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In The News: 2012

Obama Poll Watch -- November 2012 Huffington Post

Fox News Says Obama's Approval Rating Falling, Actually Rising Opposing Views

Obama’s Coattails Didn’t Extend to Obamacare Weekly Standard

Rasmussen poll of Americans: 57%:18% U.S. Should Stay Out of Political Unrest in Egypt Big News Network

Fiscal cliff: Only 1 in 3 Americans think U.S. economy is improving Examiner.com

Poll: Americans Support Religious Exemption for HHS Mandate Life News

Dr. Manoj Jain: Fast action needed to thwart toxins in body or the earth Memphis Commercial Appeal

Large majorities blame Sandy on global warming  Salon.com

Deval leaves no doubt about Christmas tree Boston Herald

Year of the budget - and schools Post and Courier

API: Approve Job-Creating Keystone XL Pipeline Project Now Oil and Gas Online

Fiscal cliff worries may rub off on consumers USA Today

Voters Back Legal Marijuana Usage, Divided Over Gay Marriage: Poll Huffington Post

New Survey Finds Record Majority Support for Legalizing Pot Reason.com

POLL: 'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy Holidays?' Patch

Rasmussen Report: High Concern About Toy Safety KREX-TV

Don't believe the polling counter-narrative Campaigns and Elections

What are they thinking? Iron Mountain Daily News

Secession: An ultimately un-American idea Daily Legal News

Rounds announces Senate run in South Dakota Human Events

Poll: Auto racing popularity lags behind other major American sports SB Nation

Poll: More than half of Americans rate 'football' as their favorite sport Examiner.com

Hollywood Hates Corporations, Loves Corporate Cash Front Page Magazine

Rasmussen: Investor Confidence Lower Than Consumer Confidence Breitbart

Obama's Approval Rating Soars To Its Highest Point In Three Years In A New Poll Business Insider

Obama Approval Rating Reaches Three-Year High In Poll  Huffington Post

Rasmussen: Just 19 Percent Want More Stimulus Spending Newsmax

Forty-Six Percent of Americans Support HHS Mandate Exemption National Catholic Register

Only 15 Percent of Shoppers Have Finished Holiday Shopping, Survey Says Indiana News Center

API: Approve Job-Creating Keystone XL Pipeline Project Now Equities

Schools around the Country Ban Charlie Brown, Nativity Scenes and Poinsettias ... Really, Poinsettias?  Patch

Are Democrats Liberal or Socialist? Texas GOP Voter

GOP Misses Point on 'Fiscal Cliff' Newsmax

Grover’s Missing Piece National Review

Conservatives can be persuaded to care more about the environment, study finds UC Berkeley News Center

Americans believe public workers better paid and more secure (Bingo!) Investors Business Daily

Obamacare may drive up health care costs for your pet, too Examiner.com

Americans Recognize Obamacare’s Religious Liberty Problem Heritage Foundation

Survey: Christmas is About Jesus, Not Santa Fox News

76 Percent of America Thinks Christmas Should Be About Jesus Town Hall

Survey Indicates Race Fans Are 'One Percenters' RacingNation.com

Rasmussen survey on Fox News - U.S. Cable (O’Reilly)

Rasmussen Reports on WGHP (FOX) - Greensboro, NC

Rasmussen Reports on KREX (CBS) - Grand Junction, CO

Rasmussen poll on Fox News - U.S. Cable (America Live)

Rasmussen Reports on KOSA (CBS) - Odessa, TX

Rasmussen poll on KPHO-PHX (CBS) - Phoenix, AZ

Rasmussen Reports on CNBC - U.S. Cable

Not Quite Half of Americans Confident in Stability of U.S. Banking Industry Reason.com

Allowance on Autopilot Huffington Post

Cash Per Diem Counting Currency

Bloomberg Poll: Obama approval at 53%, Hillary Clinton viewed favorably by 70% Examiner.com

Americans Divided on Federal Government Being a Threat to Rights Reason.com

Hill GOP popularity sinks amid Obama fight Washington Examiner

Crisis they created catches up with Republicans Baltimore Sun

Conservatives can be persuaded to care more about the environment e!Science News

Study says conservatives respond to different kind of environmental messaging Summit County Citizen’s Voice

Disgust, not guilt, may turn conservatives ‘green’ Futurity.org

Disgust Is What It Will Take To Get Deniers On The Climate Change Bandwagon Business Insider

Conservatives Can Be Persuaded to Care More About Environmental Issues When Couched in Terms of Fending Off Threats to 'Purity' Science Daily

Grapevine: Are public workers better off? Fox News (Bret Baier)

Federal beast grows under Obama, cuts should come first Catholic Online

Even Government Employees Think Private Sector Works Harder Heritage Foundation

Americans: Yeah, ObamaCare Will Cost More Than We Were Told Town Hall

76% of Americans Want Christmas to Be More About Jesus Than Santa The Atlantic Wire

Twenty-first century limited Washington Examiner

It’s official: Residents can legally get ‘rocky mountain high in Colorado’ Examiner.com

Politically Speaking: Ben Nelson mulls legacy as heads for Senate departure Sioux City Journal

Rasmussen survey on KRQE-ABQ (CBS) - Albuquerque, NM

Rasmussen Reports on Fox News - U.S. Cable

Rasmussen Reports on KFYI-AM (Radio) - Phoenix, AZ

Right-To-Work Shifts America Forbes

A Glimpse of the Fiscal Future  Canada Free Press

Is it Time For Republicans to Give Up the Fight over the Fiscal Cliff? Texas GOP Vote

A Glimpse of the Fiscal Future The Moral Liberal

The climate changers News Review

Fox Spins Poll To Revive "Makers Vs. Takers" Rhetoric Media Matters

Rasmussen: Nearly Half of Americans Favor Health Insurance Exchanges Newsmax

Video: “Pot” tops “church” on Family Feud People’s World

Lugar calls on Senate to focus on governance  NWI Politics

Rasmussen Reports on CSPAN2 - U.S. Cable

Rasmussen Reports on Fox News - U.S. Cable

Rasmussen Reports on WPTA (ABC) - Fort Wayne, IN

Editorial: Change to dollar coins makes sense Alpena News

Obamacare Still Fighting for Its Life Newsmax

Rasmussen Column: ObamaCare Is Still Fighting For Its Life Newsbusters

Health Care Law Is Still Fighting For Its Life Politico

Poll: Americans Want Lots of Post-Newtown Legislation, but Maybe Not Gun Control Slate.com

Poll: More voters want action on mental health than guns The Hill

Is the Media Anti-Gun Blitz Failing AmmoLand

Survey: High Support for Treating Mental Illnesses After Newtown Shooting KREX

Piers Morgan to gun-rights advocate: “You’re an unbelievably stupid man, aren’t you?” Hot Air Press

