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Most Recent Articles: March 2012

March 31, 2012

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

Opening Week: Yankees Favorite to Win 2012 World Series

March 30, 2012

Kentucky Heavy Favorite to Win Men’s NCAA Championship

58% Oppose Reducing Size of U.S. Nuclear Arsenal

Wisconsin GOP: Romney 44%, Santorum 34%, Gingrich 7%, Paul 7%

Even If It Survives the Court, the Health Care Law Is Doomed By Scott Rasmussen

Does Romney Have a Home? By Froma Harrop

Democrats’ House Hopes Could Run Aground in Great Lakes By Kyle Kondik

March 29, 2012

73% Say U.S. Children More Overweight Than Those Overseas

Wisconsin: Obama Grows Lead Over GOP Hopefuls

Maryland GOP: Romney 45%, Santorum 28%, Gingrich 12%, Paul 7%

54% Expect U.S. Supreme Court To Overturn Health Care Law

Obama's Gaffe Hints at Hidden Agenda in Second Term: A Commentary By Michael Barone

If Obamacare Goes, Will America "Let Him Die"?: A Commentary By Joe Conason

47% Support Legalizing, Taxing Marijuana

March 28, 2012

29% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Wisconsin Senate: Thompson (R) 48%, Baldwin (D) 44%

Ohio: Obama Takes Bigger Lead Over Romney, Santorum

33% Believe Zimmerman Guilty of Murder in Trayvon Martin Case

Job Killers By John Stossel

63% Say Shale Oil Development Possible Without Hurting the Environment

March 27, 2012

Voters Less Confident Than Ever That Social Security Will Pay All Promised Benefits

48% Oppose Requiring Women to View Ultrasounds Before Abortions

Ohio Senate: Brown (D) 43%, Mandel (R) 43%

48% Say Feds Should Drop Gas Tax Until Prices Come Down

65% Say Most High School Graduates Lack Skills to Enter the Workforce

Whether Obamacare Wins or Loses, Obama Wins By Froma Harrop

March 26, 2012

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 43%, Democrats 38%

52% Say U.S. Safer Today Than Before 9/11

82% Oppose Ban on Donating Food to Homeless Shelters

57% Favor Use of ‘Fracking’ To Find More U.S. Oil and Gas

In Obama Campaign Video, It's Not Morning in America: A Commentary By Michael Barone

46% of GOP Voters Still Like Primary Process

March 25, 2012

60% Say Border Control Is Priority in Immigration Reform

Just 23% Rate U.S. Public Schools As Good Or Excellent

March 24, 2012

22% Say Government Should Ban Tobacco Smoking

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

March 23, 2012

Obama Ahead of Romney, Santorum in Core Four States (FL, NC, OH, VA)

62% Think Offshore Drilling Likely To Lower Gas Prices

Wisconsin GOP: Romney, 46%, Santorum 33%, Paul 8%, Gingrich 7%

 For Voters, Tax Reform Means Tax Equality By Scott Rasmussen

Ryan's Budget Kicks the Can at Timorous Democrats By Michael Barone

62% Think Health Law Will Cause Companies To Drop Employee Health Insurance

March 22, 2012

51% Favor Candidate Who Promises To Raise Taxes Only On Rich

74% Have Allergies or Know Someone Who Does

Virginia: Obama Widens Lead Over Romney, Santorum

Louisiana GOP: Santorum 43%, Romney 31%, Gingrich 16%, Paul 5%

69% Say Those Struggling With Mortgage Should Sell, Buy Cheaper Home

Sky Not Falling With Japanese Birthrates By Froma Harrop

Paul Ryan's Plan for American Decline By Joe Conason

March 21, 2012

31% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

33% Say Spring Is Their Favorite Season

56% Say Federal Government Encourages Illegal Immigration

Virginia Senate: Allen (R) 46%, Kaine (D) 44%

57% Haven’t Been Impacted By Health Care Law Yet

What Is Fair?: A Commentary By John Stossel

22% Say GOP Should Pick Veep Nominee From Remaining Presidential Also-Rans

March 20, 2012

64% Say U.S. Society is Fair and Decent

Nevada: Obama Leads Romney, Santorum

Housing Confidence Stalls After Early 2012 Gains

Nevada Senate: Heller (R) 47%, Berkley (D) 40%

Expensive Care That Hurts Patients By Froma Harrop

74% See China As Bigger Threat Economically Than Militarily

March 19, 2012

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 44%, Democrats 40%

26% Willing to Pay Higher Taxes To Reduce Federal Deficit

New High: 47% Confident Fed Can Control Inflation

53% Favor Immediate Withdrawal of All U.S. Forces From Afghanistan

56% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law

Missouri 2012: Romney, Santorum Lead Obama by Nine

March 18, 2012

41% Say America’s Best Days In Future

New Low: 28% Give Supreme Court Positive Ratings

March 17, 2012

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

8% Rate St. Patrick’s Day As An Important Holiday

March 16, 2012

48% in Florida View Rubio Favorably

Obama Trails Santorum, Leads Romney in Core Four States (FL, NC, OH, VA) 

National Poll: Romney 37%, Santorum 28%, Gingrich 17%, Paul 10%

Illinois: Romney 41% Santorum 32% Gingrich 14%

What Are We Doing in Afghanistan?: A Commentary By Joe Conason

Romney Set to Dominate Race Through April: A Commentary by Kyle Kondik, Larry J. Sabato, and Geoffrey Skelley

Missouri Senate: McCaskill Behind Top Republican Challengers

To Create Jobs, Voters Want to Cut While Washington Wants to Spend: A Commentary By Scott Rasmussen

