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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What America Thinks: Can You Hear Me Now?

Cell phones are everywhere, and scarcely a day goes by when we’re not subjected to sharing someone else’s calls whether we want to or not. But is that just an increasing fact of life? We decided to find out what America thinks.

Only 49% of Americans now say it’s rude for someone to talk on their cell phone in public, down from surveying over the past four years. The advent of smartphones may be partially to blame. Half of cell phone users now say they have a smartphone, and 61% use their phone at least several times a day, with 13% who admit to using it constantly.

Two-thirds of adults, in fact, think their fellow Americans are too reliant on cell phones. Just 15%, though, think they personally need to cut back on their cell phone use.

For years now, an overwhelming majority of adults have felt children and even fellow adults spend too much time on electronic devices. Significantly fewer say the same about themselves, however.

Even with shifting attitudes, Americans still have their limits when it comes to cell phones. Just one-in-five think passengers should be able to talk on their cell phones while on a plane, and only 28% think they should be allowed to talk on a cell phone while driving.

So is it time to put the phone down? Maybe not.

For Rasmussen Reports, I’m Alex Boyer. Remember, if it’s in the news, it’s in our polls.