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Rasmussen Reports is cited in media across the country – and the world – on a regular basis. 

Rasmussen: Most Say Negative TV Ads Backfire on Candidates IVN News

Is President Obama using gun control to distract from foreign policy failure? Examiner

Bad year for GOP-led Congress Newport News Times

Ted Cruz Seizes First Place in Iowa; Astounding 10-Point Lead Over Donald Trump Christian Post

GOP candidates all in for Las Vegas debate The Hill

Dick Morris: Hillary Loses Majority in Democratic Support Newsmax

Trump draws Clinton into fray, as he seeks GOP 'standard-bearer' mantle Fox News

Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Could Easily Lose To Donald Trump In General Election The Inquisitr

Poll: Trump vs. Clinton would be close battle in 2016 Washington Examiner

Trump, Clinton tied in new poll The Courier-Tribune

Presidential polls 2016: Donald Trump leads GOP, loses to Hillary Clinton in several polls Christian Today

Clinton versus Trump is dead heat North Denver News

‘Dead Race’ Between Clinton and Trump New Poll Shows Newswire

Trump attacks Bill Clinton's sex scandals Monica Lewinsky in fight with Hillary Examiner

New Rasmussen Poll Shows Majority Okay With Armed Citizens Canada Free Press

Not just the GOP: Almost half of the public supports Trump ban on Muslim immigration says new poll Washington Times

Poll: 70% of Republicans Think Trump Will Be Nominee Breitbart News

Rasmussen poll says majority feels safer with guns in home Examiner.com

Poll: College Students Prefer Free Markets, Call Black Lives Matter ‘Anti-Police’ Breitbart News

7 demented ways America thinks about guns Salon.com

Christmas 2015: Are we still a Christian nation? Communities Digital News
 New IRS Rule a Gift to Hackers and Ruthless Politicians TheBlaze.com

Can President Obama let go of his GITMO fantasies? American Thinker

Americans Just Responded Loud And Clear To Obama’s Big Terrorism Speech- He Won’t Like It… Western Journalism

FNC’s Bret Baier Praised for Tough Interview with Ted Cruz Ameripublications

Op-Ed: Lessons to be learned from Trump's rhetoric and the reactions to it Israel National News

Trump-eting his own 'message' The Straits Times

Plurality favor Trump’s Muslim ban in new poll The Hill

Rowan clerk upends GOP hopes that same-sex marriage won't be a 2016 issue Lexington Herald Leader

GOP Lawmakers Call For Curbs, Freeze On Muslim Migration To U.S. Breitbart

Most American voters don’t think Black Lives Matter can ensure equal justice for all, poll shows NY Daily News

Democrats Warn Syrian Refugee Ban Would Empower Islamic State US News & World Report

Poll: Half the nation doesn't believe Clinton's Benghazi story Washington Examiner

Poll: Highest ever believe Benghazi will hurt Clinton's bid Washington Examiner

In Defense of Exxon Mobil, Oil, and a Poor, Connecting World Forbes

More than 80 percent of active and retired military have unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton Washington Times

Hillary Clinton Has Few Fans in the Military Financial

Ted Cruz Distinguishes Himself From Marco Rubio With Pro-American Immigration Reform Plan Breitbart

Time to apply ‘gun buyer standard’ to refugees? Examiner.com

America Revisits Political Correctness Forbes

Climate Change: Most Americans Don't Want Government To Prosecute Global Warming Deniers (POLL) Headline and Global News

Charles Koch: ‘We Are Doling Out Welfare for the Wealthy’ Time

Million Student Marchers Need a Sip of Koch United Liberty

Poll: Majority of troops think they should be armed on stateside bases Guns.com

Vicious video did not kill the TV star Canada Free Press

A 'Donald Trump-style move' is becoming a trend across the country Business Insider Australia

Poll: 27% of Democrats Want Global Warming Doubters Prosecuted Breitbart News

More than 80 percent of active and retired military have unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton Washington Times

In Defense of Exxon Mobil, Oil, and a Poor, Connecting World Forbes

Byko feels the Bern on immigration Philly.com

Like a rock: Trump tops poll after debate Washington Examiner

Poll: Nearly 3 out 4 GOP voters think Trump will win Washington Examiner

Trump's to lose: 74% of GOP says 'The Donald' will be the nominee Washington Examiner

CNBC debate fires up Republican base over media bias Washington Times

Hey Dems, 'Kate's Law' is Popular With Americans Town Hall

Poll: Clinton would lose to Trump, beat Fiorina

Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson - Debut Episode

Ben Carson: America ‘closer’ to biblical end of days Washington Times

Rasmussen: Half of Americans Against Muslim President Newsmax

Support for Federal Control of Guns Continues to Drop Bearing Arms

Poll: Vast Majority of Americans Reject Calls To Bring Syrian Refugees To U.S. Town Hall

Rasmussen: Over Half of Americans Agree with Ben Carson on a Muslim President Texas Insider

Poll: Ben Carson, Donald Trump Most Likely to Win GOP Nomination, Republican Voters Think Christian Post

Poll: Majority of Likely Voters Would Not Support a Muslim for President Breitbart

Poll: Majority Sides With Dr. Ben Carson on Voting for Muslim President People’s Pundit Daily

Poll: Majority says ‘No’ to federal control of guns; Nat'l H&F Day Saturday Examiner.com

Poll: 3 Out of 10 Likely Voters Support Federal Involvement in Gun Control Breitbart

2016 Analysis Segment  Hannity Radio Show

Hillary Clinton's Troubles Featuring Rasmussen Reports' Own Leon Sculti Tim Donnelly Show

Why Carly Fiorina Is Rising in the Polls (And Why It Matters) The National Interest

Michigan gets full Trump show Politico

The Rise Of Carly Fiorina, Explained Daily Caller

Who will Carly Fiorina replace on the GOP main debate stage? Washington Examiner

Fox Taps Viewers for GOP Debate Questions RealClearPolitics

Rasmussen Poll: Americans Believe Illegals Are Taking Jobs Newsmax

Donald Trump out front in new polls, but warning signs emerge Economic Times

Carly Fiorina now on the A-List says Rasmussen Reports poll: ‘Carly’s up, Trump is down’ The Washington Times

Uh oh: Trump down nine points after debate in new Rasmussen national poll Hot Air Press

GOP Primary Poll: Trump Down, Rubio and Carly Up Post-Debate The Weekly Standard

Rasmussen: Donald Trump Holds Lead, GOP Field Reshuffles Breitbart News

Carly Fiorina surging in polls after ‘winning’ GOP debate New York Post

Trump slips in Rasmussen poll The Hill

New Rasmussen national poll has Donald Trump still up, but down 9 percent after debate St. Peters  Blog

New Rasmussen poll shows The Donald in decline Atlanta Journal Constitution

Trump takes a tumble in latest poll The Week

Carly's crushing it: Catches Jeb for third place in poll as Trump falters Washington Examiner

New Polls Show A Giant Shake-Up At The Top Of The Republican Presidential Race Western Journalism

Rasmussen: Trump Slips in National Poll Newsmax

Rasmussen Poll: 40 Percent of Dems Want Biden in the Race Newsmax

Voters Favor Deportation More Than Government Does The Financial

Poll: One-Third of GOP Voters Would Back Trump as Third Party Candidate Breitbart

Trump third party run: 36% GOP supports, 19% of Democrats too Washington Examiner

Who Gets Into the Republican Debate: Rounding Could Decide New York Times

Rasmussen: Trump Should Be Front and Center at GOP Debate Newsmax

63 percent of likely voters would not vote for President Obama a third time: Rasmussen poll Washington Times

Poll: No, Mr. President, you would not win a third term Washington Examiner

Two-thirds of voters say Obama administration deal with Iran needs approval from Congress Washington Times

Clinton, Bush, mainstream media think Trump is wrong to say illegals are criminals; Americans disagree Personal Liberty

Survey: Most Side With Trump That Illegals in US Increase Crime Newsmax

Trump to Meet With Families of Victims Killed By Illegals Newsmax

Donald Trump Has It Right On Immigration Live Trading News

16 Reasons Donald Trump Is Not Wrong on Immigration Newsmax

Half of GOP Voters Say Jindal Unlikely to be their Nominee MyArkLaMiss.com

Poll: More than half of Republican voters say Bobby Jindal’s unlikely to be their nominee in 2016 The Advocate blog

Poll: Most want feds to punish 'sanctuary cities' The Hill Briefing Room blog

Rasmussen: Most Americans Want Feds to Punish Sanctuary Cities Newsmax

Poll: Voters Want Sanctuary Cities Punished For Not Upholding Immigration Laws Daily Caller

Poll: Majority support punishing Sanctuary Cities America Thinker

Public: No to 'sanctuary cities' by 2-1 margin Washington Examiner

Survey: Most Side With Trump That Illegals in US Increase Crime Newsmax

Rasmussen Poll: Rise in Voters Backing States Over Supreme Court Newsmax

Donald Trump: I've Been Urged to Run Third Party Newsmax

Poll: Support grows for states to ignore federal courts The Hill

Time for the States to Declare Independence From the Federal Government Breitbart

Pound Sand, Your Honor! More Americans Want States to Ignore Federal Courts The New American

More Americans back override of federal court rulings if state officials oppose them Christian Today

After Recent Controversial Decisions, a Growing Number of Americans Say ‘Ignore the Supreme Court’ IJ Review

Poll: More Americans want states to ignore Supreme Court Washington Examiner

50% of Republican and conservative voters believe states have right to ignore federal court rulings Washington Times

Poll: More Americans believe states can ignore federal courts The Week

Voters Believe Economic Growth Trumps Fairness United Liberty

Rasmussen: Only a Quarter of GOP Voters Give Christie a Chance BayouBuzz

Americans Comfortable Living Around Guns, Despite Decades–long Fear Campaign AmmoLand

No Joke: Most Black Voters Think Rachel Dolezal Should Have Stayed At The NAACP Town Hall

Trump a joke candidate, doing this only for vanity KFMB 760AM

Poll: Just 27% of Republicans think Donald Trump will be nominee Washington Examiner

Bad news for Dems: Guess who supports voter ID laws? BizPac Review

Poll: 38 Percent Like Idea of New Political Party Real Clear Politics

Poll asks, Summertime is here — or is it? Sunshine State News

Poll: Importance of Memorial Day Trends Higher, But Here’s a Reminder for Minority People’s Pundit Daily

Rasmussen Poll: Fewer Americans Favor Boots on Ground in Iraq Newsmax

Poll: Only 23% of Voters Say Reporters Will 'Offer Unbiased Coverage' – Newsbusters  

Bernie Sanders' Historic Role The Patriot Post

Poll: 46 Percent Of Americans Want Stephanopoulos To Stay Away From 2016 Election Coverage Town Hall

Rasmussen: Huckabee Has Best Shot of New GOP Entrants Newsmax

Latest Poll Shows Just How Many Americans Want a Military Presence on the Border IJReview

Poll Shows Voter Support For Tough Border Controls Investors.com

Support For Border Security, Concern Over Illegal Immigration Grow People’s Pundit Daily

910 KINA Coffee Talk: Do you think the military should be used to secure the border? Salina Post

Rasmussen survey shows 70 percent in favor of police body cameras KOB4

Rasmussen Poll: More Voters Want Border Controlled VDare.com

Hillary Clinton’s actions at State Dept. likely influenced by foundation donations: poll Washington Times

Rasmussen: 57 Percent Think Hillary Will Be Next President Newsmax

Poll: Hillary Leads the Two Other Official Contenders Newsmax

The Crossroads of America Crossed on Freedom Patriot Post

Poll: Most Think Customer Refusal OK Over Religious Convictions Newsmax

Rasmussen: Half of Americans Think Muslims Hate the United States Breitbart

How 49% of Americans Think Muslims See America IJ Review

Poll: 86% of Americans Think Radical Islamic Terrorism Is a Threat to the U.S. JP Updates

49% now believe Muslims view U.S. as enemy WND

Rasmussen Poll: Majority Continues to Reject Obama Amnesty Plan Newsmax

A Huge Number Of Americans Think Brian Williams Should Resign

Brian Williams: Here comes the collateral damage

Poll: 40 Percent Say Brian Williams Should Resign

Poll: Brian Williams Hurt NBC News Credibility, Should Resign Amid Lie

Brian Williams’ rescue plan crumbles as friends plead for mercy

A Huge Number Of Americans Think Brian Williams Should Resign: Poll

Poll: 40% of Americans Think Brian Williams Should Resign from NBC   

Jeb Bush’s New Tech Genius Is Aware Of All Internet Traditions, Including Misogyny

Should #NBC’s Brian Williams Stay or Go?

#Obama Response to #ISIS ‘War Crimes’ too tepid – poll

Poll shows Americans are still pro-death penalty 

Brian Noland: In working toward justice, minorities are underrepresented among the nation’s lawyers 

Poll: More Americans support than oppose Netanyahu’s Congress speech

Poll: Plurality Of US Voters Welcome Netanyahu’s Congress Speech, Dems Not So Much 

#Israelex Morning Read – Biden May Boycott Bibi’s Speech; Voters Prefer Right Wing Gov’t; Labor Activists Complain Of Sleepy Campaign

Why does Obama get job performance approval?