The GAO’s Losing Battle for the Dollar Coin The Epoch Times

In Washington, The Goal Is Control Of Private Wealth Town Hall

Thomas F. Schaller: Crisis they created catches up with Republicans The Gulf Today

Rasmussen: Highest-ever Support for Reduced Government Spending Newsmax

Plotting the destruction of the U.S. economy Enter Stage Right

New High: 73% Say Government Should Cut Spending To Help Economy Fox News

73% support spending cuts Investor’s Business Daily

Boehner Plays Santa With Major Concessions To Dems Investor’s Business Daily

New High: 73% Say Government Should Cut Spending to Help Economy Cape Fear Business News

Poll: 73% Think Health Care Law Likely to Cost More Than Projected Cape Fear Business News

Byron York: Anxiety rises as Americans face start of Obamacare The Washington Examiner

Implementation of Obamacare facing more hurdles The Sonoran News

Implementation of Obamacare facing more hurdles Examiner.com

Survey: Majority of U.S. feels immigrant-born babies should not be citizens KTAR

OUR VIEW: Economy not the only ‘bumpy night' America faces Colorado Springs Gazette

46% Predict Higher Interest Rates A Year From Today Cape Fear Business News

Poll: 68% Expect To Pay More for Groceries A Year From Now Cape Fear Business News

Scrooges losing war on Christmas Human Events

Keeping Christ in Christmas The Washington Post

45% Think Right-to-Work Laws Good for a State’s Economy KOSA

45% Think Right-to-Work Laws Good for a State’s Economy Cape Fear Business News

America speaks: Christmas more than a ‘holiday’ One New Nows

Analysis: Why Drug Porn Isn't Exciting Anymore ABC

Rasmussen Reports on Fox News - U.S. Cable

Rasmussen Reports on Fox News - U.S. Cable

Rasmussen Reports on Fox Business Network - U.S. Cable

Rasmussen Reports on KREX (CBS) - Grand Junction, CO

Rasmussen Reports on KNX-AM (Radio) - Los Angeles, CA

Scott Rasmussen on Fox Business Network - U.S. Cable

Scott Rasmussen on Fox Business Network - U.S. Cable

Poll: Boehner less popular than Pelosi Washington Examiner

Public Puts Mental Health, More Police above Gun Control  National Review

Report: 27% Think Stricter Gun Control Laws Will Prevent Shootings Fox Business

Coulter: ‘Mass killers may be crazy, but they’re not stupid’ BizPacReview

Advocates for mental health have momentum after Conn. Massacre The Hill

President Barack Obama approval rating highest since Bin Laden death Examiner.com

Apocalypses, Various Pacific Standard

Celebrate Christmas! Watch Some TV! WITN

Rasmussen Reports on WHP-HAR (CBS) - Harrisburg, PA

John Boehner Favorability Hits Record Low In New Poll  Huffington Post

John Boehner Replaces Nancy Pelosi As The Least Popular Congressional Leader Mediaite

There's something to cry about! Boehner voted least popular member of congressional leadership after taking on Obama on Fiscal Cliff, even beating Nancy Pelosi Daily Mail

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Boehner Should Resign After His Plan B Tax Failure PolicyMic

10 things you need to know today: December 23, 2012 The Week

Rasmussen Poll: Boehner Less Popular Than Pelosi Fox News

More Bad News for Boehner TruthDig

John Boehner Replaces Nancy Pelosi As The Least Popular Congressional Leader One News Page

In 'fiscal cliff' fight, Obama gets better marks than Boehner  Christian Science Monitor

Guns Save Lives Town Hall

Poll: 17% of Americans say we have too much darn freedom The Blaze

Merry Christmas, Midtown Patch Readers!  Patch.com

Christmas: Joyous for yourself—or for others? AnnArbor.com

MARY READY: We wish you a merry whatever you call it The Destin Log

BOB COLGAN: Christmas a religious holiday for most The Indiana Gazette

Technology wreaks havoc on polling techniques Quad City Times

Rasmussen Reports on KNBC-LA (NBC) - Los Angeles, CA

Rasmussen poll on WHP-HAR (CBS) - Harrisburg, PA

Rasmussen Reports on Fox News - U.S. Cable

Rasmussen poll on CSPAN - U.S. Cable

Rasmussen Reports on WTOP-DC (Radio) - Washington, D.C.

Rasmussen Reports on WINS-AM - New York, NY

Rasmussen poll on KTNV-LV (ABC) - Las Vegas, NV

Rasmussen Reports on WABC-AM (ABC) - New York, NY

Scott Rasmussen on Fox Business Network - U.S. Cable

Rasmussen Reports on KDAF (CW) - Dallas, TX

Tax reform doesn’t suit pols Boston Herald

Obama Approval Rating is Strong, Despite Fiscal Cliff Muck-Ups PolicyMic

Poll: 38% Favor More Regulation of U.S. Financial System Cape Fear Business News

Evening politics roundup: Gun restrictions, fiscal cliff patches NJ.com

Most Expect 2013 Recession With Or Without ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal Cape Fear Business News

Fiscal cliff: Obama returns as pressure mounts on Republicans to act - live The Guardian

Rasmussen: GOP to Blame If No Fiscal Cliff Deal Is Reached Newsmax

Poll: 70 percent of voters expect recession in 2013 PressTV

Poll finds majority expects a recession next year Smart Brief

Rasmussen Survey: Recession Likely, Fiscal Cliff Deal or Not Money News

Obamacare flaws soon to be evident Albany Herald

Too much unknown in Care Act Lebanon Daily News

Poll: 47% Think Health Care System Will Worsen Over Next Two Years Cape Fear Business News

Technology wreaks havoc on old polling techniques Globe Gazette

Right-to-Work Poll Numbers Fit the Pattern Michigan Capitol Confidential

Seib & Wessel: What We’re Reading Friday The Wall Street Journal

Politics: Rasmussen: Pollsters aren't lying, but race too close to call  CainTV

Which Polls Count American Thinker

Even Rasmussen Puts Obama in Front: Now Let's Hear New 'Skewed' Charges The Nation

Notes On The Media, Context, And Collateral Damage First Things

Presidential Polls 2012: Even if There is a Liberal Bias in the Election, Obama is Still Up By 3 PolicyMic

Rasmussen Polls Show Obama Leading By 2 Ahead of Presidential Debate: Here is Why That is a Surprise  PolicyMic

