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Friday, December 16, 2016

What America Thinks: Are Things Looking Up?

Are Americans enjoying a newfound sense of optimism? It sure looks that way.

Since November, our weekly right direction number has been 30% or higher, even reaching year-long highs twice. This week’s number, 35%, displays the highest level of optimism since the start of 2015. In the months prior, that number usually sat somewhere in the mid- to high 20s. So while this isn’t a massive jump, it certainly hints at a growing sense of confidence among Americans, something we're also seeing in our Consumer Spending Monitor. President-elect Trump is already taking credit for the "bounce."

Still, over half of voters think the country is headed the wrong way. Time will tell if a real change in attitude is here at last or if this is just a temporary period of post-election holiday season cheer.