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  • So What if President Trump is a Jerk? By Ted Rall

    President Trump is under fire and we're all "shocked" that his s---hole mouth called the (predominantly black) nations of Africa "s---holes," helpfully comparing them to (predominantly blonde) Norway to make sure nobody missed the point. To drive home just how angry people are about this (and rightly so), Trump's comment overshadowed news that the government accidentally told the citizens of Hawaii they were about to get nuked. As George W. Bush would say, "that's some weird s---."  

  • Tough Road Ahead for Trump in Year 2 By Michael Barone

    As we reach, gingerly, the anniversary of Donald Trump's inauguration as president, none of the disasters feared by critics has come to pass. The economy has turned at least mildly upward rather than plummet to depression. The executive branch has obeyed court orders. No military disaster has occurred. Fears that seemed plausible to many have proved unjustified.

  • A US-Turkish Clash in Syria? By Patrick J. Buchanan

    The war for dominance in the Middle East, following the crushing of ISIS, appears about to commence in Syria -- with NATO allies America and Turkey on opposing sides.   

  • Open Season in the House By Kyle Kondik

    — So far there are 46 House seats where an incumbent won’t be running for reelection in November. That is already above the postwar average, and more open seats are likely.

    — The current list of retirees includes 31 Republicans and 15 Democrats. Wave years sometimes but not always feature such a disparity between parties.

  • Selling Hate By John Stossel

    Who will warn Americans about hate groups? The media know: the Southern Poverty Law Center.   

  • Big Brother on America's Fishing Boats By Michelle Malkin

    Salt water. Seagulls. Striped bass.

  • Trump: In Immigration Debate, Race Matters By Patrick J. Buchanan

    President Trump "said things which were hate-filled, vile and racist. ... I cannot believe ... any president has ever spoken the words that I ... heard our president speak yesterday.

    "So wailed Sen. Dick Durbin after departing the White House.

  • CNN's Stephen Miller Incident Proves How Fake News Ignorantly Smears Conservatives By Charles Hurt

    Behold, the anatomy of a “fake news” smear.

    The latest drive-by character assassination of White House adviser Stephen Miller began, as it so often does, in a fact-free live TV orgy of public posturing by a journalist eager to display his virgin-snow virtue when it comes to unalloyed hatred of President Donald Trump.

  • 'The Post': No Way Today's Newspapers Would Publish The Pentagon Papers By Ted Rall

    Steven Spielberg's new movie "The Post" depicts a newspaper's decision to defy the government, risk its financial health and imprisonment of its editors in order to report a hard truth and defend the press' First Amendment rights by publishing the Pentagon Papers.

  • Little Rocket Man Wins the Round By Patrick J. Buchanan

    After a year in which he tested a hydrogen bomb and an ICBM, threatened to destroy the United States, and called President Trump "a dotard," Kim Jong Un, at the gracious invitation of the president of South Korea, will be sending a skating team to the "Peace Olympics."