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  • Reading from Reagan’s Book By Mark Meckler

    Ronald Reagan had a vision for the future of the country and an incredible ability to communicate it.

  • The Second American Revolution Has Begun By Mark Meckler

    The first American Revolution was fought over the simple principle of self-governance. For over 150 years, approximately five generations, the British Crown had practiced “benign neglect” towards the colonies, and the people of America had governed themselves.  However, by the mid-1760s, England was asserting control over the colonies and their residents.

  • It’s Time for Another Constitutional Convention By Mark Meckler

    For many years there has been heated debate in this country about the need for an Article V convention to amend the U.S. Constitution.  On both sides of the American political spectrum, there have been calls for - and a great fear of - such a gathering.

  • The Snowden Paradox By Mark Meckler

    Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency whistleblower, is either a hero or a traitor.  We’ve heard him described both ways in no uncertain terms.  So which is it?  I’ve been withholding judgment, I thought, based on needing more facts.  Yet no matter how many facts come out about the case, I remain ambivalent.   In the Snowden situation, I believe we have encountered a paradox.

  • The IRS Scandal Is Just Nature Taking Its Course By Mark Meckler

    The instinct for survival is coded into the DNA of every living creature, and the Internal Revenue Service is made up of thousands of human beings with that instinct.  As a single department of the government leviathan, the IRS is a good example, too, of the collective survival instinct of the federal government.

  • The Battle Against the Big Government Dragon By Mark Meckler

    The battle has been joined, and the citizens of the great American Republic are streaming to the fight against the immense and powerful dragon beast, “Big Government.”  How the story will end, no one knows but God Himself, but today the battle rages openly for the soul of the nation with liberty itself at stake.

  • Citizens Stand and Fight the IRS By Mark Meckler

    The NorCal Tea Party last month filed class action litigation against the Internal Revenue Service in federal court in Ohio, based on the unconstitutional profiling and harassment of conservative, religious and other liberty-minded organizations in their applications for non-profit status.   By its own admission, the IRS has been profiling and discriminating against hundreds of groups based on their political viewpoint.