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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Rasmussen Minute: What Happened

In November of 2016, Hillary Clinton came up on the short end of the stick in one of the greatest electoral upsets in the history of American presidential politics. Now she's written the definitive guide chronicling how she lost the White House to businessman-turned-reality TV star Donald Trump, called "What Happened."

So what happened? According to the former Secretary of State, then-FBI Director Jim Comey, Russian interference, Vladimir Putin, sexism and misogyny, Bernie Sanders's supporters, voter suppression, Benghazi, fake news, stolen emails, Wikileaks, Facebook ads, unaccountable money, weaponized information, the Democratic National Committee, bots, the mainstream media, Infowars and Breitbart were among the factors that contributed to her loss.

But are these just convenient excuses or valuable post-election insights? Join us for this week's Rasmussen Minute as we take a closer look at Clinton and what happened.