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Friday, April 01, 2016

What America Thinks: Are We Ever Really Safe?

Last week’s attacks in Brussels, the third major Islamic terrorist incident in Europe in just over a year, has many around the world—and here at home--questioning their safety. Can the United States ever be made completely safe from such attacks?

An overwhelming majority of voters consider the radical Islamic State group (ISIS) a serious threat to this country, and 27% believe a Brussels-like attack is Very Likely here within the next year.

Americans are realists, however. Only 16% think America can ever be made completely safe from terrorist attacks. That's slightly more optimistic than they felt in 2013 following the Boston marathon bombing. Their feelings about public safety are just as realistic when it comes to school shootings and air travel.

But just 15% of voters think it’s more dangerous to live in the United States than in most other countries.