President Obama Slipping in One Philadelphia Suburb The Philly Post 

GALLUP: Obama Jumps Back Out To A Huge 6-Point Lead Business Insider

Despite Romney's Gaffes, The Presidential Race Is Tightening Forbes

Looking to impress 3 percent: Let the debates begin Macon Telegraph

Rasmussen: Race Still Close, 'Could Go Either Way' Newsmax

Poll: President Obama has slim edge over Romney Local10

Big winner in first presidential debate could be "none of the above" WLS

EDITORIAL: Obama bogging down the military vote The Washington Times

‘The Free Stuff Election’ Canada Free Press

Negative Political Ads are Hurting the Candidates Who Run Them Independent Voter Network

Obama heads into Denver debate with Colorado polling lead over Romney Denver Business Journal

Rasmussen: Debates Seldom Change the Dynamic GOP USA

Ahead of Presidential Debate, Majority Want ObamaCare Repealed Town Hall

Seventeen Percent of Homeowners Undervalue Their Home RIS Media

Stanislaw: De-Politicize Energy Rig Zone

Poll: Worse off on race relations, jobs for kids-women, diplomacy The Washington Examiner

Swing State Report: Romney saturates Colo. Human Events

Can the Polls Be Believed? American Thinker

WSJ/NBC poll: Yep, this race is statistically tied; Update: Tied at 47 in new National Journal poll too Hot Air Press

Poll: Most Believe Polls Skewed to Favor Obama Newsmax

Negative Political Ads are Hurting the Candidates Who Run Them Examiner.com

Tagg Romney, Sununu criticize poll Union Leader

Rasmussen poll: Obama up 11 in NM  New Mexico Watchdog

Rasmussen poll: Heinrich up by 13 on Wilson  New Mexico Watchdog

New poll implies bad news for Wilson KRQE

POLL: 53% See Election As Referendum on Obama's Agenda... Drudge Report

KING 5 poll shows Inslee leading McKenna; debate tonight The Seattle Times

Rasmussen Polls Show Romney Cutting the Lead From Obama, Especially in Key Battleground States PolicyMic

Oct. 4: Too Soon to Gauge Impact of Debate on Polls The New York Times

Size of Romney Bounce Remains Unclear The New Republic

Rasmussen Poll: Romney ahead 49-47 percent in first, full post-debate survey Fox News

Parsing the Plethora of Polls National Review

Rasmussen: Obama 271, Romney 267 The Weekly Standard

Susan Redden: Candidates, parties tracking poll numbers The Joplin Globe

Mitt Romney bounces in polls after successful debate New York Post

Poll: Romney Leads Obama  The Daily Beast

Oct. 6: Romney Maintains Poll Momentum New York Times

To See Whether Romney's Bounce Counts, Follow Ohio, Iowa, and Nevada  The New Republic

Romney bounce: Polls show tightening of race Irish Times

Sharp uptick for Romney in Rasmussen tracking The Washington Examiner

Cracks in Obama’s Firewall National Review

Romney Takes Two Point Lead In National Poll & Rakes In $12 Million Yeshiva World News

Rasmussen: Romney 49%, Obama 47% Israel National News

Rasmussen Throws Cold Water on Romney's Post-Debate Bounce  The New Republic

Mitt Romney Pulls Ahead Lubbock Avalanche Journal

Gallup: Romney pulls even with Obama after biggest debate win in recorded history Fox News

Rasmussen Poll: Romney ahead 49-47 percent in first, full post-debate survey Tucson Citizen

Rasmussen: Romney holds slight edge over Obama post-debate The Hill

Latest polls: Romney's uphill fight not as steep Christian Science Monitor

Polls Show Romney Closing in on Obama After Debate Christian Post

Romney Shows 4-Pt Surge in Rasmussen Tracking Real Clear Politics

New Poll Has Romney in the Lead Reason.com

President Obama's team slams 'lunatics' who say unemployment stats were cooked New York Daily News

Americans finally got to see Mitt as a 'decent person' in debate, says Ann Romney Daily Mail

Gallup Poll's Muddled Monday: Is Obama Even Or 5 Points Ahead?  Huffington Post

Rasmussen: Romney Closes Gap on Obama in Colorado Newsmax

Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose Obama Abortion-HHS Mandate LifeNews

Rasmussen: 62% of Consumers See US in Recession MoneyNews

Swing state polling snapshot Atlanta Journal Constitution

2012 Senate Election Polls Show Republicans Continue To Face Uphill Battle Huffington Post

Rasmussen polls reflected upon Morning Sentinel

Pulling back the curtain on polls Portland Press Herald

New polls find McCaskill with lead over Akin News-Leader

New polls show McCaskill with lead St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Rasmussen Polls Show that Presidential Debate Last Night May Put Romney in the Lead PolicyMic

Battleground State: Obama, Romney tied in N.C. polls going into campaign's final days Fayetteville Observer

Polls, ballot requests suggest Romney overtaking Obama in Ohio The Daily Caller

Rasmussen: Ohio Now a Dead Heat, Obama 50, Romney 49 Newsmax

Battleground polls tighten as Romney surges out of debate Fox News

First post-presidential poll shows Obama fade in Ohio Digital Journal

In blow to Romney, court says Ohio can’t restrict 'souls to the polls' voting by blacks Minnesota Post

Republican Josh Mandel tied up in Ohio Senate race Human Events

New poll suggests Inslee building clear lead over McKenna in Washington governor's race The Oregonian

Suspicion of poll, jobs numbers takes hold on right NBC

Romney Debate Bounce: Dead Heat With Obama in Key States LifeNews

Romney Ties Obama in Virginia After First Debate, Still Trails Big Bird DCist

Rasmussen: Virginia senate race now leans Democrat The Washington Examiner

Cantwell has big lead in poll, fundraising The Spokesman Review

Post-debate polls: Romney gets a bounce The Washington Times

Poll watching is becoming a national media obsession Brainerd Dispatch

Amid Volatile Polling, Keep an Eye on Election Fundamentals New York Times

Pew: Romney Leads By 4 In Post-Debate Survey TPM

Rasmussen poll puts Obama, Romney in statistical tie Fox News

The day polling died New York Post

Romney Grabs Lead in Rasmussen Poll Fox Business

New Rasmussen Poll Shows Romney, Obama in Dead Heat KTVN

Romney Surge Continues in Polls Central Illinois Proud

Ohio Poll Shows Race Narrowing Between Obama, Romney Huffington Post

McManus: Romney's big bounce Los Angeles Times

Polls: How big a bounce did Mitt Romney get from the debate? Christian Science Monitor

