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May 31, 2014

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

May 30, 2014

75% Still Think It Will Be Tough for Young People to Find Jobs This Summer

55% Have Read A Book or Poem by Maya Angelou

Kentucky Senate: McConnell (R) 48%, Grimes (D) 41%

Despite Thomas Piketty, Voters Reject Economic Redistribution by Michael Barone

Arkansas Governor: Hutchinson (R) 48%, Ross (D) 41%

May 29, 2014

31% Owe More Money Now

Arkansas Senate: Cotton (R) 47%, Pryor (D) 43%

60% Say U.S. Leaders Send Troops Into Danger Too Often

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton: Complementary Strengths: A Commentary By Rhodes Cook

58% Say It’s Possible To End U.S. Dependence on Foreign Oil

May 28, 2014

29% Say U.S. is Heading in Right Direction

73% Expect to Pay More for Groceries

42% Think VA Secretary Shinseki Should Resign

Bigger Problem in Politics? 48% Say Media Bias, 44% Campaign Cash

Eat Without Fear By John Stossel

May 27, 2014

Just 19% Think High School Grads Have Skills for College or Workforce

Most Americans View Newlyweds Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Unfavorably

47% Say U.S. Safer Today Because of Guantanamo Prison

Scenario for a Republican Nightmare in the 2016 Elections - A Commentary by Michael Barone

52% Are Confident in Banks' Stability

May 26, 2014

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 42%, Republicans 38%

Georgia Governor: Carter (D) 48%, Deal (R) 41%

 39% Consider Memorial Day One of the Most Important Holidays

In VA Scandal, Accountability for All -- Including Congress by Joe Conason

Fight Heroin With Marijuana by Froma Harrop

44% Favor Government Mandated Levels of Health Insurance Coverage

May 25, 2014

Oregon Senate: Merkley (D) 47%, Wehby (R) 37%

May 24, 2014

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

May 23, 2014

64% Consider Memorial Day the Start of Summer

End Crony Capitalism, Sell Federal Land, Limit Tax Breaks for the Rich

Georgia Senate: Nunn (D) Holds Slight Edge Over GOP Finalists

38% Think It’s a Good Time to Sell a House

May 22, 2014

44% of Voters See Obama as Very Liberal

What America Thinks: The Technology Generation

61% Still Think Congress Is Doing A Poor Job

59% Think Their Home's Worth More Than When They Bought It

Don't Privatize the Veterans Hospitals by Froma Harrop

Nationalization of Senate Elections Poses Challenge to Democrats in 2014 By Alan I. Abramowitz

May 21, 2014 

29% Say U.S. is Heading in Right Direction

46% View Major Cyberattack on U.S. An Act of War

83% Think Americans Are Not Informed Voters

 Good News: A Commentary by John Stossel

May 20, 2014

45% Favor Gay Marriage, 41% Oppose

38% Expect Their Home’s Value To Go Up In Next Year

Just 21% Give Feds Positive Marks for Handling of Veterans Benefits

62% Say 9/11 Museum Film Should Not Be Changed Because of Muslim Complaints

Britain's Political Stalemate Resembles America's By Michael Barone

Other Paths to Better Pay by Froma Harrop

May 19, 2014

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 41%, Republicans 37%

West Virginia Senate: Capito (R) 48%, Tennant (D) 39%

38% Say Presidential Candidates Should Disclose Medical Records

May 18, 2014

Nebraska Governor: Ricketts (R) 47%, Hassebrook (D) 40%

May 17, 2014

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

May 16, 2014

36% Favor Pulling U.S. Troops From Western Europe

Most Workers Like Their Boss

Nebraska Senate: Sasse (R) 51%, Domina (D) 34%

45% Say Reducing Income Gap More Important Than Free Market Competition

Harvest of Shame: America's Poisoned Children Need a Hashtag: A Commentary By Joe Conason

The Revolt of the Wingers in British and American Politics: A Commentary By Michael Barone

May 15, 2014

43% Rarely or Never Contact the Office While on Vacation

What America Thinks: Work Won’t Come Easy for New Grads

41% Think Commercial Use of Drones Makes Flying Less Safe in U.S.

