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Are Republicans Now Waking up to their Political Suicide?

A Commentary By Brian C. Joondeph

Elected Republicans, taking their voters and current events for granted, reading only the Washington Post and watching CNN, have squandered their political relevancy, perhaps permanently. Through their foolish attempts to “reach across the aisle” or act in a more “dignified” manner than their party leader, President Trump, they have now lost the platform Trump gave them, acting dazed and confused as to what happened.

Starting before Trump was elected in 2016, the Republican establishment opposed him and, by extension, also opposed the millions of voters that propelled him into the White House. There were even emails between Mike Pence and Paul Ryan in late 2016 about a Pence-Ryan alternative to Trump-Pence.

Spygate began before Trump was elected and persisted well into his first term, with little pushback from elected Republicans, with some, like Speaker Ryan, preventing Devin Nunes and others from investigating the apparent coup.

Legislatively the Republican-controlled Congress did little. They did not repeal Obamacare and would not fund the border wall, two of Trump’s campaign promises. Not unexpectedly, the GOP lost the House in the 2018 midterm election, paving the way for impeachment and continued obstruction.

Electoral fraud was coming, as Trump predicted two years ago. Did elected Republicans do anything, at a national or state level? When it happened, did they push back, or did they instead urge the President to accept the fraudulent results and move on? When the November 6 cheat was repeated in Georgia, giving Democrats effective control of the Senate, did Republicans object? Did they do anything to try to prevent this predictable outcome?

As the President mounted legal and constitutional challenges to his stolen election, Republicans offered little assistance. When Trump held a rally for his dispirited supporters in Washington, D.C., Republicans, either ignorantly or willfully, joined the left in a staged attack on the Capitol, blaming Trump and running from him like scalded dogs. This protest conveniently scared linguini-spined Republicans away from objecting to any more slates of electors and quickly voting to certify an election that hours earlier many of them objected to.

When the true power behind the Democrat Party, known as Big Tech, held their own Friday Night Massacre reminiscent of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, deactivating the social media accounts of the President and millions of supporters, establishment Republicans may have finally woken up. But it’s too late.

The leftist mob is emboldened and not only wants full control, but a purge as well. Rick Klein, political director of ABC News called for “cleansing” America of Trump supporters. When in the past have we heard words like that? And how did that turn out?

Republican members of the ruling class are waking up to a new America, one they chose not to see coming, instead grousing over Trump’s tweets and demeanor. Now they can’t stop it. They are in the political wilderness, irrelevant, serving only as useful idiots to promote the leftist agenda.

Republicans and faux conservatives promise electoral reform. By whom? Election fraud has been institutionalized. If Democrats can steal a presidential election with impunity, they can steal any other election using the same methods, keeping Republicans in a permanent electoral minority.

If a gang of crooks can rob Fort Knox, then any other bank is an easy steal.

Will a Biden administration or a Pelosi-Schumer Congress hold hearings on electoral fraud? Dream on. Republicans can now only sit on the back benches as the Green New Deal, Medicare-for-all, open borders, amnesty, new states, and a stacked Supreme Court become reality. They can object to the reinstituted Paris Climate Accords and Iran nuke deal, or genuflection to China, but will have no power to stop anything. They can watch helplessly as the “great reset” becomes the new norm.

Only now are Republicans waking up. They tweet, before they are banned from Twitter, outrage over social media censorship. Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham were verbally accosted in the airport recently, finally getting a taste of what “we the people” think of them rather than network news anchors or Washington Post editorialists. But it’s too late.

Republicans had their chance and blew it. They stood by while President Trump was attacked for four years from all quarters. They said nothing as left-wing protesters and rioters destroyed American cities and lives, yet only found their voice when their workplace was threatened.

They sat on their hands as governors and mayors destroyed the US economy over COVID, without ever questioning “the science”. They were fair weather friends to President Trump, riding his coattails to reelection, and stabbing him in the back at the first opportunity.

Will a new political party rise out of the GOP ashes? Or will the 75 million plus supporters tell the GOP to pound sand when votes or campaign contributions are requested?

Will President Trump once again rescue the feckless GOP from itself with a last-minute play that puts him back in the White House? Although the clock is running out, betting against Trump is usually a losing bet.

It did not have to play out this way. The Republican Party chose the easy path of “go along to get along” rather than the road less traveled of bucking the establishment, and indeed it has made all the difference. The GOP is dead as a party and are now just waking up to that fact.

Brian C Joondeph, MD, is a physician and freelance writer. Follow him (while you can) on Facebook,  LinkedIn, Twitter, Parler, and QuodVerum.

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