Romney leads in national polls as presidential race gets close Business Standard

Romney Pulls Ahead in Pew Poll as Gallup Gives Obama Lead Business Week 

PICKET: Poll - Romney closing gap in CT The Washington Times 

Murphy Takes The Lead In Latest Poll CT News Junkie

Murphy Has 5-Point Lead in Rasmussen Poll NBC Connecticut

Murphy Opens Lead in Post-Debate Poll Wall Street Journal

Poll: Murphy leads McMahon by 5 points WFSB

Post-debate poll good news for Murphy Danbury News Times

Connecticut Senate Race Polling Shifts  The Wall Street Journal

Rising home prices might help Obama Jacksonville Business Journal

Polls vary widely in Florida Senate race Washington Times 

Rasmussen: 55% Say Obama Will Win Election Newsmax

King up big in new Maine Senate poll The Hill

Newest poll shows King with 26-point lead in Senate race Bangor Daily News

Scott Rasmussen-Chuck Todd feud continues [VIDEO] Daily Caller

Poll war: Rasmussen flicks off NBC's Chuck Todd The Washington Examiner

Conflicting presidential poll results show need for more time The Daily Caller

Xbox Live users flock to election hub Boston Herald

Poll-vaulting Mitt shakes off the Rust New York Post

Rasmussen: Ohio Senate Race Becomes a “Toss-Up” TownHall

Romney pulling even with Obama in polls Pittsburgh Post Gazette

POLL: Romney leads in 11 swing states... DRUDGE

Romney takes lead in Rasmussen swing-state tracking poll, 49/46; Update: ARG puts Romney up 1 in Ohio – with a D+9 sample Hot Air Press

Romney Takes Swing State Lead Powerline Blog

Surge: Romney Leads In All 11 Swing States Breitbart

Pollster: Romney’s Already Won Florida, Virginia, North Carolina Newsmax

A Tale of Two Surveys: How to Understand The Only Polls Showing Obama in the Lead The New Republic

Rasmussen: Survey says: 2012 still too close to call Detroit News

Rasmussen: Polls Reflect Voter Reality, Not Pundits' Preoccupations GOP USA

Rasmussen poll: Romney leads Obama by 4 points in Florida South Florida Business Journal

Rasmussen: Romney Leads in Florida, Virginia Weekly Standard

Rasmussen: Romney goes above 50% in Florida Hot Air Press

Florida Polls: Romney widens lead vs Obama in biggest swing state Examiner.com

Florida: Romney 51, Obama 47 Newsmax

Elizabeth Warren leads Scott Brown in latest Rasmussen and Public Policy Polling polls Massachusetts Live

Warren up in two new polls The Hill

Poll: Romney five points ahead of Obama in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District Bangor Daily News

New Poll Shows King's Lead Widening Maine Public Broadcasting Network

'Slop': NBC's Chuck Todd Not A Fan of Close Polls Breitbart

Shifting Party Allegiances Are Tricky for Pollsters The Wall Street Journal

Romney received no bump from debate performance in NC poll shows The News & Observer

John DiStaso's Granite Status: Rubio to visit NH for Ovide; Firefighters union backs Maggie; Leach joins Mitt camp Union Leader

Heinrich, Wilson spar in first televised debate New Mexico Business Weekly

Poll: Heinrich leads Wilson by 13 KRQE

Rasmussen Poll: Casey 49, Smith 45 PoliticsPA

Rasmussen Polls: VP Debate 2012 Winner Will be Paul Ryan, Says Majority of Americans  Policy Mic

Numbers Crunching Irish Times

Poll: Romney, Obama Deadlocked in Wisconsin Breitbart

Wisconsin presidential race narrows post debate LaCrosse Tribune

Democrat Baldwin breaks 50% mark among likely voters in U.S. Senate race WTAQ

Tight Senate race, small Baldwin lead in new Senate poll  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Romney 49% to Obama 48%: Rasmussen's daily tracking poll for Monday Examiner.com

Are Presidential Polls a Reliable Resource for Voting?  Patch.com

Poll shows Obama leading by three  Salon.com

Latest National Election Polls: Romney Continues to Rise, But Is There A Glimmer of Hope for Obama? Latinos Post

Rasmussen Poll: Romney 49, Obama 47  Breitbart

Gallup: Romney 49, Obama 47 Breitbart

America's Job 1: Buy a Ford because they snubbed bailout Washington Examiner

Pundits miss big picture in tight race Boston Herald

Voters don't like Nancy Pelosi Washington Examiner

Debates Might Make All The Difference Hartford Courant

Polls Show Romney Leading in Florida, New Hampshire Christian Post

Rasmussen Florida: Romney 51, Obama 47 St. Petersburg Times

Mitt Romney Officially in the Lead in Florida Miami News Times

The Winner of the VP Debate Is a Toss-up, Too Atlantic Wire

Rasmussen: Nelson-Mack race “dead even” Orlando Sentinel

What should the candidates be talking about? CNN

Trump: Libya attacks won't be big factor UPI

51 Percent Say Ambassador Stevens’ Murder Will Hurt Obama Town Hall

Rasmussen Poll Shows Warren/Brown Race Within the Margin of Error Patch.com  

$16 Million of Warren Donations from Sites Lacking Foreign Donor Protections Breitbart

Embrace the jobs report, Mitt! RenewAmerica

Ohio polls, cooked to order Human Events

Poll finds Akin with slight lead over McCaskill The Hill

Poll: Hassan razor thin lead in N.H. Gov. race WCAX

Fergus Cullen: This year, NH candidates for office are on their own Union Leader

Poll: Obama still leading among Ohio voters Columbus Business Journals 

Rasmussen: Romney Continues to Edge Past Obama in Swing States Newsmax

Mitt Romney continues to surge in swing state polls as candidates focus on Ohio New York Post

Presidential election 2012: Barack Obama to rally in Northern Virginia on Friday WJLA- ABC

Senate candidates campaign on Sunday WISN

Rasmussen poll: Romney leads Obama by 4 points in Florida Orlando Business Journal

Is the Florida Senate race now close? Powerline Blog

Obamacare Extends Its Losing Streak to 114 Fox News

Mourdock lead grows in poll Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette

Republicans Dominate Political Fundraising In 3rd Quarter  WIBC

Rasmussen: Montana Senate Race a Dead Heat Newsmax

RASMUSSEN POLL: McCrory up 14 points WWAY

Poll of 5 new Polls: Romney leads Obama in national and swing states polls Examiner.com

New Polls Show Biden Did His Job Yahoo! Contributor Network

Bill O'Reilly: The big debate FoxNews

Gallup: Romney busts out a six-point lead Atlanta Journal Constitution

Presidential Polls: Obama Holding Off Romney As Pollsters Await Effects Of Debate Inquistr

Have the Gallup pollsters lost their minds?* LA Observed

Gallup: Romney Up 51-45%, Proving Biden Lost Debate Breitbart

Romney opens 6-point lead over Obama in Gallup poll MarketWatch 

Gallup tracker: Romney up 6 with likely voters, up 2 with registered Hot Air Press

