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Most Recent Articles: May 2012

May 31, 2012

50% Trust Republicans More on Economy

84% Think It’s Difficult For Young People To Find Summer Jobs

15% Say Government Should Determine Pricing for Internet Use

 Only 19% See Obama, Romney As Best Possible Presidential Candidates

Ohio: Romney 46%, Obama 44%

Obama Campaign May Be Fooling Itself By Michael Barone

Dumb Money for Dummies By Froma Harrop

May 30, 2012

31% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Rasmussen Employment Index Reaches Highest Level In Over Four Years

74% Say Labeling Needed for Foods with Genetically Modified Ingredients

Ohio Senate: Brown (D) 47%, Mandel (R) 42%

Improving Life for Workers: A Commentary By John Stossel

57% Think Big Banks Have Too Much Influence Over Fed

48% Agree With Romney on Issues, 46% Say Same of Obama

May 29, 2012

38% Say Drinking Coffee Good For Health

38% View Federal Reserve Favorably, 49% Do Not

46% See Obama-Romney Race as Choice of Lesser of Two Evils

44% Plan to Take A Summer Vacation This Year

The 'Geezers' Are Right This Time By Froma Harrop

May 28, 2012

55% Support Repeal of Obama’s Health Care Plan

49% Consider Memorial Day One of the Most Important Holidays

Obama's Bain Attacks Could Backfire By Michael Barone

May 27, 2012

45% Have Close Friend or Relative Who Died Serving Country

55% Favor Welcoming Immigration Policy

May 26, 2012

Americans Support Health Insurance Discounts for Healthy Lifestyles

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

May 25, 2012

Indiana: Romney 48%, Obama 42%

Indiana Senate: Mourdock (R) 42%, Donnelly (D) 42%

 58% Concerned Efforts To Identify Illegal Immigrants Will Violate Civil Rights

32% View ‘Help’ from Government As Frightening Thought

Where's the 'Beef'? Clinton's Answer to Romney Snark By Joe Conason

'Austerity' Talk Is Just Political Cover for More Government Spending By Scott Rasmussen

May 24, 2012

New High: 42% Say They Are Overweight

56% Plan On Using All Their Vacation Time This Year

53% Say Tax Cuts Help the Economy

Bain And Our Screwed-Up Culture By Froma Harrop

51% Oppose Forcing Religious Organizations To Provide Birth Control

Pennsylvania Senate: Casey (D) 48%, Smith (R) 41%

May 23, 2012

30% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Radio Update: Republican Efforts to Exempt Military from Budget Cuts Out of Step with Voters

63% Say Those Who Can’t Afford Mortgage Payments Should Sell Home

48% Say Justice System Is Fair To Most Americans

15% Say It’s More Honorable To Work for Government Than For Private Company

Keeping Business Honest: A Commentary by John Stossel

Pennsylvania: Obama 47%, Romney 41%

May 22, 2012

Radio Updates: Most Voters Favor Letting States Overrule FDA

Radio Update: Housing Market Collapse Highlights Changes in U.S. Economy

Radio Update: Voters Want Government to Deliver More or Spend Less

57% Say American Society is Fair and Decent

73% Say Men, Women Earn Equal Pay At Their Workplace

51% Think U.S. Should Withdraw All Troops From Europe

40% Now Say Trayvon Martin Shot in Self-Defense; 24% Say It Was Murder

The United States of Gambling By Froma Harrop

47% Favor Legalizing Pot, Cocaine To Reduce Border Drug Violence

May 21, 2012

Radio Update: There's a Gender Gap on Questions of Equal Pay for Equal Work

Radio Update: Romney Record at Bain Capital a Modest Positive for Voters

Radio Update: Enthusiasm Gap Favors Romney and the Republicans

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 43%, Democrats 39%

11% Favor Legalizing, Regulating Cocaine

47% See Buying A Home As Family’s Best Investment

44% See Romney’s Business Past As Reason to Vote For Him, 33% Disagree

Obama Pursues Higher Tax Rates, Growth Be Damned By Michael Barone

51% Predict U.S. Government Will Go Bankrupt Before Budget Is Balanced

May 20, 2012

64% Prefer a Government With Fewer Services and Lower Taxes

May 19, 2012

52% Say States Should Be Allowed to Overrule Feds on Drug Approval

The States That Put President's Over The Top By Geoffrey Skelley

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

May 18, 2012

Radio Update: Americans Hate Cozy Relationship Between Bankers and Government

Radio Update: States Can Provide Checks and Balances for FDA

Radio Update: Tepid Support For Nuclear Power in US

58% Favor Selling Pot in Pharmacies Only

47% Expect Home’s Value To Go Up Over Next Five Years

44% Support Building More U.S. Nuclear Power Plants

Nebraska: Romney 53%, Obama 39%

It's the Economy, Stupid: A Commentary By Scott Rasmussen

Sound and Fury: Feeding Frenzies In The Presidential Silly Season: A Commentary By Larry J. Sabato and Kyle Kondik