Tax Hikes on the Wealthy? Not So Fast, Say Voters

Media overinflate Super Bowl ‘heroes’

US Official Says ISIS Uses Orange Jumpsuits Because Of Guantanamo

This Meaning Behind the Color Orange Uniform Prisoner ISIS

Now’s the time to remember that old bumper sticker: ‘Don’t tell Obama what comes after a trillion’

Americans Stopped Trusting TV News Anchors Long Before Brian Williams

Kerry acknowledged the worst US secretary of state in 50 years 

‘Three Grandmas’ Pen Scathing Open Letter to Jeb Bush After His Alleged ‘Disparaging’ Comments to Them The Blaze

Another Vulnerable Senate Dem Starts Trailing in Poll Fox News

Ex-secretary of state endorses Dan Sullivan in tight U.S. Senate race KTOO

Poll shows Alaska Democratic Sen. Mark Begich trailing for the first time Washington Examiner

Condoleezza Rice Backs Sullivan in Alaska Senate Race Real Clear Politics

Ex-Secretary of State Endorses Sullivan in Tight U.S. Senate Race Alaska Public Radio

AK Beat: Todd Palin to host Sportsman's Iditarod series Alaska Dispatch

Officially a horse race for governor Picayune Times

Cotton Leads Pryor by Five in Rasmussen Poll  National Review Online 

Arkansas: Open seat; held by Gov. Mike Beebe (D) (Shift from Lean Republican)  Governing

Poll: Ross leads Hutchinson for Arkansas Governor KATV

As Sports Struggles With The Politics Of Gay Rights, Race Relations and Marijuana, ESPN's Colin Cowherd Thrives Forbes

Supreme showdown in religious-freedom battle World News Daily

Poll confirms: More Americans hate clowns Washington Examiner

Poll shows trouble for Udall, lead for Hick NBC 9 News

Poll: Udall, Gardner in a dead heat The Hill

Tea party-backed candidate drops out of Colorado Senate race Daily Caller

Ratings Change: Colorado Senate Roll Call

Americans Like Obama About as Much as They Like Russia Reason.com

Poll: Public rejects 'clean' debt deal, wants spending cuts Washington Examiner

The Public does not agree with the ‘clean’ debt deal U.S. Finance Post

Daylight Saving Time 2014 My Fox NY

30 Survey Results That Sound False But That Are Actually True Men’s News Daily

Public Schools Lax on Discipline, Most Americans Say in Poll Sunshine State News

The REINS Act doesn’t go far enough R Street

Poll: Government Shouldn’t Monitor News Content Talk Radio News Service

Poll: Overwhelming Majority Believe News Monitoring Not the Government's Job Town Hall

If historical patterns hold, Democrats will lose House, Senate seats in November All Voices

Rasmussen Poll: 33 Percent of Americans Hurt by Obamacare

Poll: 33 percent of Americans have been hurt by Obamacare Daily Caller


One-third of Americans say they've been hurt by Obamacare Examiner.com

Sen. Tom Harkin: Dems made 'the kinds of mistakes you make' on health care reform InsuranceNewsNet

Rasmussen Poll: 33 Percent of Americans Hurt by Obamacare Newsmax

One in Three Say They’ve Been Personally Hurt by Obamacare National Review

Poll: 33% Say Obamacare has Hurt Them; Majority Still Disapprove PJ Media

Why Americans Have Turned Against Government-Sponsored Health Insurance Entrepreneur.com

Gallup Poll Predicts Dem Midterm Wipeout American Thinker

A Drudge editor report: Who will win, Democrats or GOP, in elections 2014? Examiner.com

One in Three Say They’ve Been Personally Hurt by Obamacare National Review

67% of Americans Say They Eat Healthy, But 69% Don't CNSNews

Survey: 25 percent believe government should assist those who can’t pay their mortgage Daily Ardmoreite

Amnesty – Truth Or Dare? Communities Digital News

Americans Question Fairness of Taxes Sunshine State News

5 Common Causes of Prevalent Tax Mistakes InvestorIdeas.com

Americans Question Fairness of Taxes Sunshine State News

Poll: 61% oppose administration’s move to give up control of the Internet United Liberty

Poll: 68 Oppose Bonuses for IRS Employees Newsmax

POLL: Clinton 47% Bush 33%... Drudge Report

2016 Poll: Hillary Clinton Crushes Jeb Bush Sunshine State News

Poll: Hillary Clinton 47%, Jeb Bush 33% Washington Examiner

James Poulos: 2016 a good time for a fresh start Orange County Register

Video: Jeb Bush Launches Ad Campaign Promoting Common Core The Blaze

Mitch McConnell is in trouble Huffington Post

Poll Highlights McConnell’s Vulnerability in Kentucky Time

Mitch McConnell could lose his primary  Washington Examiner

Mitch Ditched: 10 Polls Show McConnell Tied or Trailing Democrat Alison Grimes Politicus USA

Matt Bevin: Mitch McConnell can’t win in November Politico

Kentucky attorney general won’t appeal gay marriage ruling MSNBC

Energy job is plus for Landrieu American Press

LA Demos Pick up; Glover Running?  Bayou Buzz

Onln: Landrieu in toss-up contest Southern Political Report

Majority of Americans Don't Think Mexico Is Tough Enough on Mexican Cartels Town Hall

Carlyle Group Chair Gives AEI $20 Million; Larry King Favorite for Piers Morgan Slot Newsmax

Land has slight lead on Peters in U.S. Senate race, according to conservative Super PAC poll Detroit Free Press

You Know the Difference Between Genius and Stupidity? BarryGoldberg.com

Rasmussen Poll: Daines leads Walsh for U.S. Senate KXLF Butte

Poll: GOP's Daines Has Sizeable Lead on Dem Sen. Walsh in Montana Newsmax

Rasmussen Poll: Daines leads Walsh for U.S. Senate KPAX

MT Senate: Newly minted Democrat incumbent trails by 14 points United Liberty

Rasmussen: Daines Leads By 14 Points KULR

Murph’s off his turf Republican American

Poll: Just 11% of blacks say life under Obama is better for young African-Americans Washington Examiner

Caller Demands More Follow-Up on Issues the Mainstream Media Ignores RushLimbaugh

Satirical News, the New Trend in Reaching the Masses Guardian Liberty Voice 

Poll: Overwhelming Majority Believe News Monitoring Not the Government's Job Town Hall

71% Say Government Has No Business Monitoring News Content Independent Voter Network

Poll: Government Shouldn’t Monitor News Content Talk Radio News Service

Poll: Majority say it isn't government's role to monitor news content UPI

Rasmussen Poll: Shaheen Has Comfortable Lead Over Brown in NH Newsmax

Newman Ferrarra LLP | OVERTIME PAY HURTS Linex Legal

Obama's approval still higher than Bush's was at this point during his 2nd term Examiner.com

Obama Poll Watch -- February, 2014 Huffington Post

Poll: Obama’s Job Approval Sinks Again PJ Media

What?? Congressional approval rating inches upward Yahoo! News

Yes, we can fire Congress! World News Daily

Throw the bums out. CainTV

Many Americans Feel Congressional Incumbents Don't Deserve Re-election Sunshine State News

Only 29% would re-elect Congress, an all-time low Washington Examiner

A Rudderless Superpower American Thinker

Blue way behind Red in latest South Dakota Senate poll KELO

A lot can change. But it looks like Democrats are in trouble. The Federalist

Democrats Distance Themselves From Senate Candidate in SD Newsmax

Americans Believe 'Stand Your Ground' Laws Improve Public Safety Sunshine State News

Just How Poorly Did Wendy Davis Do Last Night? The Federalist

Poll: Abbott leads Davis among likely voters by double digits Dallas Morning News

Wendy Davis: Greg Abbott “hostile to the future of Texas” Austin American Statesman

Third time is not a charm for the GOP on equal pay Houston Chronicle

Just How Poorly Did Wendy Davis Do Last Night? The Federalist

Polls: Americans Repeatedly Say "No!" to U.S. Intervention in Ukraine New American

Where's America's right to referendum, secession? World News Daily

Majority of Americans feel US shouldn't intervene in Ukraine crisis - poll Voice of Russia

Poll: Virginians optimistic about McAuliffe's term Hampton Roads Pilot Online

Valentine's Day? Most Are Indifferent, Poll Finds Sunshine State News

POLL: 78% Favor Proof of Citizenship Before Being Allowed to Vote... Drudge Report

Rasmussen Poll: 78 Percent of Voters Support Voter ID Laws Newsmax

Voter registration: Proof of citizenship should be required according to poll Examiner.com

Race bullies are losing the voter ID battle American Thinker

Poll: 78% Favor Proof of Citizenship Before Being Allowed to Vote Jewish Political Updates

Poll: 78 Percent Support Proof-of-Citizenship Requirements Town Hall

Poll: 78% Of US Voters Support Voter ID Laws Live Trading News

Like it or not Dems Kansas Voter ID Law is "The Law Of The Land"... Topeka Capital Journal

‘Racist’ Voter ID Laws Popular With Majority Of Americans Personal Liberty Digest

Terri Lynn Land tops US Rep. Gary Peters in 2013 campaign fund-raising Times-Herald

Scott Walker, 2016 Hopeful, Fights for His Life in 2014 The Nation

Gov. Scott Walker Re-election Fight Could Be Warm-Up for 2016 Newsmax

New MU Law School Poll, Walker 48, Burke 41 WTAQ

Burke tries to tap into black vote Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Are we ready for a female president? Bachmann says no. Washington Post

Fourteen points separate Capito and Tennant in U.S. Senate poll Metro News West Virginia

Poll: GOP's Capito Has 14-Point Lead in West Virginia Newsmax

Rockefeller discusses chemical leak, questions 'safe' water designation InsuranceNewsNet

Capito Far Ahead in Senate Race Wheeling Intelligencer

Capito has every reason to smile The InterMountain

The Auto Bailout Saved 1.5 Million Jobs — and Likely Made $50,000 on Each One The Wire

Kathleen Sebelius, you are not doing a heck of a job Kansas City Star

The ACA, Sebelius and the Cure Huffington Post

Poll states that 33 percent of likely voters believe Chang'e 3 bad for America Examiner.com

Mark Hohmeister: A war is no way to celebrate Christmas Tallahassee.com

Christmas, Still a "Religious Holiday"? Town Hall

Holiday traveling has potential for giving more than headaches Ottawa Herald

HUFFPOLLSTER: What The Polls Say About Healthcare -- And The Holidays Huffington Post

In God We Trust, but others must pay cash? Columbia Daily Herald

Congress Blew It - Again: The National Budget Should Reflect National Priorities Truth-Out

Congress Blew It - Again: The National Budget Should Reflect National Priorities  National Priorities

U.S. Misery Index Falls to Four-Year Low Business2Community

Americans Expecting Relations With Cuba to Remain the Same in 2014 Sunshine State News

White House Defends Obama Decision to Shake Raul Castro's Hand Sunshine State News

Poll: Obama’s Lowest Approval in 2 Years, Highest Disapproval in 26 Months Fox News

RCP’s average ranking for Obama’s approval rate drops below 40 percent for the first time Real Clear Politics

Field Poll Shows Californians Abandoning Obama American Thinker

Polls offer a little something for everyone MSNBC

YOUNG: Obamacare’s sinking popularity Washington Times

HUFFPOLLSTER: Is Obama's Approval Up, Down, Or Somewhere In Between? Huffington Post

Analyst Sees Chance of Obama Resignation Fox Business

Obama approval rating reaches lowest RCP average ever Daily Caller

Nation remains nearly united in disapproval of Congress (week in polls) Alabama.com

Obamacare’s sinking popularity U-T San Diego

Perhaps the holiday trip to Hawaii was what President Obama needed Washington Times

Poll: 49% oppose further U.S. aid to Egypt UPI

Are Americans Becoming More Socially Conservative? Powerline Blog

How Much Trouble Are the Democrats In? Powerline Blog

HUFFPOLLSTER: Republicans Lead Narrowly In Midterm 'Enthusiasm' Huffington Post

Republicans Begin 2014 With A Slight Edge: Poll Huffington Post

Obamacare woes propel GOP to preferred status in polls for 2014 elections Washington Times

Not partisan thaw, but Obamacare fallout behind the budget deal Daily Caller

'Impeachment': Democrats launch 'paranoid' 2014 campaign strategy Examiner.com

Why Newtown Didn’t Lead to Gun Control Commentary Magazine

Sturm, Ruger & Company (RGR).Smith & Wesson Holdings Corp (SWHC): Are Gunmakers Done Shooting Out the Lights? Next iPhone News

Support for Government Health Insurance Requirements Plummets Sunshine State News

Rebrand ObamaCare all you want: A bad product is still bad Canada Free Press

New Poll:Voters Want to Change- Repeal New Health Care Law Central Illinois Proud

POLL: 81% favor repealing, changing Health Care Law KETK

GOP “wave” building in 2014? Hammer of Truth

GOP Takes the Bait: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Insists All Dems Will Run on Obamacare Sunshine State News

Running From ObamaCare Wall Street Journal

Obamacare: Already Infecting 2014 Midterms Wall Street Cheat Sheet

Smart Benefits: Polls Show Most Americans Skeptical of Obamacare GoLocal Providence

Obamacare: Already Infecting 2014 Midterms Wall Street Cheat Sheet

MINICK: Still waiting for an Obamacare exemption Washington Times

Half of Americans Oppose Obamacare Contraceptive Mandate Sunshine State News

James Dobson Files Lawsuit Against Obamacare’s HHS-Abortion Pill Mandate LifeNews.com

Doc the Halls with Fewer Health Plans... Patriot Post

HHS Mandate Continues to Be Challenged in Court New American

Pesky Facts! WaPo Misleads on Public Opinion of Contraception Mandate Newsbusters

Thousands of doctors are walking away from Obamacare LifeSiteNews.com

Americans Oppose HHS Mandate Obama Admin Forcing Hobby Lobby to Comply With LifeNews.

