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Is the GOP the Stupid Party?

A Commentary By Brian Joondeph

The Republican Party has the reputation and hence the name, “The Stupid Party." They nominate weak candidates, fight with each other in a circular firing squad, give good concession speeches and, if somehow elected, then govern against the will of the people they supposedly represent.

Recently several House Republicans have abruptly resigned, pushing the House closer to Democrat control with now only a one-vote GOP majority. Reps. Kevin McCarthy, Ken Buck, and Mike Gallagher fall into this category. They also expelled Rep. George Santos, a reliable conservative vote, when he already announced he wouldn’t run for reelection later this year.

Are they resigning “to spend more time with the family”? Or are they being financially induced to leave Congress? Do paid board seats or cable news gigs beckon GOP legislators seeking fame or fortune? Or is “kompramat” affecting their decisions, receiving offers from the FBI or CIA that they can’t refuse?

Regardless of reason, as the House slips closer toward Democrat control, this could spell the end of Donald Trump’s reelection bid and push America closer to one-party totalitarian control, far from the constitutional republic we once knew.

The Colorado Supreme Court tried to keep Trump off the ballot, calling him an “insurrectionist.” The U.S. Supreme Court heard the case last March and, in their opinion, stated that Congress could make this determination via the legislative process.

Once the Democrats control the House, they could declare Trump an “insurrectionist” and ineligible for election. The U.S. Supreme Court would not likely object as they already greenlighted this process in their above decision.

Democrats could also stack the Supreme Court, adding four far-left justices, leaving a liberal majority free to gut the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Legislation has already been introduced for both measures, declaring Trump an insurrectionist and expanding the Supreme Court. With Democrat control of the House, Senate, and presidency, there is nothing to stop this.

Could a Senate filibuster stop these votes? Not likely given that 31 GOP Senators voted for $95 billion in foreign aid while America’s borders remain open, and most Americans are struggling financially. How would Mitt Romney and his RINO pals vote on getting rid of Trump?

If those measures don’t stop Trump, taking away his Secret Service protection, standard and necessary for former presidents, may do the trick. Democrat Rep. Bennie Thompson introduced such legislation.

House Speaker Mike Johnson is not helping the cause through recent actions. He pushed legislation to build the corrupt FBI a new headquarters, extended warrantless spying on Americans through FISA reauthorization, and spent $100 of taxpayer dollars on Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan while providing zero funding or legislation curbing our open borders.

The Republican Speaker is pushing an “America Last” agenda rather than Trump’s “America First” priority -- some Republican.

Democrats will likely want to keep him as Speaker as he is supporting their agenda. Even if Republicans remove him, who will replace him? A new Speaker who is the same or even worse? What if a few Republicans vote with the Democrats choosing Rep. Hakeem Jeffries for Speaker? Is booting Speaker Johnson a “stupid party” move?

A Democrat Congress and White House would stack the Supreme Court and rewrite the Bill of Rights. The border will remain open with amnesty and voting rights for all illegals. Election laws will be changed, despite this being under states’ jurisdiction per the Constitution. That didn’t matter in 2020, so why would it matter in 2024?

Meanwhile 78 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and 300,000 known migrants enter the U.S. each month. Republicans are certainly interested in supporting workers and borders in Ukraine, but for Americans all they can say is “fuhgeddaboudit.”

Perhaps the upcoming election nudges the country and her leaders in a positive direction. Republicans are fired up and hopefully so are Republican candidates. A bit of good news from Rasmussen Reports, “Republicans have a major edge over Democrats in terms of voter excitement, and voters overwhelmingly see President Joe Biden as too old to hold the office.”

A faction of Never-Trump House Republicans, joined by much of the House GOP caucus, is hell bent on destroying their party and defying the wishes of their constituents, all out of spite toward mean-tweeting, name-calling Donald Trump.

This is indeed a uniparty, a ruling class, deep state, or whatever you choose to control it. They enjoy the perks of power, safety and privilege for themselves and their families, with little regard for the 99 percent of Americans not in their “big club:"

This is a slippery slope, one we may not be able to recover from as a country if we continue our slide into one-party rule and tyranny. Even a second term of Donald Trump may not be able to stop America’s descent into the abyss, but continuing on the current trajectory will soon extinguish the flame of American liberty and freedom.

Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., is a physician and writer.

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