Senate debate: Mack and Nelson square off NaplesNews 

Poll: Tester And Rehberg Tied In Montana TPM

Rehberg Tester race remains in dead heat KTVQ

Rehberg Tester race remains in dead heat KBZK Bozeman

Rehberg Tester race remains in dead heat KPAX

Poll: Tester, Rehberg Tied in Montana Real Clear Politics

Three Polls, Three Slightly Different Results in Tester-Rehberg Race Flathead Beacon

Rasmussen: McCrory, 52, Dalton, 38 Fayetteville Observer

Latest Swing State Polls: Obama Holds On But Are the Trends on Romney's Side? Latinos Post

The Tea Party: Cooled Down, Or As Strong As Ever? NPR

Rasmussen: 71% Want Voter ID Laws Newsmax

Presidential and Senate races both deadlocked in new Marquette poll Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Polls had Romney, Obama in deadlock after Round 2 Brainerd Dispatch

Romney edge expands post-debate in Rasmussen tracking poll The Hill

Incumbent poll-axed New York Post

Romney Takes 6-Point Lead in Gallup Poll Yahoo! Contributor Network

Romney leads by seven in latest Gallup tracking The Daily Caller

Outside Spending Jumps In U.S. Senate Campaign Indiana Public Media

Libya Attacks Won't Be Big Factor: Trump Hispanic Business Magazine

Obama, stumping in N.H., sees scant gain in post-debate polls Boston Herald

Daily Breakdown: Polls Show Obama With A Slight Edge In Ohio, Nevada, and Wisconsin The New Republic

Heller leads comfortably in two new polls The Hill

OH: O 49% R 48%... Drudge

Ryan, Rice Stump for Votes in Berea Fox Cleveland

Survey: Public Broadcasting Funding Not An Issue For Most All Access Music Group

Obama comes out swinging after debate Reuters

71 % of Voters Favor Voter ID Breitbart

Dead heat: Former Wisconsin Republican governor pulls even with Democrat Baldwin Alaska Dispatch

Rasmussen: Get ready for a small Romney bump out of the second debate Hot Air Press

Tracking the tracking polls: Mitt Romney's edge grows again today Investor’s Business Daily

Rasmussen: Race Tied at 48–48 National Review

Rasmussen Has Obama and Romney Tied Reason.com

Did Romney Win the Second Debate? The Weekly Standard

Here comes the boom: Romney surges to 7-point Gallup lead Human Events

In Tight Presidential Race, Romney Uses Emotions to Challenge Obama Economic Recovery ForexTV.com

New Romney vs. Obama polls split directions Deseret News

Candidates battle for laughs at charity dinner Fox News/Hannity

Polls favor Democrats holding Senate Kenosha News

Senate Control Is Challenge for GOP Newsmax

FL: R 51% O 46%... Drudge Report

Polls: Romney's Florida lead grows, but Iowa, NH, NC remain close  The Hill

Rasmussen: Romney Surging in Virginia, Missouri, NC Newsmax

2012 Polls Offer Mixed Message: Barack Obama Holds Edge In Swing States, Close Contest Nationwide Huffington Post

Oct. 18: Obama Gains in Forecast on Resiliency in Swing State Polls New York Times

Confident of NC victory, Romney campaign relocates some staff News Observer

Latest Polls Show Obama Clings to Slim Lead in Ohio Yahoo! Contributor Network

Gov. Christie to campaign for Romney in Virginia today Star Ledger

New Rasmussen Poll: Virginia: Romney 50% Obama 47% - Va Women Now Favor Romney Examiner.com

New UW poll shows close race between Inslee and McKenna  Seattle Times

Presidential Polls 2012: Rasmussen Poll Puts Romney Up By 2 Nationally, Obama Still Winning Electoral College  PolicyMic

Mitt Romney likely win in November indicated by latest polls Examiner.com

Presidential Polls 2012: Obama vs Romney in Deadlock Claims New Nationwide Polls Christian Post

Is Gallup Heading for Another Big Miss?  Huffington Post

Poll: Romney, Obama locked in 47-47 tie among likely voters The Hill

Latest Presidential Polls 2012: No Clear Leader in Race to White House; Swing State Ohio Polls Favor Obama, Florida Favors Romney The Latin Times

Even with Gallup, This Race is Tight The Atlantic Wire

Obama's final stand: President and Romney go head-to-head on foreign policy in last TV debate as Romney rockets in polls (so how long will it take Barack to make bin Laden boast?) Daily Mail

Obama bounces in post-debate polls Gulf Today

Election Cliffhanger: Polls Show Obama/Romney Tied  The Fiscal Times

Obama-Romney Debate Round 3: Live coverage starts now Boston Herald

CO: R 50% O 46%... Drudge Report

New Poll Shows Romney Up Four in Colorado Real Clear Politics

Poll: Romney up 4 in Colorado Breitbart

Rasmussen: Romney Leads in Colorado American Spectator

Romney Leading in Nationwide Polls Ahead of Third Debate Life News

Rasmussen: As Romney Gains, Senate Remains Challenging for GOP GOP USA

GOP’s Senate Challenge The Journal News

Another Florida poll with Obama/Romney neck-and-neck Orlando Sentinel

Updated polls in 10 key U.S. Senate races Examiner.com

Polls show presidential race tied nationally, Obama up six points in Michigan Central Michigan Life

Gubernatorial hopeful Walter Dalton presses on with his campaign Fayetteville Observer

Senate poll: Some say it isn’t accurate reflection of voter opinion Jamestown Sun

Berg-Heitkamp poll questioned by experts, campaign insiders Grand Forks Herald

OVERNIGHT CAMPAIGN: Poll position The Hill

Obama up by 2 points in Va., poll finds The Hill

Va. Senate Race Is a Dead Heat Newsmax

Fake votes disenfranchise citizens just as much as keeping voters away from the polls. USA Today

Rasmussen: Cantwell Leads Baumgartner, 52-37 in Washington Senate Race Newsmax

Poll shows Thompson, Baldwin in virtual tie  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Gallup, Rasmussen daily tracking polls show Romney with clear lead MarketWatch

Too little too late, Mr President? Romney DOUBLES his lead in new national poll just hours after Obama goes to war in final TV debate Daily Mail

Rasmussen Has caught up with Gallup RedState

Is North Carolina still in play? Washington Post

RASMUSSEN: R 50% O 46%... Drudge Report

Tuesday Poll has Romney Hitting Fifty Percent Gather.com

Latest Presidential Polls: Mitt Romney Wins Third Straight Presidetial Debate Against Obama  PolicyMic

Presidential Polls 2012: Gallup and Rasmussen Reports Show Romney in the Lead Travelers Today