Howard Dean: Obamacare Mandate Not Needed, Has Hurt President Newsmax

Poll: Basically No One Thinks Obamacare Problems Will be Fixed in 2014 Town Hall

Despite liberal claims to the contrary, polling shows Americans oppose Obamacare’s birth control mandate Live Action News

Voters Continue to Turn Against Obamacare Powerline Blog

Rasmussen Poll: Most Americans Oppose ACA's Individual Mandate Newsmax

Smart Benefits: Polls Show Most Americans Skeptical of Obamacare GoLocal.com (Worcester)

Dec. 23 Deadline Could Be Major Test for ObamaCare New American

And the Obamacare Approval Rating Is? Main Street

Mobile Shoppers & the Halfway Point Mobile Shop Talk

Slow Start To Shopping Season May Lead To Bigger Bargains CBS Baltimore

Nearly One-Third of Americans Already Finished with Holiday Shopping Sunshine State News

Most Americans say yes to deportation of illegals – survey  The Voice of Russia

Survey: Majority of Americans Want More Illegals Deported Newsmax

Majority of Americans Believe Deportation of Illegal Immigrants Not Aggressive Enough Town Hall

Obama to Extend Illegal Immigrant Childhood Amnesty Deadline Newsmax

Letter to Obama disloyal to workers Reedsburg Times-Press

Nation Fabricates Facts to Attack Israeli Racism The Jewish Press

More Americans see marriage as a religious institution AllVoices.com

$15 Minimum Wage To Appear on Chicago Ballots In These Times

Story of a Franchise Owner National Review

ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL: Polls, if done right, are invaluable Morning Sentinel

The Decline and Fall of American Deterrence  American Thinker


Liberalism is finally about to be hoist on its own deceit Washington Times

New Rasmussen poll shows Ted Cruz is third most influential person to Americans Houston Chronicle

The Washington Establishment Can't Stamp Out the Tea Party, Any More Than the Left Can Stamp Out Christmas Rush Limbaugh

Pope Francis is Time Magazine's 'Person of the Year' and in Great Shape With American Public Sunshine State News

Poll: Ted Cruz 3rd 'most influential' world leader, behind pope, Obama Washington Examiner

Rasmussen: Ted Cruz Just Behind Pope, Obama as 2013's Most Influential Person Newsmax

Survey: Ted Cruz Named Third Most Influential Person of 2013 The Blaze

New Rasmussen poll shows Ted Cruz is third most influential person to Americans Texas Tribune

Ted Cruz third most influential man in world, says Rasmussen poll BizPac Review

Cruz ends year as he began, with no apologies 88.9 KETR

Ted Cruz, the world's most influential man (in his mind) Orlando Sentinel

Ted Cruz makes list of top global influencers Chicago Tribune

House Not Passing A 2013 Immigration Reform Bill Is How Republicans Will Win Senate, Says Ted Cruz International Business Times

Frontpage’s 2013 Man of the Year: Ted Cruz Frontpage Magazine

Rush Limbaugh: Tea Party Here to Stay Liberty Post 

Is Opposition to Obama Racist? American Thinker

Poll: 75% say public schools should celebrate Christmas The Blaze

Culture wars: Holiday struggle over public spaces still very much alive (+video) Christian Science Monitor

75% think Christmas should be celebrated in public schools KETK

Rasmussen Poll: Americans Want Christmas in Public Schools Newsmax

Poll: 75 Percent Say Celebrate Christmas in Public Schools Town Hall

Editorial: O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree Eagle-Tribune

Our view: The 'holiday tree' honors no one Newbury Port News

Watters’ World: Christmas quiz II Fox News

Guest Opinion: Time to leave Afghanistan News-Press

Eight Things to Watch for in the Farm Bill Heritage Foundation

Poll: Only 31 Percent of Americans Work 40-Hour Week CBS DC

Federal workers far less happy than private sector employees, report finds Washington Post

More Than We Can Stomach American Spectator

Is America More Pro-life than Ever?  Family Research Council

Barack Obama’s Era of Hopelessness Powerline Blog

Majority of Americans Think Bullying in School is on the Rise Sunshine State News

Third of Americans Say US is Unfair, Discriminatory Politix

How vending machines live up to the four pillars of sustainability Popsop

POLL: 9% Have Considered Quitting U.S. Citizenship... Drudge Report

Political Polarization in America United We Stand, Divided We Fail Oye! News

9 Percent Have Considered Quitting Their U.S. Citizenship The Yeshiva World

Americans Say Founding Fathers Would See U.S. Today as a Failure Sunshine State News

Barack Obama’s sinking leadership: half of Americans believe the Founding Fathers would see the US today as a failure Telegraph

Americans' Beliefs about the United States American Thinker

As Sen. Elizabeth Warren likens Tea Party Republicans to 'anarchists,' national poll shows citizens think both parties are full of extremists MassLive.com

A Tea Party ‘Kamikaze Caucus’ has been blamed for the U.S. shutdown but the truth isn’t so simple National Post

No winners seen in aftermath of shutdown NewsPressNow

At 11th hour, US edges away from brink of debt crisis The Economic Times

US edges away from brink of debt crisis, as deadline closes in

RPT-WRAPUP 6-At 11th hour, U.S. edges away from brink of debt crisis MSN Money

EDITORIAL: Looking for the deal Washington Times

It would be tough to throw these bums out Kansas City Star

CHART OF THE DAY: The Shutdown Has Had No Noticeable Affect On Consumer Confidence Business Insider

Indicators Rise to 71.5 Percent from 68.5 Percent, Far From a Sell Signal of 30 Percent 4-Traders.com

Has Washington Kicked Consumer Confidence Into The Sewer? Business2Community

Has Washington Kicked Consumer Confidence into the Sewer? Wall Street Sector Selector

Has Washington Kicked Consumer Confidence into the Sewer? BenZINGa

Indicators rise to 71.5 per cent from 68.5 per cent, far from a Sell signal of 30 per cent CPI FINANCIAL

Housing activity slows, shifting advantage to buyers  Press Enterprise

Obama's approval lowest in two years The Hill

The Shutdown Is Boosting Barack Obama's Poll Numbers, and Republicans Don't Care Slate.com

Crossing the Over-Under Line [With Caveat By John] Powerline Blog

HUFFPOLLSTER: Political Leaders' Favorability Drops  Huffington Post

The Verdict Is In: Shutdown Stinks for GOP Time

Heads Up GOP: Rasmussen Has President Obama’s Approval Ratings Rising to 51% Politicus USA

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Vulnerable Democrats: No, Seriously, Who's Up For an Obamacare Delay? Town Hall (A footnote in the bottom of the article falsely says that we have changed our methodology since Scott left and methodology has absolutely not been touched – note: the writer was once a guest on What America Thinks)

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New York, Colorado voters go to polls – Clinton, Bush meet – Obama addresses nation – South Dakota, North Carolina Senate polls – Rubio plans book Politico

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HUFFPOLLSTER: Lhota Campaign Disavows Strategic Vision LLC's David Johnson Huffington Post

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Rasmussen: McAuliffe Leads Cuccinelli by Seven in VA Governor's Race Breitbart

Rasmussen poll: McAuliffe 45, Cuccinelli 38 in Virginia Hot Air Press

New Survey Doesn’t Seem to Bode Well for Unions The Blaze

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The First The Stranger

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Getting along by breaking away Spirit of Jefferson

17% Would Vote to Secede and Form New State... Drudge Report

Secession Remains Unpopular 150 Years After Civil War Sunshine State News

Americans Oppose Washington, D.C. Statehood, Give Puerto Rican Statehood Mixed Marks Sunshine State News

What A Government Shutdown Means For D.C. Statehood DCist

Poll: A Big Majority of Americans Don’t Want D.C. to Be a State Washington City Paper

Fixing to 'Secede': Poll proves that 17 percent of respondents want to form new state Catholic Online

75 Percent of Americans Oppose Statehood for DC Washingtonian

Americans warming up to concept of secession as additional counties in California go through process Red Alert Politics

Quarter of Americans using social media for news The Blaze

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is the (tea) party over? Blue Ridge Muse

The tea party's pot has grown cold and stale Capitol Hill Blue

Three-Quarters of Americans Overestimate Teachers' Salaries Breitbart News

Voters Trust Republicans More on War on Terror, Immigration Sunshine State News

GOP Trusted More Than Democrats on 10 of 15 Key Issues Sunshine State News

Truman Taylor: How to rob a bank  Providence Journal

Poll: McAuliffe By 5 Over Cuccinelli Talking Points Memo

Virginia Libertarian Is Only Gubernatorial Candidate Focused on Issues Reason.com

Rasmussen poll: McAuliffe 45, Cuccinelli 38 in Virginia Hot Air Press

Poll shows McAuliffe maintains slight lead over Cuccinelli The Blade

Cuccinelli’s Big Mo American Spectator

Virginia Governor: Pro-Abortion Terry McAuliffe Leads Pro-Life Ken Cuccinelli Life News

Rasmussen Report: McAuliffe Leads Cuccinelli in Newest Voter Survey WCAV

Ken Cuccinelli, Terry McAuliffe trade blows in second debate Washington Times

Low Pay Keeps Millennials Stuck at Home The Economic Populist

A breakdown of the Obama approval rating polls for August 5, 2013 Examiner.com 

Buyer's Remorse in the Marriage Debate American Thinker

Awesome: Hundreds of Women Protest HHS Mandate In Front of White House Town Hall

40 Failed Repeal Attempts Later, Health Care Is Still The Law MintPress News

Noelle Nikpour: Republicans count on dislike of Obamacare Sun Sentinel

US must embrace diplomacy with Iran Gulf Times

Would they be proud? Human Events 

Low esteem in which Americans hold Congress is bad for our democracy Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Americans still think Congress sucks Red Alert Politics

Politics 2014: Paul-Christie dialogue signals start of 2016 season UPI

Will we ever admire Congress again? Philly.com 

Warning: Backing Amnesty Is Bad for Your Political Health  Center for Immigration Studies

Voters Trust Republicans More On Key Issues Powerline Blog

Rasmussen poll: top voter concerns Examiner.com

Open for Business: Maine Gov's Biz-Boosting Initiatives Under Scrutiny Maine Public Broadcasting Network

Liberal group ‘Organizing for Action’ plans day for gun control (Video) Examiner.com

Most Americans support ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws, national poll shows Daily Caller 

Hillary Clinton Is Leading Favorite – And Unfavorite – in Democratic Presidential Pack Drudge Report

Poll: Hillary Least Wanted 2016 Democratic Nominee Newsmax

Democrats Love, Hate Hillary 2016 Personal Liberty Digest

Hillary Clinton Blowing Out 2016 Democratic Rivals in New Poll Sunshine State News

Poll: Hillary Clinton tops list of Dems voters don't want in 2016 Washington Examiner

Christie, Rubio Lead Poll of Republican Voters for 2016 Nominee LifeNews

Americans Divided on Health Care Law Sunshine State News

In Arizona, Obama Touts Housing Rebound Real Clear Politics

Poll Finds Americans Divided on Immigration, Against Automatic Citizenship Sunshine State News

We must remember why our money says 'In God We Trust' Fox News

Multiple New Polls Show Americans Reject Wholesale NSA Domestic Spying Electronic Frontier Foundation

Why Christie Is Wrong Wall Street Journal

Would they be proud? Sumter Item

Walter E. Williams: Would they be proud? Memphis Commercial Appeal

Christie and Clinton ‘hottest’ politicians according to new Quinnipiac poll  Red Alert Politics

Back in the U.S.S.R. Marietta Daily Journal

Nearly a third of Republicans say Chris Christie is their LEAST favorite presidential candidate - making him the most unpopular GOP White House hopeful Daily Mail

Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush Closing in on Chris Christie in National Poll Sunshine State News

2016 GOP Poll: Christie 21, Rubio 18, Jeb Bush 16, Rand Paul 15 Town Hall

Rasmussen poll of Republican voters: Christie 21, Rubio 18, Jeb Bush 16 Hot Air Press

Rasmussen: Christie, Rubio Lead Among Likely 2016 GOP Primary Voters Weekly Standard

Chris Christie leads two new 2016 Republican polls Yahoo! News

Chris Christie Leads GOP Field in Two New 2016 Presidential Polls Hollywood Gossip

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Obama’s Job Approval Collapses, 52 Percent Disapprove In Latest Fox News Poll MediaIte

Obama Poll Watch -- July 2013 Huffington Post

Fighting faith-based discrimination Wisconsin Gazette

Poll: Support For New Gun Laws Drops Since Newtown, Most Just ...

REPORT: 62% of parents feel safer if child's school has armed guard KETK

Poll: Parents Think Schools With Armed Guards Are Safer Town Hall

New poll finds majority of Americans favor armed guards in schools WMTW

Have we returned to ‘normal’ on gun control? Examiner.com

Rasmussen: Americans Want More Federal Support for Transit  DCStreetsBlog

Williams column: Blacks must reject criminal behavior Jackson Sun

Congress takes vacation from doing nothing Norman Transcript

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Endorsements for McConnell not coming from Tea Party GOP USA

2016 politics frustrate local congressman Edmond Sun

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Electoral Discrepancies American Thinker 

North Atlanta High School gets new shooting range Red Alert Politics

Americans Not On Board With Obamacare Sunshine State News

Obamacare SOS: Oprah could help revive the White House’s push for Obamacare enrollment Red Alert Politics

Summertime Blues: Polls show ObamaCare support eroding amid roll-out problems Fox News

Breaking bad news Benefits Pro

After going 0-40, this team needs a change LaGrange News

Obamacare’s Shutdown Shock-Jocks National Review Online

30 percent of Americans say Internet a bad influence on U.S. politics Washington Times

More delays for Obamacare as admin pushes back caps on out-of-pocket costs Daily Caller

After 75 years since minimum wage established, workers still struggle Catholic Sentinel 

Poll: Only 11 percent believe Obama’s NSA promises Daily Caller

Federal overreach — then and now Boston Herald

Government Is Dangerous. Handle With Care. Patriot Post

Poll: Only 11 Percent Say NSA Now Less Likely To Monitor Americans’ Phone Calls CBS – Washington, DC

Poll: Few Expect Change in Spying Practices U.S. News & World Report

Obama is “not an alternative” to the Republicans: Political activist PressTV

EFF: Multiple New Polls Show Americans Reject Wholesale NSA Domestic Spying Personal Liberty Digest

Obama picks spy master to head ‘outside experts’ probing domestic spying PressTV

11 Liberal Rules for Racism in America  Town Hall

The Independent: My Announcement Speech  Huffington Post

Commentary: Country needs Congress to fix its colonoscopy problem Palm Beach Post

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Congress takes vacation from doing nothing Greensburg Daily News

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YOUR THREE CENTS: Do you believe the country is heading in the ... WEAR

Can Marco Rubio win back the Republican base? The Week

Marco Rubio to conservatives: I swear, I’m one of you! MSNBC

Term Limits Patriot Post

Texas Gov. Rick Perry loving California GOP again Southern California Public Radio

Spokesperson: Kennedy School Has Invited Hillary Clinton To 'Consider Engaging' with University Harvard Crimson

Democratic Maryland Governor Prepares 2016 Presidential Bid Right Side News

School Should Start After Labor Day, Majority of Americans Say in Poll Sunshine State News

Time for a New American Revolution? American Thinker

Rasmussen: Only 18 Percent Approve of Foreign Aid to Egypt Jewish Political Updates

Overwhelming Majority: Cut Aid to Egypt Town Hall

POLL: Americans Really Sour on Egypt PJ Media

Newman Ferrarra LLP | STOP EGYPTIAN AID? Linex Legal

Obama axes economic aid to Egypt, keeps military money flowing Daily Caller

Rasmussen: Only 18 Percent Approve of Foreign Aid to Egypt Newsmax

Court: Christian photographers cannot refuse gay ceremonies Catholic News Agencies

Months after Newtown shootings, gun debate keeps going TribLive

Americans Think Obamacare Will Increase the Deficit, Not Decrease It Town Hall

52 reasons Obamacare can't work World News Daily

John A. Tures: Time for a new game plan Ledger Enquirer

2014 Senate races favor GOP Examiner.com

Wonkbook: Newt Gingrich explains how the GOP’s Obamacare tactics backfired Washington Post

Diagnosis for disaster: Obamanesia and a fuhgeddaboudit President Fox News

Obama buzz wearing off quickly The Optimist

Americans Give U.S. Health Care System Lackluster Reviews Sunshine State News

After 75 years, minimum wage workers still struggle St. Louis Review

Prominent Democratic Pollster Changing Its Methodology National Journal

Shock poll: Just 4% of blacks say Obama has improved race relations Washington Examiner

Just 10 Percent of Americans Think Race Relations Are Better Under Obama Town Hall