March 15, 2012

48% Blame Bad Economy on Bush Recession, 46% Blame Obama's Policies

58% Favor Taxing All At The Same Percentage Rate

Arizona 2012: Obama Trails Romney, Ties Santorum

56% Oppose Justice Department’s Blocking of Texas Voter ID Law

Florida 2012: Obama Now Edges Romney and Santorum

Pundits Gasp as Economy Dents Obama's Poll Numbers By Michael Barone

Rising Gas Prices Don't Hurt Like They Used To By Froma Harrop

March 14, 2012

32% Say U.S. Heading In Right Direction

Just 35% Are Confident Medicare Will Pay All Promised Benefits

54% Still Haven’t Filed Their Income Taxes

Arizona Senate: Top GOP Candidates Lead Democratic Challengers

Florida Senate: Mack (R) 43%, Nelson (D) 36%

Complex Societies Need Simple Laws: A Commentary By John Stossel

31% See Facebook As Bad For Society

March 13, 2012

46% Are Confident in Stability of U.S. Banking System

California GOP Primary: Romney 43%, Santorum 23%, Gingrich 15%, Paul 8%

Texas GOP Primary: Romney 32%, Santorum 30%, Gingrich 19%, Paul 9%

Just 29% Believe Limbaugh Apology Was Sincere

The Real Problem With Online Anonymity By Froma Harrop

76% Favor Maximum Tax Payment of 20%

March 12, 2012

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republican 44%, Democrats 38%

59% View Obama As More Liberal Than They Are

33% Think Employers Have Right to Fire Those Who Post Inappropriate Facebook Content

37% Say Their Views More Like Obama’s; 53% Pick One of GOP Contenders

52% Worry Government Will Do Too Much Trying To Help Economy

Romney May Recapture Upscale Whites for the GOP By Michael Barone

March 11, 2012

One Week in America

Voters Evenly Divided On Obama’s Handling of Economy

March 10, 2012

34% See Daylight Saving Time As An Energy Saver

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

March 9, 2012

New High: 50% View Boehner Unfavorably

Obama Leads Romney, Santorum in Core Four States (FL, NC, OH, VA)

Mississippi Primary: Romney 35%, Santorum 27%, Gingrich 27%, Paul 6%

Alabama GOP Primary: Gingrich 30%, Santorum 29%, Romney 28%, Paul 7%

After Snowe, Is Brown Next? By Froma Harrop

56% Think America Is Overtaxed

The Real 'Entitlement Mentality' That Is Bankrupting America By Scott Rasmussen

March 8, 2012

64% Have No Opinion of Energy Secretary Steven Chu

43% Expect To Earn More Money A Year From Now

15% View Russia’s Putin Favorably

National GOP: Romney 39%, Santorum 27%, Gingrich 17%, Paul 10%

Can Obama Muzzle the Dogs of War?: A Commentary by Joe Conason

On Iran and Entitlements, Obama Kicks the Can Down the Road: A Commentary By Michael Barone

Voters Are Less Sure Next President Will Be A Republican

March 7, 2012

30% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

42% See Current Company As Best Chance For Advancement

43% Say New Candidate Should Enter GOP Race; Most Republicans Disagree

Nebraska: Romney 52%, Obama 35%

42% See U.S. Debt Default As Somewhat Likely

Vulture Capitalism By John Stossel

March 6, 2012

42% Give Obama Good or Excellent Marks for Leadership

Nebraska Senate: Bruning (R) 55%, Kerrey (D) 33%

Rasmussen Employment Index Hits Highest Level Since 2008 Financial Crisis

Obama, Romney Run Near Even When It Comes to Major Issues

What Limbaugh Is Really About By Froma Harrop

65% Now Expect Romney To Be The Republican Nominee

March 5, 2012

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 44%, Democrats 41%

48% in Massachusetts Consider State's Health Care Reform A Success

Massachusetts: Obama 55%, Romney 38%

Georgia GOP Primary: Gingrich 37%, Romney 27%, Santorum 18%, Paul 10%

53% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law

Ohio GOP Primary: Santorum 32%, Romney 31%, Gingrich 13%, Paul 13%

James Q Wilson: A Happy American Life By Michael Barone

March 4, 2012

Economy Still Number One on Voters' Minds 

Tennessee Primary: Santorum 34%, Romney 30%, Gingrich 18%, Paul 8%

March 3, 2012

13% Say U.S. Should Take Bigger Role Helping European Economy

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

March 2, 2012

25% Say U.S. Doesn't Spend Enough on Defense

72% Want Members of Congress Banned From Trading and Investing

Georgia Primary: Gingrich 38%, Romney 26%, Santorum 20%, Paul 7%

Snowepocalypse Greatly Harms Republican Chances of Senate Takeover By The Crystal Ball Team

Romney's Budget-balancing for Dummies By Joe Conason

Obama Full-Month Approval Numbers Rise To Year-High

Why Politicians Can't Connect With the Middle Class By Scott Rasmussen

OHIO: Santorum 33%, Romney 31%, Gingrich 15%, Paul 11%

March 1, 2012

10% Now Say Congress Doing A Good or Excellent Job

24% Owe More on Their Credit Cards Now Than A Year Ago

Massachusetts Senate: Brown (R) 49%, Warren (D) 44%

National GOP: Romney 40%, Santorum 24%, Gingrich 16%, Paul 12%

Why Liberals Like Taxing the Wealthy: A Commentary By Michael Barone

Partisan Trends: GOP Holds Steady, Democrats Fall To New Low 


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