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Most Recent Articles: June 2012

June 30, 2012

58% Say An Overly Powerful Government Is A Bigger Danger Than A Weak One

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

June 29, 2012

60% Say Border Control Should Be Top Immigration Priority

66% Put National Security Ahead of Human Rights

71% Say Democratic Leaders Liberal, Republicans Leaders Conservative

2012 Gubernatorial Update: Republicans Aim For Their High-Water Mark By Geoffrey Skelley

35% Give Supreme Court Good or Excellent Marks

 Supreme Court Keeps Health Care Law on Life Support By Scott Rasmussen

June 28, 2012

New Low: 46% Think U.S. Economy Can Recover If Europe Remains Troubled

Arizona Voters Blame Government, Employers for Illegal Immigration

Arizona Senate: Flake (R) 47%, Carmona (D) 31%

60% Favor Building Keystone Pipeline

Health Care Law Has Already Lost in Court of Public Opinion

Here's to the Yankee Doodle Liberal By Froma Harrop

Supreme Court Sets Stage for Immigration Reform by Michael Barone

The House's 15 Closest Races By Kyle Kondik

June 27, 2012

27% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

 57% Say Constitution Should be Left Alone

Arizona: Romney 54%, Obama 41%

58% Think Federal Government Encourages Illegal Immigration

In Praise of Discrimination By John Stossel

North Carolina Governor: McCrory (R) 49%, Dalton (D) 35%

June 26, 2012

18% Say Now Is A Good Time to Sell A House In Their Area

44% Would Vote for Candidate Who Promised to Oppose All Tax Increases

North Carolina: Romney 47%, Obama 44%

53% Say Neither Party Represents American People

77% Oppose More U.S. Help to Bail Out Europe

The War Against Battered and Confused Addicts by Froma Harrop

June 25, 2012

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 44%, Democrats 39%

17% Say Lance Armstrong Guilty of Using Performance Enhancing Drugs

54% Still Favor Repeal of Obama’s Health Care Law

Obama Backers Use Race as Alibi for Ebbing Support By Michael Barone

55% Want U.S. Supreme Court to Uphold Arizona Immigration Law

June 24, 2012

63% Believe U.S. Society is Fair and Decent

22% Believe Government Has Consent of Governed

June 23, 2012

32% Think 100,000 Cut in Federal Workforce Would Help Economy

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

June 22, 2012

Race for New Hampshire Governor Is Wide Open

48% of Homeowners Say Their House Is Worth More Than When They Bought It

The Introduction Is Key to a Successful Romney Veep Pick By Scott Rasmussen

20% Say Roger Clemens Should Be Banned From Baseball Hall of Fame

Republicans Swoon Over Holder's 'Partisan' Leak Probers (and Forget Ken Starr) By Joe Conason

June 21, 2012

37% Say America's Best Days Are in the Future

30% Say U.S. Doesn't Spend Enough on National Security

New Hampshire: Obama 48%, Romney 43%

Rubio’s Favorables Are Rising Among Independents

The Long, Hot Summer of Work By Froma Harrop

Romney Needs Big Share of White Working-class Vote By Michael Barone

26% Now Expect Their Home's Value to Increase Over Next Year

June 20, 2012

30% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

66% Say Government Should Cut Spending To Help Economy

Just 16% Say Today's Children Will Be Better Off Than Their Parents

81% Say Congress Listens More to Party Leaders Than to Voters

Regulating Political Speech: A Commentary By John Stossel

Montana: Romney 51%, Obama 42%

June 19, 2012

43% Expect Higher Interest Rates in a Year

Montana Senate: Rehberg (R) 49%, Tester (D) 47%

57% Say Housing Prices Will Take More Than Another Three Years to Recover

71% Favor Work Permits for Young Illegal Immigrants in Certain Circumstances

Just 31% Think $5-A-Gallon Gas Is Coming Soon

The Dream Act Undeferred By Froma Harrop

June 18, 2012

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 45%, Democrats 38%

36% Give U.S. Supreme Court Positive Ratings on Job Performance

Michigan Senate: Stabenow Leads Top GOP Challengers

52% Think Economy Will Be Unchanged or Weaker A Year From Now

 'Angry' Money Gives Funding Edge to GOP and Romney By Michael Barone

52% Want U.S. Supreme Court to Overturn Obama’s Health Care Law

June 17, 2012

17% Think Father’s Day Is One of America’s Most Important Holidays

Just 27% Say Those Who Work Harder Make More Money

June 16, 2012

53% in Wisconsin Now Approve Of Governor Walker’s Job Performance

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

June 15, 2012

50% Say Financial Industry Bailouts Were Bad for U.S.

