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Most Recent Articles: February 2012

February 29, 2012

32% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Just 27% Think Government Management Helps Economy

Obama Leads Romney, Santorum In Wisconsin

Just 12% Say Schools Can Be Made Safe From Violence Like in Ohio

Prohibition By John Stossel

54% in Wisconsin Oppose Recall of GOP Governor Walker

February 28, 2012

64% Think Budget Cuts Should Be Considered in Every Government Program

58% Say Free Market Competition Better Than Regulations At Controlling Gas Prices

Wisconsin Senate: Thompson (R) 50%, Baldwin (D) 36%

19% Support Increased U.S. Involvement In Syria

Racial Preferences in College Admissions: Time to Go: A Commentary by Froma Harrop

54% Think Romney Most Likely To Be GOP Nominee

February 27, 2012

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 43%, Democrats 39%

63% Believe Reducing Dependence on Foreign Oil More Important Than Low Gas Prices

33% Favor Letting People Buy Homes With No Money Down

Michigan GOP Primary: Romney 38%, Santorum 36%

Romney, Santorum Represent Different White Americas By Michael Barone

39% Favor Free Health Care for All Americans

February 26, 2012

55% Oppose Affirmative Action Policies for College Admissions

68% Say Newcomers Should Adopt America's Culture and Language

February 25, 2012

“The Help,” Clooney and Streep Lead Among Oscar Watchers

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

February 24, 2012

52% Say U.S. Safer Today Than Before 9/11

Montana: Romney 48%, Obama 41%

Obama, Romney Nearly Tied in Pennsylvania, Santorum Trails

I Tried to Open a Lemonade Stand: A Commentary By John Stossel

Arizona GOP Primary: Romney 42%, Santorum 29%

Trickle Down Environmentalism Has Little Public Support: A Commentary By Scott Rasmussen

Michigan GOP Primary: Romney 40%, Santorum 34%

February 23, 2012

59% Say Border Control More Important to Immigration Reform

 Obama Tied With Romney, Santorum in Core Four States (FL, NC, OH, VA)

Montana Senate: Rehberg (R) 47%, Tester (D) 44%

Georgia Primary: Gingrich 33%, Santorum 28%, Romney 20%, Paul 9%

55% Think Gas Could Top $5 A Gallon

Santorum's Loose Lips Can Turn Convictions to Controversy By Michael Barone

Obama Leads Romney, Santorum in Virginia

The Santorum Surge And Its Larger Meaning By Larry J Sabato

February 22, 2012

31% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Virginia Senate: Allen (R) 46%, Kaine (D) 46%

Oklahoma Primary: Santorum 43%, Gingrich 22%, Romney 18%, Paul 7%

38% Think Insurers Should Provide Morning After Pill for Free

33% Have Filed Their Income Taxes Already

Politicians Fiddle While Fiscal Crisis Looms By John Stossel

February 21, 2012

Voters View Geithner, Holder Slightly More Favorably

Michigan Primary: Santorum 38%, Romney 34%

59% Fear Efforts To Deport Illegal Immigrants Will Violate Civil Rights of Citizens

29% Favor $10,000 Subsidies for Electric Car Buyers

Liberal Elite to Blame for Working-class Woes???: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

53% Believe Home Worth More Than Purchase Price, Down 27 Points from 2008

February 20, 2012

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 42%, Democrats 41%

57% Say Home Worth More Than What They Still Owe

54% Favor Full Combat Role for Women in Military

53% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law, 50% Say It's Likely

Prudence Is Key to Reversing Obama's 'Soft Despotism' By Michael Barone

Washington, Lincoln More Popular Than Their Holiday

February 19, 2012

40% Consider Reagan Most Influential President Of Last 50 Years

46% Say Driving Is Something They Really Enjoy

February 18, 2012

68% Likely To Buy Girl Scout Cookies This Year

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

February 17, 2012

46% Say America’s Best Days Are In The Past

Obama Up Big In California Against Romney, Santorum

Arizona GOP Primary: Romney 39%, Santorum 31%, Gingrich 15%, Paul 7%

Numbers Suggest Santorum Could Be Romney's Worst Nightmare By Scott Rasmussen

52% Favor Candidate Who Would Raise Taxes on Wealthy

Missiles Aimed at Social Security and Medicare By Froma Harrop

February 16, 2012

Ford Still Viewed More Favorably Than GM, Chrysler

46% Say It’s Possible For Any American Seeking Work To Find A Job

63% Favor Federal Payroll Cuts Over Pay Raises To Help Economy

Ohio GOP Primary: Santorum 42%, Romney 24%

52% Say It’s Better for GOP To Work With Obama Than Stand on Principle

Will Catholic Bishops and the Religious Right Save Obama?: A Commentary by Joe Conason

A Failure of Imagination Put Metro on Wrong Track: A Commentary by Michael Barone

