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  • The Democrats Descend on Ohio By Kyle Kondik

    But will they next year?


    — As the Democrats debate in Ohio, questions loom about how important the state will be in next year’s presidential election.

    — Two key demographic indicators help explain why the state swung toward the Republicans in 2016 and why it seems likely to again vote to the right of the nation in 2020.

    — The state remains competitive, but it’s far more important now to Republicans than Democrats.

  • Beltway Bidenspawn-Ship Has Its Privileges By Michelle Malkin

    I wrote the book on the Obama administration's "Culture of Corruption" 10 years ago, including a thick and sordid chapter on the Beltway swamp creatures of the Biden family. See-no-evil liberals scoffed at my catalogue of back-scratching, shady Delaware deals and Wall Street funny money: What nepotism? What ethical lapses? What corruption?

  • Different Sexes By John Stossel

    The media keep telling us: There's no difference between male and female brains.

  • Is the Interventionists' Era Over for Good? By Patrick J. Buchanan

    President Donald Trump could have been more deft and diplomatic in how he engineered that immediate pullout from northeastern Syria.

    Yet that withdrawal was as inevitable as were its consequences.

  • It's a Middle-Class Boom By Stephen Moore

    How much of the monetary gains from the Trump economic speedup have gone to the middle class? If you ask Democratic senators and presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders, the answer to that question is ... almost none.

  • Is Impeachment Now Inevitable? By Patrick J. Buchanan

    "There go the people. I must follow them, for I am their leader," is a remark attributed to a French politician during the turbulent times of 1848.

    Joe Biden's Wednesday declaration that President Donald Trump should be impeached is in that tradition. Joe is scrambling to get out in front of the sentiment for impeachment in the party he professes to lead.

  • The Democrats' Faute de Mieux Front-Runner By Michael Barone

    Is Elizabeth Warren the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination? You can make a strong argument that the answer is yes. You can also argue that she is, at most, a default front-runner and a problematic general election nominee.

  • Louisiana 2019: Welcome to the Jungle (Primary) By J. Miles Coleman

    — Gov. John Bel Edwards (D-LA) defied the partisan lean of his state in 2015, but he will have to navigate an increasingly partisan electorate to win again. He’ll need Republican support, but he also must energize black voters.

    — Louisiana’s unique jungle primary has shaped the contours of state elections for nearly 50 years and will be a key feature of the 2019 election.

    — Regionalism has always been salient in Louisiana politics, and it should be a decisive factor in which Republican candidate makes a potential runoff with Edwards: Rep. Ralph Abraham (R, LA-5) or businessman Eddie Rispone (R).

  • Surrendering to SPLC's Lazy Media Lemmings By Michelle Malkin

    ACT for America, a nationwide grassroots group that educates the public about radical Islam, was founded in 2007 by my vigilant activist friend and Lebanese Christian immigrant journalist Brigitte Gabriel. I was honored to accept Gabriel's invitation to speak at her organization's annual banquet at Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, on Nov. 7.

  • Domestic and Foreign Wars By John Stossel

    Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is controversial within her party.