Fox News and GOP Are Not in the Same Business By Froma Harrop

Notes on the State of Politics By Kyle Kondik

77% Say Losing a Wallet Worse Than Losing a Cell Phone

May 14, 2014

29% Say U.S. is Heading in Right Direction

62% Look Forward to Going to Work

24% Support Warrantless Mobile Phone Searches By Police

Marriage: It's Complicated - A Commentary By John Stossel

Only 28% Think Most College Graduates Have Enough Skills to Get A Job

May 13, 2014

59% Favor Strict Sanctions on Those Who Employ Illegal Immigrants

40% Think U.S. Should Do More to Rescue Nigerian Schoolgirls

Support for Transgender Anti-Discrimination Laws Turns on Public Restroom Question

51% Favor Raising Minimum Wage to $10.10 an Hour

Monica Lewinsky, Grace in Humiliation By Froma Harrop

Demographics May Be Destiny -- But Not One Political Direction by Michael Barone

May 12, 2014

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 40%, Republicans 38%

Ohio Governor: Kasich (R) 45%, FitzGerald (D) 38%

57% Favor Further Investigation of the IRS

Bad Old Days: How Monica Lewinsky Deserves to Be Remembered:  A Commentary By Joe Conason

New High: 36% Expect Health Care System to Get Better Under Obamacare

May 11, 2014

93% Will Visit or Call Mom Today

May 10, 2014

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

May 9, 2014

Most Still Think Government Workers Better Off Than Those in Private Sector

30% Think Obama Should Go It Alone to Fight Global Warming

Republican Primary Voters Seem Determined to Nominate Candidates Who can Win By Michael Barone

North Carolina Senate: Tillis (R) 45%, Hagan (D) 44%

63% Say Ban on Large Sugary Drinks Would Have No Health Impact

May 8, 2014

56% Doubt Medicare Will Pay All Their Benefits

57% Say U.S. Doesn’t Spend Enough on Roads, Bridges and Tunnels

What America Thinks: Racism in Pro Sports?

18% Say U.S. Should Do More to Help Change Syrian Government

36% Say More Government Hiring Would Be Good for Economy

Victims of Campus Rape Should Be Dialing 911 By Froma Harrop

The Surprisingly Unrepresentative 2014 Senate Map By Kyle Kondik

May 7, 2014

27% Say U.S. is Heading in Right Direction

48% View Coal Industry Favorably

65% Oppose Tolls on Interstate Highways

Offensive Speech - A Commentary by John Stossel

51% Worry Government Won’t Do Enough to Help Economy

May 6, 2014

28% Have Favorable Opinion of the Federal Government

56% Favor the Death Penalty

Obama Blows off Deals With GOP, Creating Era of Bad Feelings -  A Commentary by Michael Barone

In Drought, Fortunes Are Made - A Commentary By Froma Harrop

28% Are Willing To Pay Higher Utility Bills to Reduce Coal Usage

Voters Trust GOP More on Economy, National Security

May 5, 2014

 Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 41%, Republicans 37%

38% Say Sterling Should Be Forced to Sell LA Clippers

51% Think Benghazi Merits Further Investigation; 34% Disagree

56% Expect Costs to Rise Under Health Care Law

May 4, 2014

42% Know Someone Who Has Given Up Looking for a Job

May 3, 2014

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

May 2, 2014

Tennessee Governor: Haslam (R) 57%, McKamey (D) 27%

56% Have Voted for an Independent Candidate

Tennessee Senate: Alexander (R) 51%, Ball (D) 25%

Despite a Partial Pivot in Asia, Obama Foreign Policy Still in Disarray - A Commentary by Michael Barone

41% Are Fiscal Conservatives

May 1, 2014

What America Thinks: Russia, Not Ukraine, Is the Big Concern

35% Say Their State Government is Too Big

Obama’s Full-Month Approval Holds Steady in April

41% Think ‘Arab Spring’ Changes Bad for U.S.

60% Favor Government-Recognized National Day of Prayer

Americans Tire of Solving Everyone's Problems By Froma Harrop

The Minimal Class Divide in American Politics By Alan I. Abramowitz


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