Rasmussen: Majority Think Race Relations Haven’t Improved Since Obama’s Election National Review

Poll: Majority of Americans say Obama is hostile to small businesses Daily Caller

Barbara Boxer Calls For Minimum Wage To Be Raised To $10 Talking Points Memo

TheDC Morning: Syrian intervention more popular than John Edwards! The Daily Caller

Republicans Favor Government Shutdown to Prevent Obamacare Sunshine States News

Rasmussen poll: 42 percent of GOP voters think defunding Obamacare will help the party Washington Examiner

The limits of term limits Chicago Tribune

82 percent say U.S. ‘losing’ War on Drugs Seattle Post Intelligencer

Poll: 82% Of Americans Believe U.S. Is Losing ‘War On Drugs’ Talking Points Memo

Americans Believe U.S. Isn't Winning the War on Drugs Sunshine State News

Only 4 percent still believe US is winning the war on drugs MSN Now

Shocking Examples of Police Killing Innocent People in the "War on Drugs" Cannabis  Culture

Women and Young Adults More Likely to Support 20-Week Abortion Ban LifeNews

Women and young adults more likely to support 20 week abortion ban: poll LifeSiteNews

Opinion: Boehner’s impossible job The Hill

39% of Americans Uneasy about Economy WKRG

Spinning Obama’s Climate Change Plan Yahoo! News

As Support for Obama and Coal Erode, This Asset Is a Safer Investment Trefis

The Enduring Mystery of Barack Obama Powerline Blog

The Peril For President Obama In His Negative Polling Numbers Forbes

Voters Not Confident in America's Public Schools Sunshine State News

Polls: 48% Want Governor to Oppose Obamacare; 48% of Small Businesses Say Law Will Hurt CNS News

Nearly Half Of Americans Want Governors To Spurn Obamacare Personal Liberty Digest

The great divide between the government and the governed PhillyBurbs.com

Joe Lhota Urges Anthony Weiner's Ex-Girlfriends To Reveal Dating Details  Huffington Post

POLL: More Americans View Blacks As Racist Than Whites, Hispanics... Drudge Report

Americans: Every Race But Mine Is Racist (Especially Black People) Gawker

Florida: Rubio takes hit on immigration reform Southern Political Report

Sen. Marco Rubio’s political future is tied to success of immigration bill Washington Times

Has immigration bill's support cursed Rubio? Tampa Tribune

Rubio's political fate tied to immigration bill GOP USA

NSA Leak More of a Problem, Less of a Scandal Sunshine State News

POLL: Approval of Supreme Court Falls to All-Time Low... Drudge Report

Supreme Court's Popularity Drops in New Poll  Sunshine State News

Losing faith in the Supreme Court? Fox News

Approval ratings for the Supreme Court at an all-time low, is politics to blame? WHPTV

Obama May Get the Chance to Remake Increasingly Unpopular High Court Sunshine State News

Approval of Supreme Court falls to all-time low: poll New York Daily News

Thinking Outside the Box of Judicial Supremacy National Review Online

Rasmussen poll shows highest ever 'poor' rating for US Supreme ... One News Now

Days after high-profile rulings, SCOTUS approval at new low MetroWeekly

Is Gay Marriage The Product Of Judicial Activism? Forbes

Supreme Court's "standing" ruling on Cal.'s Prop.8 hurts the democratic process Examiner.com

Rasmussen Survey: 26 Percent Of Obama Supporters View Tea Party As Significant Terror Threat Mediaite

TheDC Morning: Off to the gallows, err, House Tea Party Daily Caller

The Left is Out to Eradicate Conservatives Rush Limbaugh

GOP Must Summon Courage to Fight Back Newsmax

Poll: Obama supporters divided between radical Islam and Tea Party as top terrorist threat Human Events

1 in 4 Obama Supporters Thinks the Tea Party is America’s Top Terror Threat Opposing Views

Is the left demonizing the Tea Party? Fox News/Hannity

One fourth of Obama supporters think Tea Party is biggest terror threat facing America Red Alert Politics

Political Right Must Summon Moral Courage to Fight Back Town Hall

Rasmussen: Obama Supporters Say Tea Party Biggest Terror Threat Newsmax


Poll: Islamists the Biggest Terror Threat to U.S. Algemeiner

Tea Party Scarier Than Muslims Say Obama Supporters in Survey Illume

Poll: Obama supporters think conservatives and libertarians are America's top terror threat Commentator

Obama’s gun policy and supporters favor jihadists over patriots Examiner.com

Obama’s Supporters Equally See Radical Islam and Tea Party As Top Terorrist [stet] Threat Jewish Political News & Update

Tea party called 'top terror threat' in U.S. World Net Daily

Why do we celebrate July 4th? Spirit of Jefferson

George Washington's Still First in the Hearts of his Countrymen  Sunshine State News

Poll: Too Much Government Power Is Scarier Than Too Little Government Executive

Nashville's restaurant scene is sizzling, but some fail to make the cut The Tennessean

John Lott commentary: Polls give a skewed picture of gun issues Columbus Dispatch

Rasmussen Poll Says Blacks Are More Racist Than Whites Talking Points Memo

Rasmussen Poll: Americans think Blacks are More Racist than Whites and Hispanics EurWeb

Americans Say Blacks Are More Racist than Whites or Hispanics? Opposing Views

Poll Finds Black Americans More Likely to Be Seen as Racist U.S. News & World Report

Majority of Americans feel blacks are more racist than whites and Hispanics Daily Caller

More Americans say blacks more racist than whites: Rasmussen report Washington Times

Black People: The Country's Biggest Racists? (Really?) Ebony

Rasmussen Poll: Americans think Blacks are More Racist than Whites and Hispanics Uptown Magazine

Americans Think Blacks Are More Racist: Poll Newser

Who’s the Most ‘Racist’? The Wall Street Journal

Are Blacks More Racist Than Whites and Hispanics? The Root

Rasmussen Poll: Just 6 Percent Think Congress is Doing Good Job Newsmax

Harsanyi: Liberals vs. Imaginary Monsters GOP USA

A not so happy Fourth of July Renew America

A Not So Happy Fourth Of July – OpEd Albany Tribune

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Health care law in consumers’ hands Nashua Telegraph

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New Poll Reveals Troubling Stat for Cruise Lines Space Coast Daily

Low-Info Voters Keep Obama Ratings Afloat Investor’s Business Daily

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Recent Poll Finds 42% of Americans Think Attorney General Eric Holder Should Resign WDTV

Foolish big-government policies continue to impede economic recovery Bluefield Daily Telegraph

Bruce Barely Known Iowa Republican

NSA snooping: Obama under pressure as senator denounces 'act of treason' The Guardian

Majority of Americans Disapprove of Government Phone Snooping Town Hall

Edward Snowden hailed as hero, accused of treason – as it happened The Guardian

Rubio: Surveillance here to stay Florida Today

O’Reilly: Get real, ‘you can’t just seize everything!’ BizPacReview

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Americans’ trust in Obama fading with each scandal  Chicago Sun-Times

Seizure of Verizon phone records has important differences from IRS scandal (Video) Examiner.com

U.S. government targets ex-contractor over NSA leaks CNET

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Rasmussen: Only 30% of Americans Trust the Government over Surveillance Breitbart

Most Americans believe Big Brother listens in, regardless of what Obama says Examiner.com

Majority Of Americans Okay With NSA Dragnet... Or, Wait, Not Okay With It; Depending On How You Ask Tech Dirt

Poll: 59% Oppose Government’s Secret Collecting of Phone Records Fox News

Bill O'Reilly: Data mining and you Fox News/O’Reilly

White House Declines Comment on NSA Whistleblower  Voice of America

It’s a Matter of Distrust Canada Free Press

Congressmen Come and Go, but Corruption Is Here to Stay Daily Beast

Which scandal is the worst? Press-Democrat

To rank a scandal you first have to define it Winnipeg Free Press

Rasmussen Shows McAuliffe Up 3 In Va. Governor’s Race Talking Points Memo

Tennessee, Alabama, & Virginia Southern Political Report

Rasmussen Poll: Virginia Governor's Race a Dead Heat Breitbart

McAuliffe Continues Slight Lead in Virginia Governor's Race NBC4 Washington, DC

"Mirage" of 'Reality' Shows Has "Largely Faded," Says Prof. Jeff McCall '76 DePauw

Iowa Poll: Obama Disapproval Rating Rises to New High Newsmax

Gallup, Fox News polls: Public opposes broad NSA collection of records Hot Air Press 

New poll: 75 percent of Americans hesitant to trust the federal government Red Alert Politics

If amnesty is allowed, 'you'll get no enforcement,' warns activist One News Now

Texas hardliners on immigration push border security Dallas News

NJ Poll: Christie Leads Gubernatorial Challenger By 2-1 Margin Yeshiva World News

Chris Christie in Great Shape for Second Term Sunshine State News

Polling recap: Little movement in governor’s race, low turnout forecast Asbury Park Press 

Blacks will break for Thompson New York Daily News

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Fed up with government snooping? Vote Libertarian The Guardian

NSA leak fallout: LIVE UPDATES Russian Times

Florida Legislators' Feelings Mixed on NSA Surveillance Programs Sunshine State News

Keep spying, but keep our trust too Daily Inter Lake

EDITORIAL: Keep spying, but keep our trust too Technology Marketing Corporation

Abandon privacy, the NSA tells America The Daily Star

Era of Big Brother, big scandals, no 4th amendment, is here Bayou Buzz

POLL: 57% Fear Government Will Use NSA Data to Harass Political Opponents... Drudge Report

Rasmussen: Majority Fear Government Will Use NSA Data to Harass Political Opponents Newsmax

Rasmussen: Majority Believe Info Taken By NSA Will Be Used as a Political Weapon Town Hall

Rasmussen: 57% Believe NSA Data Will Be Used Against Political Opponents National Review

Bill Clinton: There’s no ‘big, conspiratorial federal government’ push for gun confiscation Washington Examiner

The IRS, The NSA and Comprehensive Amnesty Reform All Tie Together In a Very Nasty Way. Red State

Poll shows McAuliffe with a possible slight lead Roanoke Times

VA No. 2 race sets pace for principle vs. pragmatism Watchdog.org

Chris Christie's Presidential Hopes Not Popular in New Jersey Sunshine State News

The World and Everything in It World Magazine

Distrust of Govt Is Unifying Theme Newsmax

Poll: Obama approval drops 8 points in 1 month The Blaze

Jam session, with poll results Wicked Local Plymouth

The New Yorker Affirms Limbaugh Theorem: Obama Secretly Runs Amnesty Bill from WH Rush Limbaugh

Scandals Hit Obama's Popularity Ratings Hawaii Reporter

The American People Do Not Trust Obama Lubbock Avalanche Journal

POLLSTER UPDATE: CNN Poll Exaggerates Barack Obama Approval Decline  Huffington Post

Conservatives, depressed, angry, and otherwise Renew America

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Warped perception: TV news guilty of focusing on trivial, ignoring the important The Star Press

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Obama’s Reputation for Integrity Is Fading Commentary Magazine

A scandal for each age group The Hill

Poll: 70 Percent Believe IRS Targeting Started in Washington D.C. Town Hall

Tea Party Movement Thrives When It’s the “Victim” Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights

"Dangerous Mindset" Leads to Surveillance of Reporters, Opines Prof. Jeff McCall '76 Depauw

POLLSTER UPDATE: Rick Scott's Lukewarm Improvement Huffington Post

Researchers Warn of 'Bias' in Landline-Only Phone Polls National Journal

Booker’s big lead in New Jersey Senate race paints target on his back The Hill

Poll: Booker heavy favorite to replace Lautenberg The Hill

Holt: 'I intend to win' New Jersey Senate race The Hill

Poll: Cory Booker has huge lead over likely Republican opponent  Salon.com

Cheney: NSA Snooping Could Have Prevented Sept. 11 CNBC

Hong Kong protesters rally for Snowden PressTV


Britain's response to the NSA story? Back off and shut up The Guardian

A Democracy in Crisis U.S. News & World Report

Public More Wary of NSA Surveillance Than Pundits Claim Cato Institute

Average citizen sees D.C. mess clearly Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Democrats and Republicans Agree: America’s Stasi Surveillance State is a Good Thing Big News Network

50 Years Ago Today: Supreme Court Stops School-Sponsored Religious Activities NJ Today

Public More Wary of NSA Surveillance Than Pundits Claim Reason.com

Americans increasingly concerned about regulator-lobbyist revolving door Washington Examiner

Poll: Only 31% Say US Heading in Right Direction Fox News

Mazzaglia: Snooping on the innocent MetroWest Daily News

Confidence in Social Security has Dwindled Sunshine State News

Newman Ferrarra LLP | WHY ARM THE SYRIAN REBELS? Linex Legal

Welfare reform took people off the rolls. It might have also shortened their lives. Washington Post

O SLUMPS TO 44%... Drudge Report

Is Obama’s job approval rating (finally) starting to slide? Hot Air Press

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Rasmussen Shows Collapse In Rubio’s Support Among Republicans Talking Points Memo

Palin slams Rubio as an “amnesty supporter”  Salon.com

Poll: GOP support for Rubio drops Washington Examiner

Marco Rubio Becoming Less Popular With GOP in National Poll Sunshine State News

Poll: GOP Support for Rubio Plummets  Breitbart

Poll: Marco Rubio bleeding support from the right The Blaze

Rasmussen Shows Collapse In Rubio’s Support Among Republicans DemocraticUnderground

Supreme Court Gets Mixed Marks in New Poll Sunshine State News

Tea party influence on immigration reform is ‘weaker than ever’ VOXXI

Obama's baffling promises on climate change examiner.com 

Wow: Nearly All Americans Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck Town Hall

Cut Government Spending to Help the Economy? Majority Say Yes The Foundry

Celebrating TAC’s 7th: It’s David vs Goliath Tenth Amendment Center

Poll: Only 28% Think Feds Will Secure Border If Immigration Bill Passes The Weekly Standard

Gang of Eight's Immigration reform bill passage threatens US identity Bayou Buzz

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No Light At The End Of The Tunnel Forbes

Poll: 77 Say Nuclear Weapons Important for Security Newsmax

EDITORIAL: A run for the border Washington Times

Politicians' outdated strategies crush civic engagement The Hill

Republican-led House approval rating sinks to new historic lows due to partisanship – Dems have 7% point advantage Tucson Citizen

Rubio's Poll Numbers Slip, but Republicans Still Like Him Newsmax

Sarah Palin: Marco Rubio 'Pelosi'-ing the Immigration Bill Sunshine State News

Sen. Marco Rubio's favorability drops among GOP voters, takes immigration hit: poll The Washington Times

