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April 2, 2024

Election 2024: Under-40 Voters More Open to Third-Party Vote

More than a quarter of American voters say they might vote for a third-party presidential candidate this year, and young voters are especially open to the idea.

April 1, 2024

Biden Approval Stays Steady in March

When tracking President Biden’s job approval on a daily basis, people sometimes get so caught up in the day-to-day fluctuations that they miss the bigger picture...

March 29, 2024

56% See Government as a Threat to Religious Rights

Amid warnings about “Christian nationalism,” the number of voters who view the U.S. government as a threat to religious liberty has sharply increased.


March 28, 2024

Will Misinformation, Hate Speech Concerns Justify Censorship?

A majority of voters have concerns about online misinformation and hate speech, but most are also worried about political censorship on the Internet.

March 26, 2024

Voters Worried About Military Readiness, View Biden as Weak Commander-in-Chief

At a time when the U.S. military is struggling with recruiting problems, most voters believe President Joe Biden is a weaker commander-in-chief than his predecessors.

March 25, 2024

24% Now See Russia Winning War in Ukraine

More than two years after Russia invaded Ukraine, fewer American voters think Ukraine is winning the war.  

March 22, 2024

‘Bloodbath’? 60% Say Media Are ‘Enemy of the People’

After major news organizations distorted former President Donald Trump’s comments about a “bloodbath” for the auto industry, a majority of voters now agree with Trump that the news media are “the enemy of the people.”

March 21, 2024

49% Say Biden’s Policies Have Hurt Them

Nearly half of voters say they’ve been personally hurt by President Joe Biden’s policies and, by an 11-point margin, think his economic policies are worse than former President Donald Trump’s.

March 20, 2024

GOP Still Leads on Generic Congressional Ballot

With less than eight months to go before election day, Republicans have a six-point lead in their battle to maintain their narrow House majority.

March 19, 2024

62% OK With ‘Illegal’ to Describe Border-Crossers

President Joe Biden has expressed regret for calling a Venezuela-born murder suspect “illegal,” but most voters think that’s what such foreign law-breakers should be called.

March 18, 2024

Election 2024: Who Cares More About You?

By a narrow margin, more voters think former President Donald Trump cares about people like them than say the same of President Joe Biden.

March 15, 2024

Most Voters Oppose Government’s ‘CBP One’ Flights for Migrants

After reports about a secretive Biden administration program to fly illegal immigrants into the United States, most U.S. voters oppose the program.

March 14, 2024

55% Rate Government ‘Poor’ in Stopping Illegal Immigration

Most voters consider it important for the government to stop illegal immigration, and don’t think they’re doing a good job of it.

March 13, 2024

Election 2024: Replace Biden? Trump Leads Newsom, Michelle Obama

Many commentators have suggested that Democrats could replace President Joe Biden as their candidate, but former President Donald Trump leads two of the most high-profile alternatives.

March 12, 2024

Election 2024: Abortion Issue Less Important to Voters Than Economy, Immigration

Eight months before the presidential election, economic issues and immigration matter more to voters than abortion.

March 11, 2024

Most Democrats Don’t Want Congress to Certify Election if Trump Wins

After the Supreme Court rejected attempts to disqualify former President Donald Trump from the ballot, a majority of Democratic voters now support another way to block Trump’s possible return to the White House.

March 8, 2024

65% of Democrats Think Trump Should Still Be Banned From X

While a majority of voters believe Elon Musk was correct to restore former President Donald Trump’s account on X – the social media platform formerly known as Twitter – two-thirds of Democrats disagree.

March 7, 2024

Election 2024: Many Voters Suspicious Toward Intelligence Agencies

A majority of voters think the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other government spies may be trying to pick the winner in this year’s election.

March 6, 2024

Most Democrats Still Don’t Think Joe Biden Profited From Son Hunter’s Deals

Although a majority of Americans voters now believe Joe Biden likely profited from Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals, most Democrats still don’t think so.

March 5, 2024

Speaker Johnson Still Most Favored Leader in Congress

Four months after he emerged as the new Speaker of the House, Louisiana Republican Rep. Mike Johnson remains the most popular leader in Congress.