Romney 50% Obama 46% Chicago Daily Observer

MITT ROMNEY 50% – OBAMA 46% – Rasmussen Reports™ Tucson Citizen

CT Senate Poll: Linda McMahon (R) Tied With Democrat  Breitbart

Polls differ on Connecticut Senate race Examiner.com

McMahon’s Weakness With Women Could Tip Senate Race The Wall Street Journal

Q poll: Murphy widens lead over McMahon Danbury News-Times

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We did that…but we don’t want to Spectrum/University of Buffalo

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And The Most Accurate Pollster is???? WTAQ

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Two thirds of Americans say another 9/11 is possible in ten years KBZK Bozeman

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Poll shows dead heat between Carmona, Flake Arizona Capitol Times

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Romney camp retools message, dismisses report of disarray Reuters

Rasmussen: 58% of Americans Lack Confidence in Fed to Control Inflation MoneyNews

Rasmussen: Nelson Leads Mack by 7 Newsmax

Another poll, another big Bill Nelson lead over Connie Mack (47%-40%) Tampa Bay Times

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'Romney Is Finished' Update: RCP Average, After Correcting For Poll Cooking, Has Prez Race in Virtual Dead Heat Newsbusters

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Presidential Polls 2012: Why the Race is Still Very Much a Dead Heat PolicyMic

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Rasmussen poll: Romney leads Obama in Iowa, 47-44 DesMoines Register

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America: Yeah, Angry Islamist Riots Aren't About a Video Town Hall

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Rasmussen: Most Americans View Poverty as a Major Problem Newsmax

Middle class says Ryan, not Biden, ready to be president Washington Examiner

Latest Presidential Polls: President Leads in 9 Out of 10 Battleground States According to Republican and Democratic Pollsters  PolicyMic

POLL: O 47% R 46%... Drudge Report

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POLL: O 46% R 46% Drudge Report (Top Billing)

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Quinnipiac this morning hits a new level in loaded agenda polling Red State

Swing states swinging to Obama: NYT/CBS Seattle Post Intelligencer

New poll gives Flake 6-point lead over Carmona in U.S. Senate race Phoenix Business Journal

Poll: Flake holds slight advantage over Carmona CBS5AZ

Election Day could be good for pot Chicago Sun-Times

Rasmussen: 60% of Consumers See US in a Recession MoneyNews

Nearly 40 Percent of Homeowners Report Being Under Water Newsmax

Does a Nuclear Iran Influence Voters in the Presidential Campaign? Yahoo! Contributor Network

Brown-Warren race tied, new poll says WWLP

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Energy and Public Opinion: Confusion Reigns NASDAQ

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It’s not just ‘the economy, stupid’ Flyer News

Important issues for voters IllinoisHomepage.net

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Finding Himself In Trouble, Brown Returns To Race WBUR

Poll: Angus King Up 12 Points In Maine Senate Race Talking Points Memo

Democrats’ (potential) Angus King problem The Washington Post

King holds 12-point lead in Senate race in latest poll Bangor Daily News

Surprise! Poll Finds Most Think US-Muslim Relations Worse Under Obama Stop the ACLU!

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'Unskewing' polls with party ID is, statistically speaking, bunk The Guardian

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Onslaught of polls leaves both sides arguing over results, methodologies Fox News

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Akin Officially Staying in Missouri U.S. Senate Race Fox4KC

Fiorina, ‘Women for Mitt’ target female support at Charlotte stop Charlotte Observer

POLS ON THE STREET: Are Polls Driving You Crazy? Philadelphia Public Record

For MLA Jobs Market, Cautious Optimism The Chronicle of Higher Education

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My Take On The Polls First Things

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One certain forecast in U.S. poll dispute: more acrimony ahead Reuters

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Paul Ryan challenges ‘validity’ of Wisconsin poll Politico

Rasmussen Poll: Obama Up by 12 in Maine Newsmax

Poll shows King with 12-point lead Kennebec Journal

Senate hinges on New England The Hill

Third poll for September suggests King still leading in U.S. Senate race Maine Sun Journal

Fox News’ Dick Morris lacks credibility in Election 2012 analysis New Jersey Newsroom

The Republican Brain: Constructing an Alternate Polling Reality for 2012 Mother Jones

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Santorum, Perry Endorse Missouri Senate Candidate Todd Akin Advocate.com

Berkley, Heller trade barbs Medicare and ethics at debate The Hill

Wisconsin's Political Season Heats Up CNN

Thompson touts himself as conservative, bipartisan in tight Wisc. Senate race The Daily Caller

POLL: Romney jumps to 20-point advantage among white voters...  Drudge Report

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Dragging Obama's 'track record': 'The future ain't what it used to be' Examiner.com

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Barack Obama's advertising blitz is paying off for now – but he could run out of money  The Telegraph

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The Rasmussen 14 percent: It's up to us Featured in Newt Gingrich’s Daily Newsletter (Human Events)

This contest could decide the senate majority Examiner.com

Polls: Barack Obama retakes lead in Michigan over Mitt Romney; Pete Hoekstra still in front of GOP rivals Detroit Free Press

New Michigan poll puts Barack Obama back in lead Detroit Free Press

Poll: Obama retakes lead over Romney; Hoekstra leads GOP pack WZZM

A look at the Senate battlefield Powerline Blog

Do You Vote for the Lesser Evil? Independent Voter Network

In Ohio, Brown-Mandel U.S. Senate race is among the most expensive JTA

OH: Brown’s lead slipping in new polls OH Watchdog

Smith holds DC fundraiser  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Redistributing wealth is in President Obama's agenda Pennsylvania Live

Carroll: The trouble with blaming Batman Denver Post

Democratic Senate prospects fade in Missouri, Nevada Politico

Democrats seek support for Obama, address Ryan's VP chances Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Democratic Senate prospects fade in Missouri, Nevada Politico

Poll: Baldwin leads all GOP challengers in Wis. Senate race SmartBrief.com

GOP U.S. Senate candidates debate in Green Bay Fox6 (Milwaukee)

Could Twitter’s ‘Twindex’ replace traditional forms of polling? Capitol Column

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If Obama turned to Clinton Hampton Roads

Obama Winning Arizona Sounds Like a Dumb Idea Again; Poll Says Prez Down 11 Phoenix News Times

About that CBS/NYT/Quinippiac [sic] poll Powerline Blog

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Presidential race is tight in Wisconsin in Rasmussen Poll Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Rasmussen: Romney edging Obama in Wisconsin 48/47 Hot Air Press

Rasmussen: Romney up 1% in Wisconsin The Hill

Rasmussen: Wisconsin in Play with Ryan Pick Newsmax

Latest Wisconsin Poll Shows Ryan Bump for Romney Yahoo! Contributor Network

New Rasmussen poll shows Romney with slight edge in Wis. Fox6Now (Milwaukee)

