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The Battle Against the Big Government Dragon

A Commentary by Mark Meckler

The battle has been joined, and the citizens of the great American Republic are streaming to the fight against the immense and powerful dragon beast, “Big Government.”  How the story will end, no one knows but God Himself, but today the battle rages openly for the soul of the nation with liberty itself at stake.

Like the dragons of ancient lore, “Big Government” has preyed upon the citizens of this republic for too long.  Finally, after decades of abuses too numerous to catalog, abuses which have become more common as the beast has grown larger, more powerful and intrusive, the citizens have begun fight back. The people are arriving at the scene of the battle in greater and greater numbers, armed with their wits and their principles to fight the beast, with the intent to shrink it down to size and put it back into the cage where it was placed over two hundred years ago.

Legend has it that the great dragon now called “Big Government” was originally called “Limited Government,” indicating that the people felt it was not all-powerful.  In fact, according to the legend, the beast was originally so small and so limited that it was held in a cage made only of words written on parchment, called the “Constitution.” 

When this parchment cage was crafted by wise citizens of the land well over two centuries ago, it was based upon eternal principles that they knew to be true and just.  Those wise men that drafted it, called the “Framers,” believed that if the people studied, followed and protected the Constitution, all would be well.  They believed that the parchment cage built to hold the dragon could do so if guarded vigilantly and maintained by the people.   Their faith was placed not in the parchment cage, but in the people themselves. 

Unfortunately, as the years passed and the people prospered, they failed to guard and maintain the parchment cage, and the beast grew and grew until it burst forth from its prison.  The people had been lulled to sleep by long years of prosperity and relative harmony.  Despite the clear instructions and warnings of the wise Framers, the people had failed to do their duty to the republic.

When the beast first began to roam freely across the republic, it went mostly unnoticed by the citizens.   It fed upon the sweet nectar of liberty, belonging properly only to the people, and with each sip it became stronger and larger, while the people became smaller and weaker.  Hiding in plain sight among the populace, it went by unrecognizable and pleasing names like, “New Deal,” and “Great Society,” and “Social Justice.”  Each name and its accompanying scheme allowed the dragon to move almost unfettered and unnoticed among the people, growing stronger and more intrusive each year.

Yet slowly, some began to notice something was amiss.  Voices occasionally cried in the wilderness, defiantly trying to alert the people that the Constitution had been shattered and now was only an empty cage.  Yet mostly, they cried in vain, a docile and comfortable populous referring to them as “conspiracy theorists,” or worse.   But the dissenters multiplied over time and their voices grew louder.  They could not be silenced, and more began to join the chorus.  Like Paul Revere they spread across the land, shouting that the dragon had burst forth from its cage and was draining the nation and its people of liberty’s sweet nectar.

In the last several months Big Government’s assault on liberty became undeniably manifest to the great majority across the Republic.  Through its innocuous sounding acronyms at the IRS, NSA, EPA, DOJ, DHS and many other devious devices and methods, a multitude of citizens awoke and became aware that the beast had inserted itself in every nook and cranny of the society.   The people awakened are rightfully outraged, and millions have now joined the battle.

Yes, the battle has been joined, the citizens are up in arms, and we are fighting to put the great beast, Big Government, back in the parchment cage of the Constitution.  It is an epic tale of good versus evil and darkness versus light.  It is a fight as old as history itself.   Will we prevail in this chapter of human history?  Will we restore the sweet nectar of liberty to its rightful owners, We the People?   

Ours is not to know the outcome, but only to strive to restore and preserve the great gift of liberty given to us by the Framers of the Constitution.   And so we cry without reserve, “Death to the evil dragon, Big Government.  Long live the Republic, one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all!” 

Mark Meckler is the President of Citizens for Self-Governance.

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