The Only True Way to Save Marriage From Obama: A Commentary by Joe Conason

May 17, 2012

Radio Update: Most Say Legalize Pot, but Regulate

Radio Update: Most Skeptical About Fed's Ability to Control Inflation

Radio Update: Blame Johnson and Nixon for Federal Budget Crisis

71% Say Government Hasn’t Been Tough Enough On Wall Street

New High: 40% Owe Less Money Than They Did A Year Ago

Nebraska Senate: Fischer (R) 56%, Kerrey (D) 38%

56% Favor Legalizing, Regulating Marijuana

57% Think Spending Increases Should Be Limited to Population Growth and Inflation

North Carolina Governor: McCrory (R) 50%, Dalton (D) 41%

Recent News Could Cause Panic for Obama Campaign By Michael Barone

Grief Is Not a Mental Illness By Froma Harrop

May 16, 2012

Radio Update: Polls of Likely Voters Show Romney Ahead

Radio Update: Romney Takes the Lead in North Carolina

Radio Update: The American People Are Right and The Political Class Needs to Change

 28% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

88% Say They're Paying More for Groceries Than A Year Ago

35% Give Supreme Court Positive Marks

 71% Say Government Should Let Big Troubled Banks Fail

Making Life Fair By John Stossel

North Carolina: Romney 51%, Obama 43%

May 15, 2012

Radio Update: JP Morgan Loses Big, Americans Want The Right People to Pay

Radio Update: Same-Sex Marriage Issue Reinforces Political Generation Gap

Voters Still Trust Their Own Economic Judgment Over Romney's, Obama's

Radio Update: Right Now, National Polls Matter More Than Electoral College Guessing Games

62% Predict 'Arab Spring' Nations Will Not Soon Become Free and Democratic

36% Support More Government Regulation of Financial Industry

51% Trust Romney’s Economic Judgment More Than Obama’s

Silicon Slumming: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

75% Favor Use of No-Fly List at Airports

May 14, 2012

Radio Update: The Economy, Not Same Sex Marriage, Will Determine Who Wins in 2012

Radio Update: 51% Trust Romney More Than Obama on Economy

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 45%, Democrats 38%

50% Are Confident In Stability of Banking System

New High: 47% Say Auto Bailouts Were Good for America

63% See Conflict Between Islam and the West

56% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law

Three Different Ways to Look at the 2012 Campaign By Michael Barone

May 13, 2012

77% Plan To Visit Mom on Mother’s Day

May 12, 2012

23% View Harry Reid Favorably, 57% Don't

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

May 11, 2012

Radio Update: Happy Mother's Day

Radio Update: Obama's Numbers Down, Romney Up

Radio Update: One-In-Three Believe It's Still Possible To Wark Hard, Get Rich

48% Are Skeptical About Safety of Driverless Cars

Do Independent Voters Matter? by Todd Eberly

 New High: 68% Would Vote To Replace Entire Congress

Let's Not Overreact to the Judd Mutiny By Kyle Kondik

Wisconsin Senate: Thompson (R) 50%, Baldwin (D) 38%

What the China Crisis (and His Gay Crisis) Revealed About Mitt By Joe Conason

Lugar Loss Highlights Sour Relationship Between Voters and Politicians By Scott Rasmussen

May 10, 2012

Radio Update: No Matter How Bad Things Are, Voters Believe Congress Can Always Make It Worse

Radio Update: Walker Leads in Recall Fight

Radio Update: Americans Worried About Impact of Europe's Problems on US Economy

37% Give Obama Positive Marks on Economic Issues

Majority of Americans Have Unfavorable Views of Greece, France

65% Angry At Government’s Current Policies

Wisconsin Recall Election: Walker 50%, Barrett 45%

84% Don't Think The United States Should Bailout Europe

A Senate That’s Fit to Be Tied? Updating the Battle for Congress By Larry J. Sabato and Kyle Kondik