Michigan: Obama 50%, Romney 42%

40% Think Holder Should Resign As Attorney General

Did Young Romney Impersonate a Police Officer? Another Witness Says Yes: A Commentary By Joe Conason

72% Say Media Hurts National Security When They Release Secret Documents

Collapse of Household Net Worth Isn't News to Most Americans: A Commentary By Scott Rasmussen

June 14, 2012

78% Remain Concerned About Inflation

62% Would Rather Be Called Good Citizen Than Patriot

Worker Output Trumps Seniority, Education When It Comes to Pay

50% Trust Romney More Than Obama To Handle Economy

Wisconsin Senate: Thompson (R) 52%, Baldwin (D) 36%

Why the U.S. Is Not Greece By Froma Harrop

Obama Listens to Rich Liberals, at His Own Peril By Michael Barone

June 13, 2012

29% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Voters Still Trust Their Own Economic Judgment Over Romney's, Obama's

Wisconsin: Romney 47%, Obama 44%

47% Think Leaks of Classified Information Will Hurt President’s Campaign

Improving Health Care By John Stossel

82% Oppose Replacing “Star-Spangled Banner” With New National Anthem

June 12, 2012

Top Congressional Leaders Are A Little Less Disliked

New High: 42% Worried They’ll Lose Their Money Due To Bank Failure

Iowa: Romney 47%, Obama 46%

69% Believe Ex-Penn State Coach Guilty of Some Child Abuse Charges

A Modern Economy Has Universal Health Care: A Commentary by Froma Harrop

67% Rate Volunteer Work More Important Than Politics

June 11, 2012

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 45%, Democrats 39%

34% Say Next President Very Likely To Be Republican

Voters Trust Bill Clinton More Than Obama, Romney When It Comes to Economy

53% Favor Repeal of National Health Care Law

45% Favor 10% Pay Cut For All State Employees, 41% Oppose

A Good Day for the GOP in Wisconsin and California By Michael Barone

June 10, 2012

49% View United Nations Unfavorably

June 9, 2012

 61% in Colorado Favor Legalizing, Regulating Marijuana

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

June 8, 2012

37% Say It’s Bad For U.S. When Candidates Criticize President’s Foreign Policies

49% Favor Public Employee Unions, 46% Oppose

Missouri: McCaskill’s Top GOP Challengers Again Hit the 50% Mark

Missouri: Romney 49%, Obama 42%

The Government Insists on Cutting Us Down to Size By Scott Rasmussen

Silent Running: The Burgeoning Wisconsin Scandal That Major Media Ignored: A Commentary By Joe Conason

June 7, 2012

49% Say Medicare Is a Good Deal for Working Americans

29% Expect Cure for Cancer in Next 10 Years

Colorado: Obama 45%, Romney 45%

Voter Support for U.S. Involvement in Syria Remains Low

New High: 41% Favor One-Party Rule in Washington, D.C.

West of Wisconsin By Froma Harrop

Walker Changes Attitudes on Public Employee Unions By Michael Barone

June 6, 2012

31% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

69% View Queen Elizabeth II Favorably

34% Say Government Should Do Nothing for Long-Term Unemployed

Voters Think Obama, Dems More Likely To Raise Taxes, Spending Than Romney, GOP

80% Oppose U.N. Control of the Internet

Uncertainty Paralysis: A Commentary By John Stossel

June 5, 2012

Clinton Remains the Most Popular Cabinet Member, Holder the Least

32% Say U.S. Job Market Better Than Year Ago

Just 7% Say Congress Doing Good Or Excellent Job

51% View Facebook Unfavorably; 48% Question IPO Process

Turbulent Tykes Torture Other Travelers By Froma Harrop

Virginia Senate: Kaine (D) 46%, Allen (R) 44%

June 4, 2012

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 44%, Democrats 37%

51% Say United States Winning War on Terror

Virginia: Obama 47%, Romney 47%

65% Say No To Ban on Super-Size Sugary Drinks

51% See Federal Government As Threat to Their Rights

Are We at a Demographic Inflection Point? By Michael Barone

June 3, 2012

24% Say States Have Right to Secede

52% See Romney As Mainstream, 45% Say Same of Obama

June 2, 2012

Obama’s Full-Month Index Rating Matches High for This Year

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

June 1, 2012

43% Are Very Worried Federal Government Will Run Out of Cash

Partisan Trends: Republicans 35.7%, Democrats 33.8%, Unaffiliateds 30.5%

Why Cory Booker Got Bain Capital So Wrong: A Commentary By Joe Conason

63% Think Current System Discourages Third Party Candidates

Team Obama Finds Romney Hard Target to Hit: A Commentary By Scott Rasmussen


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