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  • Long Form, Long Form, Long Form! Is the Future of Print Journalism By Ted Rall

    Journalism is in trouble. Writers of articles pointing this out typically argue that this is really bad for democracy or America or whatever. Anyone who disagrees is too stupid to read this, so I won't bother to repeat this obviousness. Such writers also point out contemporaneous evidence of the media apocalypse; here are the three I came across this week:

  • Who Wants This War with Iran? By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Speaking on state TV of the prospect of a war in the Gulf, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei seemed to dismiss the idea.

    "There won't be any war. ... We don't seek a war, and (the Americans) don't either. They know it's not in their interests."

  • Will 'Whiteshift' Save America From Ethnic Strife? By Michael Barone

    If you've been paying any attention at all to journalism in recent years -- maybe not a good idea, but if you have -- you surely have noticed those stories predicting, often with a certain relish, that the United States is about to become a majority-minority country.

  • Biden’s Support Among Democrats May Be Exaggerated By Doug Johnson Hatlem

    A strong plurality of voters, 8% to12% more than prefer former Vice President Joe Biden first, are undecided ahead of the 2020 Democratic primary, according to a YouGov Blue poll fielded and released after Biden’s entry into the race.

  • Harvard's Insatiable Identity-Politics Cannibals By Michelle Malkin

    I have no love for left-wing, Hillary-promoting Hollywood producer and accused #MeToo villain Harvey Weinstein. Nor am I a fan of those who perpetrated the cop-bashing "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" fiction involving social justice martyr Michael Brown. But I do strongly believe that a grave injustice has been committed by Harvard's witch-hunt mobsters against a law professor who joined Weinstein's legal team and had represented Brown's family in a civil suit against Ferguson, Missouri.

  • Sex 'Trafficking' Panic By John Stossel

    When police charged New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft with soliciting prostitution, the press said the police rescued sex slaves.

  • Tariffs: The Taxes That Made America Great By Patrick J. Buchanan

    As his limo carried him to work at the White House Monday, Larry Kudlow could not have been pleased with the headline in The Washington Post: "Kudlow Contradicts Trump on Tariffs."

  • Ohio the Comeback State By Stephen Moore

    I recently took some flak from Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown for saying in a speech at the Heartland Institute several years ago that the "only place to live in the midwest is Chicago." He was particularly upset that I took a tongue-in-cheek swipe at Cleveland and Cincinnati as "armpits." This was supposedly evidence that I hate Ohio.

  • Death to the Stump Speech By Ted Rall

    Throughout 2016, the presidential candidates who were not Donald Trump complained to Jeffrey Zucker.

    "You showed hours upon hours of unfiltered, unscrutinized coverage of Trump!" Todd Harris, an adviser to Sen. Marco Rubio, shouted at the head of CNN during a panel discussion after the election. "CNN helped make (Trump) by carrying every speech he made in the primary season," added Larry King, the former CNN anchorman. "It was almost like the other guys didn't exist."

  • For Joe Biden, on China It's Still the 1990s By Michael Barone

    Once upon a time, May 1 -- May Day -- was a day for working-class parades in factory towns. This year, it was a day for Joe Biden, to set off on his third presidential campaign in 32 years, to make news on the stump, not in a working-class venue but in the university town of Iowa City, now the state's Democratic stronghold.