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Most Recent Articles: July 2019

July 31, 2019

Voters Say Politicians Want to Grow Government Much More Than They Do

49% of Democrats Think Trump Voters Are Racist

Dems Rely on Phony Impeachment Polling By Brian C. Joondeph

Freedom of Assembly Under Fire By Michelle Malkin

Free Stuff! By John Stossel

July 30, 2019

Support for Death Penalty Falls to New Low

Why the Fed Is Right to Inject the Economy With More Dollars By Stephen Moore

Is Trump Capturing the 'Law and Order' Issue? Patrick J. Buchanan

Are Democrats On Track for a Brokered Convention? By Doug Johnson Hatlem

July 29, 2019

40% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Voters Sink Likelihood of Trump’s Impeachment to New Low

July 27, 2019

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

Progressives to Democrats: We're Watching the Way You Mistreat 'the Squad' By Ted Rall

July 26, 2019

Most Still Say Political Correctness Kills Free Speech

After Mueller Debacle, Where Do Democrats Go? By Patrick J. Buchanan

A Big Wednesday for 'Populists' on Both Sides of the Atlantic By Michael Barone

July 25, 2019

Most Still Favor School Pledge of Allegiance ‘Under God’

Most Still Question Government Dependency But Less Critical of Food Stamps

The 2020 Congressional Elections: A Very Early Forecast By Alan I. Abramowitz

For Being Such An Idiot, Trump Is Pretty Smart By Brian Joondeph

July 24, 2019

Voters See Twitter As Future Presidential Tool But Don’t Like Trump Using It

NYC's Anti-Cop Anarchy: What Say You, Dante de Blasio? By Michelle Malkin

Wages War By John Stossel

July 23, 2019

Americans Owe Less, Worry Less About Rising Interest Rates

Most Voters Think Trump, Unlike Congress, Listens to Them

'Who's Afraid of Cryptocurrencies?' By Stephen Moore

America: An Us vs. Them Country By Patrick J. Buchanan

July 22, 2019

41% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Voters Aren’t Ready to Cut Federal Funds for Planned Parenthood

July 20, 2019

Rasmussen Reports Offers 2020 Polling Co-Branding to All U.S. Political Sponsors

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

July 19, 2019

It's Up To Nancy Pelosi to Cave In By Ted Rall

Voters Don’t Agree That Newcomers Love America More Than Natives

White House Watch: Castro Is No Danger to Trump Yet

Both Parties Are Misbehaving in Line With Their Historic Character By Michael Barone

Is a New US Mideast War Inevitable? By Patrick J. Buchanan

July 18, 2019

Democrats Want Party To Be More Like Pelosi Than Ocasio-Cortez

2020 Redistricting: An Early Look By Kyle Kondik

July 17, 2019

Confidence in Housing Market Remains At Record Highs

Trump A Racist? 32% of Democrats Say Any White Criticism of Politicians of Color Is Racist

Defund Lutherans for Open Borders Now! By Michelle Malkin

Gagging Investigators By John Stossel

July 16, 2019

Voters Question Trump’s Allegiance to Constitution

Trump Moves to Lessen the Pain of Capital Gains Taxes By Stephen Moore

Trump Fuels a Tribal War in Nancy's House By Patrick J. Buchanan

July 15, 2019

40% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

GOP Wants More Deportations of Illegal Immigrants; Democrats Don’t

July 13, 2019

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

The Difference Between Liberals and Leftists By Ted Rall

July 12, 2019

Consumer Spending Update: A Giant Leap in Consumer Confidence

Democrats: Prisoners of the Past on the Economy By Michael Barone

Are Yanks and Brits Going Their Separate Ways? By Patrick J. Buchanan

July 11, 2019

Americans Strongly Applaud America and Its Past

Republicans Say Perot Cost Bush Reelection, See Trump As 3rd-Party President

Notes on the State of Politics By Larry J. Sabato and Kyle Kondik

July 10, 2019

Many Still Know Someone Out of Work, Someone Who’s Given Up

Epstein, Bean & Buck: The Democratic Donors' Sex-Creep Club By Michelle Malkin

Government Bullies By John Stossel

July 9, 2019

Americans Still Aren’t Ready to Forgive All Student Loans

73% Share Trump’s Pride in America’s ‘Epic’ Past

Busing, No; School Choice, Yes By Stephen Moore

Are Democrats Ceding the Center to Trump? By Patrick J. Buchanan

July 8, 2019

42% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Voters Still See ‘Antifa’ As More Trouble Than Good

July 6, 2019

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

Political Cartooning Was Murdered. Here's the Autopsy By Ted Rall

July 5, 2019

White House Watch: Biden Still Beats Trump

Chief Justice Wisely Gets Courts out of Redistricting Politics By Michael Barone

July 4, 2019

Americans Still Feel Good About the Fourth of July

July 3, 2019

Trump’s Monthly Approval Edges Higher in June

Voters Call Trump’s North Korea Outreach ‘Political Posturing’

America Takes an Antifa Beating By Michelle Malkin

Fourth vs. Force By John Stossel

July 2, 2019

Americans Still Strongly Support Citizenship Question on Census

'It's the Spending, Stupid!' By Stephen Moore

Is Putin Right? Has Liberalism Lost the World? By Patrick J. Buchanan

July 1, 2019

42% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Biden Still Leads Among Democrats, But Support Is Down


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