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Most Recent Articles: January 2016

January 30, 2016

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

My Critique of Bernie Sanders' Campaign by Ted Rall

January 29, 2016

What America Thinks: Newfound Confidence or Temporary Optimism?

Trump Change: ‘The Donald’ Is Still Flying High

Should Elected Officials Resign Before Running For President?

The Civil War of the Right By Pat Buchanan

Missing From Both Parties' Candidates' Campaigns: Work By Michael Barone

January 28, 2016

Most Still Think Economy Unfair to the Middle Class

Voters Are Cool to Candidates Born Outside the U.S.

Iowa: At Last By Larry J. Sabato and Kyle Kondik

How Likely Is Hillary Clinton To Be Indicted?

January 27, 2016

So What If Trump Skips A Debate

Is Hillary's Campaign Really in Trouble?

Voters Strongly Favor Crackdown on Those Who Overstay Visas

A Tale of Two Tapes: Teen Cruz and Terror-Coddler Obama By Michelle Malkin

No Cure In Sight For Donald Trump Derangement Syndrome Sweeping Elite By Charles Hurt

Running on Empty by John Stossel

January 26, 2016

What America Thinks: How’s Your Environment?

Are Democratic Voters Feeling the Bern?

Is It Good or Bad That Most Teachers Are In Unions?

The Rejection Election By Pat Buchanan

The Demand for Villains by Thomas Sowell

Americans Tired of Elites Considering Them Stupid and Vicious By Michael Barone

January 25, 2016

32% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

48% of GOP Voters Prefer A Candidate Without Political Experience

Benghazi Movie Is Much Hotter Ticket for GOPers Than For Democrats

January 23, 2016

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

January 22, 2016

What America Thinks: The Oscars “Race”

 Trump Change: Trump Still Running Strong With Iowa Looming

Does Palin Help or Hurt Trump?

Bernie Sanders Could Win By Ted Rall

Is the Spectre of Trump Haunting Davos? by Pat Buchanan

Do Emotions Trump Facts? By Thomas Sowell

Karl Rove: Why McKinley Still Matters By Michael Barone

January 21, 2016

Putin Not A Factor In U.S. Election So Far

Voters Say Politics, Not Best Deal, What Government Contracts All About

The Modern History of the Republican Presidential Primary, 1976-2012 By Geoffrey Skelley

Most See Less Government As Answer to Income Gap

January 20, 2016

How's Your Drinking Water?

GOP Says Government A Problem; For Democrats, It’s the Solution

Most Voters Are Still Angry

Mayor de Blasio: Hypocrite Hooked on Hollywood Cash by Michelle Malkin

Mainstream Media 2 Fast 2 Furious Over 2 Corinthians By Charles Hurt

Economic Myths by John Stossel

January 19, 2016

What America Thinks: Voters Vote on Voting

50% Say Race Relations in America Getting Worse

Do Voters Want One-Party Rule?

The Republican Race Heats Up While Hillary Clinton Falters by Michael Barone

What Are Elections For? By Thomas Sowell

Is Iran Taking the China Road? By Pat Buchanan

January 18, 2016

30% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Hillary Meter: Are Democrats Less Certain About A Clinton Nomination?

Most Say MLK’s Dream Still Unfulfilled

January 16, 2016

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

January 15, 2016

What America Thinks: Clinton vs. Sanders

Trump Change: Belief in Trump Nomination Remains High

Did You Buy A Powerball Ticket?

American Exceptionalism: How Has It Fared in the Obama Years? by Michael Barone

US, Iran Step Back From the Brink By Pat Buchanan

January 14, 2016

Most Americans View Bowie Favorably

Voters Say Terrorism Should Be Obama’s Chief Concern

18 Days to Iowa: Presidential Demolition Derby Revs Up By Larry J. Sabato, Kyle Kondik and Geoffrey Skelley

Do Americans Want Automatic Voter Registration?

January 13, 2016

Only 28% Trust Feds to Fairly Enforce Gun Control

Optimism and Obama By John Stossel

Powerball's Biggest Winner: Government by Michelle Malkin

Will An Obama Endorsement Matter In This Year’s Election?

The State of the Union Obama Really Wanted to Give By Charles Hurt

State of the Union: Does Obama’s Agenda Divide Us? By Fran Coombs

January 12, 2016

What America Thinks: No Executive Actions

Voters Say State of the Union Speech Leads Nowhere

Just 15% Think It's More Dangerous Here Than In Other Countries

Census 2015 Shows Increasing Cultural Division and Political Polarization By Michael Barone

What Bernie & The Donald Portend by Pat Buchanan

'Messing With the Constitution' By Thomas Sowell

January 11, 2016

28% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Voters See North Korean Nuclear Attack As More Likely

Do Voters Think A Candidate Should Quit If Indicted?

January 9, 2016

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

January 8, 2016

Consumer Spending Update: Is It Safe To Go Back To The Malls Yet?

Most Voters Oppose Obama Acting Alone on Gun Control

Trump Change: More Voters Than Ever See Trump As Eventual GOP Nominee

Negative Campaigning Breaks Out in Republican Race by Michael Barone

Why Is North Korea Our Problem? By Patrick J. Buchanan

January 7, 2016

38% of Adults Under 40 Have A Tattoo

Most Say Negative TV Ads Backfire on Candidates Who Use Them

Younger Adults Rely Much Less on Cash

The Common Wisdom of New Year’s Day: Often Wrong for President By Larry J. Sabato

January 6, 2016

Most Americans Bank Online Despite Security Concerns

Bettors Know Better Than Pundits By John Stossel

Inside the Garden of Political Town Hall Plants by Michelle Malkin

Voters Want to Steer Clear of Saudi-Iran Spat

Showman-in-Chief By Thomas Sowell

Obama’s Gun Plan: Crocodile Tears And A ‘Crazy List’ By Charles Hurt

Voters Still Want Feds Out of Health Care

January 5, 2016

What America Thinks: Voters Diss Congress, Obama

Battening Down the Hatches, Reminiscent of the 1930s By Michael Barone

44% of Democrats Have Had Enough of 2016 Race

Will Mideast Allies Drag Us Into War? By Pat Buchanan

Complicating the Obvious By Thomas Sowell

President’s Full-Month Approval Ends 2015 On A Low Note

January 4, 2016

26% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Voters Blame Congress More Than Obama for Gridlock

Most Americans Like the Look of 2016

January 2, 2016

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

 January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

Obama Reshapes Presidential Politics -- But Maybe Not To Democrats' Benefit By Michael Barone

Winners & Losers: 2016 By Pat Buchanan


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