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November 30, 2013

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

November 29, 2013

51% Believe A Home Is A Family’s Best Investment

November 28, 2013

85% Have A Lot to be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

November 27, 2013

26% Say Country is Heading in the Right Direction

43% Will Have Thanksgiving Dinner At Home

41% Favor Nuclear Deal with Iran, 43% Oppose

25% Still Haven’t Heard of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

Thankful for Property: A Commentary by John Stossel

November 26, 2013

22% Are Planning to Travel This Thanksgiving

Voters Still Trust GOP More Than Democrats on Economy

47% Think It’s Negative To Compare A Candidate to Obama or George W. Bush

35% Expect Their Home's Value To Increase Over Next Year

The Greatness of Obamacare: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

November 25, 2013

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 41%, Republicans 40%

40% Are Responsible for the Care of a Parent

Obama Approval: Comparing the Numbers

51% Want All U.S. Troops Out of Afghanistan Next Year

For Obamacare Architects, Problems are Features, not Bugs by Michael Barone

61% Expect Health Care Costs to Go Up Under Obamacare

November 24, 2013

40% Say Obama Good or Excellent Leader

November 23, 2013

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

November 22, 2013

45% Are Not Exchanging Holiday Gifts This Year

64% Believe U.S. Children Less Physically Fit Than Kids in Other Countries

Listicle: Black Friday/White Christmas

Intellectual Impoverishment: Why Paul Ryan Is Rebranding That Old 'Compassionate Conservatism' By Joe Conason

55% Say Senate Should Allow Yes-or-No Vote on All Presidential Nominees

'Wild Turkey on the Rocks?' By Froma Harrop

68% Think U.S. Public Schools Don't Provide World-Class Education

November 21, 2013

52% Still Expect Higher Interest Rates A Year From Now

44% Are Less Likely to Shop at Stores Open on Thanksgiving

24% Believe Obama Opponents Driven By Racism

Lone Gunman or Conspiracy? Americans Are Evenly Divided Over JFK Assassination

War on the Little Guy: A Commentary by John Stossel

November 20, 2013

25% Say Country is Heading in the Right Direction

What America Thinks: 33% Consider Manned Space Program JFK’s Greatest Achievement

9% Have Already Finished Their Holiday Shopping

43% Trust GOP More on Health Care, 39% Democrats

A Devastating Poll on Obama -- and Obamacare: A Commentary By Michael Barone

November 19, 2013

56% See More Grown Children Living With Parents As Bad for Economy

42% Are Confident Fed Can Keep Inflation, Interest Rates Down

Voters Strongly Defend Their Basic Freedoms But See Government As A Threat

Calm in the Health Care Storm by Froma Harrop

39% Think Auto Bailouts Were Good for U.S.

November 18, 2013

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 40%, Democrats 39%

52% Are Confident in Stability of U.S. Banking System

Why Republicans Suddenly Care About Canceled Health Policies By Joe Conason

78% Think U.S. Spies On Others As Much or More Than They Spy on Us

New High: 58% View Obamacare Unfavorably

November 17, 2013

57% Think Private Business Best Bet for Alternative Energy

November 16, 2013

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

November 15, 2013

46% Oppose Electronic Cigarette Smoking in Public Areas

55% Rate Obama's Handling of Health Care As Poor

Listicle: What America Drinks

62% Consider Clinton Better President Than Obama

Colorado a Microcosm for American Politics By Michael Barone

40% of Americans Prefer to Drink Wine, 34% Beer

November 14, 2013

43% Say Obama is Very Liberal

38% Drink Alcohol At Least Once a Week

25% of Americans Have or Will Contribute Money to Philippines Relief Effort

The Last Farm Bill?: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

2016? Clinton Still Far Ahead Among Democrats; Christie, Paul in Near Tie

November 13, 2013

24% Say Country is Heading in Right Direction

39% Think Common Core Standards Likely to Improve Student Achievement

37% Say U.S. Needs Israel’s Approval Before Making Nuclear Deal with Iran

46% Think Obama Lied About Impact of Health Law, 45% Disagree

November 12, 2013

54% Believe Federal Government Encourages Illegal Immigration

56% Oppose Use of Standardized Tests as Chief Measure of School Performance

55% Favor Repeal of Obamacare

Wheels of Misfortune by Froma Harrop

26% View Fed Nominee Janet Yellen Favorably, 35% Don’t Know Who She Is

November 11, 2013

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 41%, Republicans 39%

47% Plan Something Special to Honor Veterans Day

2016? Clinton 43%, Christie 41%

Are Politicians who Cut Food Stamps and Deny Health Access Truly 'Pro-Life'? By Joe Conason

54% Oppose Health Care Law’s Individual Mandate

November 10, 2013

65% Say Government Workers Have More Job Security Than Those in Private Sector

November 9, 2013

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

November 8, 2013

12% Are Very Confident They'll Get All Promised Medicare Benefits

56% Think Their Congressman Likely to Have Sold a Vote

Lessons for Both Parties in Virginia and New Jersey Elections: A Commentary by Michael Barone

74% Want to Audit the Federal Reserve

Americans Stub Out Smoking

23% Favor Long-Term Government Help for Unemployed

November 7, 2013

Just 10% Say They Are Smokers

19% Believe Job Market Better Than A Year Ago, 38% Say Worse

54% Favor Law Prohibiting Workplace Discrimination Against LGBT People

A President Christie Would Spell Tea Party's Doom by Froma Harrop

Only 33% Think Most Judges Follow the Law in Their Rulings

November 6, 2013

24% Say Country is Heading in Right Direction

47% Give Obama Poor Marks on Government Spending

New High: 75% Give Congress Poor Rating

Privatize Everything By John Stossel

36% Favor Federal Bailout for Detroit, 45% Oppose

November 5, 2013

Americans Say 18 Is Old Enough to Vote or Be in Military, But Not to Smoke

Rasmussen Employment Index - Rasmussen Employment Index Falls to 2013 Low

26% Favor U.S. Military Action if Syria Fails to Destroy Its Chemical Weapon

Audacious Wildcatters Trigger Fracking Revolution by Michael Barone

Americans Keep Moving to States With Low Taxes and Housing Costs by Michael Barone

50% Think Feds Likely to Have Looked at Internet Activity of Someone in Their Family

November 4, 2013

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 43%, Republicans 37%

35% Think U.S. Elections Are Fair

36% Favor A Stop and Frisk Law Where They Live

53% View Health Care Law Unfavorably

November 3, 2013

44% View Sebelius Unfavorably

November 2, 2013

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

November 1, 2013

36% Think There's Still A Need for Daylight Saving Time

Obama’s Full-Month Approval Rating Up One in October

40% Say Sebelius Should Be Fired or Resign, 41% Disagree

Most Voters See Economy As Unfair to Small Business, Hard Workers

Americans Keep Moving to States With Low Taxes and Housing Costs: A Commentary by Michael Barone

The Problem With Twitter: A Commentary by Froma Harrop


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