Poll: Ryan Bump Gives Romney Lead in Swing States Ohio, Fla., Va. Newsmax

Paul Ryan Fails To Give Mitt Romney A Bump In The Polls Burnt Orange Report

Romney raises $10M in week since Ryan selected as VP The Hill

No Ryan poll bounce for Romney: Obama camp American Foreign Press

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Legalized Marijuana Could Generate $100 Million In Revenue Annually For Colorado: Report Huffington Post

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Senior voters help give Romney slight lead over Obama in Florida poll New-Press

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Poll: With help from Ryan, Romney closing gap on Obama in Wisconsin The Hill

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Thompson looks to Ryan bump for help in Senate race - Washington Times The Washington Times

Polls show closer presidential race in Wisconsin WisPolitics.com

New Rasmussen Poll Puts Thompson Ahead of Baldwin Patch.com

Thompson leads Baldwin in new poll Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Rasmussen: Thompson Holds Double-Digit Lead in Wis. Senate Race Newsmax

This Election Could Wind Up In a Tie BernardGoldberg.com

Polls, pundits, and politics as usual: Elections 2012 the week that was Examiner.com

Aug. 18: Obama Leads Big — Among Those Least Likely to Vote New York Times

Morning Money Politico

Romney Takes Slight Lead as President's Approval Numbers Even Yahoo! Contributor Network

Rasmussen: Biden Less Prepared Than Ryan to Be President Newsmax

Rasmussen: Voters Say Ryan More Qualified To Be President Than Biden Fox News

Ryan better qualified to serve as president: Rasmussen American Thinker

Negative campaigning shocking, but should escalate into the fall National Constitution Center

Poll: Most Americans Underestimate the Tax Burden Cape Fear Business News

Analysis: Obamacare’s unpopularity blunts Obama’s attacks on Romney-Ryan Medicare plans Star Telegram

Analysis: Obamacare’s unpopularity blunts Obama’s attacks on Romney-Ryan Medicare plans Miami Herald

Paul Ryan: why taking Medicare message to Florida wasn’t a risk Christian Science Monitor

Bill Nelson Up Seven Points Over Connie Mack In First Major Poll Since Primary Miami News Times

Poll: Bill Nelson 47%, Connie Mack 40% Tampa Bay Times

Rasmussen: Small Business Owners Favor Romney Newsmax 

Poll: Government workers want Obama, self-employed for Romney Washington Examiner

Voters Oppose Driver’s Licenses and Other Benefits for Young Illegals Newsmax

POLL:  Majority Americans Opposed to Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Who Get Work Permits Hispanically Speaking News

Poll: Voters skeptical about economy's recovery OneNewsNow

Clearing up this media bias business Investor’s Business Daily

Todd Akin Led Missouri Senate Polls Before Rape Comments Huffington Post

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Study Says Passage of Marijuana Legalization Law Could Yield $60 Million in New Annual Revenue in Colorado Opposing Views

Americans Cool with their Finances Despite the Heat MSN

Americans Cool with their Finances Despite the Heat PR Newswire

Americans Cool with their Finances Despite the Heat Sacramento Bee

Bill Nelson Leads in Senate Race Against Connie Mack Patch.com

Rasmussen Poll: Small Business Owners Favor Romney Fox News 

Trump: US Needs a Uniter, Not a Divider MoneyNews

Poll: Media Bias Bigger Problem than Campaign Contributions Independent Voter Network

Poll: Media bias worse than money in politics Washington Examiner

MT: Rehberg holds edge in U.S. Senate race, but contest remains tight Montana Watchdog

Romney Sees Post-Ryan Surge in Key Battleground States of Florida and Ohio Yahoo! Contributor Network

Americans support parent choice for in-school prayer Big News Network

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How Paul Ryan can win blue-collar voters Human Events

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Romney has caught up in the polls — and he may be pulling ahead New York Daily News

As conventions start, Obama and Romney still in virtual tie Marketwatch

Why the next two weeks may be make-or-break for Romney-Ryan The Guardian

Romney solidifies his edge in Arizona Arizona Central

Romney, Obama Both Struggle to Connect Town Hall

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New Rasmussen poll shows Linda McMahon leading her opponent 49/46 ProWrestling.net

McMahon edges Murphy Journal Inquirer

Red Tide in Connecticut Wall Street Journal

Poll: McMahon-Murphy race tightening  The Day

McMahon Edges Past Murphy in CT Senate Race: Poll Wall Street Journal

McMahon Holds Slight Lead In New Poll Hartford Courant

New poll gives edge to McMahon Republican American

McMahon Leads Murphy 49-46 for CT Senate Breitbart

Polls show Romney closing gap with Obama in swing states - Washington Times 

Will Health Care Matter in this Election? Forbes

How AARP's support for ObamaCare was bought and paid for Fox News

Independent voters will decide the Donnelly/Mourdock race Muncie Free Press

Poll: 24% Think Their House Will Be Worth Less Five Years From Now Cape Fear Business News

You decide if coverage is fair Indy Star

NB's Rich Noyes, Laura Ingraham Discuss Polls Showing Americans Are Wise to Media's Cheerleading of Barack Obama Newsbusters

Pew study: Obama, Romney get nearly equal treatment from media: equally negative Bangor Daily News 

Akin Fall-Out: MO Men Flee from Romney Breitbart

Rasmussen: Missouri, Virginia tied The Hill

McCaskill leads Akin by 10 points Examiner.com

Todd Akin’s Team Mocks McCaskill for Not Beating Them Badly Enough in New Poll Politicker

Akin's Circular Firing Squad Town Hall

Rasmussen poll: Claire McCaskill up by 10 over Todd Akin Politico

Missouri Rasmussen Poll Showing Todd Akin Trailing Claire McCaskill Prompts Odd Partisan Spin Huffington Post

Rasmussen poll shows McCaskill up 10 points on Akin KBIA (mid Missouri-NPR)

Akin campaign responds to Rasmussen poll Connect Mid-Missouri

Latest Poll Shows Akin Behind McCaskill Fox2Now St. Louis

McCaskill Polls 10 Points Ahead of Akin, Despite His Fundraising Bump The Atlantic Wire

Poll: Akin's favor slips with Missouri voters  KMOV St. Louis

Rasmussen: McCaskill Up By 10% The Right Sphere

Polls spell trouble for embattled Akin PoliticMO.com

McCaskill Opens Up Big Lead Over Todd Akin In Latest Poll Politicker

Todd Akin now trails Claire McCaskill by 10 points, poll shows (+video) Christian Science Monitor

We Are Laughing Out Loud At The Ridiculous Polling Spin From The Todd Akin And Claire McCaskill Campaigns Business Insider