Education Should Have Second and Third Acts By Froma Harrop

Long, Hard Slog Ahead in Presidential Race By Michael Barone

May 9, 2012

31% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

48% Think It’s Possible For Anyone Seeking Work To Find A Job

Radio Update: Ron Paul Draws Support From Both Obama and Romney As Third Party Candidate

58% Say D.C. Politics Will Grow More Partisan Over Next Year

61% Believe Europe Needs to Cut Government Spending to Save Economy

Creating a Risk-Free World: A Commentary By John Stossel

Massachusetts: Obama 56%, Romney 35%

May 8, 2012

Radio Update: Romney 49% Obama 44%

Radio Update: Massachusetts Senate Race Still Tied

Radio Update: Belief That Next Generation Will Be Better Off is at All-Time Low

New Low: 41% See Stock Market Recovery In At Least Three Years

Number Expecting Less Pay A Year From Now Is Down to 11%

Massachusetts Senate: Brown (R) 45%, Warren (D) 45%

Three-Way Race: Romney 44%, Obama 39%, Ron Paul 13%

Radio Update: Americans Want Strict Limits On Foreign Military Interventions

Radio Update: Americans Evenly Divided On Whether Muslim World Sees United States as Enemy

82% Favor Creation of Stand-Alone Social Security Trust Fund

May 7, 2012

Radio Update: Some Good News on the Employment Front

39% Think Most Muslims See U.S. As An Enemy, 35% Disagree

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 44%, Democrats 41%

New Low: 44% Predict U.S. Economy Will Be Stronger In Five Years

48% of Workers Predict Next Job Will Be Better Than Current Job

69% Favor Use of Military Overseas Only When U.S. National Security is Threatened

Racial Preferences: Unfair and Ridiculous By Michael Barone

May 6, 2012

53% Think Judges More Hostile to Religion Than Founding Fathers Planned

63% Oppose “Sin Taxes” on Junk Food and Soda

May 5, 2012

Romney Must Choose By Froma Harrop

40% Say Obama’s Views Extreme, 35% Say Same of Romney

Radio Update: Jobs Reports Could Decide Election 2012

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

May 4, 2012

53% Think Recent Graduates Will Have 'Very Difficult' Time Finding A Job

8% Give Congress Good or Excellent MarksMontana: Romney 51%, Obama 44%

Most Favor Afghanistan Withdrawal by 2014 But Fear U.S. Will Stay Too Long

Trench Warfare Won't Resolve Anything in This Year's Elections: A Commentary By Scott Rasmussen

Radio Update: On National Day of Prayer, Separation of Church and State Remains a Core Belief

Radio Update: Most Americans See Bribery As The Norm in Business

May 3, 2012

Radio Update: Consumers Cautious, Not Confident

37% Say Internet's Been Good for American Culture, 27% Disagree

Montana Senate: Rehberg (R) 53%, Tester (D) 43%

71% Say Bribery Common For Companies In Other Countries

68% Support Government-Recognized National Day of Prayer

Obama's Chicago Politics: Thuggery Not Civility By Michael Barone

51% Think U.S., Allies Winning War on Terror

May 2, 2012

Radio Update: Two Years Later, Voters See Much Less Environmental Impact From Gulf Oil Spill

Radio Update: Gas Prices Causing Cut Backs On Discretionary Spending

31% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Core Four States: Obama 46%, Romney 43%

Radio Update: Presidential Approval And A Sports Bar Nation

Nevada: Obama 52%, Romney 44%

56% See No Major Long-Term Environmental Damage from 2010 Gulf Oil Spill

Obama Full-Month Approval Slips Again in April

Keeping Nature Exactly as Is ... Forever By John Stossel

May 1, 2012

Most Adults Consider Both Newspapers and Internet News Reliable

Nevada Senate: Heller (R) 51%, Berkley (D) 40%

Radio Update: Voters Would Like More Attention on Candidates, Less on Their Families

Rasmussen Employment Index Falls Back to January Level

Partisan Trends: Republicans 35.1%, Democrats 33.1%, Unaffiliateds 31.8%

56% of Women See Presidential Candidates’ Wives As Important to Their Vote

Wishing the Worst for John Edwards: A Commentary by Froma Harrop

Radio Update: Voters See President Obama As Far From The Political Center

Radio Update: Internet News Seen As Reliable As Newspapers

68% Say Obama’s Liberal, 60% View Romney as Conservative 


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