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Most Recent Articles: July 2012

July 31, 2012

68% Say There Are Too Many Unnecessary Laws in the U.S.

Employment Index Slips to 2012 Low

Missouri: Romney 50%, Obama 44%

Drought Nation Heads for Dry Federal Well: A Commentary by Froma Harrop

46% Will Be Voting For Lesser of Two Evils This Presidential Election

44% of TV Viewers Say There Are More Negative Campaign Ads This Year

July 30, 2012

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 43%, Democrats 40%

52% Say Violence in Video Games, Movies Leads to More Violence in Society

49% Say Syrian Government Likely to Use Chemical Weapons Against Opponents

55% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law

Most Voters Have Not Felt Personal Impact of Health Care Law

2012 Campaign Very Different Than Kerry vs. Bush by Michael Barone

July 29, 2012

New Low: Just 14% Think Today’s Children Will Be Better Off Than Their Parents

July 28, 2012

Democrats’ Baldwin Now Leads GOP Pack in Wisconsin Senate Race

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

July 27, 2012

66% Say Colorado Shooter Suspect Should Get Death Penalty

Wisconsin: Obama 49%, Romney 46%

Wounded and Pregnant, an Aurora Family Without Health Coverage: A Commentary By Joe Conason

Final Veepstakes Ratings: Pawlenty, Portman Continue To Top List: A Commentary By Kyle Kondik and Larry J. Sabato

62% Think Health Law Likely to Cause Some Companies to Drop Employee Coverage

Nevada Senate: Heller (R) 51%, Berkley (D) 42%

Declining Views of the Economy Put Obama's Reelection at Risk: A Commentary By Scott Rasmussen

July 26, 2012

Just 23% Have a Favorable Opinion of Geithner

27% Say Sanctions Given to Penn State Too Severe

Nevada: Obama 50%, Romney 45%

Conservatives Backtrack on Long Prison Sentences: A Commentary By Michael Barone

49% Trust Romney More On Economy; 43% Trust Obama More

Badger Cottage Versus Toad Hall: A Commentary by Froma Harrop

56% Say Housing Market Will Take More Than Three Years to Fully Recover

July 25, 2012

30% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

55% See Renewable Energy Better Investment Than Fossil Fuels

Long-Term Optimism About U.S. Economy Falls to New Low

46% Say Romney Should Release More Tax Returns, 46% Disagree

Michigan Senate: Stabenow Still Leads Top GOP Rivals

America, the Law-crazed By John Stossel

July 24, 2012

45% Fear Federal Government Will Do Too Much To Help Economy

 Michigan: Obama 48%, Romney 42%

51% Say U.S. Should Help Israel If It Attacks Iran

When Only a Human Will Do By Froma Harrop

77% Say U.S. Athletes Excelling in Olympics Makes Them Proud To Be Americans

July 23, 2012

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 43%, Democrats 40%

Partisan Economics: Democrats Believe Economy Getting Better

41% Say U.S. Needs Stricter Gun Laws

72% Believe Small Business Owners Primarily Responsible for Their Own Success

Booming North Dakota City Shows Wisdom of Markets: A Commentary By Michael Barone

52% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law, 45% Say Repeal is Likely

Pennsylvania Senate: Casey (D) 49%, Smith (R) 38%

July 22, 2012

63% Say It’s Not A Good Time To Sell A House

Among Military Veterans: Romney 59% Obama 35%

July 21, 2012

47% Say It's Too Easy To Get Food Stamps

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

July 20, 2012

 54% Expect More Partisanship in Washington

Pennsylvania: Obama 48%, Romney 44%

Confidence in Housing Values Falls to Lows for the Year

Must We Go Here Again? Birthers, Neo-birthers and Right-wing Sleaze By Joe Conason

Ohio Senate: Brown (D) 46%, Mandel (R) 42%

Bain Attacks Fail to Shake Up Presidential Race By Scott Rasmussen

July 19, 2012

49% Say Current Government Programs Increase Level of Poverty in U.S.

Most Americans Have Had Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Checked In Past Six Months

Among Uncommitted Voters, Obama Job Approval Is At 29%

Ohio: Obama 47%, Romney 45%

62% Put Economic Growth Ahead of Economic Fairness

Obama Believes Success Is a Gift From Government: A Commentary by Michael Barone

If You Like Local Government...:A Commentary By Froma Harrop

Virginia Senate: Kaine (D) 46%, Allen (R) 45% 

July 18, 2012

28% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

66% Rate Their Own Health As Good Or Excellent

Virginia: Obama 47%, Romney 46%

83% Favor Work Requirement for Welfare Recipients

57% Say Venture Capital Firms Better Job Creators Than Government Programs

First Jobs By John Stossel

July 17, 2012

 52% Say Most U.S. Workers Are Dishonest to Get Ahead

30% Owe More Money Than They Did Last Year

43% Say Auto Bailouts Were Good for U.S., 44% Disagree

Rice is Still No. 1 on Short List of Romney Veep Possibilities

Are Some Republicans Ready to Deal on Taxes? by Froma Harrop

42% Think Raising Taxes on $250,000-Plus Incomes Will Help Economy

July 16, 2012

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 43%, Democrats 40%

42% Say They Cheated on a Test or Exam in School

41% See Romney’s Business Record As a Positive, 41% Disagree

Like Charter Schools, Britain's Academies Aim High: A Commentary by Michael Barone