Rubio (not) rising  Daily Caller

Poll: Rubio’s favorability down among GOP voters, up among independents Daily Caller

Washington's Intelligence Test Wall Street Journal

Lieutenant Governor's Race Sets Pace for Principle vs. Pragmatism Roanoke Star

When the walls come tumbling down: NSA, Obamacare and immigration Washington Times

Time to unlock our energy The Hill

Why I’m voting no on immigration reform Politico

Poll Finds Economy and Health Care Will Determine 2014 Votes Sunshine State News

POLL: 72% Think NSA May Have Monitored Congress, Military Leaders, Judges... Drudge Report

Balancing Privacy Against Security The Pilot

Tell Us: D.C. Scandals or Princesses Long Island? Patch.com

Support for Marco Rubio Slips As Immigration Bill Draws Closer to A Vote Opposing Views

Gang Of Eight Conversion Has Rubio’s Star Falling Among Conservatives Personal Liberty Digest

Cuccinelli Visits Roanoke’s Precision Steel Roanoke Star

Recent polling shows most do not believe Obama is honest and trustworthy  Examiner.com

Rasmussen Poll Confirms Americans Fear Obama Gun Control Agenda AmmoLand

The Victims of Immigration Reform American Thinker

Continuing Developments on the IRS Scandal NonProfit Quarterly

Rubio calls Tea Party attacks on immigration 'a real trial for me' The Hill

Rasmussen: 26% of Obama Supporters View Tea Party as Nation's Top Terror Threat... Drudge Report

26 percent of Obama supporters say tea party greatest terrorist threat: poll Washington Times

Tea Party Terrorists! OMG! Sunshine State News

Rasmussen: 26% of Obama Supporters (And Shocking Number of Gov’t Workers) See Tea Party as Nation’s ‘Top Terror Threat’ The Blaze

Over a Quarter of Obama Supporters See Tea Party as America's Greatest Terror Threat Reason.com

Rasmussen: Obama supporters fear tea party more than radical muslims BizPac Review

Tea party called 'top terror threat' in U.S. World News Daily

A quarter of Obama supporters think the Tea Party is America’s top terror threat: US liberals have lost touch with reality  The Telegraph

Americans Support the Death Penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev — If It Gets That Far Atlantic Wire

Shocker: 40 percent of Americans don’t think college professors share values of American society Red Alert Politics

Poll: Majority Of Americans Think College Professors Are Liberal Fox News

Opinion: Every major school reform issue - from tenure to charters - is hotly debated, bitterly divisive Times of Trenton

BUDIG: Nation gets a bad report card on student skills, proficiency The Gazette

Failing Test on Willpower Wheeling News-Register

Make airline passengers pay higher fees Korea Herald

Make Airline Passengers Pay Higher Fees Boomberg.com

Say, what about furloughing Congress and Obama? Investor’s Business Daily

Bueno column: Time to take back our privacy Sauk Prairie Eagle

70% of Americans Think More Surveillance Cameras in Public Is a Good Idea The Blaze

Poll: 7 in 10 people say more public cameras needed Washington Times

Obama Mulls Doing More to Aid Syrian Rebels U.S. News & World Report

U.S. public education system faces a crisis of public confidence Post and Courier

Poll: Only 5% Say Congress Made Up of Best and Brightest FoxNews


Obama’s approval rating lowest since August in new poll MarketWatch

Obamaville: A Nation of Part-Timers Rush Limbaugh

Obama's Approval Rating Has Plunged To Its Worst Mark In Nine Months Business Insider

Is Obama a Lame Duck Already? Wall Street Journal

The 10 Best U.S. Housing Markets 2013  The Market Oracle

Immigration polls slide after bombing, border enforcement concerns The Daily Caller

Obama fatigue Renew America

Reagan: Want hope? Make a change Ahwatukee Foothills News

Election Reform: It's about time The Hill

Rasmussen Poll: Americans don’t think feds work as hard as private sector employees Washington Post

Rasmussen: GOP 'attacking the poor' The Blaze

DC pols' big disconnect The Boston Herald

Voters Don't Like Political Class Bossing Them Around The Weekly Standard

Big Government Is Not the Answer U.S. News & World Report 

POLLSTER UPDATE: Immigration Bill? What Immigration Bill? The Huffington Post

They see you, but do you see them? Growth of surveillance cameras booming in N.J. Hunterdon County Democrat – NJ.com

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Voters don’t like bossy political class Trib Live

Feds Don’t Work as Hard as Private Sector, 68% of Americans Say Government Executive

Make passengers pay higher fees for air travel Delaware Online

Public anxious on climate, to a point Politico

88% say college grads will have trouble getting jobs Washington Examiner

Rasmussen Poll: Nullification Goes Mainstream Tenth Amendment Center

Poll: Plurality back state, local laws blocking federal gun control The Hill

Poll: Only 39% Have A Favorable View Of ObamaCare Fox News

Leadership Issues Still Plague Obama's Presidency Christian Broadcasting Network

Public doubts immigration overhaul will strengthen border: Poll Washington Times

Poll: Support for immigration plan slips, majority skeptical of border enforcement Washington Examiner

U.S. negligence in securing the southern border puts us all in danger Bluefield Daily Telegraph

YOUR THREE CENTS: Do you think the US economy is in good WEAR

Beware a ‘balls to the walls’ bull market — David Rosenberg Financial Post

The beginning of the end of Obama's reign? World News Daily 

GUEST COLUMN: Time is critical for our educators Salem News Net

Americans answer to feds: Nullification World News Daily

Rasmussen Poll Reports Majority of U.S. Support Nullification The New American

Tenther Radio Episode #98: Nullification Goes Mainstream Tenth Amendment Center

Immigration reform creating a rift among Tea Party senators Red Alert Politics

Poll: 66% Of American Voters Say Border Security Before Amnesty Fox News

‘Gang of 8? senators defeat ‘trigger’ amendment Daily Caller

Total Lie of Obamacare Begins to Unravel as Small Business Insurance Offerings Delayed Another Year International Business Times

Poll: Voters Still See Obama Friendlier to Big Businesses Than to Small Ones Cape Fear Business News

Poll: Half of nation’s Republican voters are still ‘not sure’ about Ted Cruz Houston Chronicle

Poll: Half of nation’s Republican voters are still ‘not sure’ about Ted Cruz MySanAntonio.com

They see you, but do you see them? Growth of surveillance cameras booming in N.J. Star Ledger

Stan has some talking points for a faithful readers Brooklyn Daily

Americans oppose Syria involvement Examiner.com

48 percent of Americans don’t think college grads have the skills to get a job Red Alert Politics

Bombings, Benghazi not ‘big’ news Boston Herald

Benghazi hearings likely to be a bust  Nashua Telegraph

Benghazi Hearings Likely to Be a Bust Newsmax

We're Getting A Ton Of Economic Data This Week And The Expectations Are Low Business Insider

Poll: Majority Support For Nullification, State Power Over Gun Laws Personal Liberty Digest

Rasmussen: Majority of American voters believe states have the authority to nullify unconstitutional Federal action Beaufort Observer

SHAPIRO: Another attempt at nullification Washington Times

SHAPIRO: Another attempt at nullification I4U News

Biden: Four Senators Want To Change Their Vote And Support Gun Control I4U News

Americans Who Favor Stricter Gun Control Believe Gun Crime Has Increased Reason.com

Poll: 64% of Gun Control Advocates Wrongly Think Gun Crime Up Breitbart

Journalists Must Be Bulldogs Town Hall

Rasmussen says healthcare is facing a newspaper-esque market disruption New Haven Register

Mother's Day Survey: Who loves Mom most? Black Republicans over 40 Washington Times

Should the U.S. get militarily involved in Syria? Minnesota Post

Your Three Cents WEAR

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Sound Off for May 15th: Should those involved in IRS scandal face criminal charges? KXLY

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Political Pressures Harden as IRS Management Issues Grow Clearer Government Executive

IRS Scandal Involves Obama Says 55 Percent Of Americans Inquistr

57% want IRS offenders jailed or fired World News Daily

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HOLMES: Unraveling the mystery of Obama’s Syria policy: It’s elementary Washington Times 

Most Americans Wrongly Think Americans Are “Pro-Choice” on Abortion LifeNews

Scandals are no substitute for an agenda Washington Post

President’s job approval rating at 49% Fox43 (Central PA)

5 Ways Blind Partisanship Has Ruined Obama's Potential  Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

61% of U.S. Voters Think Rich Entrepreneurs are Good for the Economy Small Business Trends

Rasmussen polls shows public knows little about immigration Daily Caller

Poll: 57% of Voters Want IRS Offenders Jailed or Fired Breitbart

Obama Losing Support of State and Local Officials, Survey Finds Governing

Inflation Begins to Niggle American Consumers, Says Rasmussen Sunshine State News

Americans say Fed's losing inflation war as food, gas prices jump Washington Examiner

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7 signs you’re not prepared for the real world Red Alert Politics

Affordable Care Act bringing sweeping healthcare changes for carriers Commercial Carrier Journal

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Government Workers Unhappy with Obama

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IRS, Benghazi and press scandals boost GOP on ethics, poll shows BizPac Review

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After IRS, Benghazi scandals, public trust shifts to GOP Washington Examiner

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Scandals bad news for Obama, says Rasmussen BizPacReview

Rasmussen: The Political Ground Is Shifting Under the President GOP USA

Political Ground Shifts Under Obama Newsmax

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TV news distorts reality on gun violence, other issues Indy Star

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On Obama's In-Your-Face Nuland Promotion, Politico's Epstein Acts As If Only GOP Has Problems With Altered Benghazi Narratives Newsbusters

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Controversies do little to change views of President Obama Kansas City Star

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Poll: Voters Split On Closing Guantanamo Talk Radio News Service

Most voters oppose bringing Guantanamo prisoners to U.S., says poll Sunshine State News

Uncertainty ahead for new graduates Times-News

New study finds that recent college grads regret attending school Red Alert Politics

More truths on TV South Bend Tribune

As border tightens, some U.S.-Mexico neighbors reach across the fence Reuters

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Obama’s poll numbers hold up despite the storm of scandal The Hill

Liberty suffers collateral damage in a surveillance society Washington Times

Nullification is Superior and the Majority Knows it Tenth Amendment Center

Shocker poll! Voters want cheaper insurance, bigger paychecks Beaumont Enterprise

What about you?/If they had a choice 59% of voters would choose a less expensive health insurance & bigger paycheck. Tweet by Rep Kevin Brady

Majority of Americans Want to Keep More of Their Money, Not Pay for More Health Insurance TownHall

Remember 'The Summer of Recovery'? Now it's 'The summer of ObamaCare'American Thinker

Question is, who wants it more? The Augusta Chronicle

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Tea Party May Continue to Thrive Without Bachmann at the Reins U.S. News & World Reports

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Gitmo’s Other Prisoner New York Times

Anthony Weiner v Christine Quinn? She might not even make the NYC runoff The Guardian

Weiner looks to gain public’s trust Queens Chronicle

GOP: Tea party captive Charleston Gazette

Poll Finds More Americans Trust GOP on Gun Control than Democrats Sunshine State News

Americans Oppose Affirmative Action for Race, If You Only Ask White Americans The Atlantic

Majority of Americans oppose the use of affirmative action in college admissions Red Alert Politics

Consumers ‘repeal’ health bill Boston Herald

Consumer Choices Will Dilute Obamacare Newsmax

Rasmussen Column: Consumers Set to Repeal a Big Part of ObamaCare Newsbusters

Rasmussen: Consumers Set to Repeal a Big Part of the Health Care Law GOP USA

Rasmussen Poll: 42 Percent Say Holder Should Resign Newsmax

Rasmussen: 42% want Holder to resign Hot Air Press

AG Holder’s approval ratings nosedive over AP scandal Red Alert Politics

Mandated vacation sounds good, until the bill comes Everett Herald

Most Agree, Under Obama the Country is Headed in the Wrong Direction Nolan Chart

‘Background’ support wanes New York Post

Nearly 3/4 of Dems Want Federal Govt to Track Gun Owners, but GOP, Independents Say Back Off Sunshine State News

Poll: Expanded Background Checks Won't Curb Gun Violence Breitbart

Poll: Most Americans say strict background checks won’t deter crime Houston Chronicle

What happens after immigrants arrive matters Tribune Live

When ‘religious’ isn’t ‘religious’ Times Union

Obama Easter Features Bashing GOP as Racist and Sexist, an Egg Roll "Celebration of Nutrition and Health and Activity" Rush Limbaugh

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Keystone XL Pipeline: It’s About the Jobs, the Economy and Security The Energy Collective

White House scolds media for failing to cover pain caused by sequester [VIDEO] Daily Caller

Sound OFF: 41% Think the Government Needs a list of all Gun Owners? Hays Post

Poll: 47% Oppose Gov’t Database of Gun Owners; Only 41% Support CNS News

The Growing Sentiment on the Hill For Ending 'Too Big To Fail' Rolling Stone

Breaking Up the “Too Big to Fail” Banks: Only a Small Percentage of Americans are opposed to Breaking Up the Big Banks Centre for Research on Globalization

Half Of Americans Want To Break Up Banks That Are Too Big To Fail: Poll Huffington Post

Dear Sen. Rubio: PLEASE Step Away from the Gang NOW. It could mean R.I.P. for the GOP and the USA. RedState

Withering Roots (Again)? Inside Futures 

English Language Unity Act: More Proof the GOP Doesn't Want to Appeal to Hispanics Policy Mic 

New poll on conspiracy theories reveals profound distrust of government MSNBC

Poll: Just 22% of Liberals Think Border Security 'Racist' Breitbart

Majority of Voters Will Only Support Immigration Reform if Border Security Comes First Town Hall

Survey: 44 percent of people fear feds are coming for their guns KDVR

“Taking Our Temperature” Canada Free Press

Obama mocks gun owners' concerns, says he is 'constrained' by Constitution Examiner.com

Laws, rumors have ammo flying off store shelves The Lima News

Only a Tiny Percentage of Americans Opposed to Breaking Up Big Banks Alex Jones’ Prison Planet

Elite schools’ unfair preferences Boston Herald

Time to End College Admissions Scam Newsmax

When ‘religious’ isn’t religious Associated Baptist Press

SOUND OFF: President’s Approval Rating 51-49 % What do you think? Hays Post

Majority of Americans want pot to be legalized, poll says San Francisco Examiner

Fewer People Believe in the Resurrection Electronic Urban Report

Majority of Americans believe 2nd Amendment was designed to protect citizens from tyranny Red Alert Politics

