford Most Favorably

Missouri Senate: Blunt (R) 49%, Carnahan (D) 42%

New Hampshire Senate: Ayotte (R) 46%, Hodes (D) 39%

61% Say Congress Should Start All Over Again on Health Care

Michigan Governor: Anybody’s Race At This Point

With Absolute Power, Team Obama Grows Stupid By Michael Barone

Slobs and the American Civilization By Froma Harrop

February 10, 2010

Bush Still Blamed For Bad Economy

30% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Voters Still Put Economy Far Ahead As Most Important Issue

35% Say New Political Party Is Needed

A Health Care Plague on Both Their Houses: A Commentary By Susan Estrich

Palin Delivers Sparkle, Warmth: A Commentary By Tony Blankley

Pennsylvania Senate: Toomey Still Leads Specter, Sestak

February 9, 2010

63% Say Better for Country If Most of Congress Not Reelected  

Tea Party Candidate Now Comes In Last On Three-Way Generic Ballot  

Generic Ballot: Republicans 44%, Democrats 36%

Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Primary: Specter 51%, Sestak 36%

50% See Abstinence-Only Programs As Effective, 42% Disagree  

Ohio Governor: Kasich 47%, Strickland 41%  

Does Judge Walker Have a Conflict? By Debra J. Saunders  

Age Discrimination for the Young By Froma Harrop

February 8, 2010

Nevada Governor: Reid Trails Sandoval, Beats Other GOP Hopefuls

Pennsylvania Senate: Toomey Still Leads Specter, Sestak

Colorado Governor: Hickenlooper 49%, McInnis 45%

59% Still Hold Favorable View of Toyota

75% Are Angry At Government’s Current Policies

Public-sector Unions Bleed Taxpayers to Help Dems By Michael Barone

Ohio Senate: GOP’s Portman Still Holds Slim Lead

February 7, 2010

Game Day: 62% Plan To Watch Super Bowl XLIV  

45% Agree With CBS’ Decision To Run Tebow Ad, 30% Disagree

Holder's Premature Mirandization of Suspect By Debra J. Saunders

February 6, 2010

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

49% of Super Bowl Watchers Plan to Watch "Intensely"

75% Say Movie Ticket Prices Too High

February 5, 2010

Republicans Still Trusted More on Most Key Issues

49% of Super Bowl Watchers Plan to Watch "Intensely"

Nevada Senate: Reid Runs Second To Four GOP Opponents

Politically Speaking, Populist Isn’t Popular, But Conservative Is

The Massachusetts Miracle: A Commentary By Susan Estrich

Colorado Senate: GOP’s Norton Still The Front-Runner

Obama’s Budget: Fiscal Armageddon: A Commentary by Howard Rich

The GOP's Dubious Populism: A Commentary By Joe Conason

Americans Reject Keynesian Economics

February 4, 2010

52% Likely to Watch A Lot of the Olympics On TV

Kentucky Senate: GOP Hopefuls Remain Out Front

Poizner Unhinged, Whitman Unavailable By Debra J. Saunders

83% Blame Deficit on Politicians’ Unwillingness To Cut Spending

Illinois Senate: Kirk 46%, Giannoulias 40%

How Climate-Change Fanatics Corrupted Science By Michael Barone

The Urban Future Isn't All About Population Booms By Froma Harrop

Just 35% Realize Most Federal Spending Goes to National Defense, Social Security, Medicare

February 3, 2010

Connecticut Senate: Blumenthal (D) Still Running Strongly

31% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Apple Gets the Nod for Buzz Over Microsoft

46% Favor A Tax Cut for All Americans, 35% Oppose

41% Fine With Budget Deficit If Taxes Are Cut

Texas Governor: White Trails Perry, Hutchison – And Medina

The Value of Diversity: A Commentary by Susan Estrich

Obama's Quagmire of Ambiguity: A Commentary By Tony Blankley

February 2, 2010

Texas GOP Primary: Perry 44%, Hutchison 29%, Medina 16%

Only 42% At Least Somewhat Confident In U.S. Banking System  

Republicans Lead By Seven on Generic Ballot  

Arkansas Senate: Lincoln’s Numbers Worsen, Trails Top GOP Challengers

Rasmussen Employment Index Records Gains for Second Straight Month

34% Think They’ll Earn More A Year From Now

Off in the New Age By Froma Harrop  

A Results-Free Cell Phone Law By Debra J. Saunders

February 1, 2010

Month-by-Month Review of Consumer Confidence

Partisan Trends: Number of Unaffiliateds Jumps to Highest Total Since 2007

Florida GOP Senate: Rubio 49%, Crist 37%

44% Say Terrorist Trials Should Be Held at Guantanamo, 33% Disagree

Obama Approval Index Month-by-Month

Florida Senate: Crist, Rubio Still Ahead of Democrats’ Meek

Obama impresses 'educated class' but not terrorists By Michael Barone

Consumer Confidence Reaches New 2010 High on Monday

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