54% Think Health Care Law Will Drive Up Costs; 52% Favor Repeal

66% Believe U.S. Has Too Much Government Power, Too Little Freedom

July 15, 2012

66% Are Happy With Their Lives

North Dakota Governor: Dalrymple (R) 61%, Taylor (D) 26%

July 14, 2012

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

38% Express Confidence In Fed To Keep Inflation, Interest Rates In Check

July 13, 2012

60% Say Congress Doing Poor Job

North Dakota: Romney 51%, Obama 36%

Obama Position on Extending Tax Cuts Tops GOP Proposal

If We're Headed Toward Greece, Republicans Are Driving Us There By Joe Conason

47% Think U.S. and Allies Are Winning War on Terror

An Over/Under on Democratic House Gains By Kyle Kondik

Why Obama's Still in the Race Despite the Bad Economy By Scott Rasmussen

July 12, 2012

Most Still Not Confident Social Security Will Pay All Promised Benefits

North Dakota Senate: Berg (R) 49%, Heitkamp (D) 40%

43% Confident In Stability of U.S. Banking Industry

Most Americans Define $50,000-A-Year As Middle Income

49% Favor Strict Legal Interpretation of the Constitution

The Worst Financial Scandal Yet? By Froma Harrop

A Muddled Outlook for Olympics-ready London by Michael Barone

July 11, 2012

32% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

41% of Workers Expect To Earn More Money In A Year

Most Voters Favor Photo ID At Polls, Don’t See It As Discrimination

Florida Senate: Mack (R) 46%, Nelson (D) 37%

35% View Tea Party Favorably, 42% Do Not

Budget Insanity: A Commentary By John Stossel

Partisans See Election 2012 As Very Important, Unaffiliateds Not So Sure

July 10, 2012

47% Rate Obama’s Leadership Good Or Excellent

66% Say Spending Cuts Should be Considered in All Government Programs

MLB All-Star Game: 51% Predict American League Win, 41% Pick National League

Florida: Romney 46%, Obama 45%

Only 7% Support Legal Reasoning That Led to Greater Government Regulation

 Where They Play, Rich Conservatives Like Zoning by Froma Harrop

Few Voters Expect Better Economy Regardless of Who Wins White House

July 9, 2012

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 43%, Democrats 40%

Voters Favor Bush Tax Cuts, Close Call When It Comes to the Wealthy

35% of Baseball Fans Say Josh Hamilton AL MVP So Far, NL Wide Open

32% of Workers Say Their Next Job Will Be Better Than Current One

53% Want Health Care Law Repealed

80% Expect Repeal of Health Care Law If Romney Wins

With Little to Say, Obama Eats Grits in Rust Belt by Michael Barone

July 8, 2012

Texas Rangers Favored To Win 2012 World Series

40% Trust Local Government More Than State, Federal

July 7, 2012

26% Conservative on Both Fiscal, Social Issues

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

July 6, 2012

24% of Dieters Have Used Pills to Lose Weight

Most Say Federal Gov Should Handle Banks, States Take Care of Gambling, Min Wage

31% Give Obama Positive Marks on Handling Economic Issues

To Fix Health Care System, Put Consumers in Charge: A Commentary By Scott Rasmussen

July 5, 2012

30% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

49% Likely To Watch Summer Olympics

84% Are Proud To Be Americans

Economy, Health Care Top Voter Concerns

47% Consider Obama’s Political Views Extreme, 31% Say Same of Romney

Executive Women Are Not That Special, Either by Froma Harrop

What If They Held an Election and Nobody Came? by Michael Barone

July 4, 2012

64% Rate Fourth of July As One of America's Most Important Holidays

53% Say America Nation With Liberty, Justice For All

July 3, 2012

74% Know July Fourth Celebrates Adoption of the Declaration of Independence

Employment Index Slips To Early 2012 Level

Discover (R) Consumer Spending Monitor (SM): Consumer Confidence Declines in June

Views on Holder Unchanged: 40% Think Attorney General Should Resign

Obama’s Full-Month Index Rating Dips Slightly In June

July 2, 2012

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 44%, Democrats 39%

Partisan Trends: Republicans 35.4%, Democrats 34.0%, Unaffiliateds 30.5%

Americans Still Agree With Declaration of Independence

Only 43% Now Believe America Is The Last Best Hope of Mankind

Obamacare Survives, but Political Playing Field Has Changed: A Commentary by Michael Barone

52% Favor Repeal of President’s Health Care Law

July 1, 2012

Approval Ratings for Supreme Court Slip Following Health Care Ruling

30% Say America Better Off Today Than Four Years Ago


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