Recent Poll Shows McCaskill up 10 points on Akin KMOX

McCaskill Opens Big Lead Over Akin Newsmax

Todd Akin 10 points behind Missouri Senate rival, poll shows The Guardian

Todd Akin Is Now Getting Completely Destroyed In The Missouri Senate Race Business Insider

McCaskill Has Massive Lead Over Akin in Latest Rasmussen Poll Reproductive Health Reality Check

Poll: Akin 10 points behind McCaskill in wake of controversy The Daily Caller

NEW: McCaskill Leading Akin in Latest Poll Hometown Daily News

Poll: McCaskill Up 10 After Akin Debacle Rush Limbaugh

Akin tells McCaskill to drop out Washington Post

Akin digs in as new poll shows McCaskill with lead St. Louis Post-Dispatch

McCaskill avoids Akin attacks in hopes of keeping him in the race The Hill

Todd Akin now trails Claire McCaskill by 10 points, poll shows Minnesota Post

Republican Voters Could Sit Out Missouri Senate Race New York Times

McCaskill questions poll showing her leading Akin by 10 points Kansas City Star

Poll: McCaskill Leads Akin by 10 Points Commentary

New Poll Weighs Impact of Akin Comments; Campaign Fires Back Ozarks First

GOP divided by Akin's refusal to quit Columbia Daily Tribune

Rasmussen shows Obama leading in Missouri following Todd Akin controversy Examiner.com

Todd Akin's Perfectly Rational Strategy The Atlantic Wire

Akin Fallout: Romney Support Drops in Missouri Breitbart

Will Todd Akin drop out, after all? The Week

Akin Controversy Costing Romney, Obama Now Leads Missouri LifeNews

Poll: McCaskill has reversal of fortune Lake Expo

Akin opponent derides poll showing her in the lead Portland Press Herald

Poll: Akin loses lead New York Post

Under fire, Akin gets help from social conservatives Reuters

Rasmussen Poll: Obama Takes Lead in Missouri  Newsmax

Rasmussen: Romney loses MO lead after Akin controversy Hot Air Press

Poll: Akin trails McCaskill by 10 points Washington Times

McCaskill Leads Akin by 10 Points National Review

Missouri Rasmussen Poll Showing Todd Akin Trailing Claire McCaskill Prompts Odd Partisan Spin Huffington Post

US Senate Polls - Takeover Goal Looking Good for GOP About.com

Can Romney Win Over Hispanics? The Patriot Post

Can Romney Win Over Hispanics? Town Hall

Poll: Heinrich 48%, Wilson 41% New Mexico Telegram

Democrat leads in New Mexico Senate race Examiner.com

Heinrich leads Wilson in new poll KOAT Albequerque

Polls show diminishing lead for Brown in Ohio Senate race The Hill

Poll: Obama leads in Pennsylvania Politico 

New Fox News poll over-samples Democrats Examiner.com

What does Paul Ryan Mean for the Catholic Vote—and the Church? America Magazine

Battle in the Badger State Worth Reading

Wisconsin Presidential Poll: Obama's Lead Over Romney Narrowing Huffington Post

With Ryan, Wisconsin now a tossup, polls show Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Polls: Thompson leads Baldwin in Wisconsin Senate race - Washington Times The Washington Times

Thompson Leads Baldwin by 9 in Marquette Poll WTAQ

Obama takes 3-point lead over Romney Examiner.com

Republicans start convention, with eyes on Isaac Marketwatch

Close Presidential Race Turns Focus on Uncommitted and Minor-Party Voters Yahoo! Contributor Network

Romney hopes convention will help him win Florida American Foreign Press

NAACP Announces Support of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado Yahoo! Contributor Network

Legal marijuana backers raise $3 million in two states Reuters

An election of low expectations Boston Herald

Rasmussen poll shows few paying attention to conventions Hot Air Press

Hackett on Politics: U.S. Senate poll confirms close contest - Norwich, CT - The Bulletin Norwich Bulletin

Republican Platform Supports Completion of US-Mexico Border Fence Breitbart

Will 'Audit The Fed' Impact The Price Of Gold? Seeking Alpha

Romney hopes convention will help him win Florida Raw Story

Missouri may not be the only Senate race that’s slipping away Powerline Blog

Gary Johnson Included In New Rasmussen Poll; Campaign Pleased Reason.com

Poll: Boobeoisie Favor Romney and Obama Over Libertarian Gary Johnson Big News Network

Viewpoints: With health care put in federal hands, is rationing in our future? Sacramento Bee

BRIAN HOWEY: Independent voters will decide Donnelly/Mourdock race NWI Times

Rasmussen: Half of Americans View Home As Top Investment Newsmax

Media bias obvious  Fresno Bee

The State of the Race [With Update by John] Powerline Blog

Akin Controversy Costing Romney, Obama Now Leads Missouri DFW The Catholic Answer

What's Happening in Missouri? The Atlantic Wire

McCaskilll discounts recent polling showing her with lead PoliticMO.com

Poll: Akin scandal hands Missouri to Obama World News Daily

Friday briefing: singing for gay marriage; Akin poll — tank! The Seattle Times

Rasmussen: Akin down by 10 points United Liberty

Claire McCaskill Leading in Polls over Todd Akin Ms Magazine

Rasmussen Poll in Mo. Senate race: McCaskill 48; Akin 38 Minnesota Post

New poll shows Todd Akin down by 9 points in Missouri Senate race Examiner.com

Poll: McCaskill Up 9 In Missouri Senate Race As Akin's Favorability Plummets Talking Points Memo

Missouri conservatives rally to Akin, blast Republican "establishment" Reuters

.?.?.?or avoid overtures to Hispanics Boston Herald

Romney and Pres. Obama Investor’s Business Daily

A vote is worth 1,000 pictures The Journal-News

Daily Breakdown: National Polls Show A Tight Race; Isaac Update  The New Republic

Republicans start convention, with eyes on Isaac MarketWatch

Chicken is political - should you "eat mor" beef? The Retriever Weekly

Who’s Watching the Conventions? Commentary

It's time to cancel all national political conventions The Week

Inside the Beltway: Priebus prowess The Washington Times

How many voters will be tuning in for the convention? KMBZ

Political Conventions Are Now Completely Pointless Business Insider

Kent Bush: Republican convention like every other reality show Patriot Ledger

Romney team “optimistic” that floor fight over rules can be avoided Hot Air Press

McMahon the Frontrunner in Connecticut? American Spectator

McMahon Has Slight Lead Over Murphy in Connecticut: Poll Wall Street Journal

Linda McMahon leads Chris Murphy in race Quinnipiac Poll says is too close to call Register Citizen

More Blue State Warning Signs for Obama Commentary

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