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  • Dems Rely on Phony Impeachment Polling By Brian C. Joondeph

    Despite the embarrassing spectacle of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony where he finally learned about the report he supposedly created and wrote, Democrats are doubling down on stupid.

    They are ignoring the first law of holes, that when you are deep in one, the smart play is to stop digging. The hole they continue to dig is the one denying the reality of the 2016 presidential election, that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton fair and square.

  • For Being Such An Idiot, Trump Is Pretty Smart By Brian Joondeph

    We have been hearing now for four years, ever since that escalator ride at Trump Tower, how then-candidate, now President Trump is such an idiot. The media, Democrats and NeverTrumpers virtually in lockstep assured us that Trump would never be the Republican nominee. When he was, they doubled down promising that he would never be president. Nearly every so-called opinion poll confirmed their predictions.

  • Trump and the Latest Polls – Summertime Blues or More Fake News? By Brian C. Joondeph

    Recent polls show President Trump in big trouble, likely to lose in a landslide to many of the 20-plus Democrat contenders. Once again, the media tells its dwindling audience how “the walls are closing in” on Trump and that no one likes him.

    Should Trump supporters be worried? Or is this just the latest edition of the Fake News Gazette, courtesy of the Trump-loathing media?

  • Trump is Popping in the Polls By Brian C. Joondeph

    Watch most cable or network news shows and the message is clear --  President Donald Trump is unpopular, especially compared to the dozens of fresh faces attempting to challenge him for the White House in 2020. Some of the faces are not so fresh as three of the leading contenders -- Biden, Sanders, and Warren are septuagenarians.

  • O Little Poll of Washington...By Brian C. Joondeph

    A popular Christmas carol is “O Little Town of Bethlehem.” In keeping with the Christmas season, and the ongoing efforts by the Washington, D.C. elites and ruling classes to destroy anything and everything related to President Trump, it’s time to review some current opinion polls.

  • Polls Are Just More Media Propaganda By Brian C. Joondeph

    Election season is upon us again, two years after one of the wildest roller coaster political campaigns in recent memory. This time it’s Congress on the ballot, not Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton. Yet President Trump is still on the ballot – his agenda, his policies, his future.