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Commentary By Stephen Moore

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May 15, 2018

Who Turned Off the Lights? By Stephen Moore

Is anyone paying attention to the crisis that is going on in our electric power markets?

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May 8, 2018

The Internet Under Siege By Stephen Moore

What is it about the internet that makes it so the government just can't seem to keep its greedy paws off of it?   

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May 1, 2018

Goodbye, OPEC By Stephen Moore

I have argued many times on these pages and elsewhere that the shale oil and gas revolution is the story of the decade. Since 2007 U.S. oil and gas output has risen by about 75 percent, and the renaissance is still in its infancy stages.

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April 24, 2018

The Need for NAFTA By Stephen Moore

Finally, some good news for the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement. CNBC is reporting that a framework for a renewed and improved NAFTA may be coming in the weeks ahead.

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April 17, 2018

The Trillion-Dollar Myth By Stephen Moore

There is an old saying that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, and we've learned that again with the Congressional Budget Office and its latest highly misleading fiscal forecast.

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April 10, 2018

The President's Trump Card for Spending Restraint By Stephen Moore and James Carter

The White House is seriously considering a strategy to cancel tens of billions of dollars of wasteful spending in the $1.3 trillion budget signed by President Donald Trump last month.

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April 3, 2018

The Art of the Trump Trade Deal By Stephen Moore

Is it possible that Donald Trump is winning on trade?  

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March 27, 2018

No, Hillary Clinton: It's the Red States That Are Dynamic By Stephen Moore and Arthur Laffer

Hillary Clinton is being universally panned by Republicans and Democrats for her recent rant against people who voted for Donald Trump. While giving a speech in Mumbai, India, Clinton boasted that she "won the places that represent two-thirds of America's gross domestic product." She went on: "So I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward." As evidence, she pointed to places such as Illinois, where she won by sizable margins. Then she added that those who voted against her "didn't like black people getting rights, and don't like women ... getting jobs."   

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March 20, 2018

Who's Afraid of Mergers? By Stephen Moore

Donald Trump is producing the kind of shoot-the-moon economic recovery that we last saw under Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. He's copied a lot from the Reagan playbook: Deregulate; cut taxes; promote American energy. He should also think about adopting another Reaganite initiative: Let American companies grow, merge, restructure and become more profitable so they can compete on the global stage.