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May 17, 2024

Would a Random Group of People Do Better Than Congress? 54% Say Yes

Only one-in-five voters think members of Congress listen to their constituents, and a majority say a random collection of people would do a better job.

May 16, 2024

Election Integrity: Voters Support Absentee Ballot Reforms

Two measures aimed at protecting the integrity of elections have majority support from American voters.

May 15, 2024

Is America Still a Constitutional Republic?

After the Constitutional Convention in 1787, when Benjamin Franklin was asked what kind of government the convention had created, he said, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Nearly half of voters don’t think we’ve kept it.

May 13, 2024

‘Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?’

Republicans are trusted more than Democrats on voters’ top issues and, in what may be the worst omen for President Joe Biden’s reelection bid, most answer “no” to a key question. 

May 10, 2024

46% Rate Media ‘Poor’ in Covering Most Important Issues

Inflation and illegal immigration top the list of issues voters consider the most important in the presidential election, and the news media don’t get very good grades for their coverage of those issues. 

May 9, 2024

GOP Widens Advantage on Crime Issue

Less than six months before Election Day, the Republican Party has widened its lead over Democrats in terms of who voters trust more to deal with the issue of crime. 


May 8, 2024

Have Campus Protests Backfired?

If the goal of students in recent campus protests was to make American voters more sympathetic to Palestinians, they’ve clearly failed.

May 7, 2024

‘Preserve, Protect and Defend’: How’s Biden Doing?

In terms of upholding his oath of office – to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States" – many voters don’t think President Joe Biden is doing better than his predecessor.

May 3, 2024

Election 2024: Trump Now +10 Over Biden

Despite being on trial in New York City, former President Donald Trump has widened his lead over President Joe Biden during the past month.

May 2, 2024

Civil War 2? Many Voters Think It’s Likely

The possibility that America could face another civil war soon is not too far-fetched for a lot of voters.

May 1, 2024

Election 2024: Has NYC Trial Hurt Trump?

Most voters don’t see the current trial of former President Donald Trump in New York City as a deal-breaker in terms of voting for him in November.

April 30, 2024

44% View Speaker Johnson Favorably

Clinging to a one-vote Republican majority in the House of Representatives, Speaker Mike Johnson’s popularity with voters has actually increased in recent weeks.

April 29, 2024

Nevada Voters Want Slower Growth, Less Immigration

The population of Nevada has more than tripled in the past four decades, and most voters in the state support policies to limit growth and restrict immigration.

April 26, 2024

Election 2024: More Voters View Trump Win Likely

Instead of asking who voters want to win the presidential election, what happens when we ask who they think actually will win in November?

April 25, 2024

‘Mean Tweets, World Peace’: Trump Wins the Meme War

More voters agree with a popular social media message in favor of former President Donald Trump than agree with a pro-Joe Biden message.

April 24, 2024

57% Say America Spends Too Much on Foreign Aid

Congress has passed a $95 billion foreign aid bill, but most voters say the government is spending too much to help other countries.

April 23, 2024

Ohio: 70% Support E-Verify Legislation

A bill pending in the Ohio legislature to help control illegal immigration by requiring employers to use the E-Verify system has overwhelming support from the state’s voters.

April 23, 2024

46% Give Biden ‘Poor’ Grade on Israel Policy

President Joe Biden’s policy toward Israel isn’t popular, and many think former President Donald Trump would do a better job handling the Middle East.

April 22, 2024

Can Trump Get a Fair Trial?

Opening arguments are expected today in the so-called “hush money” trial of former President Donald Trump, and more than half of voters doubt the fairness of the proceedings.

April 19, 2024

Who’s More Excited About Election 2024?

Republicans have a major edge over Democrats in terms of voter excitement, and voters overwhelmingly see President Joe Biden as too old to hold the office..