Some Americans actually believe Obama is the anti-Christ  NBC News

Hot pizza and a slice of Obamacare The Evening Sun

Immigration reform supporters call on lawmakers for change KOAA TV

Many in U.S. Illegally Overstayed Their Visas Wall Street Journal

Immigration reform or not, Americans should want Congress to make English the official language Red Alert Politics

Atlanta Regional Commission is working to reverse the melting pot Marietta Daily Journal

40 Percent in US Illegally Overstayed Their Visas Newsmax

50% Say Doing Taxes Worse Than Going to the Dentist  Fox News

Survey: Do Americans get rich from hard work or good luck? Washington Times

Americans More Concerned About Cartels Than Illegal Immigration Town Hall

What's Happening Today, April 8, 2013 Elko Daily Free Press

Poll: Democrats Lead in Generic 2014 Congressional Ballot  Breitbart

Gallup Poll: Public Understanding And Concern About Global Warming Keeps Rising Climate Progress

Republicans should prepare for the collapse of Obamacare Washington Examiner

Poll: One-Third of Voters Not Convinced People Who Want to "Secure the Border" Aren't Racist Phoenix News Times

Schlafly: Roadblocks Blocking Amnesty GOP USA

Poll: Majority of voters want the military sent to the border Examiner.com

Border Security Hawks Aren't Racist, Most Americans Say: Poll Huffington Post 

April Brings a Bit More Anxiety Than Usual to Taxpayers The Street

Guns, God and gays: Why the Republicans are trapped in the past Washington Times

Postal Service To Keep Saturday Mail Delivery Patch.com

Seib & Wessel: What We’re Reading Wednesday Wall Street Journal

Poll: Majority Say Abortion Morally Wrong Most of the Time LifeNews

Paul Ryan urges pro-lifers to compromise with the GOP on abortion in order to save lives Red Alert Politic

Rasmussen Poll finds majority believes abortion morally wrong, gradual increase in number who self-identify as pro-life National Right to Life News

CCB supports ICBA position on too-big-to-fail institutions Observer Dunkirk, NY

Voters speak: 63 percent say new taxes aren’t needed Washington Times

Byron York: Rush through Senate will kill trust in immigration reform Washington Examiner

The Question of Socialism (and Beyond!) Is About to Open Up in These United States  Truth-Out

Gun Debate Highlights Voter Distrust of Government Real Clear Politics

New Scott Rasmussen for 04/12/2013 I4U News

Gun Debate Reflects Distrust of Govt Newsmax

The big money behind immigration reform WOAI San Antonio

Roadblocks Blocking Amnesty Christian Post

Tammany Hall Resurrected Concordiensis

Simplifying America's tax code McCook Daily

Americans Like Maggie More Than Obama American Spectator

George Zimmerman's Mom Speaks Out—Is He Being Railroaded? Gather.com

Where our democracy works and where it doesn't Baltimore Sun

Where Democracy Doesn’t Work Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan

The willful disingenuousness of Obama's budget The Week

Poll: 63 Percent Say More Tax Hikes Are “Not Necessary”  Town Hall

Thursday Is Tax Freedom Day American Spectator

Poll: No more Harvard, Yale presidents! Washington Examiner

Rasmussen: Gun Debate Highlights Voter Distrust of Government GOP USA

Scott Rasmussen: Gun debate highlights voter distrust in government Northern Virginia Daily

Does Uncle Sam want your IRA? Foster’s Daily Democrat

Legal Residency or Pathway to Citizenship? Three Polls, Three Answers  iMediaEthics

Mexico Is Getting Better, and Fewer Mexicans Want to Leave The Atlantic

Know where your taxes go? Military, healthcare, debt interest UPI

The Economic Case Against Tax Deductions BusinessWeek

Quantifornication And The American Spring Financial News Arena

Even entertainment was gloomy in September Today.com 

Maybe anger should be redirected closer to home Mesquite Local News

NDP abandon socialism just when it might start working for them  Rabble.ca

NDP ditches socialist albatross just when it might be an asset: Salutin Toronto Star

Terror returns to the American homeland KPC News

Global Fears: Is domestic terrorism the biggest threat? AnnArbor.com

Fox 31 “Investigative” reporters may attempt to scam gun sellers Northern Colorado Gazette

Public Approval of State and Local Government Rises, Federal Rating Tumbles Governing

Now That Gun Control Has Failed, It’s Time to Buy Gun Stocks Motley Fool

Manchin-Toomey was not a solution Commentator

M.D. HARMON: Would you rather be shooting at an intruder or shot by one? Morning Sentinel

Mexico Is Getting Better, And Fewer Mexicans Want to Leave  Huffington Post

Talk radio: You got some 'splainin' to do! World News Daily

Simplifying America’s tax code York News Times

Simplifying America’s tax code The Business Farmer

Unpopular Uncle Sam Wall Street Journal

Where our democracy works and where it doesn't The Tennessean

Ringside Seat: How Much Bull Could a Sen. Chuck Chuck? American Prospect

The GOP’s Makers vs. Takers Mindset Newsmax

Republicans Need to Get Over the Makers vs. Takers Mindset Real Clear Politics

HOWEY: Resolve in a post 9/11 world News and Tribune

BRIAN HOWEY: Terror returns to American homeland NWI.com

Marijuanamerica: Why America Loves Weed Huffington Post

4/20: How 'Weed Day' Got Its Name Huffington Post

Fascism by the Numbers Wall Street Journal

Now That Gun Control Has Failed, It’s Time to Buy Gun Stocks The Motley Fool

Obamacare on Life Support: Part II Seacoast Online

Putting Lipstick on the Obamacare Pig National Review

Fund Raising Tips for Nonprofits and How to Take Advantage of Them Digital Journal

Mabus has motto if Navy wants one Navy Times

Obama puts out a budget. Will it fare better than his last one? Examiner.com

Is Ending “Too Big To Fail” Banking a GREATER Idea? Independent Voter Network

Polls Show Growing Resolve to Live With Terror Threat New York Times/FiveThirtyEight

Seib & Wessel: What We’re Reading Wednesday Wall Street Journal

Poll: Supermajority Say Law Enforcement Agencies in Boston Deserve “Positive Marks” TownHall

Condemning ‘takers’ won’t win elections  Kenosha Times

POLLSTER UPDATE: Polling The Pollsters Huffington Post

Does the U.S. Really Have a Spending Problem? Decoded Science

Poll shows split over health insurance exchange News-Press

EPA's 'lead agency envy' showing? OneNewsNow

Mutations of the Mind Huffington Post

DIBACCO: Tinkering, but no reform Washington Times

Surveillance Nation? 70% Favor Cameras in Public Places Sunshine State News

Americans generally pessimistic about the future of the country Red Alert Politics

Study: Americans Pessimistic About The Future Of The Country Fox News

Should the Boston bomber receive the death penalty? (poll) Alabama.com

Are We Finally Achieving Some Sanity on Terrorism? American Prospect

Should the alleged Boston terror suspect get the death penalty? The Blaze

GOP must end its war on the poor  Nashua Telegraph

Immigration Reform Bill Doesn’t Fix Visa Overstay Problem Politic365

More cameras may keep eye on Santa Fe KRQE

Americans Overwhelmingly Favor Surveillance Cameras in Public Places Newsmax

Urban Surveillance Raises Civil Liberties Concerns In Wake Of Boston Bombings Hartford Courant

Does Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s crime rate death? We shall see Dallas Morning News

Ken Braun: Death penalty and guns are 2 issues where cooler heads may prevail Michigan Live

Heard on Beacon Hill  The Sun Chronicle (although it incorrectly cites our sample)

Rasmussen: Americans Seem to Be Taking Terrorism in Stride GOP USA

Scott Rasmussen: Americans taking terrorism in stride Northern Virginia Daily

New Scott Rasmussen for 04/26/2013 I4U News

Our View: Shrugging off terror Standard Examiner

NDP ditches socialism at wrong time Angora Cosmopolitan

Terror returns to the American homeland Kokomo Perspective

Flight delays: Congress lies once again to Americans Washington Times

ObamaCare will boost, not cut, the cost of health care Park University Daily Press

Little change in abortion attitudes LifeSite

Rasmussen: Plain English about spending cuts Covington News

Rasmussen: Let's Speak Plain English About Spending Cuts GOPUSA

Daylight Saving Time 2013 MyFoxBoston

Privacy worries may stall commercial use of drone aircraft Denver Post

Rasmussen: Voters More Worried about Obamacare Hurting Economy than Sequester Sunshine State News 

Every horrid thing about how healthcare is paid for today Enter Stage Right

Romney: ‘Obamacare Was Very Attractive’ The Weekly Standard

Poll shocker: Some voters still trust the news media Investor’s Business Daily

U.S. voters hold mixed views on news media trustworthiness, says poll Broadcast Engineering

Letter: The Obamas are everywhere NewsLeader.com

Bob Woodward Retreats: Death of the Free Media Canada Free  Press

Our view: Media needs to build trust Midland Daily News

New Poll: Nation on Wrong Track … So Which Party Gets the Blame? BernardGoldberg.com

Rasmussen Questions Media's Take on Spending Cut Polls Breitbart

Barack Obama says "the majority of the American people agree with me" on spending cuts and tax increases to fix the budget Politifact

Let’s speak plain English about spending cuts Gaffney Ledger

Rasmussen Column: Speaking Plain English About Spending Reductions Newsbusters

Survey reveals strong US connection to local churches DFW Catholic

Americans Far More Connected to Local Church than Any Other Institution Christianity Today

Senators Want to Cut Congressional Pay Government Executive 

Survey: Only 25 percent see U.S. economy improving in a year Washington Times

A Better Understanding of Obama Lubbock Avalanche Journal

OPINION: Daylight Saving Time is a Myth News 92FM - Houston

Record Low: Only 1-in-4 Think Economy Better in 2014 Breitbart

Polls Show Americans Believe in Jesus and the God of the Bible Patheos 

MILLER: The sequestration farce Washington Times

PolitiFact: Majority support Obama's mixed approach to deficit Tampa Bay Times

Poll by rasmussen on Newsradio 740 KTRH - Houston, TX 

Rasmussen Reports on KFYI-AM (Radio) - Phoenix, AZ

Rasmussen Reports on Fox Business Network - U.S. Cable – Lou Dobbs

Survey Reveals Strong U.S. Connection to Local Churches National Catholic Register

Survey reveals strong US connection to local churches Catholic News Registry

Conflicting Obama Approval Polls Rush Limbaugh

How average South Florida folks can cut $3,000 more from budgets Sun Sentinel

Obama’s Choice: Ethical Energy Or ‘The Devil’s Excrement’ Think Progress

Poll: Only 1-in-4 Think Economy Will Be Better in 2014 Fox News

Poll: 46% Think Obama’s Policies Are Too Hostile Toward Small Business Cape Fear Business News

Hannity botches slam on media Washington Post

Hannity and Sununu Lambast ‘Ass-Kissing, Suck-Up, Lapdog Media’ Fox News

Sean Hannity Attacks Brian Williams: 'Rest Of The Country Appears To Be Disappointed In You' (VIDEO)  Huffington Post

Walt Disney Executives to Face Criticism for Bias in its Networks' News Reporting National Center for Public Policy Research

Rasmussen Reports on Fox News - U.S. Cable Hannity

Rasmussen poll on KFYI-AM (Radio) - Phoenix, AZ

Congress viewed more favorably than Hugo Chavez, but barely The Ticket

No Surprise:  Only 6% of Americans Polled View Hugo Chavez Favorably Hispanically Speaking News

Rasmussen: Health Care Law Now Faces Biggest Challenge, American Consumers GOP USA

Rasmussen: Americans Feel Most Connected to Religious Groups Breitbart

Poll: 49% Rate Free Market Polices More Important Than Closing Income Gap Cape Fear Business News

Climate Change’s Growing Threat to Security International Relations and Security Network

GOP folds on Obamacare Politico

How to Cut $3,000 From Household Budget Hispanic Business

Survey: Four in ten Americans have filed their 2012 tax returns Washington Times

Obama's Choice: Ethical Energy or 'the Devil's Excrement'  Huffington Post

Media Portrays Department of Homeland Security’s Ammo Purchases As Conspiracy Theory Market Daily News

Our View: News gatherer vs. newsmaker Mankato Free Press

At the White House, As Goes the Budget, So Goes the Polls National Journal

Americans favor Tea Party principles over progressive ideas by 2-to-1 margin Daily Caller

Rasmussen poll on KGMI News/Talk 790 (Radio) - Seattle, WA

Rasmussen Reports on KFYI-AM (Radio) - Phoenix, AZ

Rasmussen Reports on WSB-AM (Radio) - Atlanta, GA

Rasmussen Reports on WDBO-FM (Radio) - Orlando, FL

Rasmussen poll on Newsradio 740 KTRH - Houston, TX

Rasmussen poll on WOAI-AM (Radio) - San Antonio, TX

Rasmussen Reports on News Radio 1330 - Green Bay, WI 

Rasmussen Reports on WTAQ-AM (Radio) - Green Bay, WI 

Rasmussen poll on News/Talk 570 - Syracuse, NY

Rasmussen Reports on WHAM-AM (Radio) - Rochester, NY

Rasmussen poll on WGMD-FM (Radio) - Salisbury, MD

Rasmussen Reports on WJR-AM - Detroit, MI

Rasmussen Reports on WIBC-FM - Indianapolis, IN

Rasmussen poll on WTIC-AM (Radio) - Hartford-New Haven, CT

Poll: Hugo Chavez Has 6% Favorable Rating with Americans Breitbart

Hugo Chavez’s Favorability Rating in America Hits Whopping 6 Percent Town Hall

Daylight saving time has medical consequences (Video) Examiner.com

Daylight Saving Time 2013: When Does It Start? And Why? National Geographic

'Sunshine Protection Act' would end time changes in Florida MyFox Tampa Bay

Why President Obama's approval ratings are falling Christian Science Monitor

Poll: Dream of working hard and getting rich is dead Washington Examiner

How Ted Cruz plans to defund Obamacare BizPacReview

Poll: Americans prefer GOP House to Democratic Senate Washington Examiner 

Disney CEO: We’re ‘guilty of making mistakes’ in news coverage One News Now

The American Ignoramus American Thinker

Most Americans See Government As “Threat To Rights” For First Time Market Daily News

Rasmussen poll on Fox News - U.S. Cable

Rasmussen survey on KVIA (ABC) - El Paso, TX

3 Lessons From the Sequestration Fight U.S. News & World Report

Communism Killed 94M in 20th Century, Feels Need to Kill Again Reason.com

Obama Approval Polls Show Post-Inauguration Decline  Huffington Post

Floridians would never 'fall back' under bill making daylight savings time permanent Fox News

