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Most Recent Articles: June 2009

 June 30, 2009  

 57% Say Gun Sales Up Due To Fear of More Gun Control   

 Republicans Lead Again on Congressional Ballot   

 42% Say Climate Change Bill Will Hurt The Economy   

 82% Would Choose Living in U.S. Over Anywhere Else   

 For Straying Pols, It's the Hurt That Matters By Froma Harrop   

 June 29, 2009  

 Massachusetts Governor Race So Far Is Referendum on Incumbent Patrick   

 50% Favor Obama Health Reform Plan, 45% Oppose It   

 Voters’ View of Congress Down Again This Month   

 Massachusetts: 26% Consider State’s Health Care Reform a Success   

 Discover(R) Small Business Watch (SM): Small Business Confidence Rises as Cash Flow Issues Decline   

 No Excuse for Dems' Sticker Shock on Health Care By Michael Barone   

 June 28, 2009  

 40% Say Obama Not Aggressive Enough in Supporting Iranian Reformers, 42% Say His Response Has Been Just Right   

 Disability, Inc. By Debra J. Saunders   

 June 27, 2009  

 What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls   

 June 26, 2009  

 31% Say Publicly Held Companies Should Disclose When Top Managers Are Ill   

 Only 17% Rate Government A Wiser Spender Than Private Business   

 Most S.C. Voters See Sanford’s Ethics As Norm for Politicians, But 46% Say He Should Resign   

 44% Favor Legalized Online Gambling But Not If It’s Taxable   

 June 25, 2009  

 39% of Adults in Hurricane Areas Say Government Should Bear Most of the Costs   

 Cheerios 87, FDA 4   

 31% Say Stimulus Plan Has Helped Economy, 30% Say It Hurt   

 74% Trust Their Own Economic Judgment More Than Congress’   

 The Adolescent Angst of Barack Obama: A Commentary by Michael Barone   

 The Sickening Addiction That May Kill Reform: A Commentary By Joe Conason   

 GOP’s McCollum Takes Early Lead in Florida’s 2010 Governor Race   

 June 24, 2009  

 Radical Prescription By Peter Weiss      

 2010 Florida Senate Race: Crist Leads Meek or Brown      

 37% Say Country Heading in Right Direction   

 46% Say Fed Chairman Has Too Much Power; Views of Bernanke, Geithner Unchanged      

 The Confused American By Susan Estrich      

 76% Say Government Likely To Waste Stimulus Money      

 More Voters See Their Taxes Increasing Under Obama   

 June 23, 2009  

 Democrats Break Tie on Latest Generic Ballot   

 81% Say Palestinians Must Recognize Israel’s Right To Exist As Part of Any Peace Agreement   

 47% Oppose More Government Regulation of U.S. Financial System   

 Bad Times for Whistle-blowers: A Commentary by Debra J. Saunders   

 Act Fast on Health Care, Obama: A Commentary by Froma Harrop   

 54% Oppose “Cash for Clunkers” Plan To Spur Purchase of Greener Cars   

 50% Say Hate Is Growing in America   

 June 22, 2009  

 2010 Georgia GOP Primary: Oxendine Far Ahead of Other Gubernatorial Hopefuls   

 Georgia 2010 Democratic Primary: Barnes Big Leader in Governor’s Race   

 69% Value Volunteer Service Over Political Activity   

 39% Now Blame Bad Economy on Obama’s Policies   

 June 21, 2009  

 62% Plan To Visit Dad on Father’s Day   

 Oil and Water Mix in Ecuador By Debra J. Saunders   

 June 20, 2009  

 What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls   

 June 19, 2009  

 Americans Evenly Divided Over Urgency of Health Care Reform   

 69% in Michigan Say Government Should Sell Shares in GM, Chrysler ASAP   

 On Iran, 43% Say Obama’s Response About Right, 35% Say Not Aggressive Enough   

 Most Agree That Being A Father Is A Man's Most Important Role   

 How To Become a Civil Libertarian By Debra J. Saunders      

 The AMA's Unhealthy Obsession By Joe Conason   

 Gay Rights By Susan Estrich   

 June 18, 2009  

 Voters Closely Divided Over Cause of Global Warming         

 Pennsylvania 2010 Senate Match-ups: Specter, Sestak Top Toomey   

 28% Likely To Feel Impact of Closed GM, Chrysler Dealerships   

 32% See Better U.S. Relationship With Muslim World   

 All Politics Is Turnout -- and Enthusiasm Is Key By Michael Barone   

 Timid Obama Succumbs to Old Politics By Froma Harrop         

 The Fed in Charge of Systemic Risk? What a Mess By Lawrence Kudlow   

 June 17, 2009  

 Pennsylvania Senate Primary: Specter 51% Sestak 32%   

 38% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction   

 Little Change in Perceptions of Sotomayor   

 48% Say It’s Too Easy To Sue Doctors, 44% Favor Caps on Jury Awards   

 Just 31% Say America Will Be On Top At End of the Century      

 Healthcare: Obama's Waterloo? By Dick Morris   

 The Fourth Estate By Susan Estrich      

 A Fine Madness in the Washington Air By Tony Blankley   

 June 16, 2009  

 Generic Ballot Remains a Tie for Second Straight Week   

 80% Want Government To Sell Stake In GM, Chrysler Right Now   

 64% Say Comedians Shouldn't Joke about Children of Public Figures   

 Pessimism About Financial Security Might Be Slowing   

 Most Americans Are Concerned About Gas Prices But Not Enough to Stop Taking Their Own Car To Work   

