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May 4, 2023

Leaning Into State Trends: The Midwest and Interior West By J. Miles Coleman

The two regions have four Biden-won states that will be key in 2024


— Both the Midwest and Interior West have states that Joe Biden carried by less than his popular vote margin in 2020.

— In the Midwest, Michigan and Wisconsin will likely be prime battlegrounds states next year, although Michigan seems a harder lift for Republicans.

— In the Interior West, Arizona’s Republican lean has been eroding in elections since 2008 — this allowed Biden to carry it in 2020, but Democrats will also have to work to keep neighboring Nevada in their column.

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May 3, 2023

Moochers and Looters By John Stossel

There's a socialist wave in Latin America. Mexico, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil recently elected leftists.

May 2, 2023

Who Turned the Lights Out? Joe Biden By Stephen Moore

  Does the radical climate change agenda know no end? Earlier this year, it was gas stoves -- and then lightbulbs.

April 28, 2023

How to Stop Lies Begetting Lies By Michael Barone

Lies beget lies. That's one way to summarize nearly the past decade of presidential politics, as well as the potentially dismal presidential race underway.

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April 27, 2023

How the Other Half Votes: Manchin and Tester’s Challenge By Kyle Kondik

Democratic Senate coalitions in red presidential states Montana and West Virginia.


— Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Jon Tester (D-MT) are outliers in Congress — no other Senate or House member holds a state/district that is more hostile to his or her party at the presidential level than this pair.

— Montana and especially West Virginia are deeply Republican at the presidential level, and while Manchin and Tester have clearly run way ahead of Democratic presidential performance in recent years, changes at the presidential level are reflected in their own coalitions.

April 26, 2023

Marxian Education By John Stossel

Some schools are ditching traditional grading.

April 25, 2023

Real Patriots Cut Taxes, Not Raise Them By Stephen Moore

   On Tax Day this year, about a dozen left-wing millionaires joined with some of the most liberal Democrats in Congress for a Washington, D.C., press conference.

April 21, 2023

Joe Biden's King Canute Environmentalism By Michael Barone

Are we watching a replay of King Canute commanding the waves to recede? That thought occurred to me while reading about the Biden administration's latest step in advancing the president's 2021 goal of having half of all new autos be electric by 2030.

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April 20, 2023

Leaning Into State Trends: The Northeast and Greater South By J. Miles Coleman


— In the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden carried 6 states — that were collectively worth 79 electoral votes — by a margin less than his national showing. In some ways, this made his electoral coalition less efficient than that of Barack Obama’s in 2012.

— No state has been within 5 points of the national popular vote in each of the past 6 presidential elections, but Pennsylvania has come the closest, though it has taken on a slight GOP lean.

— Aside from Virginia and Georgia, North Carolina, despite a persistent 6-point GOP lean in recent elections, seems like Democrats’ best southern prospect.

April 19, 2023

Save the Planet, Invest in Fossil Fuels By John Stossel

Earth Day is Saturday! Hooray?

April 18, 2023

Regulatory Octopus Is Strangling Our Economy By Stephen Moore

Every schoolkid knows -- or used to know -- that the United States has three branches of government. At least that's what the textbooks say.

April 14, 2023

A Republican Edge on Issues, but a Bigger Edge for the Party That Dumps Its 2020 Nominee By Michael Barone

It's just one poll, conducted by SSRS Research for CNN, but it provides interesting evidence about where voters are on issues, and it isn't glaringly inconsistent with other survey research.

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April 13, 2023

How the Other Half Votes: The Southwest By Kyle Kondik

Why Texas still leans Republican, and comparing Arizona versus Nevada.


— We’re continuing our series of looking at how the most vote-rich counties in a state vote versus those that make up the rest of the state by moving to the Southwest.

— The region contains the key swing states of Arizona and Nevada, both of which are dominated by a single county that casts well north of half the statewide vote.

— Both the top and bottom halves of Texas have moved toward the Democrats from 2012-2020, but the top half just is not blue enough at the moment.

— Colorado and New Mexico have moved out of the swing state category, pushed by top-half shifts.

April 12, 2023

You Can't Say That! By John Stossel

Over the past three years, we reporters learned there were certain things that we weren't allowed to say. Not long ago, in fact, my new video may have been censored.

April 12, 2023

Forget Gun Control: How About Ax Control? By BRian C. Joondeph

Two recent violent assault stories graced the recent metro Denver news. Aside from the fact that these stories are becoming more commonplace in once safe and peaceful Denver, the two stories were treated far differently.

April 11, 2023

The Left Has Killed Our Great Cities By Stephen Moore

Mark down Tuesday, April 4, as the night Chicago died.

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April 7, 2023

Trump Indictment Is Bad Law, Smart Politics By Michael Barone

What do you do to win an election when your candidate is universally known and unpopular with a majority of voters? That's a question both major parties have had to face in the last few years. Both look like they're going to face it for some time longer.

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April 6, 2023

How the Other Half Votes: The East By Kyle Kondik

The presidential trends from Pennsylvania to Florida.


— After looking at the Midwest last week, we’re comparing the presidential voting trajectory of the bigger counties versus the rest of the state in a number of eastern states.

— Georgia had exactly opposite top and bottom halves in 2020, with a very Republican (but stable) bottom half and Democratic-trending top half driven by changes in Atlanta.

— North Carolina and Pennsylvania are mirror images on opposite sides of the political divide.

— Florida’s turn toward the Republicans has been a bit more pronounced in its top half of bigger counties compared to its bottom half, making it an outlier among the states we’ve studied.

— South Carolina’s status as a red state is much more about its top half than its bottom half.

April 5, 2023

Trump Good and Evil By John Stossel

The Stossel TV Studio is just a block from Trump Tower.

April 4, 2023

Hey, Uncle Sam: Stop Paying People for Not Working By Stephen Moore

A policy question these days that has befuddled federal lawmakers is why so many millions of people have not returned to the workplace in the post-COVID-19 era.