More sun for the Sunshine State? Senator proposes new law to make Daylight Savings Time permanent in Florida Daily Mail

Poll: McCain's the 'wacko,' not Rand Paul Washington Examiner 

Rand Paul at CPAC: “The GOP of old has grown stale and moss-covered” Hot Air Press

M.D. HARMON: Would you rather be shooting at an intruder or shot by one? Morning Sentinel

Most Americans See Government as “Threat to Rights” For First Time Alex Jones’ Prison Planet

The ten countries that hate the United States the most Examiner.com

59% Say It’s No Longer Possible To Work Hard And Get Rich In America Fox News

Don’t ever get as loaded as questions in tea party poll Athens News 

Rasmussen survey on Newsradio 740 KTRH - Houston, TX

Rasmussen Reports on News Radio 1330 - Green Bay, WI 

Poll: Unpopular Biden underwater Washington Examiner

Beware of the New Economic Elites  Newsmax

Economy needs to be fair game Boston Herald

Poll: Most Americans feel connected to local church Associated Baptist Press

A breakdown of President Obama's most recent job approval polls Examiner.com

Is there any "pro" in the conservative message?  Examiner.com

The Biggest Part of the Economy Could Be Headed for a Cool Down Elliott Wave International

Obama Leans Far Left in Latest Poll Sunshine State News

Ringside Seat: Live from CPAC American Prospect 

Rasmussen: Paul Ryan’s Popularity Plunges Newsmax

Voters down on Paul Ryan, poll says The Washington Times

Rasmussen Reports on WTVY (CBS) - Dothan, AL

Rasmussen Reports on Fox News - U.S. Cable Fox and Friends

Rasmussen Reports on Fox News - U.S. Cable America’s News HQ

Poll: Paul Ryan Rating Has Dropped Significantly Post-Election Huffington Post

Morning Must Reads: March 20 Time Magazine

Rasmussen: Paul Ryan's favorability bottoms out after election The Hill

Beware of the new elites: Americans like the rich -- except for those who game the system Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Boehner to Keep Funding ObamaCare American Thinker

Byron York: Immigration reform, gay marriage could divide GOP Washington Examiner

Is The American Dream Dead? United Liberty

House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific and Middle East and North Africa Hearing MENAFN.com

Rasmussen Reports on Fox Business Network - U.S. Cable Varney

Rasmussen Poll: Half in U.S. Want Biggest Banks Broken Up Newsmax

Rasmussen Poll: Half in US Want Biggest Banks Broken Up MoneyNews

Poll: Most say banks should be allowed to fail  Albuquerque Business First

Half of Americans want the big banks broken up Cherry Creek News

Rasmussen poll: 35% of U.S. likely voters view Rep. Paul Ryan favorably, 54% unfavorably Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Why Paul Ryan’s Star Dimmed Daily Beast

Paul Ryan’s Budget Helps Drag His Approval Rating Down to 35% PoliticUSA

Memo to GOP: You Can’t Put Lipstick on an Elephant Daily Beast

The Republican Makeover Is Dead Real Clear Politics

YOUR THREE CENTS: Do you feel connected to a national political party WEARTV

A Health Care Solution Real Clear Politics

Majority of Voters Want Border Secure Before Amnesty Discussion Town Hall

Why Americans Love Small Business Entrepreneur

Republicans Take Back Trust on Economy, National Security Sunshine State News

Half of Americans Want to Break Up the Big Banks American Banker

Half Of Americans Want To Break Up Banks That Are Too Big To Fail: Poll Huffington Post

It's Time To Bust Up the Big Banks Real Clear Politics

Scott Rasmussen: It's time to bust up the big banks Northern Virginia Daily

Majority Of Missourians Support Legalizing Marijuana The Weed Blog

Are The Ammo Shortages By Design? NewsTalk 1290

The real way to fix health care The Robesonian

Obamacare Costs Spark Voter Cynicism National Review Online

Obamacare poll: Most see higher costs, worse service Washington Examiner

Medicare replacement encourages competition The Tennessean

64% of Immigration Reform Supporters Put Border Security First Hispanically Speaking News

Consumers feeling food price inflation Fon du Lac Reporter

Why Americans Love Small Business Terra.com

The Tea Party vs. the Establishment GOP: The Fight for Total Control Examiner.com

The Obama Economy - If Only He Would Claim It Town Hall

http://www.worldmag.com/podcast/worldandeverything/TWAEII_2013Mar23_06.php World News

More Americans Say Bank Deposit Insurance Too High at $250,000 eCreditDaily.com

More Than Half of Those Surveyed Wants to Eliminate Too-Big-to-Fail Institutions National Mortgage Professional

Matt Taibbi: JPMorgan Hearings Showed That 'We Have Absolutely No Idea What's Going On' At Banks Huffington Post

10 Warning Signs Of Another Spring Stock Market Slide Business Insider

Are U.S. schools world-class? Only 1 in 5 American adults say yes: Chalk It Up Oregonian

Chief Justice Roberts, Meet Obamacare Patriot Post

Chief Justice Roberts, Meet Obamacare Canada Free Press

Obamacare Costs Spark Voter Cynicism Heritage Foundation

Chief Justice Roberts Meet Obamacare! Tucson Citizen

Anti-Sovereignty Forces Spend $1.5 Billion to Lobby for Amnesty since 2007  VDare.com

Protesters grab headlines, but American view of Keystone leans positive Globe and Mail

PRUDEN: Evolution of the wedding party Washington Times

Jumping on the rainbow bandwagon in DC GOP USA

Just 12% Hurt By Sequester Fox News

Sorry media, the sequester isn’t sinking consumer confidence Human Events

Sequester Theatrics from the FAA National Review

Sequester and Public Opinion National Review

Majority of Voters: Sequester Cuts Didn't Go Far Enough Town Hall

Polls Reveal Americans Love Entrepreneurs: Tips to Spark Their Profits PR Web

Supreme Court favorability rating hits an all-time low: Do you like the Supreme Court? Syracuse.com

Don Polson The way I see it: Tea Party, polling, tax and budget facts Red Bluff Daily News

Wave of voter suppression measures target Latinos MSNBC

Rasmussen Reports on Fox Business Network - U.S. Cable Fox Biz/Varney

Rasmussen survey on WGGB-SPR (ABC) - Springfield, MA

Rasmussen Reports on CNBC - U.S. Cable CNBC/Kudlow

Open doors, then what? Boston Herald

Rasmussen Column: What Happens After Immigrants Arrive Is Important Too Newsbusters

Percent of Americans Believing in the Resurrection Drops To 64% From 77% Last Easter CNS News

Debating religion My Fox Austin

On this Easter, let's renew the American spirit of optimism Orlando Sentinel

Poll: Americans Believing in the Resurrection Drops to 64% Opposing Views

Rasmussen Poll: 77% Believe Jesus Was Resurrected The Blaze

Rasmussen: 51% say background checks won't curb gun violence Washington Examiner

Editorial: Obamacare means more money OC Register

Poll: Small majority of Americans want Keystone XL KBZK Bozeman

Voters continue to favor building the Keystone pipeline: new survey Washington Times

Poll: Small majority of Americans want Keystone XL KTVQ Billings

Survey: Too Many Financially Dependent on the Government? Hays Post

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Don't Be Surprised When the GOP Cuts Defense Spending. Reason.com

Exclusive: Leaked Poll Suggests Hagel a Risky Vote for Red State Democrats Breitbart

Poll: Public rejects ‘Global force for good’ Military Times

U.S. Postal Service to End Saturday Mail Service Patch.com

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No local layoffs planned LaCrosse Tribune

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Lawmakers seek to slash their salaries The Hill

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Americans think politicians too often put U.S. troops in harm's way (poll) Alabama.com

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Nearly half fail Obama on deficit reduction Investor’s Business Daily

New polls show most disapprove of Obama’s job performance on economic issues Examiner.com

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Rasmussen on the GOP base becoming ‘more palatable’ The Blaze

Obama's Governing Philosophy: Plausible Deniability Rush Limbaugh

Voters, 2-1, put jobs ahead of global warming Washington Examiner

Barone: For Dems to win House, Obama must rise in polls Human Events

How O can help dems take the House New York Post

Rasmussen: Only 32% of Americans Think More Gun Laws Needed Breitbart

Poll: Only 28% of Likely Voters Are Positive on Hagel Jewish Press

Opening Act: Here's to the State of Mississippi Slate.com

Voters Still Support GOP Healthcare Principles, But Will This Matter In The 2014 Elections? Forbes

The Unspoken Immigration Debate The National Interest

Economy, Government Spending Top the List of Issues Important to Voters Cape Fear Business News

Byron York: Obama caught between friends in fight over Keystone XL pipeline Washington Examiner

Thousands Protest Keystone Pipeline in Washington Rally Christian Post

Voters: Minimum Wage Not Enough to Live On Newsmax

Rasmussen: 54 Percent Support Obama’s Proposal To Raise Minimum Wage Talking Points Memo

Poll: 54 percent of Americans support minimum wage increase Daily Caller

In defense of Saturday postal delivery SeaCoastOnline

Rasmussen polls reveal some tough truths to Congress North Colorado Gazette

Congress goes on vacation, leaving major work undone Washington Times

America Has Its Head in the Sand Rush Limbaugh

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Pelosi Backs Obama on Secret Execution of Americans Without Trial  The New American

Obama Must Rise In Polls For Democrats To Win House Investor’s Business Daily

Climate Change Activism Heats Up KCET

New Poll: 38 Percent of Americans Oppose Hagel Nomination Israel National News

Belief in Housing Market Is Up Newsmax

York: Obama is caught between friends in Keystone pipeline fight Human Events

Poll: Voters Say Minimum Wage Is Not Enough to Live On Truth-Out

Conservative book publishing has a new obsession Real Clear Politics

Is America Ready for a New Third Party? The Passion of the Rand Paulistas (Part 4 of 5) Breitbart

(Video) Howard Dean: Pro-life women who support contraception elected pro-abortion Democrats LifeSiteNews

What Uncle Sam could learn from the Catholic Church The Week

Even Aquinas did math Hot Air Press

Only D.C. Is Panicking About Sequester Cuts Real Clear Politics

Polls show urgency of looming cuts gets a shrug Washington Times

Scott Rasmussen: Sequester puts elected Washington on trial Washington Examiner

What is a BA Degree Worth Today? The Moral Liberal

Time to Put the Climate Beyond Party Politics  Huffington Post

Poll: A Plurality Of Americans Think Hagel A Bad Choice For Secretary Of Defense Jewocity

New Poll: 38 Percent of Americans Oppose Hagel Nomination Big News Network

Republicans Are Divided Over The GOP's Plan To Fix Immigration Business Insider

Obama caught between friends in Keystone pipeline fight Phillyburbs.com

Why are some news outlets covering such foolishness? Consumer Affairs

Tide of war not receding; dangers will mount as U.S. exits prematurely Anchorage Daily News

Tide of war not receding; dangers will mount as U.S. exits prematurely Kansas City Star

Congressional approval at 15 percent: How is Congress doing compared to everyone else?  Syracuse.com

Rasmussen: 27 Percent Say It's too Easy to Vote Newsmax

Most oppose making voting easier, expanding voting times Washington Examiner

Capital Eye Opener, Feb. 25: The Award for Most Conservative 2016 Prospect, Qualcomm's Turnaround, and More OpenSecrets.org

Boycott Battles: Do They Really Work? Edge Boston

Pols on trial as budget cuts loom Boston Herald

Personal assets crash 22% under Obama, recession Washington Examiner

Americans Over 35 Have Lost 22 Percent of Their Assets Breitbart

Barack Obama: The Paper Tiger American Thinker

Survey Finds One-In-Five Americans Believe Electric Cars Practical Today EVWorld.com

ZOA Lauds Anti-Hagel Letter of 14 US Senators Israel National News

Sessions: Poll Shows Majority of Union Members Against Illegal Immigration Breitbart

Guest opinion: Obama in squeeze between friends in Keystone pipeline fight Billings Gazette

Caught between friends in pipeline fight Montana Standard

Should U.S. remove troops from Middle East, N. Africa? Arizona Daily Star

Tide of war not receding; dangers will mount as U.S. exits prematurely McClatchy

Lawrence Haas | U.S. must maintain leadership role in worlds dangerous areas

Defense Spending Cuts 2013: More Republicans Support Preserving Social Programs Than Current Defense Spending International Business Times 

What would happen if Texas actually seceded? The Week

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Sequester Poll: Most say cut spending only Washington Examiner 

Poll: 45 Percent Say Spending Cuts Alone Are the “Best Way” to Reduce the Deficit Town Hall

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Little Change in Abortion Attitudes  First Things

Barack Obama: The Paper Tiger Real Clear Politics

Majority Of Americans Don't Think The U.S. Economy Is Fair: Poll Huffington Post

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Amazing Poll Results: 86 Percent Believe Individuals Make Their Own Success The Blaze

Poll: 86% Believe Individuals Make Their Own Success Breitbart

March Madness unfolds Tri-Parish News

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Despite setbacks, the fight against government spending is more popular than ever Charleston City Paper 

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John Boehner on Track to be Reelected, Despite Rumors of a Tea Party Coup National Journal

From Edge of Fiscal Cliff, Boehner Headed to Reelection as Speaker The Atlantic Wire

U.S. Economic Expectations Remain Stable Cape Fear Business News

Obama on Meet the Press: President Cool About Fiscal Cliff Deadline, Wants to Push Heavy Gun Control PolicyMic

False hope for 'direct election' Republican American

How Not to Run a Nation Canada Free Press

Fiscal cliff: extremists on both sides standing in the way of a deal (Video) Examiner.com

Five Big Challenges In 2013 That Dwarf The Fiscal Cliff Investor’s Business Daily

Fiscal Deal Passes as House GOP Clown Car Crashes, Again Real Clear Politics

Fiscal Deal Passes as House GOP Clown Car Crashes, Again TruthDig

Poll: 62 Percent of Voters Favor Comprehensive Spending Cuts Newsmax

The 'fiscal cliff' failure: Can Congress set things right? Fox News/Hannity

Poll: Six in 10 voters favor across-the-board spending cuts The Hill

Boehner's bad leadership KETK

Public Sides With NRA on School Safety Powerline Blog

GUEST VIEW: State takes first step to reject ACA Courier-Life

My 2012 Mistakes and Fearless 2013 Forecast The Wall Street Journal

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Searching for Christmas 2012: To a Record Extent, the Press Said It Was the 'Holiday Shopping Season' Newsbusters

Many plan to keep it simple on New Year’s Eve Randolph Herald

World starts ringing in 2013 UPI Asia

Anti-poverty spending could give poor $22,000 checks, Rep. Paul Ryan says Politifact

