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  • Rasmussen Reports: Introducing Spokesperson Leon Sculti

    Rasmussen Reports is pleased to introduce Leon Sculti as an on-camera spokesperson for Rasmussen Reports. Leon Sculti is a writer, political analyst and digital media specialist who has appeared on "Fox & Friends" and numerous other television and radio programs.

    His interests and knowledge make him a natural fit as a spokesperson for Rasmussen Reports. For the past year, Leon has been heavily involved in the regular What America Thinks  video news segments at rasmussenreports.com.

  • Rasmussen Reports Announces New Vision for “What America Thinks”

    Rasmussen Reports today announced that the company’s syndicated television show “What America Thinks with Scott Rasmussen ,” which ended its nationwide television station distribution in July 2013, will re-launch later this Fall in online video format, further enriching the digital content available at www.RasmussenReports.com.

    The new digital online video program, entitled “What America Thinks,” will offer insights into current events and the public-opinion surveys for which Rasmussen Reports is well known.

  • John Budek is the Newest Rasmussen Challenge Winner

    More than 5,000 people participated in the 2013 summer Rasmussen Challenge,with an average of 2,100 people playing weekly. The winner for this edition of the challenge is John Budek of Long Island City, NY.

  • Rasmussen Reports Announces a Change in Management

    The Rasmussen Reports, LLC Board of Directors today confirmed that founder Scott Rasmussen left the company last month.  In part, the move reflects disagreements over company business strategies.

    Mike Boniello, the company's chief operating officer, will assume a broader leadership role until a replacement for Mr. Rasmussen is named.

    The Company emphasized that Mr. Rasmussen's legacy remains intact.  His polling methodologies and protocols, widely acknowledged as among the most accurate and reliable in the industry, continue to guide and inform the company’s public opinion survey techniques.  In addition, the editorial culture of excellence that he built is still very much in place.

  • And the Winner Is…

    More than 5,600 people participated in the first Rasmussen Challenge of 2013, with an average of 2,100 people playing weekly. Our first winner for the year is Steve Arthur of Santa Fe, NM.

    Since mid-January, the weekly online contest gave participants the chance to accumulate points for correctly (or almost correctly) predicting what the public response would be to specific poll questions. Unlike the initial competition in 2012 in which the leaderboard was fairly consistent each week, the 2013 challenge was a real horse race with a new person topping the leaderboard just about every week.

  • Scott Rasmussen's NY Times Bestseller "The People's Money" Now Available in Paperback

    Scott Rasmussen's most recent book, "The People's Money," which made the New York Times bestseller list in 2011, is a call to arms for voters to be heard and an ultimatum for a grossly out-of-touch American political system. It's one of the most informed, provocative and yet hopeful books on the economic state of the union yet written, and now it's available in paperback.
    Mark Meckler, president of Citizens for Self Governance and co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, declares, "Rasmussen's latest work is his best." The influential political website RedState calls "The People's Money" "a really fascinating read."

  • Listen Now: Special Edition of The Rasmussen Report on WOR Radio

    Scott Rasmussen is hosting special two-hour editions of the Rasmussen Report on WOR Radio in New York. Rasmussen will be behind the microphone on Friday, December 28 from ten till noon Eastern, and on January 1 from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. The shows will be live streamed at wor710.com WOR is the anchor affiliate for Scott’s nationally syndicated radio updates which air three times daily. Listen live here: http://www.iheart.com/live/5874/?autoplay=true

  • Announcing the First Rasmussen Challenge Winner…

    More than 15,000 people participated in this year’s first-ever Rasmussen Challenge, with an average of 2,900 people playing weekly. And now we have a winner – Bill Kerins of Bucks County, PA.

    Each week since August, the online contest gave participants the chance to accumulate points for correctly (or almost correctly) predicting what the public response would be to specific poll questions.

    The competition was tight, with the top five finishers ending within 12 points of one another, but in the end Kerins emerged as the winner after dominating the leaderboard nearly every week of the competition. For his top ranking in the 2012 Rasmussen Challenge, he wins a 16G third generation iPad with WiFi, valued at approximately $500.

  • What America Thinks with Scott Rasmussen: 2012 Year in Review

    Independent pollster Scott Rasmussen hosts “What America Thinks with Scott Rasmussen: 2012 Year in Review,” a nationally syndicated special to be broadcast between December 13th and January 6th. The one-hour program features the latest year-end polling numbers on various issues in the news during 2012—from the national elections to the status of the economy to current news, lifestyle events and sports. Scott and nationally-known personalities will offer analysis and commentary, drawing upon the Rasmussen Reports public opinion polling results during the past twelve months.

  • Important Note Regarding Stories on 11/15/12

    Rasmussen Reports is experiencing some technical difficulties today. We are currently trying to resolve the issues and will post stories and data as we can throughout the day. We apologize for the inconvenience.