 Deficit Worry Is the Greenest Shoot By Froma Harrop   

 When Detainees Get Rights They Don't Deserve By Michael Barone   

 An Orgy of Indignation By Debra J. Saunders   

 June 15, 2009  

 North Korea Tops List of Threats to U.S. National Security   

 83% Now Say More U.S. Troops Likely in Afghanistan   

 41% Favor Public Sector Health Care Option, 41% Disagree   

 51% Say More Government Regulation Likely To Help Reduce Smoking   

 Defending America’s First Amendment By Howard Rich   

 June 14, 2009  

 Armed and Extreme, but Buried in Briefs By Debra J. Saunders   

 June 13, 2009  

 What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls   

 June 12, 2009  

 61% of Illinois Voters Say They Would Definitely Vote Against Roland Burris   

 47% Concerned About Swine Flu, Down 18 Points From April   

 Americans Support Universal Health Coverage, But Not If It Covers Illegal Immigrants   

 Pelosi’s Favorables Unchanged Despite Waterboarding Flap   

 Worrying About Israel By Susan Estrich   

 Sotomayor, the New Yorker By Froma Harrop   

 Back to the Future for Obama By Alan I. Abramowitz      

 June 11, 2009  

 53% Say More Government Spending Hurts the Economy   

 51% Say Cut Everybody’s Taxes To Stimulate the Economy   

 Most Reject Government Control of Executive Compensation If Bailout Is Repaid   

 Virginia Governor: Deeds (D) 47%, McDonnell (R) 41%   

 Inflation Looms: O's Deficit Dilemma By Dick Morris         

 Obama's Centers of Excellence By Debra J. Saunders   

 Qualms and Questions About Obama's Health Plan By Michael Barone   

 Why So Scared of a Public Plan? By Joe Conason      

 June 10, 2009  

 36% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction   

 45% Say Cancel Rest of Stimulus Spending   

 Most Americans Aren’t Counting On A Payback From GM   

 44% Believe Constitution Doesn’t Restrict Government Enough   

 Europe Asks, Does Tomorrow Belong to Us? By Tony Blankley      

 Obama's Vulnerability By Dick Morris   

 June 9, 2009  

 Generic Ballot Finds Democrats, Republicans in a Dead Heat   

 32% Say Cost Has Kept Them From Filling A Prescription   

 62% Say Obama Should Not Meet With Iran Until It Stops Nuclear Weapons Program   

 41% Say Quality of GM Cars Will Suffer Under Government Management   

 Many Think Octomom, Jon and Kate Exploiting Their Children   

 A Texas-Size Medical Lesson By Froma Harrop   

 June 8, 2009  

 Voters Now Trust Republicans More than Democrats on Economic Issues   

 Americans Still Like Wal-Mart, Say It’s Good for the Community      

 Just 42% of GM Owners Likely to Buy GM Again   

 32% Say Most Islamic Nations Want Peaceful Relations with America   

 Obama Needs to Brush up on Middle East History By Michael Barone   

 June 7, 2009  

 S .F. Students Earn Their Stripes: A Commentary by Debra J. Saunders   

 Imperfect Moments: A Commentary by Susan Estrich   

 June 6, 2009  

 Recall the Stimulus: A Commentary by Lawrence Kudlow   

 What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls   

 June 5, 2009  

  51% Rate Obama’s Leadership Skills Good or Excellent     

 83% Say U.S. Legal System Should Treat All Americans Equally   

 Americans Overwhelmingly Believe Judges of Different Backgrounds Would Reach Same Conclusion         

 CEOs Still Bring Up The Rear in Public’s Opinion   

 Why Do We Talk About Judges This Way? By Dahlia Lithwick   

 Advancing Civil Rights By Overturning Old Laws By Michael Barone         

 June 4, 2009  

 Rasmussen Employment Index Makes Modest Gain in May   

 26% Applaud GM Bailout But 17% Favor Boycott   

 New Jersey Governor: Christie (R) 51% Corzine (D) 38%   

 74% Say Peace between Israel and Palestinians Not Likely in Next 10 Years   

 Headcount Follies By Debra J. Saunders      

 Domestic Terrorism by Any Standard By Joe Conason         

 Motown Wonders: Where Did Our Love Go? By Froma Harrop   

 June 3, 2009  

 Voters’ Opinions on America’s Direction Remain Steady      

 Sotomayor Beats Bush’s Supreme Court Nominees So Far   

 Only 28% See Better U.S. Relationship With Muslim World A Year From Now   

 Sotomayor Support Softens Over Past Week, But 88% Still Say Confirmation Likely   

 46% Want Health Reform Now, 45% Say Wait Until Economy Improves      

 It's Not About Ideology By Susan Estrich         

 Death by Deficit By Tony Blankley   

 The Inevitability of Parental Choice By Howard Rich      

 June 2, 2009  

 Support for Both Major Parties Slips This Week on Generic Ballot         

 77% of Georgia Voters Favor ID Checks Before Voting, Justice Department Disagrees   

 Health Care, National Security Drop in Importance Among Voters   

 Voters Put More Emphasis On Deficit Cutting Over Health Care Reform         

 52% Still Fear Government Will ‘Help’ Economy Too Much   

 Yesterday’s Story By Lawrence Kudlow   

 Murder in Wichita By Debra J. Saunders      

 Toad Hall Madness Fades, but Sadness Lingers By Froma Harrop   

 June 1, 2009  

 Number of Democrats Increases Slightly in May   

 Americans Have Voted ‘No' on GM Bailout From Day One   

 Congressional Consensus on Health Care Gets Mixed Reviews from Public   

 28% Likely To Watch Conan O'Brien on "Tonight Show," But Carson Still King         

 31% Say Stimulus Package Helped, 27% Say It Hurt Economy   

 62% Say Bush, Not Obama, To Blame For Ongoing Economic Problems   

 GOP Should Run Against the Power of the Center By Michael Barone      




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