Astonishing Level Of Public Support For Congress The Moderate Voice

The Mega Scandal Everyone Has Forgotten National Review

Poll: 54% Favor 20% Cap on Income Tax If Deductions Are Ended Cape Fear Business News

Study: Catholic, Protestant Support for In-School Prayer Falls US News & World Report

Red Blue America: A right to armed rebellion? Los Angeles Daily News

President Obama Approval Rating in Double-Digit Lead, Higher than George W. Bush - Gallup & Rasmussen Reports Latinos Post

Seib & Wessel: What We’re Reading Monday Wall Street Journal

The Environmental Protection Investor’s Business Daily

Obama's radical EPA chief quits Examiner.com

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Did the Fiscal Cliff Bill Increase, or Decrease, Taxes? Christian Post

'Fiscal Cliff' Enters Phase 2 Insurance News Net

Bowles: Fiscal cliff deal a 'missed opportunity' Digital Journal

'Fiscal cliff': The fiscal bungee jump was just the first skirmish in a long battle UPI

Fiscal Deal Passes as House GOP Clown Car Crashes, Again ExpressMilwaukee

Poll: Most Americans Would Feel Safer with Armed Guard at their Child’s School Town Hall

Parents grateful to see police at Hillsborough elementary schools Tampa Bay Times

HOWEY: Congressional ideology doesn’t put pork on the grill News and Tribune

The government we deserve is this one? North Platte Telegraph 

Congressional ideology doesn’t put pork on a grill Journal Review

Supreme Court Tosses Suit to Stop Obama Embryonic Research Funding Life News

Just 8% now say they're Tea Party members Tucson Sentinel

Tea Party crashes, just 8 percent are members Washington Examiner

Rasmussen: Just 8% Now Claim Tea Party Membership Newsmax

Tea Party Hits Record Level Of Unpopularity In Public Opinion Poll Huffington Post

Rasmussen Poll Shows Little Change In Pro-Life Sentiment National Review

Football is kingpin Journal Times

Parents grateful to see police at Hillsborough elementary schools Tampa Bay Times

Just 44 percent say Obama should control guns laws Washington Examiner

Biden Threatens Executive Orders on Guns Rush Limbaugh

Congress Liked as Much as Communists Gets No Better in 113th San Francisco Chronicle

Congress Liked as Much as Communists Getting No Better BusinessWeek

Tea Party Hits Record Level Of Unpopularity In Public Opinion Poll Huffington Post

Tea Party goes overboard in polls Examiner.com

Getting the Neocon Band Back Together Again The American Prospect

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Americans Rapidly Falling Out of Love with Tea Party Utah Pulse

Even right-leaning Rasmussen poll says Tea Party movement has lost much of its popularity Rockford Register-Star

Maine’s Willis candidate for National Republican Committee chairmanship Bangor Daily News

Dick Armey on why he gave that interview to Media Matters The Daily Caller

Controversy Dims as Public Opinion Shifts New York Times

Rasmussen Poll: 39 Percent Say Gov't Should Do Nothing for Long-Term Unemployed Reason.com

Obama Approval Rating and Daily Polling Numbers Still Above 50% After Fiscal Cliff Deal: White House Daily Update Latinos Post

PPP Poll: Support For NRA Dropped After Sandy Hook Shooting Newsmax

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Throw the bums two more years  The Economist

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Self Governance is Under Attack, not just the Second Amendment American Thinker

Fracking viewed as good; water worries remain The Washington Times

M.D. Harmon: Tale of two terrorized women shows value of being armed Portland Press Herald

Just 44 percent say Obama should control gun laws Washington Examiner

Survey Shows Different Results on Energy vs. Environment Questions Yahoo! Contributor Network

Morgan: Rep. Broun part of the problem Covington News

Even right-leaning Rasmussen poll says Tea Party movement has lost much of its popularity Utica Observer Dispatch

Tea party looks to D.C. insiders for help, cash Politico

Republicans’ problem with GOP voters TribLive

Party Wages War on GOP Voters Town Hall

Republican Establishment Declares War on GOP Voters Real Clear Politics

Scott Rasmussen: “Republican Establishment Declares War on GOP Voters” RedState

Insurgents And The Establishment First Things

Poll: 75 percent of Americans have right to own guns Human Events

Gun changes sought after Newtown shooting Dayton Daily News

Why I Just Joined the NRA Town Hall

Self Governance is Under Attack, not just the Second Amendment American Thinker

M.D. HARMON: Would you rather be shooting at an intruder or shot by one? Kennebec Journal

The Battle Over Hagel: A Risk for Republicans Southern Political Report

If America Returned to a Modern Code of Chivalry, Could We Avoid Collapse? Canada Free Press

Local tea parties regroup after election, tax deal losses Palm Beach Post

Grapevine Delmarva  Now

The Weekly Wrap Daily Beast

Who left whom, exactly? A look at “declining” Tea Party numbers from the inside Legal Insurrection

Tea Party, trying to survive, looks to DC insiders and funding Digital Journal

More Tea Party fiction Tucson Sentinel

Is the Tea Party over?  Salon.com

Is the Tea Party Over? AlterNet

The Battle of the Boycott Edge Boston

Children’s future tied to financial responsibility Times and Democrat

Flu season is bad! How to avoid getting sick Patch.com 

Who should authorize gun ownership laws? Fox News

Why I am a newly-minted member of NRA Fox News

Rasmussen: 63 Percent Of Republicans Believe Congressional GOP Is Out Of Touch Talking Points Memo

Confirmed: Republicans Really Irritated With Republicans TownHall

Should Tea Party Embrace or Distance Itself from National Groups? Nonprofit Quarterly

South Florida Tea Party rebranding as not the Tea Party Salon.com

South Florida Tea Party rebranding as not the Tea Party CurrentTV

Support decreases for Tea Party movement State News

GOP Voters Consider House Republicans Out of Touch Reason.com

Roe v. Wade Was About ... the Environment? American Prospect

Are mid-term elections controlling House? Montgomery County Courier

GOP intransigence won’t hurt the party (much) in 2014 Washington Post

63% Of GOP Voters Think Congressional Republicans Are Out Of Touch Mediaite

Poll: 63% of GOP Voters Think Congressional Republicans Out of Touch with Base Breitbart

Poll: Majority of Voters Think Neither Party Represents People Newsmax

GOP Voters: Republicans in Congress are 'Out of Touch' GOP USA

Gun Control Threatens to Derail Record Sales Fox Business

Those planning to ignore Obama's Inaugural doubles Washington Examiner 

Poll: How much of Obama's inauguration do you plan to watch? Albama.com

Ex-S.C. gov Mark Sanford launches political comeback USA Today

Tea party members say they'll be back Paxton Record

Op-Ed: Americans Aren’t as Selfish as Obama Says CNBC

Scott Rasmussen Column: Searching for Answers After Newtown Newsbusters

Debt ceiling: There's no upside for Republicans if they hold debt ceiling hostage UPI

Poll: Football fans pick Patriots vs. 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII Examiner.com

Climate Change Tipping Points, Human and Geophysical: Which Will Come First? Triple Pundit

Polling Shows the GOP Brand Sinking Like Concrete in Water: Only 26 Percent View Republican Party Positively Truth Out

63% of Republicans polled believe that Republicans in Congress are out of touch Examiner.com

Without Deep Spending Cuts, the Republicans Will Lose the House in 2014 CNBC

65% See Gun Rights As Protection Against Tyranny Drudge Report

Poll: 65 percent of Americans see guns as protection against tyranny Red Alert Politics

US to see gun background check bill in "next week or two": senator Global Times 

Editorial Column: Things go better with Coke 'n Ebola Kingman Daily

Most support NRA despite recent criticism, poll shows Fox News

Rasmussen: 65% See Gun Rights as Protection Against Tyranny Newsmax

Gun fight over poll: Majority wants better enforcement, not new laws MSN Now

New Poll: 65 Percent See Second Amendment as Protection From Tyranny Town Hall

Non-Shocker: 65% See Gun Rights As Protection Against Tyranny CNS News

Inauguration Day Crowds Boo Paul Ryan PolicyMic

Quiet swearing-in for Obama, big bash today Hindustan Times

Inauguration Day 2013 Events & Time: Watch Online, Where, When & More Enstarz

2013 Inauguration Live Stream: Where And When To Watch President Obama’s Public Inauguration Live Online For Free International Digital Times

Rasmussen: 80% View Martin Luther King, Jr. Favorably Newsmax

History Repeating Itself Canada Free Press

Poll: 75% Support Congressional Term Limits Breitbart

The Tea Party is over Washington Times

War on drugs has not been worth the costs: Poll Press TV

Rasmussen Reports on Fox News - U.S. Cable 

Rasmussen survey on WABC-AM (ABC) - New York, NY

Rasmussen survey on KGMI News/Talk 790 (Radio) - Seattle, WA

Rasmussen Reports on Fox News - U.S. Cable

Rasmussen Reports on WBZ-AM (Radio) - Boston, MA

Rasmussen survey on WJR-AM - Detroit, MI

Rasmussen survey on WABC-AM (ABC) - New York, NY

Scott Rasmussen on MSNBC - U.S. Cable

Rasmussen Reports on CNBC - U.S. Cable

Poll: Most Americans disapprove of Obama's first term (Video) Examiner.com

Caught Red-Handed on Climate Change Town Hall 

Larry Kudlow: Without Deep Spending Cuts, Republicans Lose the House in 2014 NoozHawk

Poll: Americans want gun law enforcement, not new gun laws Red Alert Politics

Backfire: Pro-gun rallies show growing resistance to Obama’s gun control effort (Photos) Examiner.com

Obama's No-Show at the OK Corral American Thinker

Rasmussen Poll: ‘65% See 2nd Amendment as Protection Against Tyranny’ (VIDEO) Guns.com

‘Wilkow!’: Scott Rasmussen Breaks Down How Polls Can Go Awry The Blaze

Marco Rubio not a popular national figure Examiner.com

'Tea Party' Brand Now a Liability to 'Tea Party' ... and Republicans The Brad Blog

LETTER: Term limits Bay Area Citizen

Protecting voting rights Mechanicsville Times Dispatch 

Rasmussen Reports on KPCC-FM (Radio) - Los Angeles, CA

Obama Approval Ratings: Fox News Poll Presents 47% Tie While Rasmussen Shows Double Digit Lead Latinos Post

Poll: Most Americans believe people get rich by working hard Digital Journal

Poll: 52 Percent Think Most of the Rich Got Where They Are by Working Hard Reason.com

Poll: 52% of Americans think people get rich by working hard (Video) Examiner.com

Tea Party to Washington: Time to get to work Andalusia Star News

Rasmussen Poll: Americans Want Better Gun Law Enforcement, Not New Gun Laws Outdoor Life

Going Gun-Ho? Bossier Press

MILLER: An offer Harry Reid can’t refuse  Washington Times

House passes No Budget, No Pay Government Executive

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Becoming Europe’ Washington Times

Oregon Politics Roundup: PERS, payroll in Legislative crosshairs The Oregonian

Rasmussen Reports on KPRC-HOU (NBC) - Houston, TX

Medicinal Marijuana, Decriminalization Efforts Back My High Plains

Medical marijuana law reform back on Texas legislative table PegasusNews

Veteran Texas lawmaker backs medical marijuana San Marcos Mercury

Nearly half of all Americans believe that hard work isn’t key to success Red Alert Politics

Guns and the Tyranny of Extreme Rhetoric US News & World Report 

Cops in the schools, gun control and race Boulder Weekly

Another shooting doesn’t justify encroaching on rights Mesquite Local News

Kathy Silverberg: Answer Obama's call to build a better nation Herald Tribune

Off The Grid News Works Tirelessly To Launch A New Complimentary Report Titled “Hide Your Gold” Digital Journal

To Run or Not to Run, That Is the Question American Prospect 

"Tea Party" Brand Now a Liability to "Tea Party" ... and Republicans OpEd News

Rasmussen Reports on WTVT-TB (FOX) - Tampa Bay, FL

Rasmussen: Just 36% now identify as pro-life, 54% as pro-choice Hot Air Press

Time shouldn’t be a factor in overturning Roe v. Wade – it wasn’t in terms of slavery, March for Life President says Red Alert Politics

Poll: 62% Favor Smaller Government With Fewer Services, Lower Taxes Cape Fear Business News

Rasmussen: Politicians Need to Catch Up When It Comes to the People's Money GOP USA

Earning their pay The Times News

Bad economy has Americans dining out less, tipping less Washington Examiner

Media Bias in Covering Obama Climate Change Policy? Energy Collective

WashPost And AP: Obama Is ‘Liberal’ Because He Agrees With Most Americans We Need More Climate Action Think Progress

GOP, take cues on U.S. mood from Obama CNN

How serious is Obama about climate change?  Aljazeera

Who Is The Gun Lobby? Me For Sure; Maybe You Too? Forbes

Outdoors notebook The Leaf Chronicle

7 Murdered Saturday in Democrat Controlled Chicago Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

Don Polson: Guns, polls, genocide and bullying Red Bluff Daily News

Destroying the U.S. military Renew America

Off The Grid News Works Tirelessly To Launch A New Complimentary Report Titled “Hide Your Gold” PR Web

States Taking Different Approaches On Taxes, With Malloy Offering Few Clues Hartford Courant

Sarah Palin vows to fight on without Fox News gig Gulf News

Sarah Palin vows to fight on without Fox News gig Christian Science Monitor

Even without Fox News, Sarah Palin looks to keep an audience Alaska Dispatch

Is the party over for Sarah Palin and the Tea Party? The Independent

Rasmussen Reports on Fox News - U.S. Cable

Rasmussen poll on WGHP (FOX) - Greensboro, NC

Rasmussen Reports on WOR-AM (Radio) - New York, NY

Obama lays off job council BizPacReview 

The Gun Ban Lobby and Its Funders Right Side News

American voters split on gun control, immigration issues  NBC – Peoria

Vast Majority of Gun Owners Would Defy Ban, Poll Shows The New American

Bipartisan effort to expand background checks quietly gains steam Hot Air Press

Why the 'Citizen Militia' Theory Is the Worst Pro-Gun Argument Ever The Atlantic

Poll: 54% Expect Costs to Rise Under Health Care Law Cape Fear Business News

Poll: Less Than One-in-Three Want Their Congressmen Re-Elected Newsmax

Will there be a revolution in the Unites States?  Cuba SI

Wasting Away in Washingtonville MoneyNews

Survey: Most Americans now pessimistic about kids' future Examiner.com 

Majority of Voters Favor Full Combat Roles For Women TownHall

Americans favor women in combat roles, poll says Red Alert Politics


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