New Mexico: Obama 55%, Santorum 37%

February 15, 2012

34% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

New Mexico Senate: Heinrich (D) 45%, Wilson (R) 43%

Americans Strongly Support Scouting But Say It's Tough To Get Kids Involved

National GOP: Santorum 39%, Romney 27%, Gingrich 15%, Paul 10%

14% Are Very Likely to Buy or Lease A Car This Year

Never Trust Government Numbers: A Commentary By John Stossel

Fewer See Major Depression Coming, Still Pessimistic About Housing, Stock Markets

February 14, 2012

59% Have Favorable Opinion of Social Security

Michigan GOP Primary: Santorum 35%, Romney 32%

59% of Catholics Disapprove of Obama’s Job Performance

57% Believe Violence in Movies Leads to Violence in Society

Florida Senate: Mack (R) 41%, Nelson (D) 41%

French Model for American Parents By Froma Harrop

February 13, 2012

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 43%, Democrats 41%

Most Ohio Voters View Social Security, Medicare Favorably

37% Expect Stronger U.S. Economy A Year From Now

Voters Are Gung-Ho for Use of Drones But Not Over the United States

Romney Appeals to White Collars, Santorum to Blue: A Commentary By Michael Barone

Most Voters Still Think Bailouts Bad for America

February 12, 2012

Voters Grow More Aware of Defense Secretary Panetta

52% Say GOP Agenda In Congress Is Extreme

February 11, 2012

50% Approve of Obama in Ohio, 44% Say Same of Kasich

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

White Nationalists Share Spotlight With GOP at CPAC By Joe Conason

February 10, 2012

67% Say Too Hard To Get Rid of Bad Teachers

Florida: Obama Nearly Tied With Santorum, Ahead of Romney

32% Say Arab Spring Good for U.S., 31% Say Bad

Team Obama Fumbles Ruling, Offends Catholics By Scott Rasmussen

Ohio Senate: Brown (D) 44%, Mandel (R) 40%

February 9, 2012

73% Expect to Be Paying More for Groceries A Year From Now

Congressional Leaders Are Slightly Less Disliked This Month

51% Support More Funding For New Math and Science Teachers

Big Brother Is 'Sharing': A Commentary by Froma Harrop

Ohio: Obama Leads Romney, Tied with Santorum

More Voters Than Ever Blame Bush, Not Obama, for Bad Economy

February 8, 2012

29% Say U.S. Heading In Right Direction

53% Approve of Obama in Michigan

Most GOP Voters Still Think Romney Will Be The Nominee

50% Oppose Gov't Mandate for Religious Organizations to Provide Contraceptives

43% Say Random Choices From Phone Book Better Than Current Congress

Government Can't Make Us Happy By John Stossel

February 7, 2012

56% Rarely Go To Movies

National GOP: Romney 34%, Gingrich 27%, Santorum 18%, Paul 11%

52% Lack Confidence In Stability of U.S. Banking System

67% Favor Ending U.S. Combat Role in Afghanistan by Next Year

What Komen Affair Means for November: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

59% Say Election Rules 'Rigged' To Help Congressional Incumbents

February 6, 2012

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 43%, Democrats 41%

23% Support Ongoing Federal Support For Long-Term Unemployed

If Israel Attacks Iran, 48% Want U.S. to Help Israel

Box-checking Obama in a Liberal Cocoon By Michael Barone

54% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law, 43% Say It Will Be Bad For U.S.

In Arizona, Obama Approval at 41%

February 5, 2012

Game Day: 63% Will Watch Super Bowl, Most Will Be At Home

February 4, 2012

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

Viewers Evenly Divided On Super Bowl XLVI Winner

February 3, 2012

Super Bowl Viewers Don’t Think Madonna’s Good Choice For Halftime Show

77% Know Someone Out of Work and Looking For A Job

50% Say Candidate Can Win Without Criticizing Opponent

How Long Is Romney's Road To The Nomination?: A Commentary By Larry J. Sabato, Kyle Kondik and Geoffrey Skelley

The High Cost of Romney's Scorching Victory: A Commentary By Joe Conason

Are the Trends Obama's Friend?: A Commentary By Scott Rasmussen

February 2, 2012

69% Oppose Efforts to Increase Those on Food Stamps

Arizona GOP Primary: Romney 48%, Gingrich 24%, Santorum 13%, Paul 6%

Michigan GOP Primary: Romney 38%, Gingrich 23%, Santorum 17%, Paul 14%

39% Say Unions Bad for Business, 31% Say Good

Obama Full-Month Approval Hits Highest Point Since June

Immigration and 'Obamacare' Join as Issue By Froma Harrop

After Big Win, Romney Faces Tough Opponents in a Long War By Michael Barone

February 1, 2012

29% Say U.S. Heading In Right Direction

48% Give Obama Positive Marks On Leadership

Partisan Trends: The Number of Democrats Falls To New Low

53% Favor Fingerprinting Requirement For Food Stamp Applicants

Policing the World: A Commentary By John Stossel

79% Give Their Boss Positive Marks


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